GET RICH QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I had my Unix assignment interview today, which didn’t really go
well due to some “undocumented features” I didn’t notice in my…uh,
testing. Oh well. I hope that I get good marks for it, coz it
does meet the basic specifications. Anyway, I’ve noticed that the blue SmITh’s
vending machines accepts Malaysian 20c coins as Australian 10c coins. They
are the same size, not the same weight though, so the half price
trick won’t work on the more sophisticated machines. According to the
Universal Currency
[], a 20c Malaysian coin is equivalent to 0.0940808
cents in Aussie dollars. That makes for a saving of 0.940808%. If you are
so inclined, you can lug over a trillion of 20c coins and use them here.
That should give you a net profit of…oh I don’t know, something like 5
dollars? Heh. The best get rich quick scheme is still the one which nets
you one million dollars in 2 weeks. Here’s how to do it:

1. Buy 20 kgs of raw chicken thigh (or some other white meat)

2. %@#$!&*^((*&^!ERROR: ASCII conversion error

3. Profit!

How’s that for a quick and easy million? :)

This is not a fire drill?

I went to campus with my digicam today to take some photos and heard the
fire alarm going off in Block B as soon as the shuttle pulled into the
loop. I saw a fire truck in the alley so I snapped a couple of pics of
that as well as the fire fighters walking into B block. I must have looked
a bit suss taking photos like that. I wonder if they think I pulled the
fire alarm? Heh. Here are the photos, click on them for a larger picture
that opens up in a new window.

All pictures are clickable to bring up a larger picture.

The fire engine sitting idle in the alley. Block B is camera right.

The fire fighters were studying a fire indicator board very intently.

The fire door leading to the computer labs in Floor 3 of Block B. Please
make your way in an orderly fashion to the evacuation area.

The file of people using the escalators to go down to the second floor.

The fire doors leading to the left wing computer labs. It is closed.

On the top of the escalators.

The bridge area on the second floor is where everyone decided to go.

Masses of people standing around and talking at the bridge.

More people milling about.

Still more people hanging around.

People, people everywhere…

The all clear is given and everyone started to go back to the labs.

My virtual model

This is pretty fun. You can create your own virtual models at My Virtual Model []. I had to tweak the weight settings to
make myself fatter coz the first avatar I made (using my real weight) looked too thin. Had to
inflate my weight a bit to make it fatter. If you’re having trouble in converting kg ->
pound, you can use this converter []. Here’s my virtual

My hair is not that evenly bleached and there should be a much larger bulge where the boxers are
but other than that, it looks fairly accurate. Seriously, the avatar is bulge-less and is not
anatomically correct. :)

Mini Me

Well, I’ve been thinking about the issue of children after reading an article about how most 20
somethings don’t intend to have kids nowadays. Personally, I think it would be great to have some
mini me’s running around. I’ll like to have a little cute daughter. Girls seem to give less
problems than guys. That is a generalization, but usually it’s true. I think I will spoil my
daughter though. :) Ah, what domesticated thoughts I think.

Search strings

I was looking at my webstats and noticed that someone came in from
an “angelic layer episode downloads” search on Yahoo! I used that
search string and noticed that I was the 8th site in the results. Hah!
Too bad you didn’t find what you wanted, mate.


Days till I get my digital camera: 0

I got my digital camera today! It’s a Nikon 885, 3.2 Megapixels with 3x optical zoom. Took it to
the library today and took some test shots. I didn’t manage to go to Flemington shooting range or
Chocfest today. Decided not to go to punish myself for waking up to late yesterday. I need to get
my assignments done first anyway. I’ve changed the webcam picture above with a Picture of the Day.
The image quality today is pretty bad coz I couldn’t tweak it. I used Logitech’s Quickcam Editor, a
really basic graphics editor. I’m currently downloading the warez version of Photoshop so expect
the quality to improve. As the name suggests, there will be a new one everyday, so hit Ctrl + D.

Floyd the Barber Part II

Went and got myself a haircut today at the Monash Hair Salon in the campus center. I had it
trimmed really short on the sides and back. The hairdresser was an intern I think. She forgot to
put the hair guard on before cutting my hair. It’s that heavy black flap that avoids tiny hairs
from going down your collar. Only remembered when another hairdresser pointed it out. I didn’t
notice myself. The haircut was okay but she’s too chatty for my liking. I was not in the mood to
talk coz I’m in a hurry to get to Caulfield to hand in my assignments. It cost A$18 so it’s
definitely an intern. Usually it costs A$25 to get a haircut. I grabbed a pizza from the pizza
place after that. I’m not really a big fan of pizza, but the other shops were closed. I had a slice
of University Volcano, which I heard was slightly spicy. Now I can take very hot food, but this was
on an empty stomach and I think the person preparing it dropped chili flakes on the pizza coz it
was saturated with it! Made me feel queasy for about two hours. :) Anyway, I also bleached my hair
today. Got the fudge speed2 bleach. I like
fudge, coz I still remember the large poster they had in
Christchurch back in ’96.

Contents of the box: One 25ml bleach base, one 25ml booster, one 2.5ml bleach base, one 2.5ml
booster, one 55ml developer liquid, one sachet shampoo, one sachet conditioner, one brush, one pair
of gloves, one manual. The 2.5ml small packets is for the strand and skin test, which I never

Anyway, the end result was this:

I only left it on for 15 minutes coz I was in a hurry. It turned out to be a semi disaster. :)
The picture is taken using my webcam so the coloring nuances cannot be seen. Its lighter than what
it seems to be with some patches of ultra light colors. Kinda horrible, but I don’t want to recolor
it, so it’ll have to stay.

Days till I get my digital camera: 1

McCain Roast Turkey Dinner

Food always helps me sleep. Eating a meal before sleeping always makes me feel sleepy so I had
one of those TV dinners. It’s a McCain’s Roast Turkey Dinner. The price is A$4.90, pretty much
standard for full serve frozen meals here.

The front packaging. The sidebar says “Roasted Turkey in a rich country-style gravy with
traditional cranberry sauce served with roast potatoes, carrots and peas”.

The back of the package. It says to heat the meal for 6-7 minutes. I put it for 6:30 on high

This is what the actual meal looks like. Pretty jumbled up but still presentable and slightly
promising. The colors are there instead of the washed out colors of most frozen meals.

The cooked meal. The turkey is covered by the gravy. Calling it a turkey is an exaggeration.
It’s nothing more than two (thinly!) sliced pieces of deli meat. The shape of the meat is the same
circle slice of deli meat. The sauce is pretty good though, much better than the gravy the halls
dining hall dishes out. The cranberry sauce is very nice as well, but tastes a bit too much like
strawberry jam. The potatoes kept well even after being frozen and tasted like a cross between
boiled and baked potatoes. The carrots tasted as it should. Overall, it’s a pretty okay meal. The
things that ruined it a bit was the deli meat turkey and the small portion. The gravy was good
though, and that’s the most important thing. I’m feeling sleepy now. Nite people. :)

Days till I get my digital camera: 1

No sleep for the wicked

I can’t go to sleep. My fears about failing is keeping me awake at night. Jesus Christ bananas.
I feel that if I don’t get up and study, I’ll fail for sure, and I’ll regret not cutting back on
sleep and studying instead. Then I go into full out panic mode and entertain very weird thoughts
which I will share with no one. I wonder why the thought of failing makes me feel so bad and
depressed and desperate. What a guilt trip. Hmm…I need to chill out for a while and try again 30
minutes later. Get things in focus. *breath in* *breath out* *breath in*

Days till I get my digital camera: 1

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