Boxing Chicken Rice

scr food corner

Boxing chicken rice! Doesn’t that sound intriguing? The name of the
dish is the best selling point of this rather mundane (but tasty)
preparation. I was searching for food just now (I’m typing this at
home, so it would be “last night” by the time you read this) and walked
past the Singapore Chicken Rice (scr) stall which seems to have
expanded their menu to include the chicken rice variants like salad
chicken rice etc. I was interested in boxing chicken rice though.

scr shrubbery

My apologies about the foliage that obscured the right side of the
first picture. I couldn’t very well move it, look at the size of the
shrubbery and pot. Photographing the outlet from the other side would
miss the main menu wall which has boxing chicken rice (watch the virus
infected chicken box each other!) photo on it.

boxing chicken rice

This is the photo of the menu banner which depicts the Boxing
Chicken Rice dish. It appears to be dubbed boxing chicken rice due to
the double chicken drumsticks…I imagine some marketing person thought
that looks like the chicken are having fist fights or something to that

scr boxing chicken rice

This is the Real Life (TM) photo of the dish. It doesn’t differ all
that much from the menu picture which is a pleasant surprise. The
drumsticks are the small ones from the wing of the chicken. It tastes
like Ayamas mini drumsticks without the Ayamas flavor. The boxing
chicken rice had a great sweet and sour sauce permeating the dish, this
imparts a nice taste everything. There is also a nicely done sunny side
up egg and some veggies. The rice is chicken rice eg real chicken rice.
I liked it, it’s a nice change from the normal chicken rice Singapore
Chicken Rice offers.

On another topic, does anyone know any er…”duty free” liquor
outlets in Kuching? I used to know one in 3rd mile – fly by night
operation, closed down the same year it opened (when I was in Inti). In
case anyone is wondering what “duty free” liquor outlets are, they’re
the ones that buys in bulk from duty free Federal Territories like
Labuan (usually) and Langkawi (unlikely due to distance) and sells them
at a reduced price (RM 40 – 60 each 750 ml bottle), undercutting
legitimate bottle shops price wise. I didn’t have any problems in KL –
Svenskt Brannvin vodka @ RM 30 (40% 700 ml bottle) in the Swedish
Specialty Shop at your friendly local Ikea outlet. ;) Thanks for the
tip, Stephanie! I brought several bottles of that and O.P.
Anderson Fine Old Aquavit (another bargain buy @ RM 22.90 for 500 ml,
40% vol) over but er…inventory levels have dropped below the
personally preset threshold level so a re-stock is necessary to
maintain consistant amounts.

vodka vodka

If my math is right, I need at least 1/4 bottle with benzos to sleep
each night, since I drank about 1 1/4 bottles since I arrived (not
including other alcohol containing beverages). Anyone who has a problem
with this can send mail to which would naturally
be routed to /dev/null. I go to work on time, I do my work well since
I’ve had a good night’s sleep (I don’t get hangovers, since I hydrate
myself before sleeping), and so what I do at night (which is legal btw)
is my own business. Anyway, any kang tau about duty free in Kuching,
please email to
instead of commenting here okay? Thanks! By the way, I told the truth
about the email addresses – there really is no or
a, they all go to the and catch all address. So there. :p

P/S – Before the harm reduction police (HRP) jump on me, let me
state that some people think that benzodiazepines combined with another
CNS depressant like alcohol will instantly put you six feet under.
Please do not mock them, for they’re looking out for you, and indeed,
this combination has caused fatalities in the past, but er…it’s not
as dangerous as the HRP makes it sound. But you did not see that last
sentence! I repeat, you did not see that last sentence. Please don’t
drink and take benzodiazepines at the same time. Thank you very much,
I’ve done my civic duty.

P/P/S – I have to tone down the sarcasm, it seems to dominating my posts lately, forgive me. :)

P/P/P/S – The conglomeration of veritas and killuminati into a
single entity may have caused unexpected perceived changes in
personality. My apologies, now that I’ve admitted everything, I have no
obligation to stick to the “personalities” that I’ve created. I’m being
the real me now, a bit of an asshole at times, quite a lot of “drug
elitism”, sometimes sarcastic, but generally I like to think I’m a nice
guy, so I hope that you can forgive any transgressions and adapt and
perhaps get to like me as me. :)

P/P/P/P/S – I was ethanol impaired when I wrote the above last night…

All Joy Good Food Center

all joy good food center

This is All Joy good food center in Wisma Saberkas. I was surprised
to see this outlet still standing when I went to Saberkas to get a
monitor during my lunch break. There is some nostalgia when I saw the
familiar sign and dining place – it hasn’t changed at all from memory.
I remember going here often when I was younger and living in Kuching,
so you can imagine how long this establishment has been going.

all joy food display

I can’t say there’s much going on, food wise, at All Joy. To tell
you the truth, I don’t even know why my family used to dine here often.
Their offerings don’t seem to have changed at all and it’s nothing to
write home about. I have vague memories of going for their King Burger,
but that was it. I ate one of their rice dishes this time – it was what
the others used to eat last time.

all joy waitress

I had Sze Chuan Chicken Rice (RM 3.80) and a popia (RM 1.50)with
special cendol (RM 1.50). The rice isn’t chicken rice ie chicken
flavored rice, I knew that from previous visits. It’s rice with the
dish of your choice, and there isn’t much on offer. My apologies about
the messed up photo – I wanted a candid shot of the All Joy waitress
bringing my tray of food over, but I miscalculated the fast flash lag
time and only got a partial shot.

all joy lunch

This is my lunch. From left: The packaged utensils and a serviette
(which is a fucking pretentious word people use to describe paper
napkins, which is in turn a fucking pretentious name people give to
tissues ;)), a bowl of broth (which is a fucking pretentious name for
soup, and please, feel free to throw the hot bowl of soup at anyone who
uses the terms “serviette” or “broth” here, in fact, the management
encourages it ;)), popiah, the Sze Chuan Chicken, bottle of chilli
sauce, and Special Cendol.

all joy mag rack

Perhaps the appeal of All Joy (Good, don’t forget that) Food Center
is due to the magazine and newspaper rack it provides to enhance your
dining experience with reading material. :) Anyway, like I said, I
picked up a monitor (choice between an insanely high dot pitch
Panasonic 17″ for RM 410 and an LG Flatron ez for RM 465, chose the
latter) from Saberkas after lunch…but I don’t have a net connection
at home yet.

I wrote this at home and am posting it now from a diskette (those
little square black things that stores a meager 1.44 MB of data) at a
cybercafe in King Center. I don’t know when I’ll be connected since I
don’t even have the time to go to a Kedai Telekom, but I’ll do so next
Monday lunch break. Anyway, I noticed that is becoming
food-centric (as someone put it in the early days of its inception)
again, so to spice things up – a pill report by veritas this weekend!
=D I kid, no such thing will be happening, though I’ll do a write-up of
lormetazepam, a benzodiazepine I’ve only recently (for about 3 weeks)
become acquainted with. No, I didn’t write lorazepam wrongly, I said
lormetazepam. This weekend then, have a nice one people!

Pizza Ria, Kuching

pizza ria
Pizza Ria @ Da-Light Food Court

This is Pizza Ria, an outlet with meat filled pancakes, pizza,
spaghetti and even combos like 1/4 pizza with spaghetti on a plate. It
used to be at this food court who’s exact name eludes me right now.
That was easily a decade plus in the past though. I know it moved (or a
branch opened up) to Siang Siang Food Court, King Center (?) when I was
studying in Inti College, Kuching (yes, I went through 3 colleges,
don’t ask :p).

pizza ria pancake
The pancake tastes better with a runny egg, this one is overdone.

I am also aware of a Pizza Ria in A La Carte (now defunct) at the
same time, around 97/98. Remember that food court below Star Cineplex?
It was bought out and renamed by Siang Siang, which was aggressively
taking over food courts then, but strangely enough, I haven’t seen any
this time around. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Pizza Ria
outlets outside of Kuching as well, so it’s probably a local operation.

pizza ria special pancake
This is the Special Pancake with chicken (sausage), beef, cheese and egg. Best eaten with lots of chilli sauce!

It tastes just like the ones I remember – there’s this unique taste
to the pancake that I haven’t experienced in any of the other things
that I’ve eaten. It’s like Ramly burger…no other burgers seem to have
the same taste! I’ll equate Pizza Ria pancakes to that. The thin
pancake is smooth and soft, folded in half, with the meat and vegies
nestled inside. It’s the best savory pancake around. It’s certainly
something on the “must try” list if you happen to drop by Kuching.

I will post again and reply all comments later tonight (after dinner). :) I’ve finally got myself a monitor.

Vitagen sale at Smart


There is a special on Vitagen (the cultured milk drink) at Smart
supermarket in King Center. It was two packs (each pack has 5 each for
a total of 10) of mixed flavors for RM 4.35. I bought one of these and
realized when I got home that I had put myself into a logistical
challenge…these things require storage below 4 C and I don’t have a
fridge here. These things always go on special when the use by dates
are getting close. The use by dates range from 11/02/2004 to
13/02/2004. Anyway, it meant that I had to drink everything at
once…and I did. 1.25 litres of Vitagen in the span of two hours. My
bowel movements improved considerably when I woke up this morning.

Kenny Rogers Roasters – Kenny's Home-Baked Fillet (White Combo Delight)

kenny rogers kl sentral

I went to the Kenny Rogers at KL Sentral with my gf this afternoon
(more about that later) and had the White Combo Delight meal, which
features Kenny’s 1/4 chicken, the home baked fillet, 3 side dishes of
your choice and a muffin at RM 22.90.

kenny white combo delight

Kenny’s Home-Baked Fillet is the Chinese New Year promotion (figured
it was since it had the “nian nian you yu” phrase on top) which is “a
succulent, firm textured fish fillet, baked with special blend of herbs
and spices, served with three choices of side dishes”.

lite easy menu

I chose the Garden Pasta Salad (“Spiral pasta, broccoli, capsicum,
carrot & onion in cheese and special Italian dressing”), Savoury
Rice (“Seasoned yellow rice enlivened with onion, carrot &
capsicum”) and Fresh Fruit Salad (“A medley of fresh mouth-watering
fruits”). I had the black pepper version for the chicken:

kenny rogers meal

This is the Real Life (TM) shot of the quarter black pepper chicken,
garden pasta salad, savory rice and fresh fruit salad (counter
clockwise from bottom).

Here’s the photo of the main feature – Kenny’s Home Baked Fillet:

kenny rogers fillet

To be honest, the fish was quite disappointing, certainly nothing to
write home about. I found it rather bland, and my gf concurs. Perhaps
the stronger black pepper chicken desensitized my palate and rendered
me unable to discern the subtle nuances of the herbs and spices infused
into the fillet. Or perhaps I should stop using pretentious
quasi-gastronomic words. ;)

choc muffin

Here’s the chocolate muffin, lest it feels ignored and decides to run away with the spoon.

Air Asia's Snack Attack – Chicken Congee

air asia kl

I managed to sample Air Asia’s onboard cuisine (which is an opt in
menu that you pay for) when I took the AK 0340 flight from KLIA to Sibu
yesterday. I had been staring blankly at the seat in front of me for
the past 40 minutes or so and one of the cabin crew went “Sir, would
you like anything to eat or drink?” I was rather scattered so I went
“What was that?” and she repeated her first statement and I thought
yeah, some food would do me good so I asked what they have on their
menu. I couldn’t make out anything from the food choices she spieled
out but I heard “(something) chicken” so I said “Yeah, I’ll have that
chicken thing.”

snack attack chicken congee

It turned out to be chicken congee. “Congee”, of course, is just a
word people use instead of “porridge” to be pretentious. ;) Anyway,
this was called Snack Attack Chicken Congee and cost RM 5. Upon further
inspection I noticed that:

food exclusively air asia

It was made exclusively for Air Asia.

air asia chicken congee

The chicken porridge was in a polyester (?) tub which was quite big
and deep. It looks like one of those premium ramen containers, one of
the larger ones, but not the super premium huge ones. It didn’t look
like much, but add some salt and pepper:

air asia food

and it tasted pretty good actually. That is saying something,
considering I wasn’t hungry at that time, but it could be the salt and
pepper that made me think it was better than it actually was.
Nevertheless, the portions are generous and the ingredients are

porridge chicken pieces

The chicken congee contains relatively large chicken chunks, mushrooms, and some other things I couldn’t readily identify.

sibu customs

I arrived in Sibu and breezed through the typically lax (practically
non existent) customs. Excuse the guy that got into the shot.

sibu airport sars check

There was a booth before the exit with several doctors checking
people without Malaysian identification papers for SARS before the exit
though. Oops…this shouldn’t have been in a post about food should it?
My apologies. Heh.

Tandoori Chicken @ Ali Maju


Tandoori Chicken at Ali Maju, Pusat Bandar Damansara. It goes well
with garlic naan and I always ask for the drumstick – it comes with the
upper part of the thigh too at Ali Maju. A tasty and filling dinner
would be one tandoori chicken (shared between two people), garlic naan
(a must have, one serving each) and maggi mee goreng (one serve each).
I don’t know why but that combination tastes really good. The best way
to enjoy it is to alternate between naan + tandoori and maggi +
tandoori i.e. one bite of the first, then one of the second, repeat
till plate==empty or person==full. One ABC special with ice cream (they
make huge ones here) after that and you’ll be sorted. :)

On a more serious (well, perhaps personal would be a better word)
note, I’m about to decide on a very, very big issue which may have long
lasting and severe consequences that will affect me on a personal
level. Of course, I can’t talk about it here due to my readership, and
if you know about it (yeah, both of you), you shouldn’t comment here
coz it’ll jeopardize me. I’ll think it through, discuss it with several
people and then we’ll see how it goes okay? I’ll post about that when
it’s set.

Oh yeah, would someone please come over and run a needle and thread through my lips? I just did a very stupid thing today. I’m famous for that, you know…

Guess the price of my nasi campur (photo included)


Guess how much this combination of nasi campur costs? There’s more
sotong pieces than meets the eye, some of it is obscured by the chicken
drumstick. No, I didn’t play “Hide the sotong” intentionally, it was
due to the real estate on the styrofoam packs. By the way, “Hide the
(most expensive item)” is a technique where you cover up a more
expensive item with a less expensive one – like covering a drumstick
with cabbages. This is an extreme example, it’s just to illustrate the
point. I’ve never done that intentionally though, not for any moral or
personal reasons, it’s just coz I don’t bother.

The way things work over here is like this – you get handed a plate
or take away pack filled with rice and you choose whatever you want
from the array of dishes displayed. You can opt to have as many items
as you want and the portions you choose is up to you. The price (which
can vary depending on time of the day, whether you’re a regular, as
well as many other factors) is tallied up when you’re done, based on
your choices. However, “Hide the xxx” doesn’t work all that well
nowadays, because the proprietors usually check underneath due to the
popularity of this method.

Back to the post, my lunch has a drumstick, sotong and chili covered
brinjals. You don’t eat for a couple of days and then you feel hungry
enough to eat a horse. ;) Anyway, guess how much this nasi campur pack

Genki genki sushi sushi

Greetings Earthlings! These are the photos from Genki Sushi
yesterday, read them and weep! Yes, that doesn’t make no sense, but
neither does anything else in life. :) Anyway, a prelude before the
pictures, I took unpaid leave (again) today to wash my laundry since it
won’t dry if I take leave tomorrow and people who knows me in real life
can attest that my wardrobe is rather limited, to say the least. ;) I
don’t buy clothes, it’s not how I choose to use my expenditure. But,
sushi! That’s what we’re talking about now. Here are the photos from
Genki Sushi:


Some sushi with chicken on drop and which I dropped promptly the
moment I picked it up. We also got something like this, but didn’t take
a photo.


Some deep fried parcel like things.


Something that looks like moshi and it’s sweet.


Salmon sushi, we think, there is one with a different shade of red.


Genki Satay. Or something. Tastes like chicken. Lost the receipt so I dunno wat it’s actually called. Very aerodynamic.


Green tea that can be refilled with a tap labelled “Hot” on the table. Nifty. Quick I have to be fast.


Obscene radioactive sauce with liberal wasabi (not made by me). My
friend went “Johnson & Johnson No more tears” went and ate one
slathered with this. Indeed, no more tears. Myself, first try made me
cry. Fared better on the second endeavor. Desensitized after that. :)


Tempura. Done!

Anyway, I shall throw down the gauntlet and ask if I can finish my
work at my company before 12 pm and then go to (client’s place) to
finish my work there and then leave to ensure that I can make it to the
airport on time. I don’t know, personally, I think that’s pushing it
quite a bit and it reflects badly on me, since I’m basically a new
employee on my first job, and the IT industry is not exactly booming
now due to outsourcing to countries with citizens who will accept lower
pay for similar results like India and China.

However, if I’m ever going to taper off my pharmacopoeia I’m going
to have to STOP worrying about everything and chant “Que sera sera”.
Come on now, do it with me!

Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be
The future’s not ours to see
What will be, will be!


Let’s go to Melbourne! They have this e-visa thing going on now. Now
where did I put my reference number? Nevermind, let’s go to Melbourne

Maggie Mee Goreng @ Smart Curry House

Restoran Smart Curry House.

This is Restoran Smart Curry House – it’s located at Jalan Gereja,
near St. John’s Cathedral and relatively near my workplace. I have to
say that this is one of the more abysmal Maggie mee goreng that I’ve
ever had…they batch fry it by the dozens (literally). It’s this big
wok and they get a lot of maggie mee goreng orders in the evening/night
since the roti stall is closed so they mass cook it in a big wok and
serve it up. It looks like this:


My gf who had the mee hoon goreng reported that it was dismal as well. Here’s a photo of the interior:


It’s not packed coz two groups left and their tables were cleaned up
when I took the shot but it’s surprisingly popular. However, I’ll go
for Ali Maju’s Maggie mee goreng any day. It’s not the best, but it’s
good anyway.

I apologize for not posting the nasi ayam post, it’s really long and
this one is shorter and I need to go to sleep. However, I did reply the
comments and I will reply your email (unless you’re in NZ, no it’s not
you ;)) later tonight. I have to apologize for not replying emails – it
is impossible to do so with the volume I get everyday, sorry to
everyone who mails me. I suggest IM if you want to get in touch with me
– my UIN is 7345320 and I’m only online at night, after work and
dinner, usually around 10 – 11 pm but most times I’m tired and I don’t
switch on ICQ.

Anyway, the promised nasi ayam post will be up tomorrow during lunch
time (GMT +8). I’ll write it during my lunch hour, I reckon that’s fair
since it is after all a break. I’m not taking up company time if I
update during my lunch hour, right? Right. I don’t even go to my own
blog during work hours now. Wait for it tomorrow! :) I’m going to eat
supper and then go straight to bed.

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