More on the Monash University shooting

Well, it seems that newspaper sales go through the roof every time something
happens because I could not get a copy of The Age or the Herald Sun after 1 pm. The newsagents
seems to have sold out of those papers by midday. Anyway, here are a couple of links regarding the

Link: Police name
Monash shooting victims

Link: Shootings
suspect appears in court

Link: Monash gun

Link: Gunman was
a classmate

Link: Distressed
students face exams

Link: ‘A quiet,
normal guy’

Link: Students
ashen over new horror

Link: Heroes
prevent uni massacre

Link: Classes
resume at uni

Link: Your
views on the Monash Uni shooting (2)

Link: Your
views on the Monash Uni shooting (1)
[] (My view about 3/4 down the page)

Link: Kung fu fighter a modest
campus hero

Link: A sombre uni gets on with

Link: Reluctant hero returns to

Breaking news: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne shooting

(Updated throughout the day)

Official Monash University statement

Monash shooting helpline: 03-9545 6961 or 03-9545 6579

Toll: 2 dead, 5 hospitalized (1 in critical condition).


Image (c) Mario Borg/The Age

  • Gunman is Huan Yun Xiang, a fourth-year commerce honors student who has trouble with
  • He was supposed to give his final presentation in econometrics today.
  • He brought a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun instead.
  • He has been arrested and is in St Kilda police station.
  • Read this []
    to understand his possible motives. It’s sad, really. But what he did was wrong.

This will be updated throughout the day. Please refresh for latest news.

Link: Man held over uni

Link: Pressure builds in the Ming

Link: Talented loner who struggled
in class

Link: ‘They were screaming, there’s
a gunman on the loose’

Link: Where it happened

Update: Shooter Identity (Source: Halls Direct Connect server chat room) –
Unverified Verified

<Carve2> Okay, official info to follow, I have a friend who was in that class
<Carve2> On the shooting
<Carve2> Honours Econometrics class, student in class had a total of 6 handguns and opened
fire on his classmates
<killuminati> so it wasn’t an outsider?
<Carve2> Apparently stressed out over a presentation he had that day
<Carve2> no, it was a student
<killuminati> icic
<killuminati> thats a bit harsh…shooting up the class over a presentation
<Carve2> The other students basically overwhelmed him and held him till police arrived
<The_Great_S@t@n> is your friend doing OK?
<Carve2> Yeah, he’s fine, just a bit shook up, as you would be!
<The_Great_S@t@n> yeah….. one of my mates doing honours with the guys in the class, he
went and visited some of the injured people, says one guy got shot through both knees, he’ll be OK
eventually he says, and a girl who got shot through the cheek, he didn’t get too see her
<The_Great_S@t@n> Did anyone go to the information session @ 6pm?
<Carve2> No, was tutoring
<The_Great_S@t@n> the policeman said there were 4 guns, and one of the deceased was an
international student, otherwise just calmed everyone down, said Monash was probably the best
Victorian Uni when it comes to security.

Link: Herald
Sun: Your views on the Monash Uni shooting

Link: Calls for
handgun ban

Link: Howard
‘not’ to blame: NUS

Link: Monash
rampage visits more terror on Australians

Link: Students
no longer invulnerable after Monash shooting

Link: Fed govt
policies to blame for shootings: NUS

Update: There will be a counselor available all day in the MRS Theatre for all Halls of
Residence residents who needs it.

Update: The cell phone lines are clogged for a couple of hours following the shooting due to
everyone calling at once, but it’s okay now.

There was an announcement over the halls PA system this morning, requesting that we do not go to
the university because there has been an incident. It seems that there has been a shooting at the
campus and the gunman is still at large. Well, being a curious sort, I headed down myself to see.
Everyone at the university is rather hard pressed for information, but from several reports I’ve
heard, it seems that there has been a shooting at the Robert Menzies building. 5 people
were shot
(Update: 8 people were shot) (Update: 7
people were shot
Update: 10 people were shot – 2 people are confirmed dead, 5
people are in the hospital and 3 more are injured
. The unidentified gunman apparently walked
into either a tutorial or a lecture (conflicting reports) and opened fire. There
was a guy beside me who was actually in the tute, but he didn’t see the gunman coz he was facing
the other way. Next thing he knew, everyone was running out and there was this girl with blood all
over her saying “Help me”. Hmm…there seems to be a lot of school shootings, but not that many uni
shootings. It’s a media circus at the Clayton campus right now. I counted 5 news helicopters and 2
fixed wing planes circling the campus. I still don’t know what happened to the gunman at this point
(Update: Gunman was overpowered by other students and has been arrested. He’s being held at the
Glen Waverley police station
), but the campus is crawling with police and the Menzies building
has been cordoned off. The police have been talking to everyone around the area. I didn’t stay for
long coz I only got 3 hours of sleep last night but the media is camped out in front of the Law
faculty, awaiting a police statement. Check The Age [] and Herald Sun [] for breaking
news. (Update: Seems to be gang related, the victims and the gunman are all
{Update: The shooting seems indiscriminate)

Students around the crime scene and a couple of early news people.

The media interviewing some students.

More news people behind the police tape. I was standing on the Law Faculty walkway when I took

The media talking to a police spokesman.

The forensics department being escorted past the cordon.

A guy in the Menzies building. The news people started snapping pics of him when he poked his
head out, so I did too. Heh. Note: This is not a hostage situation, it’s a shooting. Another rumor
going around is that it’s a terrorist related bombing or shooting. It’s not.

A detective walking towards the crime scene.

The air ambulance that evacuated one of the guys who was shot in the stomach.

Crime scene investigators heading into the building.

Oh, and do you know why all those people at these type of incidents all look so grim-assed?
Accounting for different personality types, it’s pretty obvious that not everyone is going to be
looking sad or scared. The reason?

News photographer: “Okay, I’m going to take a photo of you people now. Please don’t smile and
look serious.”

There you go.


Link: Students
tackled uni gunman

Link: Monash
helpline numbers revised

Photo gallery: Monash Shooting

Link: Shocked:
Premier Steve Bracks

Link: Some
thought security announcements were a joke

Link: Police rule
out terror as cause of Monash attack

Link: Leaders
mourn more young lives lost

Link: Counselling
services set up at Monash Uni

Link: Uni
shootings suspect showed no emotion: witness

Link: Police ask
students to reassure their families

Link: Man kills
two, injures five at Monash Uni

Link: Students
tell of confusion after university shootings

Link: Where the shooting happened

Link: Two dead, five injured in
Monash Uni shooting

Link: Two dead, eight injured in
Monash Uni shooting

Call your loved ones if you’re a student at Monash University to tell them you’re okay.

From the article:

Police have released two phone numbers for family and friends of Monash University students to
call for information about the fatal shootings.

The numbers are (03) 9545 6961 and (03) 9545 6575.

Toy box

I saw those toy boxes that I used to play with as a kid when I went grocery shopping today.
Decided to pick up three different kinds and do a review coz I haven’t bought any in about 10
years. The three kinds are Ding Dang, Tora and Jo Jo. My dad used to get a box of Ding Dang for me
every Friday when I was in kindergarten. It’s something of a ritual for us, he’ll pick me up from
kindy and we’ll get a Ding Dang from the vendor right outside my school. If I’m not mistaken, the
toys in those toy boxes changes every week and the new stock comes in on Friday. I graduated to
Tora when it debuted, it has better toys, and there was a huge ad campaign on TV too during the
5:30 pm cartoon intervals. I haven’t bought this Jo Jo toy box before, but I know it came out
shortly after I outgrew these things. Interestingly, all three of these toy boxes are made by
Kinos. Their budget toy box is Ding Dang at RM0.60. Their flagship toy box is Tora at RM1.20. Their
premium toy box is Jo Jo at RM2.20.

Ding Dang (RM0.60)

The smallest the three boxes, it contains a toy and a packet of chocolate balls. My girlfriend
shook the box when she saw it, which reminded me of the technique we used to find out if a vendor
is carrying the new stock or not. The advertisements during the week shows the new toy that is
coming out that week. Knowing approximately the size and weight of the new toy, we would shake the
boxes to deduce whether it contains the new toy or not. Anyway, it seems that the quality of toys
has deteriorated somewhat. This Ding Dang box comes with a detachable multicolored pen. There are
four mini pens of differing color and length, and it all fits together into one short pen, which I
reckon would be just right for kindergarten age hands. The packet of chocolate balls contains only
3 balls, which puzzled me, coz I remembered that it used to contain more in the old days. Oh well,
maybe my memory is failing me after all.

The Ding Dang toy in action.

Tora (RM1.20)

Tora also has a packet of toys and a packet of chocolate coated biscuit balls. The toy is of a
higher quality than Ding Dang’s. This box comes with a soft board and a round cardboard. The round
cardboard has stickers on it and several grooves on the sides. I think it can be flicked with a
coin, causing it to travel significant distances. I didn’t try that though, coz I didn’t think of
it until now. The main toy is the soft board. It has perforated shapes and you’re supposed to poke
them out of the soft board and combine the shapes into a kangaroo. It comes with a piece of paper
illustrating how the finished model should look like, but no instructions. The head of the kangaroo
has button eyes that actually move when you shake it. There are two spongy lumbars at the bottom of
the board to attach the legs and the arms to the kangaroo’s body. Interesting toy, but not as good
as the old boxes which contains toys of a more kinetic nature.

The Tora toy before assembly.

The finished Tora kangaroo toy.

Jo Jo (RM2.20)

I was kinda disappointed by the contents of this box. As usual with toy boxes, it has a toy and
a confection. Being their premium toy box, I was expecting a more complicated toy, instead of just
two pens. The first pen is a fat one which has five revolving compartments in it’s main body. One
side of the pen has one less slider, making it possible to move the remaining sliders around to
give rotational capabilities to the compartment in question. It’s sorta like a Rubik’s cube, I
think it’s supposed to be a puzzle as well when the colors are jumbled. I cannot vouch for the
writing capabilities of the pen because I did not try it. My girlfriend tried to write on my face
though, but there wasn’t any marks on it when I looked. Either she didn’t really press down or the
pen does not write well on skin. The other pen is a multicolored one with lots of inner nubs. You
can switch the nubs by taking out the frontward one and pushing it into the opening at the back of
the pen. This forces the other nubs to propel forward until the second nub is the first. The build
quality of the pen is dismal, for the cap promptly cracked when I capped it on the top of the pen.
The confectionary is different from the other two boxes though. Instead of chocolate covered
biscuit balls, this one has four jelly cups.

Jo Jo pens akimbo.

For some reason, doing this review has made me somewhat sad. Nostalgia?

Very farnee

Two men are driving through Alabama when they get pulled over by a highway
patrolman. The cop walks up and taps on the window with his nightstick.
The driver rolls down the window and ‘Whack!’ the cop smacks him in the
head with the stick.

The driver asks, “What the hell was that for?”

The cop answers, “You’re in Alabama, son. When we pull you over, you
better have your license ready when we get to your car.”

The driver says, “I’m sorry, Officer, I’m not from around here.” The cop
runs a check on the guy’s license, and he’s clean. He gives the guy his
license back, walks around to the passenger side, and taps on the window.
The passenger rolls down the window and, ‘Whack!’ the cop smacks him on
the head with the nightstick.

The passenger asks, “What’d you do that for?”

The cop says, “Just making your wish come true.”

The passenger asks, “Making what wish come true?”

The cop says, “Two miles down the road you’re gonna say to your buddy, ‘I
wish that asshole would’ve tried that shit with me!'”

Search strings

I was looking at my webstats and noticed that someone came in from
an “angelic layer episode downloads” search on Yahoo! I used that
search string and noticed that I was the 8th site in the results. Hah!
Too bad you didn’t find what you wanted, mate.


I am good in drawing

This is a prototype screen for my assignment. The map is sourced from a
raw screen capture from the Swanston Street Precinct Association webpage.
Touched it up with Paint, adding white text boxes to symbolize ambulances
and a shaky hand (too much caffeine) drawing of a sun with a black hole in
the middle. That is supposed to be the scene of the accident. This is
prototype of an emergency management system done using Java. ph34r my l33t
drawing skillz! πŸ˜‰

Saw this on Slashdot

“War On Terror Not Over Yet”, Emperor Declares

CORUSCANT — Presiding over a memorial service
commemorating the victims of the attack on the Death Star, the Emperor
declared that while recent victories over the Rebel Alliance were
“encouraging, the War on Terror is not over yet.”

“We will continue to fight these terrorists,
and the rogue governments who harbor them, until the universe is safe,
once and for all, and the security of the Neo-New Cosmik Order ensured.”

It was one year ago today that the Death Star,
perhaps the greatest symbol of the Empire’s might, was destroyed in an
attack by fanatic Rebels, who used small, single-person crafts to
infiltrate seemingly impenetrable defenses. Thousands of mourners were on
hand to remember and pay tribute to the victims and their families.

“We lost our innocence that day,” reflected
one mourner. “I guess we thought we were immune from the kind of violence
that happens in other galaxies. We were wrong.” “I lost hundreds of
buddies that day,” said one teary-eyed Stormtrooper. “Guys whose only
crime was trying make the Universe a safer place.”

Although the day was colored by sadness, the mourners found some relief in
the news of a decisive victory over the Rebels. In an attack led by Darth
Vader, Empire forces were able to rout hundreds of Rebels from a network
of caves underneath the surface of the planet Hoth. “We’re not sure we got
them all,” says a Vader spokesman. “There are a lot of places to hide in
those caves. But we’ve delivered a powerful blow to the terrorist’s
infrastructure, that’s for sure. Today, the Empire has struck back.”

Initial reports are unclear as to the fate of Luke Skywalker, a hero among
the Rebels, who is rumored to have delivered the fatal blow to the Death
Star. Skywalker, a former desert-dweller from the planet Tattooine, became
a part of the Rebellion after family members were killed. Skywalker was
trained by a militant wing of the Rebels, known as “Jedi Knights.”
Fanatical in their religious beliefs, the Jedi Knights claim to derive
their power from the mystical “Force.”

It’s believed that Skywalker was specifically trained by infamous
terrorist O bin Wankanobi. Wankanobi, occasionally called “Ben” and easily
recognized by his bearded visage and long, flowing robes, achieved
near-martyr status among the Rebels after his death last year during a spy
mission. His more fervent followers believe that Wan Kenobi lives on
within them today, some even claiming to hear his voice during times of

The attack on the Death Star came shortly after the Empire’s destruction
of Alderstaan, a planet whose government was known to harbor terrorists.
Responding to criticism over the total annihilation of the planet, Vader
stated, “There is no middle ground in the War on Terror. Those who harbor
terrorists are terrorists themselves. Alderaan was issued ample warning.
The fight for continuing Freedom is often burdened by terrible cost.”

The cost of this war can still be seen today in the continuing efforts to
build a coalition government on Tattooine. Longstanding animosities among
the planets various ethnic groups, including the Jawas, Tusken Raiders and
scattered human settlers, have been an impediment to the peace process.
The Empire continues to maintain a small peace keeping force until a
provisional government is finally in place.

Much of the difficulty in fighting the Rebel forces stems from their lack
of a central organizing structure. “They don’t play by the traditional
rules of war,” complained one spokesman. “They come in all shapes and
sizes, united only by their single-minded desire to destroy the Empire
before it destroys them.”

The Emperor closed his comments today by stating that “the cowardly attack
on the Death Star left a deep scar on the Empire. However, we will not
stop fighting until every last evildoer has been brought to justice.” He
paused for several moments, wiping away a tear and then added with
determination, “We will never forget.”

“I wish we could all just get along,” said one of the mourners. “But it’s
hard to offer an olive branch to a cult of religious fanatics whose main
tool is violence and who insist on calling us the Dark Side.”

Heh. Thought this was pretty funny. It was posted by Namarrgon on

Attack of the Clones

I’m heading over to Chadstone Hoyts later to see the premiere of Attack of the Clones. Expect a
review up when I get back at around 02:30 AM + 1000 GMT. πŸ™‚

Here’s a joke for you people to enjoy:

There was a boy standing on a corner selling fish.

He was saying, “Dam fish for sale, dam fish for sale.”

A preacher walked up and asked why he was calling them dam fish.

The kid said, “I caught them at the dam, so they’re dam fish.”

The preacher bought some, took them home and asked his wife to cook the dam fish.

His wife looked at him in bewilderment and said, “Preachers aren’t supposed to talk like

The preacher explained why they were dam fish, and she agreed to cook them. When dinner was
ready and everyone was sitting down, the preacher asked his son to pass him the dam fish.

His son replied, “That’s the spirit dad. Pass the f**king potatoes!”

Scotch Tape

Me and Adrian went to get some groceries at Bi Lo and also went to get take away at McDonalds.
There was this incident that struck me as really funny. I was paying for my Quarter Pounder meal
using EFTPOS. I tried swiping the card through the reader but it just won’t read my card. After
having no luck after the fourth try, the cashier got the shift manager to come over. The shift
manager apologized and informed me that the reader is quite sensitive. She then got – get
two rolls of scotch tape out of her pocket, used one of them to tape the
magnetic strip of my EFTPOS card and bit the end off with her teeth. And sure enough, on the next
try, the scanner did read my card perfectly. Hah! The shift manager even had the forethought to
have 2 rolls of scotch tape in her pocket just for this. I wish I had my digicam already. The fact
that the shift manager had TWO rolls of scotch tape in her pocket cracked me up. The funny part is
the shift manager trying to get the EFTPOS card to read on the scanner with that scotch tape.
Hilarious. Or maybe I’m just easily amused. =D

Tiny Windows Games!

Look here, these are actual screenshots taken on my 1024 x 768 desktop. These games are perfect
for playing in class or at work for slackers like me. They are so small, you can easily cover it
with another window. Some even run on the taskbar! Amazing. As you can see, I’m not the best chess
player in the world. Got thrashed on the easiest setting. Go to their web page and download the
games, it’s all free.

Link: Tiny Windows Games

Space Invaders

It runs right on the taskbar!

River Raid

Shoot ’em up



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