Teochew Roasted Meat Flat Mee

Teochew Kampua Mee @ Central Market, Sibu

This is said to be the best kampua mee in Sibu. I went last night
with a couple of my buddies but I’ve been busy so I only posted it
today. This stall is on the second floor of Central Market and I’ve
been told it’s only open from 8 pm – 11 pm at night, except for
Sundays. 3 hours per day, and they have heaps of customers due to its
reputation so be prepared for a long wait. I think we had to wait more
than 30 minutes, which is a long time for kampua mee!

Teochew Kampua Mee (Plain)

Anyway, I thought it was okay, it’s good, but I’ve had better. :p I
had two bowls – one plain and one with soy sauce + chili sauce. The soy
sauce + chili sauce one is better, IMHO. The soup is great, I don’t
know what they put inside, but it’s different from the usual kam pua
soup. The meat is roasted (smoked?) pork, tastes slightly better than
the normal ones, but the noodles is helluva oily. The reason for the
long wait is not only coz of the many customers, but because they cook
each bowl separately, unlike other stalls who just chuck everything in.

Teochew Kampua Mee (Soy Sauce and Chili Sauce)

Star BBQ Restaurant

Star BBQ Restaurant exterior.

I went to Star BBQ Restaurant at Westfield Shopping Town yesterday
with Adrian and Christopher. It’s a buffet BBQ where there’s a variety
of pre-marinated meats and seafood in addition to cooked foods like
fried rice, honey chicken, peppered fish etc. It seems pretty popular
coz the place was packed the whole time we were there.

Hot Food, BBQ Meats, Desserts etc.

Anyway, I can’t remember what happened much but I ate more plates of
food than I could count. I particularly liked the drunken chicken
(yeah! had heaps of the drumstick bits) and the squid marinated
(drowned?) in Thai sweet chili sauce.

Shanghai pancake/pie.

Other things that I remember having: some strange Shanghai pancake
thingy that was filled with spring onions and a tiny bit of egg and
cooked on the spot, honey chicken, fried rice, fried noodles, mussels,
really large squid, variety of marinated meats and seafood, peppered
fish, green tea/mango pudding, heaps of soft serve ice cream with nuts
and caramel/choc sauce, sago pudding, jellies etc.

BBQ pit on every table.

and I just remembered that after I looked at the pictures, last
night was pretty much a blur. ;) I felt so bloated after I finished
that I was sure my stomach lining was going to give way anytime. I
really reached full capacity last night. Heh.

The aftermath (some plates have been taken away).

It put me in a bit of a dilemma too. The food was salty and MSG
laden and I was so full already so I couldn’t drink more water. I was

drink more water?
noooo…stomach can’t take any more volume
but msg, salt! me thirsty
wait for my go

and so it goes. :)

Me (Huai Bin) and Adrian.

Me (Huai Bin) and Christopher.

I was holding onto my stomach the whole time coz I was sure it was
going to burst at any time and I was helping to reduce the pressure.
Haha! I look very sedated in the photos but I swear that my Xanax face
[itsariot.com] is not due to a combination of Xanax + cannabis but
because I was too full. ;) With hindsight, it was a bit torturing but
it sure is giving me much needed energy for tonight’s 36 hour run to
finish my assignments and tutorial exercises. Good thing I don’t have
classes on Mondays. :)

The Makan Place


I haven’t been to this place before. I went with a couple of my high
school buddies for dinner. It’s called The Makan Place and is located
at the corner of Princes Highway and Clayton Road. It serves authentic
Singapore Malay food. It’s a relatively new place, and it’s very clean
and neat.


I had nasi campur, which came out fast, but if you order off the
menu it’s going to take a long time. I think there’s only one cook, I
went to the toilet and passed by the kitchen and saw only one person
manning the stove. One of my friends ordered off the menu and it took
damn near 40 minutes for it to arrive. The turnaround rate might be due
to the fact that the place was full when we got there though.


I like the place, it’s very clean. It feels like eating food back in Malaysia too. :)

I apologize that today’s post is so short. I had planned to spend
tonight catching up with my tutorial exercises and assignments so I can
be free during Easter break to do stuff. Planning to visit a couple of
places since it’s my last semester here. I just had a brainstorm about
my GSC2714 Alcohol and Drug Use assignment. I’m going to do the essay
topic on:

Present a reasoned argument for the legalization or
decriminalization of heroin, marijuana or ecstasy. Keep focused on the
psychological rather than social and legal consequences and

I was planning to write about cannabis, but I just had this great
idea for Ecstasy (MDMA) so I’m going to put that into words before I
forget about it. Right! Write!

Link of the Day: Do you want to rule the world with an iron fist? JOIN US AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! We need YOU! [sixthseal.com]

Hot Wong's @ Clayton

Hot Wong’s @ Clayton Road

I checked out Hot Wong’s today with Adrian and Christopher. It’s a
newly opened Asian food outlet at Clayton and we all live in Clayton so
we might as well check out the new place to eat in town. The first
thing that struck me about this place is the sign that said “20%
discount if you present your student card”. 20% is a pretty high
discount, especially for food.

Hot Wong’s Interior

Anyway, I had the KL Chilli Chicken. It comes with rice if you order
the combo meal. Oh, and when you order a meal, all soft drink cans are
80 cents only. I went for a more interesting drink though – canned
young coconut juice (with pulp). Come to think about it, I’ve never
heard of KL Chilli Chicken until today. Is there such a thing as KL
Chilli Chicken?

Hot Wong’s KL Chilli Chicken

Well, the dish was quite hot (about 2/5 on my scale) but I have a
high threshold for hot food, so your mileage may vary. The portions are
fairly generous, but it’s not the size of normal Chinese restaurants. I
had to dig around a bit to find the meat in the mix too. Most of it was

One of the many pieces of art (?) on the wall – each one shows a
stick figure with a rice farmer hat engaged in a different sport

Anyway, I guess the best thing about this place is the prices. It’s
really cheap, compared to other places around here. The meal was A$6.50
and that’s only A$5.20 after the 20% discount. Just remember to show
your Student ID card when you order your meal. :)

Interesting fact: The counter was staffed by a Caucasian female. Not something you see every day in Asian restaurants.

Karen’s Birthday @ Dion


Happy birthday Karen! It was Karen’s birthday today so we got her a
cake and decided to go for some Greek food. We actually planned to go
to Antipodes but Dion
[dionrestaurant.com.au] was just two doors down and we haven’t eaten
there before. The Dion PR guy standing outside saw us standing in
between and contemplating which one to go to and immediately approached
us and invited us inside. He said Dion is an award winning restaurant
and we won’t be disappointed. Heh. Alright, dude.


Going off on a different tangent it seems that a lot of restaurants
here have PR people (promoters?) standing outside trying to pull
customers in but I don’t see that a lot back home in Malaysia.
Interesting. Oh, I bumped into one of my old college friend while in
the city today. It was good to see him again, haven’t seen him around
for a while.


Anyway Dion has a really nice ambience, the lighting was great and
it’s a very popular place to eat. It was empty when we went there early
but it soon filled up to capacity. There were only two waiters and two
waitresses and but the service was still good.

Karen (the birthday girl) with Ung Hing her bf

Oh, guess what I had today? Ouzo! [greekproducts.com] :)

I had wanted to try that ever since I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
They were drinking shooters of it during one scene and it looked so
tempting. I didn’t actually know what it was called, so I asked our
waitress whether she has watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Haha! Well,
she smiled and said yes so I asked her what that shooter they were
drinking is called.

God’s gift to mankind

It wasn’t on the menu, but they had it (it was a Greek restaurant
and even the waiters and waitresses are Greek). Anyway, I ordered two
of those and downed them. It’s really, really amazingly tasty! There is
a strong smell and taste of liquorish and it’s very sweet and has a
very satisfying aftertaste. Very, very nice, if you ever see it around,
do yourself a favor and have one of these things. It’s so tasty it
ought to be illegal! :)


I could drink these things all day, but they cost A$6 each, which
wouldn’t be expensive normally, but I’m running short this month due to
having to replace most of my computer about a week ago. Delicious,
delicious stuff. Devine! I reckon you can get it at Greek bottle shops
too, there’s one in Clayton so I’ll pop in and check someday.

Thien Na showing us how to properly butter a bread. Apparently, just slathering it on top is not considered appropriate

Anyway, I’m digressing so much. Just don’t miss out on having this
if you get the chance. It’s absolutely amazing stuff. Well, four of us
had the dinner banquet and the others had the main meals. The dinner
banquet was really too much for four people, but it sure was


If you can’t read the menu from the picture, I’ve cut and pasted it from the Dion website. The banquet we had was:

MIXED DIPS – Various Dips
DOLMADES – Vine leaves filled with rice and herbs
SAGANAKI – Pan fried graviera cheese, lemon and oregano dressing
LOUKANIKA – Char-grilled Greek sausages
KEFTEDES – Char-grilled Greek style meat rissoles
MIXED SOUVLAKI – Char-grilled lamb and chicken on skewers
OCTAPOTH1 XITHATO – Marinated octopus
FILLETS OF FISH – Fillets of fresh fish
PATATES – Oven baked potatoes
DESSERTS – Exclusively from Medallion Cakes


The dips were the most interesting thing. There was a purple dip, a
pink deep, a bizarre green dip, an orange one and a yellow one. At one
point, I was just eating the dip with a fork just for fun. They look so

Karen eating…

I’ve had heaps of dolmas before so I’m familiar with it. I used to
get it in cans, my lecturer in college is such a big promoter of dolmas
and got us into eating it. It’s good stuff, but the Dion ones beats the
ones of out the cans anyday.


Saganaki was too cheesy, I didn’t really enjoy it, and I think no
one else did too. Loukanika is pretty spicy and that’s good but I was
so full at that time I only ate half. Keftedes wasn’t really anything
special…tasted like meat patties filled with herbs. The grilled lamb
and chicken was my favorite!

One side of the table: (from left) Chuck Fong, Thien Na, Huai Bin (me), Christopher

The other side of the table: (from left) Chuck Fong, Adrian, Chuck Yong, Karen

This is so bizarre. Ung Hing is missing and I don’t remember the seating was this way before.

The marinated octopus was great as well, but I didn’t eat much of
the fish and potatos. I’m more of a meat eater although I like fish,
just not in fillets. The Greek Salad was good as well, but the goat
cheese was a bit too hard. Eh, so I’m a food reviewer now, it seems. :)


Okay, now the best thing is the desserts. It comes from Medallion
Cakes, a place three doors down, which serves the best cakes and
desserts in Melbourne. In my opinion anyway! They’re elaborate works of
art that looks almost too good to eat!


Well, Thien Na had to leave after the main course to fetch her bf to
go to Moomba and we got her to carry a lamb kebab with her. We left
soon after to go to Moomba as well, and that’ll be the next post. I
feel sleepy now but I’ll write it if I feel more awake later. It’s
probably going to be tomorrow though. Yeah, it’ll definately have to be
tomorrow. *yawn* Anyway, Dion is a great place, I’ll go again, if only
just for the Ouzo. Heh. It’s at Lonsdale St, I’m sure everyone in
Melbourne knows where it is, since it’s on such a prominent street. Oh,
funny thing was, we forgot to bring the cake out! We left it at Karen’s
house while waiting for her to change. Heh. Happy 22nd Karen!


Did you know? That everyone is this picture was from Methodist High School, Sibu in 1998 :) They’re all my high school friends.

Hoa Tran @ Springvale

Hoa Tran @ Springvale

I went with my friends to Springvale for lunch this afternoon. Or
was it yesterday afternoon? I’m very, very disturbed at the disastrous
loss of my short term memory, which I hope is not permanent. I also
hope that I can remember things I’ve only said two minutes ago without
having concentrate for two full minutes but that’s a different story.

Interior 1 of Hoa Tran

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it happened today, yeah I’m sure of it. We
went to Springvale and went hunting for someplace to eat where we
haven’t eaten before. We stumbled upon this place called Hoa Tran
somewhere in Springvale.

Interior 2 of Hoa Tran

The interior was pretty nice, had some statues and such around the
place. I had broken rice with pork chop and everything. It’s very nice,
especially when you pour all of the chili on top of the dish. I’ve
always used to do that since I first had broken rice in Good Dragon at
Monash College. I had a friend in college who used to mix every sauce
(oyster sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, chili sauce etc)
together with salt and SUGAR and use it as a dip. Sick, sick fuck.
That’s what I thought until I tasted it. It was strangely disturbing,
yet great!

Vietnamese Broken Rice with everything :)

I digress. Anyway, the pork chop broken rice (with everything hehe!)
was good. The egg tasted really nice for some reason and the sauce was
great too. It’s cheap as well, it cost A$7 and it comes with soup.
Anyway, everyone came back to my place after that and we watched movies
and I copied some HK movies over to my hard disk. I love showing the
explicit version of Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up and Cradle of Filth –
From the Cradle to the Enslave to people who hasn’t watched them
before. :)

Link of the day: Buy Ecstasy and speed legally over the counter! [news.com.au],

So called “party drugs”, including ecstasy and speed, would be
sold in licensed drug shops by medically-qualified staff at prices
which would undercut the black market.

Vote for the Greens! I would do so too if I lived in NSW and I was a citizen. :)

P/S – Please read veritas’s report below. He tool 4 hours to write
it (not including the pictures) and many hours of actual field work.

New Age Cafe @ Box Hill

Putting the hill in Box Hill

I’ve been keeping really weird hours lately. I woke up at 12 am
today and I still haven’t gone to sleep yet. I was finishing up my IE
stuff yesterday so I didn’t get any sleep and I went to Box Hill with
my friends to eat lunch.

Exterior of New Age Café

This is New Age Café at Box Hill. It’s along Whitehorse Road I think. They have really good Baked Pork Chop Rice.

Baked Pork Chop Rice

The portions are pretty large too. Come to think of it, I haven’t
eaten anything since then and that was around noon yesterday! Strange,
I don’t feel all that hungry. And no, I’m not tweaking. :p

Interior of New Age Café

I’m sleepy.

Together Tea House


I went out with the guys today to Together Tea House. It’s the one
behind Methodist High School (my alma mater). It has been open for a
couple of months, but I haven’t been there before. You have to take off
your shoes before entering the place and you sit around a very low
Japanese style table.


Interestingly, there is a pit under the table, so you can sit
normally and put your feet into the pit if you want, or you can just
sit cross legged on cushions.


The food was okay, but nothing to write home about. I had the Heng
Hua fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli). I’m Heng Hua but puzzlingly, this
is the first time I’ve heard of a Heng Hua style fried bee hoon. :)
Anyway, we also had some kind of sushi which was alright. I had a fried
ice cream for dessert too, it was pretty good, but people don’t come
here for the food anyway.


The main business of the day would be tea, and we also ordered a pot
of some kind of tea, but I forgot what it was called. People come to
the Together Tea House because they have a traditional tea ceremony
thing going. We didn’t know how to make the tea though, and the only
waitress seemed more interested in talking to the other staff instead
of serving the customers. However, we got another waitress to do the
ceremony for us, and it was pretty interesting. The tea was good too.


Anyway, the most interesting thing in this place is the toilets.
It’s so gaily (gayly?) decorated that taking care of business becomes a
pleasure. ;) I was apprehensive at first at the logistics involved in
going to a public toilet when I didn’t have any shoes on (we left our
shoes at the door), but my concerns turned out to be unfounded because
they have a courtesy pair of slippers inside the toilet, which was
thankfully dry.


Korean BBQ House

I went to the Korean BBQ House today with a couple of my buddies. We
had wanted to go to Shabu Shabu at first but it was totally full. Our
next choice was the Paramount buffet, but we saw that it only happens
in the weekends. Since the Korean BBQ House is right beside Paramount,
we went for that instead. There were four of us – Daniel, Ting Chuan,
Johnny and myself so we had the meat platter thingy. None of us have
been here before, it had only opened recently. This is the same place
that Vivien [blogspot.com] went to on Wednesday.


Anyway, the meat platter was really nice, it had beef, lamb (mmm)
and chicken and it tasted really good. The meat was put in the middle
of the bbq platter and there was some chicken soup poured over it.
There was a small moat thing surrounding the platter to catch the soup.
The meat tasted really good, it was probably marinated well and the
resulting soup + meat drippings on the side of the platter was divine.
I imagine it had a lot of calories though.


I also had this ABC special, they called it a BBQ special bowl or
something, I couldn’t remember. The bowl was huge and it had a scoop of
ice cream in it too. However, the best thing about this place is the
service. The service was excellent. There was a waitress
to pour the drinks, cook the meat and serve it, all with a smile. I was
pleasantly surprised at this level of service and I would have no
problems recommending this place to anyone.

Our waitress

Hmm…I just realised that we did have a group photo taken, but one
of the guys was partially cut off from the frame, so I’m not going to
post it.

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