Last Trip to Genting Casino – winners, losers, and the meaning of life

Tears began to roll down his eyes instead of smiles of satisfaction.

I weep, because riches beget enmity and mutual bitterness” – Omar (second Caliph after Prophet Muhammad, after looking gravely at the piles of gold from the spoils of war of conquering Persia)

genting roulette table

The meaning of life not 42. The meaning of life is 6.

I was at the Roulette table last night and my first bet was about RM 1,000 worth of chips spread out over the table as we do online at dự đoán xsmb chuẩn chính xác nhất.

I thought I had put a RM 100 chip on the number 6.

I didn’t. It was a corner/square bet (covering 4 numbers in the photo above with my RM 50 chip for an 8:1 payout – 5, 6, 8, 9). I did have RM 100 on the number 0 though.

Thus, the amount that I won from that bet didn’t even equal out my RM 2,000 buy-in. I stacked more chips on the second bet and lost. Whether you sign up for 22Bet to play at the casino or odds, you will receive the same welcome pack. The bonus is a deposit bonus of 100% up to and including SEK 3000, as well as 22 bet points. IMPERIAL303 is the largest and largest official online gambling site in Indonesia. With various types of games such as sportsbook, casino gambling, situs judi online, online slot bookies, online lottery gambling, tangkasnet, online poker gambling. By using just 1 ID you can access all of these games with providers that are well known to members such as SBOBET, MAXBET, CMD368BET, PRAGMATIC, JOKER123, PLAYTECH, MICROGAMING, ISIN4D, IDNPLAY, P2PLAY and many others with more than 1000 games on inside of it.

I did put chips on the number 6 this time but it came out as 16 instead. I didn’t bet on 6 the third time and that was my loss coz that very same number came out again!

Yup, it was 6 – “my number”.

I would have won RM 1,750 after covering my RM 2000 buy-in (total of RM 3,750) if I had gone for that. It’s not a large amount, but I would have left.

Instead, I lost about RM 2,200 and then decided to stop and go play Domino Poker. I like that game, it has a bit of a skill-based angle, so it feels less random and more fair to me. After that I went to go get an early dinner.

credit card cash withdrawal charges

I then went into the International Room and withdrew RM 1,000 using my credit card, which incurs an administrative charge from Genting as well as the bank’s 5% charge.

casino de genting bearer chips

I walked to a Baccarat table where there’s a really nice and professional croupier (couldn’t remember her name) – my original intention was to double up until I recouped my losses.

So i Decided to play on agen sbobet

It’s a good thing I didn’t coz I lost on the first round – I had split my bet to RM 500.

I won on the next round, doubled up and then doubled up again. I wanted a sequence of Player, Banker, Banker and that’s exactly what happened.

genting casino malaysia chips

Thus, with my last RM 1,500 bet on Banker I had netted RM 4,000.

four thousand

It’s a technical win since my buy-in was about RM 3,200 + credit card charges. However, I don’t consider it a win. I had to cover my room at Awana (all other hotels were fully booked) which was about RM 250 per person after splitting the cost – the room was about RM 500 (!!!). I also had to cover the trip costs and a celebratory drink at Cloud 9 (live band watering hole with a cover charge of RM 25 for cardholders) after that.

I could have won an additional RM 1,500. I wanted to hit Banker one last time (and even stayed to watch) – it was a natural 8, an automatic win. I didn’t bet though, I told myself I’ll quit after recovering and I did.


I cashed up after that – I only had RM 3 in my wallet at that point, the rest is the stack of notes from the RM 4,000 cashout.

I immediately banked in RM 2,000 to my credit card account so I wouldn’t get hit that hard by the bank charges (it should cover the RM 1,000 cash out) and went shopping for clothes.

paying credit card

Time from credit card cash withdrawal to payment: Less than 1 hour (much of it spent lining up at the CDM)

It’s a good thing that I went up this weekend – I bought all my clothes from the same store coz it had an additional 30% discount for Genting card holders. I’ve been a Silver member since end of 2007, not too long after I got out of rehab.

I got two pairs of shirts and pants each – I don’t always buy new attire for Chinese New Year, but this time I wanted to.

horrible clothes

I also make it a point to buy one shirt that looks horrible on me each year…but a friend and the sales promoter stopped me. Haha!

I went for the blue version of this instead. It looks much better. I spent about RM 600 on clothes and a new pair of shoes! Technically, this is from my nett winnings. 😉

It was a fun trip – the drinking, the early morning burger run before sleeping and waking up at 9 am to sing impromptu karaoke at the balcony.

I also told myself I’ll stop hitting the casinos after this. I intend to honor it this time. Next time I should try some new experience, igaming software perfectly fits the bill.

no easy day

The only easy day was yesterday” – SEAL team mantra

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26 thoughts on “Last Trip to Genting Casino – winners, losers, and the meaning of life”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go into the Casino and do something but then again, I don’t even know what to do in there!! I dont know how to gamble and do not know how the game goes ..

    • It was a bit tough going to the casino coz we had to stay at Awana – all rooms were fully booked and we were walks-ins so it’s RM 500 for one night!

      I usually get offers of free rooms, but I didn’t go up to gamble, more to relax. 😀

      Well, Baccarat is easy, if you disregard Ties and Player/Banker Pairs it just boils down to 50% chance of winning with even payout e.g. bet RM 1,500 and you win RM 1,500 plus you keep your bet of RM 1,500. It’s like Tai Sai – the 3 dice game, the Asian version of Baccarat.

      Roulette is just a spinning wheel, that’s a bit more complicated in terms of payout depending on how you play it.

    • High 5 Merryn! Despite been to Genting numerous times, never once have the chance to enter the casino. Perhaps is a good thing, as you know I never have the luck when comes to winning money.

      • Heh! That’s great Yee Ling! 🙂

        It’s good not to get into it, if you don’t stake it, you’ve already won (as a wise man once told me). 😀

    • I would have been happy with just a little win. 🙂

      The trick is to bet the amount you want to win and then just go for it. The longer you stay, the higher the odds stack up against you (probability goes to the house).

      It’s easy to win (recovered to RM 4,000 from a single RM 500 chip) but it’s also easy to lose (RM 3,200 of that is my money, not counting casino charges from credit card withdrawal and bank charges)

      That’s why I said it’s going to be the last time.

      I paid up my credit card cashout within the hour (most of it spend taking photos and finding a CDM and then waiting in line to use it).

  2. Congratulations on your win, HB!

    I wasn’t even allowed to play the Tiger machine the last time I went to Genting, and that was like an eternity ago. I don’t think I’ll even step into the casino now that I’m pass the minimum age.

    Like Merryn, I’ll be lost!

    • Thanks Ciana! 🙂

      It wasn’t a win per se, I’ll call it a draw. I would have won if I had bet again but I told myself to stop when I’ve gotten to the point where I break even.

      I actually got a little more than that – used RM 3,300 (around there, when you include credit card charges) and got RM 4,000.

      That’s great, I’ve told myself I’ll quit now too! 🙂

      I made sure to pay the credit card cash withdrawal charges within the hour – banked in RM 2,000, which should probably cover it if I understand the 5% load correctly.

  3. Wow ! 20% interest charge from bank card , that’s RM 200 being charge for RM 1000 cash withdraw . I prefer to offer you 10% next time . 😀
    Trust me bro , DON’T GO AGAIN .

    • Oops! It’s 5% not 20%, I don’t know where my brain went coz I was writing about 5% while replying just now.

      Thanks for the correction bro! 🙂

      Haha! Yup, that’s what I’m planning, I’m done, it was fun while it lasted though.

      Anyway, paid back the credit card cash withdrawal within the hour so it’s all good. 😀

    • I don’t go for big stakes nowadays. 🙂

      Strictly small stakes only.

      I used to bet about 5k per hand on Baccarat, you get to open the cards yourself instead of the dealer doing it all.

      Nowadays, I don’t do that anymore. 😀

  4. I’m more like a chicken during betting. The most I’ll put is a 25buck chip =.= hard-saved moolah le. But I can easily spend that amount on clothing =.=

    Hey you must be singing from the pinyin! Failed! Haha

    • Me too, I don’t go for large stakes nowadays.

      However, the table I was playing Baccarat at inside the International Room was a RM 300 minimum bet table so you have to match that or go higher.

      Haha! Yup, I was singing from the pin yin. 😀

  5. Did you buy that checked short? I actually think it’s kinda nice…except for the black bands – look black to me. Old folks wouldn’t like ’em much. You sang? Karaoke at the balcony??? They did not pay you to stop? Muahahahaha!!!!! I’m so so so mean hor!!!

    • I did! I bought the BLUE version instead of the RED version. 😉

      I’m told red doesn’t really work well for me.

      Yeah, I didn’t quite like the black leather bands too, but whatever, I’ll just get one shirt that I don’t quite like each year. 😀


      No, it was early in the morning, no one was inclined to tell me to stop singing. I was quite loud too, with Green Day. 😉

  6. eep. what a roller-coaster ride. but i guess that’s the nature of casino adventures. thrills and spills, no guts, no glory. i don’t have the courage for it though, i’m just one of those annoying spectators who flit from table to table and watch what’s going on for five minutes or so 😀

    • Yeah, I don’t stay long in the casinos – it’s just a couple of hands and then I’m off.

      I’ve seen and heard of people gambling for DAYS inside. I can’t imagine how that would be like. I spent minutes on the tables, if I win, I go if I lose I double up and go.

      I heard a guy in London, cashed in ALL his net worth (about USD 100,000) and put it on *ONE* single bet on Roulette (he put it on red).

      He walked away with USD 200k + in just one spin. I think it’s on Wikipedia – ball fell on 9 – a red number. 😀

    • Thanks buddy! 🙂

      Yeah, I just went up to chill with a friend.

      I didn’t get that one – got the blue version instead. Apparently, red doesn’t work for me. 😀

  7. I don’t know much about gambling in casino..
    the only thing that I play is big & small, wheel of fortune and slot machine..
    and I am suck on those games..
    I am still continue on football bets.. which bring me good money.. 🙂
    hey what with the getting a shirt that looks horrible ????
    I got some CNY clothes at AX and i got a good bargain for it .. from 50~70% discount..

    • I don’t play Tai Sai or slots – the odds are stacked wayyyy to high in the latter and I’m not comfortable with the rules of the former, although on some bets, it’s also close to 50:50 even money.

      I stick to Baccarat as my main game and Roulette recently.

      I’m not very good with football betting so I can count the number of times I’ve played that in the past 5 years on one hand.

      Nice! That’s great, good discount too, wish I had known about it! 🙂

  8. Had an incredible day at Genting last Friday! Placed 2 bets in total on Roulette and won over 1k in less than 30 mins. Started with RM100, placed 25 chip on 23 RED, and 3 other numbers. and bammmmm, 23 RED (i play roulette a lot but seldom bet on numbers i remember the very first time i bet on number it was 23 red a RM25 bet ). i’d decided 23 RED is my lucky number from now on!! after that went for lunch decided not to play anymore since i was pretty content with the winnings then after lunch decided to place 1 more bet , roulette again. this time had 25 on odd, 50 on black and 25 on 2nd 12 set numbers. while the ball was rolling i said to myself, it would be nice if i landed on 13 black. and guess what? yeap. 13 black. won extra 125 and left after that. lady luck was obviously with me. It is really down to luck perhaps 90% luck 10% skills. if you are really “sui” that day, regardless of the number of red undies you put on you will keep on losing. sometimes it is not your day but doesnt mean it will be cloudy forever. the sun is bound to shine again.
    will be planning another trip next month. cant wait 😀


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