8 beautiful moving themed Easter displays from around Europe!

easter displays

These are themed Easter displays we saw at a mall called Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt, Germany. Each Easter display is intricately made – with a lot of detail and even moving parts! They depict cities all over Europe, each with it’s own unique touch.

1. Vienna, Austria

austrian easter display

This is one of the more elaborate displays. The Austrian Easter display features a full-size moving Ferris wheel! The amazing thing about it is that inside each car, there’s a different posed Easter bunny couple, each pointing at a different place.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

scotland easter display

This has a full sized castle at the front with a pastoral land vista at the back. There are two teams of Easter bunnies playing tug-of-war!

The tug-of-war display actually moves back and forth using hydraulics and is probably the longest one in the history of the world since no one actually wins – the moving parts kicks in and reverses before a team goes over so they’re perpetually tugging!

3. Barcelona, Spain

spain easter display

This Easter display has a charging bull as it’s main centerpiece. The black bull is set on sand and even has marks made near the hooves so it looks like it’s charging. There’s an Easter bunny with a piece of red cloth as the matador.

There are even bystanders and people in the stands cheering!

4. Helsinki, Finland

finland easter display

The reindeer graces the display for Finland! The Easter bunnies are seen tending to the reindeer and each of the graceful beasts are slightly larger than the bunnies, making them life-sized in comparison. There’s also a running body of water beside it.

5. Rome, Italy

italian easter display

Well, since this is a secular display, there’s no Holy See in this Easter special from Italy. However, there’s a scene depicting the canals of Venice (complete with an Easter bunny operating a gondola), the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a sign that points to France!

pizza easter bunny

Also, there’s an Easter bunny with a pizza, considering the pie was invented in Italy!

6. Paris, France

france easter display

The Eiffel Tower is the most prominent feature of this Easter display but there are touches that makes it very France! There’s an artist to the side that’s painting watercolors from a board and also a café setup with a French waiter (carrying baguettes).

drunk easter bunny

However, the funniest bit in this creation is a drunk Easter bunny with real bottles of wine lying on a bench! Hilarious!

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

netherlands easter display

This windmill dominated Easter display is from the Netherlands! The windmills all have moving parts and the best thing is that there’s a canal (like the ones in Amsterdam) running through the display with a pump that allows the water to flow!

There’s also two Easter bunnies carrying a wheel of Edam cheese – the most famous and popular cheese from the Netherlands. I just love the detail.

8. Berlin, Germany

german easter display

This is the home Easter display and shows the flag of Germany over a group of three Easter bunnies all doing different things. There’s a car featured prominently as Wolfsburg is home to the Autostadt. Interesting fact: The Autostadt is the second-most popular theme park in Europe after Paris Disneyland!

germany car

The scene at the back depicts Berlin but in a humorous touch, there’s actually a mini-desk inside the display with travel brochures and you can grab one for Frankfurt. Haha! I thought that was pretty smart.

europe easter displays

Happy Easter everyone! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “8 beautiful moving themed Easter displays from around Europe!”

  1. the bunnies are super cute! i especially like the quaintness of the italian one. it makes me smile to imagine the creative energies that went into making these displays 🙂 thanks for sharing, and here’s wishing you a very pleasant easter weekend 🙂

    • Yeah, I love how they make all these Easter displays! 🙂

      I remember going for this and the Christmas and Halloween ones in Myers in Elizabeth Street when I was in Melbourne too!

      Have a great Easter weekend too mate!

  2. Nice collection. Love all the details & themes esp. Finland & France 🙂
    The drunk bunny must hv had a good celebration…bottoms up *burp* zzzz
    Tq v.sharing! Reminds me of my childhood years of creating whimsical creations in the garden.

    • Yeah, I like how they do all these things for the festivals! 🙂

      Christmas nativity scenes are getting very nice too especially the secular ones e.g. Grinch stealing Christmas with animetronics and mech moving parts.

      Haha! Yeah, the drunk bunny sleeping on the street with French papers really is a nice touch!

    • Yup, they do it for Easter, Christmas and Halloween! 🙂

      Of course, there’s displays for Valentine’s and such too but those are the major ones. The malls in Europe and Australia are actually quite nice, come the festive season! I’ve never been to the US so I can’t speak for the states though but I’m sure it’s the same.

    • Thanks Jane! 🙂

      Yeah, we though the Easter displays were awesome! There’s running water and moving parts e.g. a full sized Ferris wheel!

      Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Hi Huai Bin,
    Been stalking your blog for sometime. I blog-stalk (and blog-walk) from the blog rolls of the regular commenters that commented in my blog (well, everyone kinda knows everyone from there). I’ve read some of your posts (can’t read all coz you started since 2002!), watched some of your videos and your blog keeps me coming back to read more & more (well, maybe I was trying to pretend to look bz at work).. Your blog is amazing, interesting stuffs to read, and some posts are very real, I like.

    • Thanks for reading Princess Ribbon! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s actually the 11th anniversary of this blog! Haha! I started it when I was in university and it’s basically about my life since a lot of the things that happened after that was rather…interesting.

      You know, I never thought I’ll live past the age of 30 back then but I’m 33 now. Honestly, I do regret some of my choices, would love it if life has a System Restore where you can go back to a certain point in the blog archives. I do know exactly when I want to go back to.

      Alas, life is life and nothing to do but continue on and life it the best we can.

      Thanks again for reading and all the positive comments!


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