Beautiful Day

It’s a bright and breezy day today, perfect for studying. I can’t seem to
take a good photo of the sky though, for some reason, it doesn’t look as
bright as it does in real life. Oh well, my webcam is not the best device
to take photos anyway. I managed to get some breakfast and coffee from the
dining hall and I’m all ready to hit the books with my big bottle of OJ
and Allen’s Party Mix – the confectionary of champions! Or
something…that could just be the coffee talking.


Sad looking toasted sandwich              
Allen’s Party Mix Hand-cam!

C++ Interview

Just came back from my C++ interview, and I think I passed. Word out to
Vivek Asthana (my CSE3400 tutor) for being a cool guy. I’m going to sleep
soon, didn’t get much sleep last night in a vain effort to read up on my
C++. I had to do some Creative Bullshitting (CB) and Pulled Facts Straight
Out of My Ass (PFSOoMA) during the interview. Heh. Now I’m going to hit
the sack and wake up later to study for my C++ test tomorrow. Constrained
Genericity, Orthodox Canonical Forms, Dynamic Binding…oh my.




Four down, three to go. I have to say that Vanity is the best one so far.
It has little silvery balls embedded into the outer crust and the ice
cream is champagne flavored. If you only get one of the sins, let it be
this one. Yeah, I know I sound like I’m on Streets payroll. :)

The 7 Deadly Sins

Did a late night Coles run with Adrian to boost energy levels (by getting
sugary stuff). Magnum is doing a promotion where they have the 7 deadly
sins as different types of ice creams. It’s supposed to be limited
edition, in that it’s only available for 4 months. I got all 7 different
types and so far, I’ve eaten the Sloth one. Those who know me will
recognize ‘Sloth’ as my sin. Heh. The ice cream stick even has a phrase engraved
into it. The Sloth one goes

Amen brother!

I’ve taken photos of the different wrappers. See them here:








Tiny Windows Games!

Look here, these are actual screenshots taken on my 1024 x 768 desktop. These games are perfect
for playing in class or at work for slackers like me. They are so small, you can easily cover it
with another window. Some even run on the taskbar! Amazing. As you can see, I’m not the best chess
player in the world. Got thrashed on the easiest setting. Go to their web page and download the
games, it’s all free.

Link: Tiny Windows Games

Space Invaders

It runs right on the taskbar!

River Raid

Shoot ’em up



Spoiled rotten by broadband

I’ve been told that it takes upwards of 1 minute for my main page to load
on a normal dial up connection. I’m on a broadband connection (burstable
to 10Mbps, normally 400kbps) so I didn’t realize that. If you’re on a dial
up (that is you use a modem and a phone line to connect to the net) please
mail me and
tell me how long it takes for my page to load so I can optimize the size.

Double Time Spell

Just caught Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Channel 7. That double time spell
sure is nifty. Pretty useful considering I have two assignments due next
week and a test as well. Heh. Anyway, my website was down for about 4
hours this afternoon. Apparently the server I’m on had some problems but
it’s fixed now. My apologies to those who couldn’t access the site just

As you can see from the picture, I get terrible TV reception. Living in
the halls means I don’t have access to an external antenna so I have to
make do with those indoor ones. That’s a screen dump of my TV tuner in

Being a vegetarian must suck

Woke up at around 10 am this morning and decided to get something to eat
from the dining room. There is some kind of LAN going in the function hall
with an Ausgamers banner. Anyway, I got two vegetable burritos and an
orange juice. Now, normally the burritos that the dining room has is
really tasty so I was looking forward to eating it. I have to say that the
vegetarian kind is nothing to write home about. I had mistakenly assumed
that the vegetarian kind tastes the same as the normal kind but as they
say, when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. I’m feeling queasy
now…the burritos was absolutely saturated with onions! The raw kind! The
dining hall must own stock in onion farming companies.

The bane of my existence

Webcam not working

OK, if anyone hasn’t figured it out by now, the webcam is not working. I’m
behind a really restrictive proxy so I don’t have direct FTP access. I do
have full access via my Unix account, but to automate my webcam, I need to
write a shell script, and I don’t have time to do that now. I’m swamped
with assignments and I have a test to study for too. I will get it up and
working by next weekend the latest. Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ve lived in
darkness for long enough, which was why I got a table lamp just now. My
room lamp is broken, and two trips by the electrician isn’t enough to fix
it. Apparently the bulb shorts out in a couple of minutes. I don’t know
what’s going on with that, but I’m not going to live in darkness one more
day. Its depressing. My lotus lamp casts a nice purple glow doesn’t it?

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