Feeling tired of studying, I downloaded and watched Inuyasha episode 65 – Saraba Seishun no Hibi
(Farewell Days of Youth). It aired on YTV (Japan) on the 8th of April, 7 pm. I’ve only watched up
to episode 44 so far, but episode 65 is a filler episode so I figured I won’t miss much by watching
this. It was raw, as in no subtitles. I managed to get the gist of it though. Either my Japanese is
getting better or Inuyasha just uses a lot of the same words. Heh. Being a filler episode, there
isn’t much about the Naraku storyline but it did have a funny scene of Shippo about to be molested
by Inuyasha. =D There are a lot of people who doesn’t like Shippo (the fox demon) but I think he’s
adorable. My favourite character would have be Sango though, she has the best background story and
she looks cool in that Youkai Taijiya outfit.

Mounting evidence that I'm overweight

Man, this is sounds like a script for a bad cartoon. My chair broke when I sat on it just now.
The screws holding the chair snapped on BOTH sides. Someone up there is telling me I need to go on
a diet. That, or I just sat on the chair too hard. =D

The Chair. Red circles showing where the screws gave way.

Close up of the chair. You can see where it snapped.

It drives me crazy!

Nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano nana

Nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano na

Nano nano

It drives me crazy

I really love

What it does to meeeee

Sweet, sour and salty

Nano nano

Na na na na nano nanoooooooooooooooooooooo

I have this jingle stuck in my head. It came from the commercials on TV when I was around 12.
It’s those sweets from Indonesia with funky flavors like Hot Pineapple. It’s a testament to viral
marketing that I can still remember the lyrics after 10 years.

Dumb people

Ah…I finally installed Windows XP Professional on my computer. This came with an enterprise
key so there is no activation. At least I don’t have to put up with Windows Me crashing on me every
hour. Seriously, it does not like my system and that’s really how often it crashes. Anyway, I’ve
ploughed through one of the Java books I borrowed from the library and now I’m going to finish up
my Java assignment.

Thought of the day: I have lost faith in the intelligence of the general population.
People are gullible…say something like “SOME FUCKING RICH CORPORATION WILL SEND 20000000000 CENTS
CONTACT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and people will start
forwarding the chain mail left, right and center. Never mind that there’s no way to track every
email (unless that someone is the NSA). Never mind that this has been proven as a hoax email. Get a
grip people. There is *GASP* no little girl with a hole in her heart/cancer/some weird
disease waiting for your 2 cents to have an operation. There is *GASP* no company tracking
the emails and donating 2 cents to that little girl. If you believe everything you read, I’ve got a
nice island I’m willing to part with for the low, low price of $1000 dollars. And I’ll throw in a
couple of coconut trees with that as well, if you ACT NOW. Please mail me to get my
anonymous PO Box mail address where I can abscond with your money and disappear without a

This is what I've been up to today

Finals are less than a month away. I’ve resorted to “counting time” to get my revision done
before the finals. It works like this. It doesn’t matter what time you sleep or wake up, but make
sure that there is at least 16 hours between the time you wake up and the time you sleep again.
Like for instance, I woke up at 3 pm today. That means I’ll have to wait until 7 am to sleep again.
That way I don’t shaft myself by sleeping too much. =D

Cartoon Classics – Superman (No IMDB listing)

JB You’ve Done It Again! I saw DVDs starting from A$3.99 and above in JB Hi-Fi. I’m not
sure if this is a store wide thing though, coz I only went to the Chadstone one. There was a shelf
full of B-Movies going for A$3.99 and I bought 5 of the cheesiest looking ones. Heh. The titles

Murder On Flight 502 [IMDB]

Replikator [IMDB]

Force : Five [IMDB]

Bio-Force I [IMDB]

Cartoon Classics – Superman (No IMDB listing)

B-Movie Bonanza!

Funny quote of the day: Jimmy (after seeing Bio-Force I) – “You mean there is a Bio-Force

A Jedi Shall Not Know Anger. Nor Hatred. Nor Love.

I went to Chadstone this afternoon with Jimmy and got myself a ticket to the first screening of
Star Wars Episode II. I did call them yesterday and they said there were about 180 tickets left.
However when I went in today, the attendant told me the tickets were all sold out. Luckily they
opened up another session, so I did get a ticket. wh00t! Interesting tidbit – Since Australia is
faster (GMT +10) than most of the world and George Lucas wanted a worldwide same day release on the
16th of May, we get to see it faster than most of the world. =D Note the ticket, it says 15th of
May 11:59 PM. *gloat*

King of the Nordic Twilight

I was surfing the network just now, looking for new music and I stumbled upon this gem. The
music reminds me of something out of Final Fantasy (the RPG, not the movie). I seldom find music
that I enjoy without having to have it “grow on me”, and this was one of the rare occasions where I
liked an album on the first listen. It sounds remarkably similar to Cradle of Filth, but without
Dani Filth’s high pitched vocals. Think Dusk and Her Embrace with only the female vocals. It’s epic
music, very nice, but it’s not as gothic as CoF. King of the Nordic Twilight is by Luca Turilli and
it’s more “happy sounding” than CoF although I found their sound quite similar. I also found
Slayer’s latest album – God Hates Us All, kudos to them for managing to sound the same after all
these years. The first time I heard Slayer is on South of Heaven and now, 10 (?) years later, they
still sound the same, with the same issues getting their panties all in a twist too. How’s that for
dedication to a genre? =D


Welp…I just got back from my Java mid semester test. It was pretty easy but I’m kicking myself
now for not studying the theory part more. I was led to believe that most of the marks will come
from modifying source code, but that part was just a measly 3 marks while the theory portion
carries 7 marks. Theory stuff is my forte too, so I wish I paid more attention to that. Oh well.
Anyway, I’m feeling like a drowned rat right now. It started raining at around 3 pm just now and I
went out with clad in only a shirt with a T shirt underneath. It wasn’t really cold when I left so
I didn’t think of bringing my coat along. Which inevitably makes it rain and drenched me while I
walked back from the campus center. Anyway, I didn’t get much sleep last night and what I had was a
caffeine fueled nightmarish nap, so I was feeling pretty sleepy when I got on the bus. It didn’t
help that I had a sandwich before and food always makes me sleepy. To top it off, the muzak playing
in the shuttle bus is a lullaby! I swear to God, it was a damned lullaby. Sweet Mary, mother of

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