Wakudoki Your Way to Tokyo

I’ve read a lot of articles on the net trying to explain what the term “Wakudoki” mean – they range from “heart pumping, adrenaline racing” to “sprained neck” (haha wtf?). I’m here to tell you the official meaning of “Wakudoki”:

  • Waku-Waku” is a term in Japanese used to describe when your heart is pumping with joy and you can’t sit still
  • Doki-Doki” is Japanese for the sound of your heartbeat

Okay, I know that second bit from my college years watching anime.

Thus, “Wakudoki” is the creative expression for the joy you feel when your heart is pumping with excitement…and you can win a trip to Tokyo just by dancing the Wakudoki dance! 🙂


Thinking about winning a trip to Tokyo is giving me the “wakudoki” feeling. I’ve been wanting to go for ages! It’s one of the few countries where I haven’t been to, and it’s so close nowadays and since the visa requirements have been reduced (it’s now visa on arrival) we’ve always planned for our next trip to be to Japan.

Did you know that Japan has the most Michelin star restaurants after France?

Just thinking of eating at Sushi Saito by Takashi Saito or Ryugin by Seiji Yamamoto gives me the “Wakudoki” feeling. 🙂

There are 13 Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo alone as of 2014!

It’s time to WakuDoki Your My Way to Tokyo. I love the Wakudoki dance! It’s a fun way by Toyota to engage the youth of the world. I’ve seen dance covers on YouTube and I thought they were hilarious! I think I can make this work since it’s quite simple.

waku doki

Still confused? Don’t worry! The site will guide you through the steps of the Wakudoki dance!

wakudoki dance

It’s so easy everyone can do the Wakudoki! Just use your smartphone or notebook so you can access the front camera/webcam and start with the “Beginner Mode”.

wakudoki toyota

You’ll be given a tutorial video where you can simulate the Wakudoki dance simply by following an animated silhouette of the dance moves.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the steps, check out “Expert Mode”! This mode doesn’t have a guide to help you out so you have to memorize the steps!

There are two rounds to the Wakudoki Your Way to Tokyo contest! The user whose video gets the highest number of views will win a “Beats by Dr. Dre” earphones at the end of each round. There will be one winner from each country! 🙂

The most remarkable dance video wins a trip for two to Tokyo!

wakudoki japan

Yes, there will again be one winner per country so every country (including Malaysia) will have a grand prize of a trip for two to Tokyo! Join the Wakudoki dance at www.wakudoki.asia to do the hottest dance in town now!

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10 thoughts on “Wakudoki Your Way to Tokyo”

    • Haha! Sure, I’ll share the video when I’m done! 🙂

      My wakudoki moves are freestyle, you can join too if you want, it’s easy and it’s quite fun and addictive. I just want to have a shot at winning that trip for two to Tokyo!

      It’s our next planned destination since we already went to Europe this year.

  1. After reading your post, I immediately YouTube the video, haha.. Errr, how come you didn’t link the video in your post, then readers can just click and watch ma.. Call me jakun, I’ve never heard of wakudoki.. Sounds like okie-dokie (ok, I sound like a fool), but well, at least I’m honest LOL..

    • You can view the video by just clicking on the wakudoki.asia link! 🙂

      It’s embedded straight into the site and it’s the first thing you see if you click on the Play button.

      Haha! Wakudoki is a made up word. Er, at least I *think* it is. It’s a very resonant and addictive one though.

      I’ve watched the video several times. Try doing the dance moves!

    • Haha! Yeah, the song and video is so addictive to watch! 🙂

      I already am practicing – need to memorize the dance moves for the Expert Mode for the contest though there’s a large component of freestyling.

      I’m quite keen on the prize – Tokyo is somewhere we’ve always wanted to go, originally wanted to go this year but we went to Europe instead. It’s easy now that the visa requirements have been simplified to visa on arrival, it used to be *really hard* to get a visa for Japan (need to show bank statements etc).

      Okay, will smuggle you on board with us if we win! Thanks buddy!

  2. Oh no! How I wish I could dance my way to Tokyo! At my age, it’s impossible la and I will be a laughing stock in the corporate sector. I wish you good luck but you could easily buy 2 tickets and fly there anytime!


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