The new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap!

KFC Masak Merah

I really love Mission style burritos – a large flour tortilla wrap with rice and a protein inside. I usually can’t finish it in one sitting so it’s good to have as a “backup” meal later in the day too. KFC has been selling wraps for a long time and it’s becoming more and more popular since it’s a wholesome and satisfying meal.

KFC Wrap

I tried the new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap the other day – it’s packaged in a convenient casing, you can just tear off the middle part and have a place for your hand to hold the Masak Merah Rice Wrap. I love it! This makes it easy to eat for busy people, you can even eat it and use your other hand use the mouse to read an article during lunch or work.

The new Masak Merah Rice Wrap is filled with Zinger strips, Colonel Rice, Vegetables (cucumber, onions and tomatoes) all packed into a warmly toasted tortilla wrap.

Open Wrap

The KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap is quite spicy, and that’s a really good thing. I like the pedas factor of the masak merah sauce – it really whets my appetite. The flavor is really there, this wrap makes me think of ayam masak merah. I think it’s awesome for people who are craving for some local food – it’s a taste that reminds me of home and the wonderful Malaysian food scene.

New Masak Merah Wrap

There are a lot of nice Zinger crispy chicken fillet strips and flavored rice inside the new Masak Merah Rice Wrap – it’s basically a giant burrito for the Jumbo version! The serving size is very generous – you might think you won’t get full from this but there’s actually rice inside so it’s very filling and I’ll bet you’ll confirm kenyang!

KFC Masak Merah Wrap

My better half had the new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap for lunch and couldn’t finish it!

Handy KFC Wrap

I had it together with the Combo so I also had a drink and regular fries and it really got me so full that I nearly fell asleep in the afternoon. Food coma. Haha.

Masak Merah Wrap

Yup, the new Masak Merah Rice Wrap is available in Jumbo size which is absolute value for money. The Jumbo version features a 10.5 inch tortilla! The a la carte version goes for RM 6.90 while the Combo served with regular fries and soft drink goes for RM 8.90. It’s available at all KFC outlets for a limited time!

Eating KFC Ayam Masak Merah Wrap

Visit the KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap page for more information.

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26 thoughts on “The new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap!”

  1. I’ll be trying this next.. I like KFC (original chicken) and their coleslaw.. And, I LOVE their Twisters.. I can have 2 at one sitting! One is NEVER enough for me.. The tomatoes and thousand island (I think) makes the Twister really “hoi wai”, once start cannot stop.. Hehe, sounds like I’m advertising for Twister.. Well, I’m trying this masak merah wrap next, but err, I don’t like the rice inside, wondering if they can customize and put in a slice of cheese and more chicken inside, teehee..

    • I just had it for lunch again! :)

      It’s very good, very filling and good for value. I love the KFC wraps too, I think this one is the best since they started doing it (although some of the breakfast wraps are pretty awesome too). Haha! I don’t think can customize – it’s actually nice to have rice inside – it’s like a burrito (which is made with rice inside). Try it out and see if you like it.

  2. I was in KFC yesterday and I saw this priced at RM8.90 so I was thinking I should try it one of these days…I have ordered a lunch plate earlier and ‘tak sempat’ to change it by the time I saw the ad.

    • You can have it next time then! :)

      It’s still available and it’s a good deal. I like how it’s filling too, perfect with the rice inside and the hot crunchy fries. You can have it a la carte for RM 6.90 or have it in a set with chicken for under RM 10 (but it’s not the Jumbo version). I recommend the RM 8.90 set though – you get fries and a drink with that.

    • Yeah, this one is delicious! :)

      It’s a good deal at RM 8.90 for the combo set too, the wrap is huge, stuffed with rice and very filling.

    • You didn’t like the sauce or the rice? :)

      I think both are good, the former makes it taste local and the latter makes it more like a burrito. Personally, this is one of their best wraps yet for me.

    • Yeah, it’s good and filling! :)

      It’s a deal at RM 8.90 too, I had it again for lunch just now at the Kota Damansara Petronas KFC coz I was pumping petrol and decided to just eat there for lunch. Very convenient too, can eat with one hand while I was reading the news. Haha.

  3. HB, I had a rice in Hong Kong and Beijing but from Mcdonald with chicken or beef in with rice in it. It was not as big as one you showed and just OK. KFC wrap better deal and fill you well.

    • Yeah, a lot of places are coming out with burritos now! :)

      Mission style burritos are gaining mainstream popularity since the Mexican food craze took off – this one has a local twist to it, which I like. I always go for ayam masak merah when I eat nasi campur anyway, it’s one of my favorite local Malay dishes. All burritos are filling coz of the rice inside – it’s good for big eaters like me.

  4. Whatever has happened to Autumn (K.K?) and Rene (Singapore) from the year 2008 mate? I am an old fan who have been following your blog since your days in Caulfield, Melbourne. Cheers!

    • Hmm…good question mate! :)

      I’m not sure, I didn’t keep in touch with both. I hardly knew the latter to be honest and I don’t think it was 2008, maybe 2006 or so? It’s been such a long time.

      Thanks for reading – have been blogging for over 13 years since the early days in Clayton in 2002. I actually lived in Clayton but studied in Caulfield – it was a 20 minute drive but there’s a free on-campus shuttle that I use. I love Melbourne – those are some of the best years of my life, my college and university years in Australia. Cheers for getting in touch mate.

  5. Does different outlets cook their KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap differently? I tried one in Seremban last week, it was warm & juicy and the rice, chicken strips & sauce combination made it very delicious. The roll was huge & heavy.

    Today, I had another one in Nilai. It was terrible. It was not warm (12:15pm lunch hour), the chicken strips were chewy, cannot see much sauce in it and definitely not spicy at all. The roll was not as big as the one in Seremban.

    However, the french fries from both outlets were hot & crunchy.

    • They’re supposed to have a standard! :)

      I know what you mean though, some of the smaller or less-patronized outlets tend to have sloppier standards than the bigger ones. I actually have had the Masak Merah Wrap four (4) times!

      The first time had this at the KFC in Wisma KFC so of course it was awesome (since it was the HQ outlet) and it was lunch hour – the wrap was perfect and the fries too.

      The second time I had it was at Giant Kota Damansara. I had it around 8:30 pm and had to wait about 30 minutes (!!!) coz there was only one counter open. The line was long and the line cook seemed reluctant to do his job, was told to prepare for a 15 minute wait but it turned out to be 30 minutes and the wrap was sloppily done, the top part was stone cold and the Zinger chicken was soggy. It was terrible! I took photos of it since it was a take away and wanted to complain but that outlet really has a very bad reputation so I don’t go back anymore. I’ll rather drive 10 minutes to the 24 hour KFC.

      The third time I had it was at the 24 hour KFC at Kota Damansara before the turnoff into Sungai Buloh. I went at around 2:30 am, used the drive-through. The service was surprisingly fast and I got a good wrap with crunchy hot fries. This was a take-away too.

      The fourth time I had it was this afternoon at Kota Damansara Petronas KFC, which is just before the diverted MRT works leading to Dataran Sunway. This was perfect too – the Masak Merah Wrap was done properly and the fries were crunchy and hot. I went at 12 pm during lunch hour.

      Yeah, it varies widely, I had four (4) visits for the Masak Merah Wrap Combo – 2 takeaways and 2 dine-ins, 3 were good experiences, 1 bad but I knew that outlet has a shoddy reputation anyway so it was partially my fault for going (it was the nearest). Usually the standard prevails though and the bigger outlets all have good quality control.

    • It is essentially a burrito. :)

      I think they just didn’t call it as such since not many Malaysians know what a burrito is, while a wrap is widely understood. There was a time when even wraps are foreign and it was not that long ago (at least to some portions of the community) – me and my better half got some flour tortillas and the people behind us in the cashier were wondering what it was. Haha.

    • Yeah, I hope you get to try it in Singapore too! :)

      I don’t know if they’re going to bring it over, but there’s a Malay community in Singapore too and Ayam Masak Merah is a common enough dish that it’s widely recognized and liked. I think they may try it but I’m not privy to their marketing plans – maybe you’ll have to come down to JB to check it out. It’s delicious!

  6. I have always wondered who you were referring to in your “Dear Aries” post back in August 20, 2008. The comment by “The Bull” on that post was mine. Was the post in relation to Autumn? Can’t seem to quite connect the dots from one post to the next during that time! So many questions…. :)

    I was also a student at Caulfied campus but probably a few years before you were there. I can understand why they were the best years of your life. They were mine too!

    • Yeah, Melbourne is one of the best places in the world to live in. :)

      I loved my time there too – spent 5 years doing college and uni and my college was at Monash College in Clayton, so that was the reason I was living in Clayton. I just never moved out when I did my uni and my campus was switched to Caulfield for some courses coz I like living in the Halls of Residence. Roberts Hall alumni here.

      Oh, I was referring to Autumn. I remember your comment, thanks for reading mate! Time flies, eh?

  7. Yesterday I went Johor Bahru in Johor..this wrap was no more .im very very upset because this is my favorite food these few months when I go back to Malaysia. New wrap is Wasabi Wrap, yet to try . Thank you for sharing guys. Looking forward for more goodies from KFC.

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