Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe

old rex cucur udang cafe

This is the famous cucur udang establishment (I have been overusing
this word lately) that used to be located in the now defunct (?) Rex
Cinema. It has now moved to Rubber Road in Satok. I went there with a
couple of friends to check out the allegedly best cucur udang in

old rex cucur udang

The stall is right in front of the cafe (it’s actually a coffee shop) – you won’t miss it. It seems to be doing brisk business.

cucur udang options

Here’s a photo of their offerings – they have a wide range of other
stuff like prawn balls, yam pastries, fishballs and all that in
addition to cucur udang. Cucur udang is the one you see at the bottom
left – it’s that deep fried round thing with whole prawns covered with

prepare cucur udang

Basically, you tell the proprietors how many cucur udangs you want
and choose the other options that you like and they’ll chop it up into
bite sized pieces before deep frying the whole batch. Everything is
deep fried before it’s served.

cucur udang sauce

This is the dipping sauce – it’s made of unknown combination of
sauces (each cucur udang outlet have their own recipe) topped with
grounded peanuts. Actually “dip” is a misnomer as most people slather
the deep fried cucur udang in the sauce as opposed to dipping it. At
least, that’s what I do…

cucur udang platter

Behold our platter! This is for three people – we had 5 cucur udangs (the main feature) with a bit of everything else.

cucur udang tehcpeng

Remember to ask for Teh Si Peng here…they have a three layer
presentation too, with a twist…the sugar syrup is permeated with red
coloring, which turns the drink into a wonderful shade of tasty red
when agitated (a pretentious term for stirring ;)). It goes well with
cucur udang, the milky taste of the drink complements the deep fried
stuff perfectly.

Casabella Mediterranean Restaurant

casabella restaurant

This is Casabella Mediterranean Restaurant, located at the Ground
Floor of Crown Square. It serves Mediterranean and Asian fusion
cuisine. I went there with a dining companion for dinner. It was at
about half capacity on a weekday, perfect for dinner with conversation.

casabella interior

We took a corner table at the restaurant. The interior has paintings
with a Mediterranean motif and the seating arrangements (a pretentious
term for tables and chairs ;)) are nicely square. The service was
pleasant and accommodating, by Kuching’s standards. It’s a good place
to have dinner.

casabella fruit drink

casabella mango smoothie

We were served drinks first – my dining companion had lime juice
that came with bits of jellied fruits at the bottom while I had a mango
smoothie that was frothy and rich.

casabella turkish mussels

The entree dish which we shared is the Turkish Style Pan Fried Mussels.
It was served with a tomato based sauce and two pieces of garlic bread.
The garlic bread was made the way I liked – crusty on the sides and
soft on the insides, which soaks up the sauce well. There was quite a
generous amount of mussels served with the shell intact and split for

casabella egyptian fish

I asked about their specialty and was recommended the Egyptian Fish.
This is deep fried fish with Egyptian spice, served with a special
sauce fries on the side. It tasted pretty good – the fish was nicely
fried on the outside with batter and soft and tender on the inside. I
liked the sauce too – goes well with the fries.

casabella kebab

My dining companion had the Chicken Kebab. It was served in a
kebab skewer with alternating chicken pieces and button mushrooms on
top of a piece of nan bread. The dish also had a whole piece of lettuce
and half a grilled tomato. I had a taste of that – the naan bread was
toasty, yet springy, but the chicken kebab was nothing to write home

Nevertheless, I liked the ambience and food here – recommended if you’re in Kuching.

Japanese Pizza!

ichiban teppanyaki

There is this wonderful Japanese Pizza available at either I-Chi-Ban
Teppanyaki or Economy Tepanyaki (depending on which sign you look at)
at Tabuan Jaya. I had this last night as well, and this eating
establishment scene preceded the teh c peng post chronologically.

chef jap pizza

This is the proprietor preparing my Japanese Pizza. Watch him shape the pizza into, er…a pizza.

japanese pizza

Now this, my friends, is the Japanese Pizza. It looks and tastes
wonderful. Those brown flaky things on top are cuttlefish! There is a
layer of pork floss between the topping and the pancake. Lovely! The
sauce is a mayonnaise – Thousand Island fusion topping, which goes
really well with the ingredients. There are some brown onion skins
which adds to the taste too.

japanese pizza closeup

Here’s a closer look at the pancake. This is the interior, which
shows raw onions, meat and some other stuff. It’s not authentic
Japanese cruisine, obviously, but this goes for RM 4, and the portion
is generous, which is a great bargain!

boon taiwan sausage

Ah Boon had a plate of chicken chop and this Taiwan sausage (shown
above) which I had as well. Ah Ann had some rice with beef and onions
and Miriam had the Japanese Pizza as well.

I will rewind the events of last night to the last post (which is
chronologically the second post after the initial post) in this series
which lead to me throwing up in the middle of the night in a dirty
longkang in Tabuan Jaya.

Three layer teh c peng

three layer teh c peng

The photo above shows a beautifully made Teh C Peng with three
visible layers in the mug. Look at the pretty layers! I’ve never seen
anything like this before. This was taken at an eating establishment
somewhere in Tabuan Jaya before the throwing up incident. I remember
the four of us (Ah Boon joined us) sitting there and generally making a
ruckus. We had food too but I drank 5 or 6 cups of these wonderful
things. It was just too beautiful to resist. Three layers – the bottom
one is sugar water (dense), the middle one is evaporated milk, and the
top layer is the tea (least dense). Stir it up and it makes very pretty
colors…and it finally settles into the rich, creamy brown of teh c

I remember us making orders in an unacceptably loud volume and
inserting classics like “Mesti mahu kau, if not super kau, we won’t pay
for it”.

I will reconstruct the rest of the night prior to this based on my
digicam photo time dating. I think there was a collective sigh of
relief when we left. Oh, and 2 mg of clonazepam to a completely
non-benzodiazepine tolerant person produced exceedingly powerful
disinhibition, similar but stronger to that of alcohol (based on my
knowledge of that person’s experience with alcohol), and the shredding
of proper “social behavior”. It is an interesting observation that I
made, will keep that in my notes.

P/S – The abovementioned person took clonazepam on his own free will.

Lau Siong Pork Leg Rice

lau siong pork rice

This is Lau Siong Pork Leg Rice at Yam Seak Cafe in Padungan. They
serve pork leg rice as their main feature and also has chicken, duck
and curry rice.

lau siong proprioters

This is a photo of the proprietors preparing (chopping up basically)
your order. I was there for lunch just now. My apologies for the
underexposed photo – there was a strong backlight and using flash would
just show the people and wash out the food details at the back.

my pork leg rice

Here’s my order. Lau Siong Pork Leg Rice serves three sauces with
every order. There is the standard black sauce that the pork leg is
cooked in, a curry that’s REALLY good when it’s hot and belacan.

pork leg rice closeup

A closer look at the dish – there’s the sliced up pork leg, some
intestines, and BBQ chicken. It’s alright, but my favorite pork leg
rice is this home cooked stall near the place I stay. Does anyone know
of a better pork leg rice stall in Kuching?

Sugarcane coconut drink

sugarcane coconut

This is the famous sugarcane coconut drink in Kuching, first featured in mum-mum
[mum-mum.info]. The sugarcane coconut drink is a wonderful combination
of fresh sugarcane juice and fresh coconut juice, with the flesh of the
coconut swimming in concoction.

ching chang drink stall

This drink can be found at the Ching Chang Drink Stall in Padungan.
I went there for lunch just now. I usually go there for lunch due to
the proximity.

sohai food center

That stall is located at Song Kheng Hai Ground Food and Recreational
Center, which is quite a mouthful. Thus, it has become acceptable to
refer to the venue in its abbreviated form – sohai food center. ;)

Bread Story

breadstory story

Psst…let me tell you a story. A BreadStory. It’s one of the hottest stories going around.

It’s a story about Hand Parcels…

breadstory hand parcel

Hand Parcel
RM 2.50
Like its name, it’s wholly hand-crafted. Tender juicy chicken stewed
in a special gravy and bundled up with this special wrap. Please untie
parcel with Mouth only!

about Golden Pillows…

breadstory golden pillow

Golden Pillow
RM 2.50
A soft pillow of golden treasures like our very own creation of
sambal shrimps with chicken floss rolled into a delicious pillow.

and about Flossy Hotties.

breadstory flossy hottie

Flossy Hottie
RM 2.60
A new taste of Spicy chicken floss specially prepared for this
exotic Hottie! Special spices with special cream, another BreadStory’s

Chinese Barbecue Specialist

chinese barbecue specialist

Chinese Barbecue Specialist. It’s a big name to live up to. This
outlet is located at the end of Jalan Padungan and it’s quite famous
for it’s barbecue offerings. I went there for lunch today. This is what
the stall looks like:

chinse barbeque specialist

Apparently, the “e” has fallen off the sign, showing “Chin Se
Barbecue Specialist”, which puzzled me for a while since the shop sign
is Chinese Barbecue Specialist. This is the flagship of the coffee
shop, don’t go asking for steamed chicken or anything like that – this
outlet offers BBQ meat only.

chinese bbq offerings

As you can see, there are several BBQ stuff on offer. You can order
BBQ chicken rice, but to fully appreciate the wonders of barbecue meat,
you have to try the “mixed plate”. There are other BBQ staples like
char siew rice, pork ribs rice, etc. Basically just about anything you
see in the picture above is available in whatever combination you can
think of.

chinese bbq chopping

Your choice (in this case “mixed plate”) is prepared by the proprietor…and it’s delivered to your table:

chinese bbq mixed

There’s the fork and spoon with a napkin, sorry, i mean tissue,
broth, apologies, i mean soup (this joke is getting old, isn’t it? ;)),
sauces and a plate of mixed bbq stuff rice.

chinese bbq closeup

Here’s a closer look at the plate. There’s barbecue chicken (the
white stuff), crispy pork (the brown crispy stuff) and char siew (pork
cuts of an unknown origin). This is all lying on a bed of chicken rice.
It tastes really good, despite the simple appearance.

chinese bbq sauce

These are the two sauces – the BBQ sauce and the chilli sauce. You
want the barbecue sauce (the brown one). This is the secret to a good
BBQ meat meal…the sauce makes the dish (or something). Just liberally
apply the barbecue sauce and you’ll definately enjoy your meal. I like
this place, there’s a homely sort of feel to it, and they serve good
barbecue meat. Do they deserve the “specialist” title? Personally, I
think they do. :)

Tongkat Ali vs Kacip Fatimah

Battle Royale – Tongkat Ali vs Kacip Fatimah!

tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali is a preparation that is marketed as a libido enhancer
and performance booster for men. It is said to be the “herbal Viagra”,
and it claims to be effective against Erectile Dysfunction (ED). I
discarded my skepticism and decided to sample one of this to establish
the efficacy. ;)

tongkat ali contents

Captain’s Log:
This beverage does not only contain Tongkat Ali but ginseng for extra fortification. 250 ml was consumed in a single sitting.

T+ 0:15
Mr. Happy is still not showing up.

T+ 0:30
The trouser snake lies dormant.

T+ 0:45
Subject tried to potentiate with visual stimulation. Normal results
were noted. Length and girth did not exceed regular measurements.
Duration of erection was within the normal values.

T+ 1:00
Tongkat Ali did not give me a tongkat.

Rating: 0/10
Dud. Avoid unless you’re thirsty.

kacipm fatimah

Kacip Fatimah is another famous preparation. It’s dubbed “Tongkat
Ali for women” and is marketed for women as a libido enhancer. Despite
being the wrong gender, I took this for a spin as well.

kacip fatimah contents

Captain’s Log:
250 ml of Pearl Kacip Fatimah was consumed in a single setting.

T+ 0:15
Captain does not have a log.

T+ 0:30
No wood in the captain’s log.

T+ 0:45
Looking at the silhouette of a female figure on the tin. Slight
stirring in the nether regions, but that could just be my imagination.

T+ 1:00
Fatimah did nothing for me.

Rating: 0/10
Dud. It tastes good though, sweet and tangy, unlike the Tongkat Ali preparation.

Boxing Chicken Rice

scr food corner

Boxing chicken rice! Doesn’t that sound intriguing? The name of the
dish is the best selling point of this rather mundane (but tasty)
preparation. I was searching for food just now (I’m typing this at
home, so it would be “last night” by the time you read this) and walked
past the Singapore Chicken Rice (scr) stall which seems to have
expanded their menu to include the chicken rice variants like salad
chicken rice etc. I was interested in boxing chicken rice though.

scr shrubbery

My apologies about the foliage that obscured the right side of the
first picture. I couldn’t very well move it, look at the size of the
shrubbery and pot. Photographing the outlet from the other side would
miss the main menu wall which has boxing chicken rice (watch the virus
infected chicken box each other!) photo on it.

boxing chicken rice

This is the photo of the menu banner which depicts the Boxing
Chicken Rice dish. It appears to be dubbed boxing chicken rice due to
the double chicken drumsticks…I imagine some marketing person thought
that looks like the chicken are having fist fights or something to that

scr boxing chicken rice

This is the Real Life (TM) photo of the dish. It doesn’t differ all
that much from the menu picture which is a pleasant surprise. The
drumsticks are the small ones from the wing of the chicken. It tastes
like Ayamas mini drumsticks without the Ayamas flavor. The boxing
chicken rice had a great sweet and sour sauce permeating the dish, this
imparts a nice taste everything. There is also a nicely done sunny side
up egg and some veggies. The rice is chicken rice eg real chicken rice.
I liked it, it’s a nice change from the normal chicken rice Singapore
Chicken Rice offers.

On another topic, does anyone know any er…”duty free” liquor
outlets in Kuching? I used to know one in 3rd mile – fly by night
operation, closed down the same year it opened (when I was in Inti). In
case anyone is wondering what “duty free” liquor outlets are, they’re
the ones that buys in bulk from duty free Federal Territories like
Labuan (usually) and Langkawi (unlikely due to distance) and sells them
at a reduced price (RM 40 – 60 each 750 ml bottle), undercutting
legitimate bottle shops price wise. I didn’t have any problems in KL –
Svenskt Brannvin vodka @ RM 30 (40% 700 ml bottle) in the Swedish
Specialty Shop at your friendly local Ikea outlet. ;) Thanks for the
tip, Stephanie! I brought several bottles of that and O.P.
Anderson Fine Old Aquavit (another bargain buy @ RM 22.90 for 500 ml,
40% vol) over but er…inventory levels have dropped below the
personally preset threshold level so a re-stock is necessary to
maintain consistant amounts.

vodka vodka

If my math is right, I need at least 1/4 bottle with benzos to sleep
each night, since I drank about 1 1/4 bottles since I arrived (not
including other alcohol containing beverages). Anyone who has a problem
with this can send mail to devnull@sixthseal.com which would naturally
be routed to /dev/null. I go to work on time, I do my work well since
I’ve had a good night’s sleep (I don’t get hangovers, since I hydrate
myself before sleeping), and so what I do at night (which is legal btw)
is my own business. Anyway, any kang tau about duty free in Kuching,
please email to veritas@castitas.com
instead of commenting here okay? Thanks! By the way, I told the truth
about the email addresses – there really is no veritas@castitas.com or
a veritas@sixthseal.com, they all go to the me@castitas.com and
me@sixthseal.com catch all address. So there. :p

P/S – Before the harm reduction police (HRP) jump on me, let me
state that some people think that benzodiazepines combined with another
CNS depressant like alcohol will instantly put you six feet under.
Please do not mock them, for they’re looking out for you, and indeed,
this combination has caused fatalities in the past, but er…it’s not
as dangerous as the HRP makes it sound. But you did not see that last
sentence! I repeat, you did not see that last sentence. Please don’t
drink and take benzodiazepines at the same time. Thank you very much,
I’ve done my civic duty.

P/P/S – I have to tone down the sarcasm, it seems to dominating my posts lately, forgive me. :)

P/P/P/S – The conglomeration of veritas and killuminati into a
single entity may have caused unexpected perceived changes in
personality. My apologies, now that I’ve admitted everything, I have no
obligation to stick to the “personalities” that I’ve created. I’m being
the real me now, a bit of an asshole at times, quite a lot of “drug
elitism”, sometimes sarcastic, but generally I like to think I’m a nice
guy, so I hope that you can forgive any transgressions and adapt and
perhaps get to like me as me. :)

P/P/P/P/S – I was ethanol impaired when I wrote the above last night…

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