Project Pasta: Bloody Gnocchi

gnocchi ingredients

Project Pasta was instantiated this evening on an
impulse with my girlfriend. We decided to go to Ting & Ting – a
local import specialty shop – to get the ingredients to cook gnocchi
(it’s a pretentious Italian word for conk shaped pasta) at the kitchen.

Bloody Gnocchi recipe:
Barilla Gnocchi
Hormel Real Bacon Bits
500 grams of ground beef
Monini Olio olive oil
San Remo Italian Double Concentrate Tomato Paste
duChef Tomato Puree
Grozette Formaggio da Pasta (cheese)
McCormick Season-All salt
McCormick Mixed Herbs

gnocchi sauce bacon

The sauce was prepared using my gf’s secret recipe of Hormel Real Bacon Bits sautéed in hot olive oil. McCormick Mixed Herbs was also added into the mixture and stirred for about a minute.

gnocchi sauce fry

The resulting olive oil, bacon bits and herb mixture was transferred
from the ceramic pot into a frying pan and the entire 500 gram bag of
local Ting & Ting ground beef was added and cooked until the beef
turned brown.

gnocchi sauce look

This is what the olive oil, bacon bits (the secret to the taste),
herb, and ground beef sauce base should look like after cooking with a
spatula. It should be noted that constant agitation is necessary to
allow even heat to permeate the, er…meat.

gnocchi cook pasta

Meanwhile, another ceramic pot was filled with boiling water and added with salt (McCormick Season-All Salt)
in preparation to cook the gnocchi. The gnocchi takes about 14 minutes
to cook so it is advisable to do this first if it hasn’t been done
already. ;)

gnocchi sauce tomato

Back to the sauce, San Remo Italian Double Concentrate Tomato Paste
was added to the ground beef mixture in the frying pan and mixed
thoroughly. The ground beef should be slightly brownish at this point
if you left the heat on.

gnocchi sauce done

Next step involves the transfer of the ground beef and tomato paste mixture back to the ceramic pot and the addition of duChef Tomato Puree
(which she told me is different from tomato paste – to be honest, I
can’t tell the difference). The sauce is mixed thoroughly until
everything is blended evenly.

gnocchi scoop

The pasta should be cooked at this point so we scooped up the gnocchi into two plates…

gnocchi scoop sauce

…and added the sauce on top.

bloody gnocchi

This is what the gnocchi looks like when it’s done – there is cheese sprinkled on top of the sauce (to taste).

gnocchi end

It was dubbed Bloody Gnocchi and we had it for dinner just now with skim milk. It was delicious!

…and it’s really fun to cook too. :)

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