Cambodian pancakes, Bolt and 4G LTE: Fast. Faster. Fastest!

cambodia pancakes

I was in Siem Reap in Cambodia and found street vendors selling the ubiquitous meant-for-Caucasian-tourist pancakes that I thought are similar to the ones that are sold in Bali.

cambodian roti canai

They’re not the same!

cambodian pancake

This is actually a Cambodian style roti canai – it’s practically made the same way. You can have it with Nutella, banana, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, Milo or combinations of the above for just 3,000 KHR (0.75 USD).

banana chocolate pancake

It’s served differently though. We had a banana and chocolate pancake and it’s rolled up in a piece of paper so it’s easier to eat.

cambodian pancakes

It’s fast food, Cambodian style!

Closer to home, I saw this TV commercial featuring Usain Bolt running through KL city:

If you don’t know who he is, I honestly don’t know what to say. smirk He’s just the fastest man in the world, being the first person to hold the 100 meter and 200 meter world record and also the first to win 6 Olympic gold medals in sprinting.

He’s faster than you can imagine and he’s now the official ambassador for the Celcom network.

Celcom has come up with the 4th generation of wireless mobile communications, dubbed 4G LTE. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and it’s 10 times faster than what you’re used to. It’s 100Mbps so think of it as a classic Cat5 cable (LAN cable) running at max speed (that’s the reference for all computer geeks like me ;)).

It was the fastest speed we could go in our university back then and to put 100Mbps into perspective:

  • Downloading a 5 MB song will take 2 seconds flat
  • Downloading a 750 MB movie will be completed in 5 minutes

…and all that on your smartphone!

Celcom has officially launched this service and you can get the 4G LTE modem at only RM 199 for the first 1,000 subscribers! Just visit Blue Cube @ Sunway, Pavilion or Menara Celcom and you’ll even get the first 3 months of data subscription totally FREE! Get more details on the fastest speed in town here or try your luck at winning a FREE LTE modem with 3 months data + subscription with your best Usain Bolt pose on the Celcom First Facebook page!

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18 thoughts on “Cambodian pancakes, Bolt and 4G LTE: Fast. Faster. Fastest!”

  1. Bali and Siem Reap have many Hindu Gods so the folks eat same popular Hindu pancakes! Your posts have been haunting my head to visit Angkor Wat for 2nd time. Should I?

    I know who is Usain Bolt but didn’t know he ran in KL. Have you tried the speed in Japan? So scarily fast and fun. I always wondered how fast it will be in next 10 years?

    • Yeah, it’ll be fun! :)

      I like the less commercialized temples – Angkor Wat has a 30 minute limit at the top (though it’s not enforced) and there’s graffiti on the walls, which saddens me.

      I haven’t been to Japan before but I’ll love to. Yeah, I didn’t know he ran in KL until I saw the commercial too!

  2. i’m craving for crepe now.. argh.. must make sure i get to eat it tonight at Plaza Merdeka..

    i began to hate celcom ever since i switch to celcom half year ago. I do not know how did my 5gb data plan can be used up before it’s even due.. i didn’t stream movie.. the most i watch few youtube that is less than 10mins.. :(

    • Not used up. You get 6gb…by 4gb, they would tell you u’re almost near the end.,..ask you to buy some more – RM50 for 5gb…and the connection starts getting slower and slower. What the heck! Still 2gb to go what!!! Sell-CON!!!! That’s what I would call them!

  3. Hope it is better than their 3G which I have been using since I first got connected years and years ago…and it’s going from bad to worse. Ok in the morning, half-dead in the afternoon…and by evening/night, it’s gone ALL GONE!!! Really frustrating. I’m going to close my account and switch to MAXIS. My missus is using it – pretty good…maybe because not so many users. Bye bye CELCOM!!!!

    • Yup, but I wanted you to eat the Cambodian birthday cake which I got as a surprise. :)

      We’ll eat the Nutella one next time when we go to Bali!

  4. It looks like roti canai wrapped in a pancake-like way.

    Haven’t used 3G, and I don’t think I’ll use it. Haven’t been maximizing the roaming package that Maxis has secretly slot to my package, either.

    • Yup, that’s basically what it is! :)

      It’s a wrapped up version of roti canai with Caucasian style ingredients to cater for tourists.

  5. the pancakes look delicious… btw HB mind if I asked you, what do you do for a living? You seem to have a lot of free time for travel..!

    • Yeah, it’s basically roti canai that’s Westernized! :)

      I do use up a lot of my leave though but it’s pretty flexible. Cheers!

    • Oh yeah, it’s similar to the ones there! :)

      I remember eating this in Koh Samui too, although pancakes there used to have optional mushrooms if you want. ;)

  6. Reminds me of the type of pancake you get in Thailand as well, should be the same way of making it i reckon. And yes nothing beats the banana and chocolate combination – best pancake ever! Crap, now I”m hungry, haha.

    • Ah, we have a Bangkok trip coming up! :)

      Yeah, I guess it caters for tourists – using Western ingredients with a local style to appeal to them.

      We missed the Nutella version, shall get it next time! :D

    • You can get it at mamaks too! :)

      Although you’ll have to roll it up yourself. I’m craving for roti banana chocolate too. Haha!

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