Ghost festival procession photos, Bukit Bintang


Here are the photos from the Bintang Walk procession. There was a
“ghost festival procession” of some sort in Jalan Bukit Bintang
yesterday, I heard the participants are supposed to be possessed by
certain old spirits. Not sure if I got that right, but it’s a good
excuse to carry weapons and take drugs and act in a wild manner that is
above the soceity’s norms while in public and within view of law
enforcement officers. I kid! Sorry, jokes about religion are sensitive,
my apologies if I offended anyone, it was meant strictly in jest.
Anyway, please don’t flood my inbox with hate mail, you know I’m not
like that, it’s a joke, I couldn’t resist. :)

Anyway, back to the procession, it was very interesting, the photos speak for themselves, here you go:

This is a long one

Gets a bit unwieldy at times as you can see

Mobile prayer lorry


Don’t mess with them:




This is the youngest participant:



My favourite guy – he was wielding two saws and sucking on a pacifier.

Well, if you ask me I think it was a datura/belladonna like substance in their tea. ;)

Borneo Cultural Festival Sibu (2003)

Borneo Cultural Festival 2003, Sibu.

This has been going on at the Sibu town square for a while now, and
will continue for a few more days. I took the photos yesterday noon,
but I’ve been busy so I couldn’t post it yesterday. My apologies.
Anyway, the story behind the photos is worthy of a mention, but I will
put the photos up first – it cost me RM 16 so enjoy. ;)

A balloon flying high.

A blowpipe accuracy competition – a blowpipe is a long contraption used
by the Ibans (and other groups) that propels a dart (originally
poisoned and used for hunting) to a target by the user blowing through
the pipe.

Something going on here, I just didn’t say long enough to find out what it was…

Another shot of the unknown event above, gotta run, battery low.

A row of traditional Chinese stalls.


Setting the stage for the final judging of the Borneo Cultural Festival
Sibu’s Miss Malaysian Chinese 2003 tonight. I took photos of the
candidates about a week ago.
Link: Miss Malaysian Chinese (Borneo Cultural Festival, Sibu) – Miss Photogenic photo shoot []

Tug of war.

This is a swing of sorts used by the Melanau at their harvest festival.
It’s a test of manhood, they swing and bungee from this contraption.

This is the main motif of Borneo Cultural Festival – a montage of a
Chinese lantern, a Malay ketupat, and several native symbols which I’m
not familiar enough with to comment about, but I like the tuak (rice
wine) that’s perpetually pouring from the top. :)

About the RM 16 photos, I went to the camera repair shop yesterday
morning but unfortunately, my digicam could not be repaired due to
mould (?) in the internal components. The repair guy asked if the
digicam has had water damage before and I told him it had, but that was
a long time ago – about a year back. I forgot to zip my pants pocket
while skiing and snowboarding at Mount Buller (Melbourne) and found my
digicam covered with snow at the end of the session. Anyway, he said
that was probably the cause – the mould slowly manifested itself and
damaged some of the stuff so it needs to be sent to Nikon Service in KL
to be repaired. :( That means I will be without a digicam for about a
week, but I will check other repair shops tomorrow and see if they have
the necessary components.

Anyway, I passed by the town square yesterday noon and just HAD to
take photos, so I went to one of the camera shops and offered the owner
a deal – let me rent a digicam for 15 minutes and I’ll pay him RM 10.
Heh. Well, I had my (broken) digicam with me, and my CF card, so I’ll
just need one for a couple of minutes to take photos. I convinced him
to rent me a new Nikon Coolpix 3500 (it was the only one that could
hold my CF card, the shop is a Sony dealer, so all the other digicams
they stock use memory sticks) and I’ll give RM 100 + my digicam as a
deposit. Well, he was more than happy to do that, so I waited while he
opened the new digicam box and got out everything and charged the

My gf called me at this point and I told her what I was up to, and
she said it’s already raining at her place (the photos won’t turn out
well if it rains). I went out and sure enough, dark skies abound. I
went back and told the camera guy that I needed it now, so forget about
charging the battery. He said that it wouldn’t last all that long,
since it has only had been charging for about 3 minutes, but I said
it’s okay, since I’m in a hurry. Well, off I ran and upon startup, it
was already showing the low battery indicator so I ran around, hoping
to get a shot of everything before the battery ran out – and I did. :)

Anyway, I’m sorry about the quality of the photos, I noticed that
the quality setting was at the default (Low) but the battery was so
drained I didn’t want to risk changing the settings instead of taking
more shots and having it die on me halfway. Anyway, the Nikon Coolpix
3500 seems okay, I like the way the lens fold out. I ran all over the
town square, taking photos until the “Battery Exhausted!” warning came
out. After that, I went back to the dealer, paid him RM 10, got my RM
100 and digicam back and he packaged the digicam back into the box,
probably to sell to another person. *shrug*

Well, I got home later and then thought of something – how was I
going to get the photos out of the CF Card? Windows won’t detect the CF
Card unless the digicam is on, and my digicam is broken (couldn’t even
turn it on). So off I went to the Fujifilm Imagng Center near my place
to get the photos burnt to a CD-R, which cost RM 6. I should have
bought a CF Card reader instead, since it was only RM 45, but I reckon
I don’t need one since it’s just a one time thing. So there you go,
photos from yesterday. :)


Miss Malaysian Chinese (Borneo Cultural Festival, Sibu) – Miss Photogenic photo shoot


I headed down to Rejang Esplanade for this early this morning. It
was supposed to be at 8 am but I forgot that Sibu is running at GMT + 9
(+1 is Tardy Savings Time) instead of GMT + 8 like the rest of
Malaysia. :) The photographers and subjects (12 girls – finalists of a
local pageant) only started trickling in when it was nearly 9 am. This
is supposed to serve the dual function of providing photos for the Miss
Photogenic judges and a photography contest. There is no charge unless
you want to enter the contest (RM 10) but that requires negatives +
prints so digicams would not qualify. I think I managed to get shots of
all the girls before my battery ran out. I had to use fast flash in a
lot of the photos due to a strong backlight (the sun). To tell you the
truth, it became hard to differentiate which ones I’ve taken and which
ones I haven’t – it didn’t help that most of them were wearing similar
colored outfits so I had to go “red w/ black spots – done”, “red w/ boa
– done” etc etc. It was fun nevertheless – there was a low photographer
to subject ratio so you could get a lot of one on one time with the
candidates, it’s pretty versatile. Anyway, here are the shots from

Girl #1



Girl #2



Girl #3



Girl #4



Girl #5




Girl #6



Girl #7



Girl #8



Girl #9



Girl #10



Girl #11



Girl #12


Couples #1


Couples #2


Couples #3


Candid #1


Candid #2


This is going to be a bandwidth killer.

Melbourne Moomba Waterfest

I went to Moomba with a couple of my friends on Saturday night.
Moomba is an annual festival and the word is from an Aboriginal word
which means “getting together and having fun” and it lasts a week.
There are concerts, street parades, waterskiing competitions but we
just went to the carnival and fireworks show.

The place was totally packed by the time we got there, which was
slightly after 9 pm. I had to apply contrast, gamma correction and
sharpen liberally to some of the pictures coz my battery was low and I
could not use flash all the time.

The east bank was full of people since it’s the best place for
watching the fireworks show. The boats you see in the middle of the
river are the barges they let the fireworks off from. The west bank had
trees and lamp posts that obscure the vision slightly, so it’s not that

Well, there were so many people there that it’s hard to even walk at a reasonable pace!

The barge they’re letting fireworks off from

We watched the fireworks, which was okay, but Christopher said that
it wasn’t as impressive as the one our “Au Yong Contingent” produced
this year. Heh. We both live around the Au Yong Road region back in

Anyway, it was good for me to watch the fireworks since I came back
early this year. I didn’t get to spend Chinese New Year in Sibu coz of
my summer subject and IE. I failed my summer subject, which makes it a
fucking waste, but let’s not talk about that. :)

The finale, taken with flash

Well, the atmosphere was pretty good, lots of smoke and that that
fireworks smell which is associated with Chinese New Year in my mind.
It lasted probably 20 minutes, and then we walked around for a bit.

The finale, taken without flash

A couple of us went on the Ranger, it’s that ride that goes 360 degrees.

The Ranger

I was planning to bring my digicam on it and take a photo while it
was upside down but hmm…it’s a good thing I didn’t coz even though
technically you know the centrifugal forces will hold you down, there
is a strong psychological urge to hold onto the bar anyway.

Me in front of the Moomba directions signboard

Anyway, there were a couple of other rides there:

Dodgem bumper cars.

A ferris wheel behind the carnival stalls.

Some kind of swing which “allow your to defy gravity for 4 minutes”.
It’s kinda like a cross between a huge trampoline and a reverse bungee.

The Thunderbolt! A mini roller coaster.

Some kind of spinning thingy which will make you throw up so I didn’t get on it, considering we just had a huge dinner before.

The Scorpion. Another mini roller coaster ride.

This is us – the bunch of high school friends from Methodist High School, Sibu who’re in Melbourne

From left: Chuck Yong, Adrian, Karen, Ung Hing, Huai Bin (me), Chuck Fong.
Not everyone was in the picture.

Moomba is fun!

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