Casino War II: The Player Strikes Back

genting rm 6300

RM 6,300 in chips

Always remember, you could be getting all the 3 and 8’s while the dealer gets all the Queens. I won on my first and second round with bets of RM 500 each before doubling up to RM 1,000. I have won RM 1,500 before I foolishly decided to go for one last bet of RM 1,500 spread across two lines – the table maximum is RM 1,000 so I put RM 1,000 on one and RM 500 on the other.

I was dealt with a 4 and a 6 while the dealer got a 10.

Fuck! I lost everything I have won thus far.

I decided to go in with RM 1,000 bets and won the first with a 9. The dealer also got a 9 of clubs – mine was a heart, which usually wins but in Casino War it requires you to put your initial bet again to win your original bet. This means you put 2k on the table and the dealer puts 1k and starts dealing a new set of cards.

I won by a comfortable Queen while the dealer got a 6.

I put one last 1k bet and won, also by a Queen vs the dealer’s 9.

I decided I have been lucky enough and proceeded to leave, thinking I have won a clean 2k from my buy in of RM 4,400 – an arbitrary figure produced by the ATM’s RM 1,500 max per transaction done three times, RM 50 spent on food and another RM 50 spent on pints of beer.

I was puzzled when I cashed out and got only RM 6,300 – a win of RM 1,900. I have been betting in multiples of RM 500 so this is impossible.

I suspect I donated a RM 100 chip to the Genting toilet while taking photos. Oh well.

I also paid RM 150 for the taxi ride back for 2 stops. It was a most exciting cab ride home with the illegal taxi taking dangerous turns downhill with real pedal to the metal action and fast and furious driving which nearly resulted in 2 collisions and us getting sandwiched between a BMW Z3 and a van in front, eliciting a ni ah ma chow hai from our friendly tout driver.

jerine genting

This is my Lady Luck fast asleep on the trip home – I’ve never lost when I go up to Genting with her.

It could have gone either way, but it turned out good for me this time. I actually misplaced another RM 100 somewhere so I estimate I have a RM 1,300 nett win after all expenses deducted. My rent for the month is sorted!

I typed all this on my cell phone using T9 while on the thrilling ride home. It took 14 SMS drafts.

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Casino War: I won RM 1,200

casino wars

I went to Genting last night as a prelude to CNY gambling. Six of us went up in two cars and I had an initial bankroll of RM 3,000 with an absolute RM 4,500 buy-in (meaning if I lost my bankroll, I’m prepared to withdraw another RM 1,500).


For the first time in my life, I didn’t play Baccarat AT ALL. Desmond introduced me to this game called Casino War which is much faster paced than Baccarat. Basically, the dealer deals cards to everyone and him/herself and the largest face value wins. It’s just as simple as that.

The table limit was RM 500, which is a bit smaller than the RM 2,000 max in Baccarat – this complicates my betting strategy (what betting strategy? ;)) a bit but let me give you the gnarly battle report:

Casino War

I didn’t count but just took out a slab of RM 50 notes. It turned out to be RM 900.

I bet RM 100 and lost. I doubled up to RM 200 and won, bringing me back to my initial RM 900 bankroll. I then bet the table max of RM 500 and lost. Grr…

I took out some more money, dealer counted it and gave me an additional RM 1,100 in chips.

Bankroll: RM 2,100.

I’m now down by RM 500. I started betting the table maximum each time. I lost twice in a row, which brings me down to:

RM 600 (lost RM 1,500)

This time Lady Luck favors me with her smile coz I got a King and a Jack for the next two rounds, which is quite hard to beat.

RM 1,600 (lost RM 500)

The next card dealt was a 10 which I thought would have gotten me back my bankroll but the dealer got a Queen! Thus:

RM 1,100 (lost RM 1,000)

I bet three more hands and as luck would have it, won all three, depite one being a fucking 5 of diamonds (dealer got a 3 – haha).

RM 2,600 (won RM 500)


Thus, I left the table to join the others at Roulette. I placed my bet on Odd every single time with wins and loses until one final round when I thought I’ll just round it up to a net RM 1,000 (the magic four figure win) and put RM 300 down.

It turns out I miscalculated. I won that round but due to the lack of my math skillz, I won RM 1,200 instead of RM 1,000.

This is usually a good thing but it also opens up temptation due to the “excess” RM 200. I decided to stop betting and be happy with my RM 1,200 but the Imp of the Perverse called me again.

I used the RM 200 to bet small on another Roulette and lost it all.

Thus, I’m left with:

RM 3,100 (win RM 1,000)

I wanted to get back the RM 200 so I put RM 200 on Odd. I lost. I doubled up to RM 400 on Odd and lost again. I didn’t want to deviate despite the Roulette wheel constantly churning out Even numbers and put RM 800 on Odd. The ball dropped on an Even number again! Ish!

RM 1,700 (lost RM 500)

I made a last ditch RM 1,600 bet on Odd and watched as the wheel goes round and round. If I lost this round, I’ll have lost RM 2000. The ball tumbled into an Even number, jumped a couple of times and landed on…


Haha! That RM 1,600 bet saved the day, pushing me back to RM 3,300.

I went home with RM 3,300.

Net win: RM 1,200

Lessons learnt and moving forward:

When you feel like you’ve already won enough, just leave. I could have lost a lot of money with my absolute RM 4,500 bankroll if I lost that last RM 1,600 bet coz I would have put down more money.

It’s a good thing I won back my RM 1,200 win after an epic battle at the Roulette table. 🙂

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