Project Alpha finale

This is the final video of my Project Alpha episodes. It’s also the last episode in the show which I dub “The one where I breathed fire using kerosene”. I was hoping for this to be in an episode by itself though. Oh well. This is a 3-in-1 episode which has:

  • Fire breathing
  • Drinks at Helo Bali
  • Wrap party at Euporia, MOS

I actually got very, very excited by the fire breathing and did it several times in a row, much to the consternation of the crew. I guess it must have looked like I have an unusually healthy disregard for the safety of my life and limb. ;)

Fire breathing 

However, it wasn’t that hard – closest I got was a lil burning sensation on my lips when I didn’t expel the kerosene with enough force AND draw back (which is crucial so you don’t burn your lips). It was a lot of fun!

w00t! Now I can do this neat trick at BBQs or functions where an ample supply of kerosene or other flammable materials are available! ;)


Bad Idea (TM)

I may have ingested more ethanol based drinks than I ought to during the wrap party.

me martinis

Worse Idea (TM)

I crashed my car straight after that and it cost me RM 11,000 in repairs. Sigh.


Worst Idea (TM)

I guess you can say that this episode cost me 11k, so go watch it!

Best enjoyed with Streamyx, of course. ;)

Hey, it really works for me – no buffering or crap like that when I watch it with my Streamyx broadband at home. I even wrote a dissertation analogy about the reliability.

The incriminating Episode 6

This is the episode I have been dreading. Cherie (my ex-girlfriend) came on set and gave the lowdown on how she met me.

I WANT TO GO ON RECORD HERE! That is not how I remember meeting her. T_T 

cherie 2005

The photo above was taken when we first met – Cherie is the one in green. This post describes the event leading up to when I first met Cherie and it does not involve toilets, washrooms, water closets or latrines. None. Nada. Zilch. 

tgif me jojo

I wish Jojo and Michael would just run amok with the editing scissors and cut out the majority of the stuff. Heh! We did a couple of takes and there were things said which can best be described as uncomplimentary. ;) 

tgif cherie

However, there were some good things said too, which didn’t go into the final episode. Can we have an outtakes episode? :p 

tgif shoot

This episode was fun to do coz I had a (more than) a couple of beers while shooting the scene. You see, there’s this thing called “scene continuity” so if you mess up a scene but took a sip (or a gulp) from your freshly opened beer while at it, you’ll need a new one so it doesn’t look weird. 

tgif start

This means you have to finish the current bottle. FML. ;) 

tgif jojo

It was a good scene though, I like this one coz Cherie knows me well. I guess you can say that we’ve been through a lot together – it’s a chemical romance with its ups and downs but at the end, it’s nice that we can still be friends and say “Hey, when it was good, it was great right?” :)

Here are the other episodes that I haven’t posted up:

Episode 5

Episode 4

I use Streamyx broadband at home and I love the speed it gives me. I’m on the 1 Mbps package and YouTube videos loads right away. Instant gratification! =D

Project Alpha: A Peek Behind the Scenes

Episode 3 is up!

Okay, what on behind the scenes of a production like Project Alpha? 

ass cheek

BTW, you see what I mean about not being able to move much on camera lest I fall down? My left ass cheek is on solid rock but my right butt cheek is hovering precariously off the rock. :S 

make up artist

There are a lot of makeup artists (MUA) doing what they do best – making you look pretty on camera. I even let them reshape my eyebrows. T_T 


A lot of waiting under the hot sun… 

restyle in between takes

…and a whole lot of shoots and retakes.

Okay, I’m a bit off today, promise I’ll do a proper post tomorrow!

Mama my nen nen got thing stuck inside

chest x ray

I love this chest X-ray. Pretty nifty eh? I don’t have a light box so I improvised with my window. Check out how my nipple piercings show through. =D

Project Alpha Episode 2 is out!

I finally remember why I’m so rigid in the episode – I was sitting precariously on a stone and couldn’t really move or risk falling down. T_T

I’ll post up behind the scenes photos soon!

Okay, gotta go, just received a BBM on my Xpax BB for breakfast! Project Alpha promo + Episode 1

My promo for Project Alpha is out! Click on the YouTube video above to watch it. I am a little apprehensive about how the episodes would come out…especially the part where Cherie dishes out dirt about me. OMG, that one if not edited out my saham turun dy. :p

It’ll be epic…as in 1997 Asian Financial Crisis proportions. T_T

Episode 1 is also up!

BTW, you can also watch it on your BB. I watched the promo on my Xpax BB Curve 8520 when I was told it’s uploaded. =D

3, 2, 1, Action!

adidas action 3 roadshow

adidas is the main sponsor of Project Alpha and I headed down to their adidas Action 3 Roadshow at MidValley on Saturday with the other six bloggers in Season 1 for some fun and games and a sneak preview of the first episode of Project Alpha

adidas chick

Thus, in classic fashion, here’s the event coverage, which completely violates every single rule of writing for the net with extremely verbose copy and frequent asides. ;) 

adidas roadshow

So, go brew a nice hot cup of tea and settle down with a comfy cushion, this is going to be a long one. :) 

action 3 girl

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 

first arrival

I’m kidding! Okay, here it comes: 

adidas games

I’ve always been a big fan of adidas and most of my sports apparel is exclusively adidas (which is spelled in all small caps, BTW). I think a lot of it had to do with them being the “alternative cool” brand instead of the overhyped other label. 

action 3 ball

I’m also a huge fan of Korn and the song a.d.i.d.a.s in their self titled debut album, while not sanctioned or related to the brand, is a very awesome song. ;)

adidas bonus hour

The road show was held at LG of Centre Court (God is in the details, my friends, and I wouldn’t feel proper without providing excessive minutiae) and I happened to arrive during Bonus Hour so the place was PACKED. It was so crowded I won’t even attempt to make witty analogies. The Bonus Hour really lasts for one hour (thus the namesake) and is a PWP promo (buy 1, free 1) so it brought a influx of people much like what Pakistan experienced when the US bombed the living daylights out of the Afghans. 

adidas roadshow buying

Anyway, after everything settled down, the Project Alpha sneak peak was shown on the LCD TV. I was so enthralled by the trailer and promo for Episode 1 that I didn’t take any photos. I’m telling you, Project Alpha is going to be a hit, and I’m not just saying that coz I’m in it. :p 

project alpha teaser

We were split up into teams for a foosball tournament after the screening – the 7 Project Alpha Season 1 bloggers and Jojo Struys in a 4 team knockout competition of 6 goals. I was paired with the 4′ 9″ wonder (which you’ll see in the first episode). 

foosball attack

It started out very promisingly with several consecutive goals, including a rather neat trick which I attribute more to luck than skill. Sam even commented that I was a “foosball hustler” which I took as a compliment. Alas, everything went downhill since that providential shot. 

foosball defend

The Red MummyBudiey crew started gaining on us and the FourfeetnineSixthseal team did the unimaginable – an own goal. This is bad…hell, if I were Andrés Escobar, I’ll be shot dead by now. :( 

foosball team

Nevertheless, we pushed on while The Enemy (TM) started closing the gap until we were tied 5-5. 

foosball concentrate

It’s damn kan cheong okay! 

foosball kancheong

It was the game ball and after much effort and twisting of the handles…they scored. I can’t believe we lost after a 5-1 lead! OMG!  My bad Aud! 

foosball prize

Oh well, at least we still got a prize. :) 

adidas voucher

Adidas also provided us with a RM 100 voucher which can be used to redeem anything from the roadshow. I decided to stock up on the adidas shampoo + shower gel combos and I got 9 (nine) bottles of that. (!) Haha! 

adidas shower gel

I’ve sorted out my shower needs for the rest of the year! Yay! I’ll never have to buy shower gel until 2010 (at the very least). Heh! This is budgeting at its very best. ;) 

adidas game prize

The adidas Action 3 roadshow had this contraption which has 1-5 in huge buttons. You get a chance on it after a purchase of RM 45 and above. There are prizes associated with each number – everything from bags to eau de toilette. I was keen on the bag and Agnes was kind enough to tell me that she’ll sort it out. I pressed the button and got a 5 (eau de toilette) but she gave me the bag anyway. Thanks Agnes! =D 

project alpha bloggers

It was just about buka puasa time and adidas arranged for us to dine at Alexis in The Gardens. Now, this isn’t a buffet line setup, mind. This is proper dining with you ordering a la carte with wine provided. 

alexis at gardens

I thought that was mighty generous of adidas. 

chicken liver pate

I had chicken liver pate for the appetizer. I liked this; the chicken liver pate is smooth and creamy and comes with a topping of cheese. It’s perfect for slathering on top of the bread or just eating it on its own. I love liver pate and Alexis does it well – the almost melt-in-your-mouth texture is orgasmic! 

wagyu ribeye steak

This here is a deliciously juicy and rich medium rare Wagyu ribeye steak with perfect marbling which weighs in at a staggering RM 155 for the 200 gram serving. 

waygu steak

It’s smooth and velvety, awesome stuff. It could have been done better though; I’ve had Wagyu beef which was crispy on the outside and nicely rare on the inside. I guess they mistook medium rare for medium.

pecan pie

I also had a Pecan pie. It tasted absolutely fabulous despite the fact that I was stuffed at this point. The nuts were warm (almost toasty hot!) and sweet (the pine sweetness of nuts without additional sugar) which contrasts very well with the scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. 

adidas dinner

I nearly fell asleep after all that good food. 

dinner at alexis

The dinner was courtesy of the largess of adidas. Thanks! I won’t be able to afford a RM 155 steak otherwise. ;) 

adidas girl

adidas – all day I dream about steak. :p

Project Alpha Sneak Twitpic

The rather grueling Project Alpha shoot is over! Here are the Twitpic tweets I’ve sent in while filming on set in chronological order:

twitpic 1

Project Alpha

twitpic 2

Makeup. I haz it.

twitpic 3

Noooo. My eyebrows!

twitpic 4

Lights, camera, action!

twitpic 5

Lunch break.

twitpic 6

So. Many. Takes.

twitpic 7

Fun but tiring day. Still more.

twitpic 8

Full day shooting!

twitpic 9

It’s a wrap for today! :)

twitpic 10

I’m cast but still a glamour tag. ;)

twitpic 11

Ze press is here!

twitpic 12

I’m going to eat fire in 10 min.

twitpic 13

Getting makeup done now.

twitpic 14

If you don’t hear from me later it means I died

twitpic 15

I am alive!

twitpic 16

Final shoot. Here with @cheesie

twitpic 17

@cheesie before her scene.

twitpic 18

Make up artists. Very important.

twitpic 19

How come I can never do this by myself?

twitpic 20

Does the cast eat the props? Yes!

twitpic 21

My second last scene. Drinking Part 1.

twitpic 22

@timothytiah and @fourfeetnine at the wrap party

twitpic 23

Have to be sober for my drinking shoot in 2 hours

twitpic 24

Need to drink all. Fucking lethal.

twitpic 25

It’s a fucking wrap! Drinking Moet.

twitpic 26

It is a wrap for Project Alpha. :)

Nuffnang Bloggers Dinner @ The Apartment, Downtown

apartment downtown

Nuffnang invited several bloggers to The Apartment Downtown @ Suria KLCC for dinner. It’s more of a meet and greet social dinner as a prelude to discussing some Serious Issues (TM).

apartment starters

We were served Cranberry Juice (great for UTIs) and a variety of starters which includes stuffed squid, pita bread with a curious combination of butter and cheese, stuffed eggplant, and chicken liver pate.

apartment pamsong

I think the last one scarred Pam a little…she’s a very PETA type person. I hesitate to label her as a tree hugger coz the reason she doesn’t like pork and stuff like that is due to the offense it instigates to her olfactory senses.

apartment mains

The main dishes arrived after that with highlights being the lamb, creamy melt-in-your-mouth cous cous, salmon with udon noodles and mussels cooked in curry. I notice a distinctive apprehension at my table whenever I took a mussel. I realized it’s due to my poor motor coordination in opening up the shell and spearing the flesh inside. Pam actually warned me not to send the poor crustacean flying. I think she also mentioned something detrimental to my well-being if any landed on her. ;)

apartment dessert

The dessert was individually served with chocolate mousse, meringue (reminds me of Pavlova actually), and some peanut butter infused creation. It was great!

We adjourned upstairs to have a discussion about several pressing issues relevant to the blogsphere…

apartment tzia

…before the camwhoring started in earnest. This is Tzia, featured blogger of the month.

apartment audrey

Audrey, of 4 feet nine fame!

apartment pam

Pamela Song a.k.a. my nemesis! We’re just pretending to be nice here one. Posing for the digicam, usually we can be seen disagreeing vehemently. ;)

apartment carol

Carol Koh! I less than 3 you! =D

apartment cindy


apartment ringo

…and Rin.

apartment camwhore

Plus a lot of other camwhoring shots!

apartment group

It was a great night of fellowship among the Nuffnang staff and the bloggers. It’s kinda like church and cell group meetings, except we don’t have a Jesus. ;) It’s great for building rapport and all that corporate speak. I’m looking forward to the next one already. :)

MAS Yee Sang Dinner for bloggers

mas mums

Malaysia Airlines organized an yee sang dinner for bloggers at Mum’s Place. There were 25 bloggers in attendance occupying three tables – most of them familiar faces, but I met a couple of bloggers that I haven’t seen IRL before. It was fun! It’s my first yee sang dinner of the year.

yee sang

The yee sang with salmon!

lau sang

It’s a tradition in Singapore and Malaysia to lau sang during Chinese New Year. It’s supposed to kickstart an auspicious new year by collectively mixing the ingredients with chopsticks while chanting phrases like “prosperity in the year to come” and all that. :)

yee sang final

I just like the colors of the dish and the community aspects.


Steamed rice was served and a plethora of dishes came in quick succession after that. I love the huge prawns – very juicy and succulent.

assam fish

Another highlight is the Assam Fish. It’s fabulous!


Other memorable dishes were the chicken curry, vegetables, delicious beef slices and the desserts. I had a banana split.


Camwhoring time was scheduled after dinner.


Lots of familiar faces here…


…and people I haven’t met before or haven’t seen in a long time.


Miscellaneous group photos.


Eh, dun la mug me after I just got mugged.

wai fong

Miss Wai Fong who hosted the dinner. Thanks!

group photo

MAS was also very receptive to suggestions on how to improve their service – I offered an experience when I was flying KL – Melbourne on New Year’s Eve and nothing happened at 12 AM. Most of the passengers were left hanging, awake and waiting for some sort of in-flight celebration, but the New Year passed with nary a peep. They took note of that, so I hope your NYE’s flight would be filled with merriment (or at least some party favors and an announcement). ;)


MAS was kind enough to give us all some home made pineapple tarts and a gift pack containing a diary, a DVD and a nifty red USB drive that can be twisted around your wrist like a bracelet. Nice!

More coverage here:

Sultan Muzaffar
Red Mummy
Babe in the City



Eevon just sent me the wittiest offline comment a.k.a. text message this morning alerting me to a disastrous typo. Okay, it’s DIARY, not DAIRY. Amended. :)

Kakiis Night Out @ Euphoria, MOS


I went to the Kakiis Night Out event last night at Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. I think it’s the only non-smoking club in town. I went there with KY and Eiling as my team members.


I am honored that the organizers felt my 27-year-old self worthy of an ID check for a free voucher of Carlsberg Draft…until I realized they asked everyone for ID.

pinky tham

Pinky Tham! I less than 3 you! OMG, that was so random. Moving on.


I haven’t been to Euphoria before but the place has a great sound system and excellent lighting. It’s operated by the esteemed MOS in London.

The Kakiis event kicked off with a performance by the Break B’Boys. They’re quite good at what they do and it got the crowd pumped up for the games. Kakiis Night Out has 10 booths with 10 games where you go and get footprints. DJ Steve from FlyFM was the MC for the night and briefed the crowd on the challenge.


The games range from Kakiis Extreme (with electric shocks and dubious sea creatures and worms) to the more intellectual games like Kakiis IQ. You’re supposed to complete all 10 challenges. I didn’t go there expecting to win, but I was surprised (in a good way) that Eiling is rather competitive by nature and wanted to finish all the games. ;)


I wanted a drink before that though, I just had two and needed a bit more of the amber fluid inside me to be in the right frame of mind. I managed to bum quite a few beer coupons off random people. I didn’t know it wasn’t free flow or I would have started drinking at home first. ;)

team 37

Meet Team 37! We actually won one of the games and walked away with a prize, which we didn’t expect.

The most interesting challenge of the day is the Kakiis Tornado where a blower blows pieces of paper around in an enclosed phone box type contraption and we grab the pieces from the air. We had to wear goggles – watch our team in action!


Dinner was provided and we stopped to grab a bite to eat before continuing the games. “Dinner” was mainly finger food without any substantial carbohydrates except for the cakes and desserts. Coke and other soft drinks were free flow but they ran out of ice at one point.

pinky us

Me: Look Pinky, you have like two leng chai sitting beside you!
Pinky: Where? Where got leng chai?
Me: …..


Anyway, we went back to attempt to complete the games after that. The more memorable is the one where you have to dig for coins in covered boxes. Two contains water and eels and the other two contains sawdust and sago grubs. There are four groups and each group of three people tag-teamed the way through.


This is the game where we won (fastest time). It’s a contraption which delivers an electric shock with the two mesh wires inside. You have to reach through and grab a ping pong ball to spell out…

kakiis win

…KAKIIS. I got shocked twice, KY got it once and Eiling didn’t get the electric treatment. I think you need to touch both the wire meshes for it to deliver a shock. We thought we did pretty well on this one but didn’t think much of it.


There was also a challenge called Kakiis Chill where you dip your feet into a small pool of ice-cold water and attempt to fish out ping-pong balls with your feet spelling KAKIIS. Fun.


This is the best-dressed group IMHO – they were wearing reindeer antlers and matching outfits. They won one of the video awards too.


There was a yodeling competition going on at center stage while we were outside fishing ping-pong balls with our toes and everyone got a 16 GB Pendrive Sliq so our group immediately joined the next game…which was cat walking and showing off our kakis (kaki also means feet in Malay, wordplay on the social networking site).

I’m sure there are at least two compromising videos (and probably some photos as well) of me taking off my shirt and showing my beer belly (potbelly?) for all and sunder to see. I was about to start taking off my belt too before DJ Steve from FlyFM shook his head. ;)

Our team won the Kakiis Shock challenge though. I think we all knew we had a chance and looked at each other before the winner for that challenge is announced…and true enough it was Team 37!


We each snagged a 16 GB Pendrive Sliq for having the fastest time in that challenge. Team 37, FTW!

…and no, we did not meet Mr. Fariz there. ;)

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