Pepsi Twist and Diet Coke with Lemon Flavor

I went to the city today to sort out the Flemington shooting range
booking. I’m going tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm straight after my last
exam. Will be keepin’ it real G style and post some photos tomorrow to
boot. ;) Anyway, you know how Pepsi came out with Pepsi Twist? It’s
normal Pepsi with a slight lemon taste. It’s only available in KFC for
the time being. Well, I was grocery shopping at Coles the other day and
saw that Coke has something similar. I don’t know which one came out
first, but here’s the Coke version:

Diet Coke with Lemon flavor

I prefer the Coke version. Pepsi tastes too sweet to be thirst quenching
unless its watered down with ice cubes. Diet coke is my drink of choice.
Anyway, I’ve noticed that the KFC chicken here are absolutely miniscule.
The drumsticks are half the size of the Malaysian counterpart, if that.
It’s only slightly bigger than the Ayamas frozen mini drumsticks. While
having 3 pieces of chicken will make me feel bloated in KFC Malaysia, here
it just made me feel slightly full. And that’s the ultimate 3 piece meal
with the Picnic bar, bun, fries and mashed potatoes.

KFC’s The Ultimate 3-piece Meal

Well, I took a lot of pictures while I was in the city today. I’ve been
getting the dreaded “System Error” that plagues most Nikon digicams. I
figured out that it only happens when the zoom lens have not been
retracted properly for some reason. The remedy is to manually push (not
too hard) on the zoom lens, so that it is ‘docked’ again. You shouldn’t
touch the actual lens with your fingers, just apply pressure on the side
if you have this problem. Anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of gadget shopping
too. I went the the really cheap computer hardware place opposite
Melbourne Central. Picked up a

Canon CanoScan N670U
for A$170 and a

Surecom self powered 4-Port USB Hub EP-1004P
for A$45. I saw this
Wacom tablet going for slightly over A$100. I don’t draw, but I felt a
nearly uncontrollable compulsion to buy it. Just because. Good thing I
walked out of the store before I did. Heh. I did notice that the first
thing that the Quick Start booklet of the scanner says is “Scanning of
certain documents, such as bank notes (snip) may be prohibited by law and
may result in criminal and/or civil liability”. Oh? I had already scanned
a crinkly 50 dollar bill and was about to post it with some quip about
printing it but on second thought, that might not be a good idea.

Anyway, here’s a complement to yesterday’s POTD. I found this today while walking
to the bus loop.

Rumble of the Peters: A 3-Way, all out, no holds barred, “no need
to keep the dinner warm honey, coz I ain’t coming back” cage match.

Peter the Possum

Generally regarded as the crowd favorite, this little critter can run fast
and has pretty sharp claws to boot.

Peter the Possum Man

Not much is known about this bloke, but I hear he catches possums for a

Peter the Speed Racer

Because of the speed his vehicle is capable of, there are no known
photographs of this menace to the roads. Question mark picture taken from
CRpuzzles [].


The result:

Peter the Speed Racer Wins! (with a total knock out)

Korean BBQ Restaurant Review

I decided on the spur of the moment to eat someplace I haven’t been to
before so I went to Clayton with my mate Jimmy in search of Food. The one
I was wanting to go to (Agra Sweets – an Indian food place) was closed so
instead we headed to the Korean BBQ Restaurant at 3/299 Clayton Road.


I had:

Seafood Pa-jeon “Korean style seafood, spring onion and vegetable pancake”

Yuk-gae-jang “Spicy beef stock with mixed vegetables in hot pot” A$10

Shik-hye “Korean traditional rice punch” A$2.50

The mochi type dessert A$3

No, I don’t have a photographic memory, but I do have a digicam and I took
photographs of the menu. Heh. There were only 3 other tables filled in
there but the service was pretty good. Friendly and accommodating. I’m
pretending to be a restaurant critic here, so bear with me. The food
turnaround was around 10-15 minutes. The pancake was pretty good, quite a
bit of seafood in there but pretty bland without the soy sauce side dish.
The main meal was okay, I’m not expecting it to be so heavily laden with
kimchi, which I’m not a big fan off. It tastes weird to me. There wasn’t
lot a lot of beef bits in the stew but there were heaps of rice
vermicelli, all sorts of vegies and eggs. Everything tastes like kimchi,
good for a cold night but like I said I’m not big on the taste of that
stuff. It also comes with 2 platters of condiments (6 types altogether). I
don’t know what some of the condiments are but they taste sour. Quite
good, it balances the kimchi stew. The rice punch was okay, small tin
though. I drink a lot, so that is of concern to me. I ended up ordering
another coke to reach my “drink quota”. I also had a mochi type dessert
for A$3. It’s rice pastry (the soft kind) wrapped around chocolate ice
cream and dusted with some powder. Mmmm, I liked that. Tastes like a cross
between the mochi dessert you can get from ice cream vendors in Malaysia
and kueh.

The decor

Total cost: A$24.50 including GST

I think the food wasn’t really good enough to justify the price. They are
more famous for their BBQ. Oh, watch out for the funky chopsticks, they’re
a bit tr to use. The table beside us was having that and they seem to
be enjoying their meal. The female shop proprietor is a bit paranoid about
having her picture taken. She ducked or turned away the both times she was
in front of my lens. Thought that was pretty funny.

Listening to: Eminem – The Eminem Show

Yeah yeah, I know what everyone thinks of him. I listen to a lot of
Westcoast gangsta rap so I’m pretty dubious about a white rapper too.
Finally decided to listen to his Marshall Mathers album with an open mind
and found out that he’s pretty good. He can write some pretty provocative
lyrics (or is it Dre?) which people can actually relate too. There are
some people who think that he’s fake coz he came from a middle class
family so he’s not gangsta enough. Personally, I don’t really mind. If he
can churn out good songs, it doesn’t matter to me if what he raps about is
real or not. The Eminem Show is even better than the last album. Loved
every song on the first listen. My favourites are My Dads Gone Crazy (Hailie
sounds adorable in the backup vocals), Superman (But I do know one thing
though, bitches they come they go), Cleaning Up My Closet (reply to his
mom), Soldier (about the Kim kissing another guy at the club incident) and
hmm…I pretty much like every track. I’m not going to apologize for
liking Eminem. If you think he’s manufactured (most of the current artists
are anyway) and it bothers you that much, hell just don’t listen to it. Go
and listen to your underground band. Elitist fucks.

McCain Roast Turkey Dinner

Food always helps me sleep. Eating a meal before sleeping always makes me feel sleepy so I had
one of those TV dinners. It’s a McCain’s Roast Turkey Dinner. The price is A$4.90, pretty much
standard for full serve frozen meals here.

The front packaging. The sidebar says “Roasted Turkey in a rich country-style gravy with
traditional cranberry sauce served with roast potatoes, carrots and peas”.

The back of the package. It says to heat the meal for 6-7 minutes. I put it for 6:30 on high

This is what the actual meal looks like. Pretty jumbled up but still presentable and slightly
promising. The colors are there instead of the washed out colors of most frozen meals.

The cooked meal. The turkey is covered by the gravy. Calling it a turkey is an exaggeration.
It’s nothing more than two (thinly!) sliced pieces of deli meat. The shape of the meat is the same
circle slice of deli meat. The sauce is pretty good though, much better than the gravy the halls
dining hall dishes out. The cranberry sauce is very nice as well, but tastes a bit too much like
strawberry jam. The potatoes kept well even after being frozen and tasted like a cross between
boiled and baked potatoes. The carrots tasted as it should. Overall, it’s a pretty okay meal. The
things that ruined it a bit was the deli meat turkey and the small portion. The gravy was good
though, and that’s the most important thing. I’m feeling sleepy now. Nite people. :)

Days till I get my digital camera: 1


Noticed that the Original Juice Co. are still using Valencia orange concentrate in their

If you can’t read that label it says:

Due to a severe shortage of Australian oranges this current season, we have had to blend some
Australian Valencia orange concentrate with our squeezed daily orange juice, as a temporary
measure. We would like to assure all of our customers, that when the new season oranges becomes
available, we will return to our normal 100% squeezed daily product.

I’ve been drinking this stuff for a long time, and I actually feel that the current batch that
has orange concentrate tastes better! It’s sweeter.

Free Banana flavored Big M

at the Roberts Hall shop. I saw that when I went to get a diet coke just now. But go quickly,
because there are only a couple left. The reason there are giving them out is because the use by
date is today:

Best Before: 26th of April

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