happy birthday mom

I have a really funny story about this. We don’t actually know if the 1st of January is her birthday. You know how people back in the days don’t actually register their babies until maybe a couple of days later and gets a pink birth certificate (date of birth – estimated) instead of a white one (confirmed by a doctor)?

That’s the case with my mom and I Whatsapped my sister two days ago to get my mom’s number to call her.

She’s in Singapore but we’ll all be together in Sibu in a bit.

I’ll have to take more photos with my family when we reunite again!

First post for 2013 – may you have peace, joy and everything you want in this year and many more to come mom! :D

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18 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mom! :)”

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom, HB! I hope she’s feeling better and healthier now. =)

    • Thanks Ciana! :)

      She’s still undergoing her maintenance chemo now and hopefully everything will turn out great!

  2. Happy birthday to your MOM :)

  3. What a coincidence! My mom’s birthday is on the 1st of January too.

    Happy birthday to your mom. Hope she’s making good progress with her treatment.

    • Nice! That’s good coincidence. :)

      Thanks for the encouragement mate, it’s much appreciated.

      She’s still on maintenance chemo, but that’s a good thing – not on aggressive therapy anymore.

      Happy birthday to your mom Vincent!

  4. aww..! LOVELY :D happy birthday to your mom and happy new year to you~!!!

  5. Very common in the old days – the pink birth certificates. Some may be a lot older than what is on paper. Mine’s white… Hehehehehe!!!! Happy Birthday to your mum! See you all back in Sibu soon.

    • Heh! Yeah, I remember my parents telling me the story about the pink birth certs. :)

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and see you back in Sibu soon buddy!

  6. so it will be a double celebration..
    welcome the new year and also your mum’s bd….
    wish her healthy always…

  7. Happy birthday to your mom and happy new year to you and family! =D

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom :)

  9. Happy birthday to your mom!

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