Oriental Noodle House

oriental noodle house

Oriental Noodle House is located in Jalan Satok. The name is quite
confusing because it’s staffed by non-Chinese and it seems to attract a
similar clientele. Despite our puzzlement, we decided to patronize the
outlet and check out their menu offerings.

oriental noodle interior

It appears to be a self-service establishment from the interior, but
we were handed menus and had our order taken. I had two noodle dishes
(it’s called Oriental Noodle House after all) and went for a drink called Nestomalt (RM 2.50).

oriental me dan jon

L-R: Huai Bin (me), Daniel, Johnny
This is a photo of the three of us – Daniel is my high school friend
who dropped by Kuching for a short visit and Johnny is also from my
high school and he’s working here.

oriental sauces

Here’s a photo of the standard sauce the establishment provides. The
left side contains chilli oil, the kind which comprises of an oil layer
with chilli pieces on the bottom, and sliced chilli in vinegar on the
left. It goes very well with both the noodles I had. Unlike the
emasculated sliced chilli most establishments serve, this one still has
its balls (well, seeds anyway) intact and retains the spiciness.

oriental chicken mushroom noodle

This is Chicken and Mushroom Noodles (RM 4.50). It was served piping
hot with a delicious flavor base with chicken and mushroom flavors. The
noodles tossed well with the sauce and it was soft and pliable enough
to slurp, just like the way God meant noodles to be eaten. ;) This dish
has a nice home cook essence to it and is served with a generous
portion of chicken and vegetables. Not much mushrooms to be seen
though. Perhaps they’re on strike.

oriental roasted chicken noodles

The second dish I had was the Roast Chicken Noodles (RM 4.50). This
one is drier than the previous dish, and it tasted quite different, but
in a good way. The roast chicken portion was generous and came from a
cut I like – the thigh. The noodles had a basic flavor, but it went
well with the strong tasting roasted chicken. It also came with some
vegetables and great grinded meat, and the final presentation was
dusted with fried onions and fresh spring onions. Delicious…

oriental nestlemalt table

Nestomalt, which I strongly suspect came from a 3 in 1 sachet (just
add boiling water), is the Styrofoam cup you see on the table.

Hock Huat Chinese Pasty

hock huat chinese pasty

Hock Huat Chinese Pasty is an odd name for this establishment. They
have a couple of token pastries of Chinese origin but what the stall
really sells is chiffon cakes. It’s the flagship item.

hock huat cheddar chiffon

Now, I’m not a big fan of chiffon cakes, coz I used to eat a lot of
mediocre ones when I was younger. However, I decided to try one of
these, since a cheddar cheese chiffon cake does sound rather intriguing.

hock huat cheddar prune

The proprietor told me they specialize in two kind of chiffon cakes
– cheddar cheese and prune ones. It’s sold in halves for RM 5. That’s
half a cake, enough to fill most people, it went down just nicely for

hock huat himself

This is the owner of the place. I think he might very well be Hock
Huat, but I didn’t think to ask. Instead, I asked to go into his baking
space and take photos.

hock huat chiffon prep

He showed me this large steel bowl which had a lot of oil (or melted
butter) and a tiny sprinkling of flour inside. There’s an automatic
beater preparing this one, which I was told is the first step.

hock huat chiffon make

Here’s the important second step – the one that really matters. I
know, coz he told me three times. I think it had something to do with
the indirect heating (double boiling) method. He was very enthusiastic
about stirring the chiffon cake mixture too. This one is the prune

hock huat chiffon

I bought half of a Kraft cheddar cheese chiffon cake for RM 5. It
made me instantly discard my long simmering prejudice against chiffon
cakes. It’s delicious! The chiffon cake is very soft, with a
melt-in-your-mouth texture. The cheese flavors came through just
nicely. I was amazed at how soft the chiffon cake is, it practically
disintegrated when I put it into my mouth. Highly recommended!

Hornbill's Corner Cafe

hornbills corner cafe

Hornbill’s Corner Cafe is a popular steamboat eatery. The steamboat
at this place is not just the soup bowl kind, but the type with a hot
grill flanking it, as is the norm nowadays.

hornbills steamboat

I went there with six other friends for dinner and I liked the
buffet style food layout where you take a plate and pile it up with
whatever strikes your fancy from the many food option areas:

hornbills seafood

There’s a seafood counter with whole fishes in a variety of
marinates as well as other seafood fare like cuttlefish, squid, clams,
crabs etc.

hornbills meat

The meat counter has beef, lamb, chicken, pork and other more esoteric fare like liver, gizzards and so forth.

hornbills balls

There’s also all kinds of balls, pardon the unsavory association.

hornbills greens

There’s even a vegetable counter where all sorts of greens are
available. There’s also fruits like watermelon. I was surprised at the
sheer options this eating establishment provides.

hornbills sauces

The requisite sauces are also provided, as well as butter for
cooking on the hot plates. There’s also spare utensils for the clumsy
ones amongst us…I swear I dropped my chopsticks four times that

hornbills ice cream

Finally, there’s also an ice cream bar where you can something sweet to finish off your meal.

This place is usually very packed and business is very brisk…food
gets eaten at a rapid rate and it’s only replenished several times
before they close for the night. The way it operates is that your plate
is tabulated transparently when you go to the food counters and you get
billed at the end of the meal.

hornbills table

What I mean by this is that, it’s not a buffet ie eat all you can
for a set price, but rather, a self service steamboat where the waiters
unobtrusively adds to your bill when you stock up on food. I find that
this is a good system because all this is done transparently. [Edit: My mistake, this establishment is a buffet style bbq steamboat for a set price.]

hornbills fish

I loved the place, the ambience is wonderful and the food is great. Do try their marinated whole fish. It’s delicious!

hornbills crabs

The crabs are good too. Steamboat and beer…mmm…

hornbills raspberry ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

hornbills join us

Join us!

Hot Pot Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup

hot pot herbs and spices mutton soup

This is Hot Pot Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup, the newly opened
outlet which caught my attention when I went past during lunch hour.
It’s located in front of Ang Cheng Ho and the signage can be easily
seen while driving down Jalan Padungan. I decided to drop by and sample
their mutton soup just because I liked the sign board so much.

hot pot vivid

This is the very vivid mascot (of sorts) of the place. It’s a
harmless little sheep in a bathtub. The imagery couldn’t be more
gruesome – the sheep is not enjoying a luxurious hot bath, as its
shower cap would lead you to believe…it’s being boiled alive! You
killed it when you ordered your soup! Yes kids, mutton comes from
sheep, not your local butcher. ;)

hot pot counter

The counter of this eating establishment is adorned with sample
dishes from their menu offerings. I opted for their specialty – the
Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup at RM 8. I must also mention that this
establishment gets two thumbs up for being photographer friendly. The
proprietor (photo above) jokingly asked for a copy of the prints since
she noticed me taking photos of everything. :)

hot pot clean

Back to the ambience, the place was full of the typical crowd of 9-5
workers (except I’m 8 am – 5 pm), it’s common for newly established
outlets to be packed with people wanting to try the latest and
greatest. The seating arrangements consist of mostly 6 person glass
tables, and they were thoughtful enough to leave a Kimberly-Clark
tissue dispenser and a glass ashtray on every table. You won’t be
seeing any unsightly metal flimsy ashtrays or tissue boxes over here.

hot pot meal drink

It’s worthy to note that they do not serve conventional drinks, only
“natural drinks” which includes things like red bean drink, green bean
drink, barley drink and the like. I opted for the barley. The food
turnaround was very slow, but that’s because they cook every single pot
individually as can be seen in the open kitchen. I estimate it took
about 30 minutes for mine to arrive.

hot pot herbs spices mutton soup

The soup can only be described with a single word – divine! It is
spicy and hot and very substantial. This isn’t watered down
broth…it’s (very) hearty soup! I can only imagine about what goes
into the hot pot but I could detect a plethora of different spice
notes, and all of them good. The mutton was generous, there’s much more
mutton than can be seen from the photo, the dish is well worth the RM 8
and it comes with rice. There is a variety of different cuts in the
pot, so if there’s one you particularly favor, it’s likely to be in

hot pot mutton rice

Hot Pot Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup. i’m lovin’ it.

Weekend update

soho eric

I met up with Eric, whom I met through the blog, to introduce him to
one of my friends here. Eric is a Singaporean who flew in to Kuching
for a couple of days and I met up with him for dinner at Hot Seat.

hot seat taj mahal

This is Taj Mahal – a rice dish sauteed with curry powder, sliced
onions and chicken served with a sweet mango chutney, popadams and
banana prawn. It was good – the prawns were crunchy enough to eat whole.

soho kuching

We adjourned to SOHO for some drinks while waiting for my friend to
finish work and we ended up talking the rest of the night with him.

eric sample liquor

Eric was also kind enough to furnish me with some samples of his
product line, which will be reviewed in due time (which is to say very
soon since I drink daily).

pit party04 ticket

I will be going to an event soon, so I’ll have to run.

mild seven pit party

It’s dubbed a Pit Party and I was given a ticket and a t-shirt by my
friend. All I know is there will be free flow alcohol and that’s as
good of a reason to attend as any. Catch you all later. :)

Snow Flakes

snow flakes

This dry and unbearably hot weather warranted a visit to Snow Flakes
@ Tun Jugah Food Court during lunch hour. I decided on Sour Sop.

bring me ice

Bring me ice! Lots of it. Make haste! I’m burning up…

soursop snowflake

This is what it looks like – it has dragon fruit (again! w00t!) over
a bed of nice, refreshing sour sop, pineapples and a lime in the
middle. It’s heaven. Heaven, I tell you…

my snowflake

Perfect for a hot day.

snow flake 2

This is what one of my co-workers had. I don’t know what he ordered but I’m sure just looking at the photo will cool you down.

snow flake 3

Here’s another one, the heat wave made us walk to this oasis. This
place is really good, the snow flakes (a pretentious name for crushed
ice) is milky sweet.

In other related news, I’m now Senior Systems Engineer. I just got
back from work. Go secure that RM 3 million in VC funds tomorrow, team!
Go go go! =D

New Zealand Herbal Lamb Soup

new zealand herbal lamb soup

I went on a site visit today to Choice Deli (Tabuan Laru) and
noticed this particular product on offer…NZ Herbal Lamb Soup. It’s
the plastic containers flanking the bottom left of this photo.

nz herbal lamb soup

It retails for RM 5.00 per plastic takeaway bowl and it certainly
looks tasty from the photo. However, they didn’t have a spoon (and
neither have I, there is no spoon) so I had to pass this one by.

It was only later that I realized…I could just have drunk the soup
and then picked up the meat with my fingers and eat that. Doh!

I shall return, herbal lamb soup…

…and when I do, you’ll be like…er, lamb to the slaughter

or something. ;)

Cafe Majestic @ Crowne Plaza

cafe majestic

Cafe Majestic is the Crowne Plaza attached dining establishment. We
had two RM 40 complimentary dinner vouchers so that makes RM 80 for
three people. Thus, the dinner bill would have RM 80 deducted from it –
not bad at all. I’ve eaten here before though and I must say that my
previous experience was nothing to write home about. This time, the
gastronomical offerings fared much better.

warm buns blanket

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with warm, fluffy buns – fresh
from the oven and wrapped in a blanket to preserve the heat. It went
down well with the butter served on the side.

pineapple juice

I had pineapple juice. Juice is complimentary with a meal. The
pineapple wedge lacerated my tongue when I tried to eat it though…

chefs salad

This is the Chef’s Salad (RM 16.00++). It had
slices of ham, chicken, cheese, eggs and other things served with a
bowl of Thousand Island sauce. I didn’t order this, but I helped myself
to some and it was alright, for a salad.

crown plaza club sandwich

The Crowne Plaza Club Sandwich (RM 15.75++) tasted
REALLY good. It came with potato wedges, but the sandwich is the main
feature and it really pulled it off well. The bread was warm and
toasted, yet it retains a fluffy texture. The layers of egg, beef
slices, lettuce, chicken slices and cucumbers were absolutely
delicious. Definitely worthy of its “club sandwich” status.

grilled sirloin steak

I ordered Grilled Sirloin Steak (RM 30.00++) and I
was pleased with the choice. It came with fresh garden vegetables and
french fries and the steak was served with bearnaise sauce. I liked the
grill marks on the steak.

sirloin medium rare

I wanted it done medium rare and for once, the chef did not ignore such requests. I loved it.

ais kachang

To finish off the meal, we had Ais Kacang (RM
7.00++). It came in a large bowl topped with a scoop of yam ice cream.
The bottom of the bowl conceals a plethora of goodies – sweet corn, sea
coconut, grass jelly, the works! It was a great dessert to finish off a
great dinner!

This post was sponsored by Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching. ;)

Lam's Place – from Menggatal, Sabah

lams place

Lam’s Place is the new eating establishment in Chong Lin Park
specializing in ngui chap (beef noodles). It just opened a couple of
days ago – it’s located right beside Waterworld. The place has a banner
that says: From Menggatal, Sabah’s “Ngui Chap” (Beef Noodles etc) & others available now!
I have a juvenile sense of humor so I didn’t really get over the
“menggatal” reference. Menggatal can mean ham sup or horny…a rather
unfortunate name for a town.

lams place interior

This is what the interior looks like. It’s pretty packed,
considering I arrived late. Their opening hours are from 8 AM – 2:30 PM
and 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM. The seating arrangements (a pretentious word for
tables and chairs ;)) consists of perfectly square wooden tables meant
for 4 people.

lams place thingies

They have a variety of condiments on the table and this place
operates by writing down your order into a bill, which is then
tabulated and placed in an ornament on your table. You take it to the
cashier and pay the bill when you’re done.

lams place beef noodles

Here’s my order – Raw beef & beef balls with noodles (RM 5.50).
The wet (soup) version is basically the same thing, but they combine
the noodles in the big bowl of soup instead of in a separate bowl.
Lam’s Place serves beef noodles as its staple (both the wet and dry
version), though you can opt to have rice to substitute the noodles if
you want. I’m not a big fan of soup dishes, so I went for Raw Beef and
Beef Balls noodles (dry).

lams place noodles

This is a closer look at the noodles. The noodles taste absolutely
great! I can’t remember having a more delicious bowl since this beef
noodle stall in Sibu shut down. It was infused with a variety of tangy
and salty flavors.

lams place beef soup

Here’s a photo of the soup, served separately. There are beef balls
floating on the top (don’t think they’re home made), with beef slices
at the bottom, flanked with veggies and bean sprouts. The soup was not
as salty as I like it to be, but the salty noodles more than makes up
for that. The main portion was very generous too, though I would have
liked a larger bowl of noodles.

lams place beef slice

This is the raw beef slice that’s put into the bowl before serving
to slowly cook. I love it – the beef doesn’t get overcooked this way.

I highly recommend this place if you have a hankering for beef
noodles. It’s their specialty and they have great service. I’m not sure
if the service is the type typical of newly opened eateries or they
really do have good service, but that hardly matters considering the
food. They apologized for my order taking so late to arrive (I didn’t
even think it was that long of a wait) and I was asked whether I
enjoyed my meal and how my food was when I paid the bill. I told them
it was good. :)

I’ll reply all the comments later, I’ve got to head out now. Cheers!

Sushi Tie

sushi tie

Sushi Tie is another Japanese food establishment in Sibu. My
girlfriend’s brother works there and we decided to head over for dinner

sushi tie interior

Sushi Tie is another outlet which embraces the “open kitchen”
concept. The interior is slightly larger that Akira Sushi, but most of
it comprises of sushi bar style seating with only a couple of booths.

sushi tie open kitchen

There isn’t a revolving sushi bar in here…instead, the space is
taken up by chefs preparing your order and you can actually see them go
about it while you wait with your green tea. The view is rather
obstructed from our end – it’s better at the seating booths, but all
those were taken and I didn’t want to impose on their dining experience
by squeezing in and taking a shot. :)

sushi tie green tea

We were served green tea while we waited for our orders to arrive.
It was the conventional hot water with green tea sachet type instead of
the proper brewed ones. Not that I could differentiate between the two.
*cough* It’s just something I noticed.

sushi tie chirashi don

I had the Chirashi Don which goes for RM 10.50. It has various
slices of sushi like salmon, tuna, prawn, basically the cold raw cuts
on top of rice. It came with a wonderful side dish which I can’t put my
finger on, but it was good.

sushi tie unagi don

My girlfriend had the Unagi Don. That’s eel on top of rice. It
wasn’t her first choice, she wanted chicken terikayi, but I wanted to
broaden her dining horizons so I kinda ordered for her. :p This one was
very good, the eel came out all oily (in a good way) and tasty.

sushi tie miso

The food was all served with a steaming bowl of miso soup.

sushi tie hokkigai

This is hokkigai sushi. That’s raw whelk. It was surprisingly fresh
and tasty. The offerings of Sushi Tai far surpass Akira Sushi in terms
of fresh produce.

sushi tie maguro sashimi

We shared some maguro sashimi as well. Or rather, I ate most of it,
since my gf doesn’t like these things. It’s good, and cheap, at RM 3.90.

sushi tie slimy

Now this is the obligatory “slimy dish” – chuka itako/hotate/kurage
(baby octopus, scallop wing, jelly fish). I managed to get my gf to eat
one of it, despite her protests.

The bill came out to around RM 40 (without alcohol, they don’t serve
sake or Japanese beer here). I like Sushi Tie, the ambience is much
better compared to Akira Sushi and the preparations seems to be less
“mass produced” and is generally fresher and thus more pleasing to the
palate. I highly recommend the Chirashi Don and Unagi Don, they were
perfect, surprisingly so for Sibu. I give this establishment a big
thumbs up. Plus, you just gotta love this sign:

sushi tie sign

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