Dodgy Tim Tams


I saw these Tim Tam (one of my favorite things to eat when I have
the munchies in Melbourne) biscuits on the shelves of a Giant
supermarket and was very puzzled at the visible difference in
packaging. The wrapper is different and the size of the pack is
different from the ones I’m used to seeing.


Upon closer inspection, I found out that these ones are made in
Indonesia instead of Australia. It was going for RM 2.69 at Giant (the
supermarket). I don’t know how much imported Tim Tams are, I’ve never
bought them myself here but in Coles it was A$ 2.55 (or A$ 1.98 on

Product of Indonesia
Developed especially for South East Asia market.
Not for sale in Australia or New Zealand.

I don’t think it would taste the same though, so I didn’t get any.
The outsourced ones always seem to taste mediocre from experience.
That’s not to say Indonesia doesn’t come out with good, quality stuff
though. The legendary “X scores” were from Jakarta. Not that I would
know anything about that first hand of course.

Hi, it's me

I’ve been busy with assignments these few days (weeks?). Sleep
deprivation is fun. Watching the toilet bowl water do some fancy
fragment vector graphic effect before when you’re about to take a piss
is interesting indeed. Anyway, I still have some more assignments due
so here’s my (short) day in pictures:

Went to Caulfield to print and hand in one of my assignments. I saw this at the MONSU desk while binding the assignment:


An assortment of free AA batteries in a box saying “Free batteries”.
Generics mostly, but there’s some Sony and Toshiba alkaline ones in
there too. Went to Coles after that to stock up on groceries. Of
course, when I say ‘groceries’, I really mean non essential food items.


Tim Tams are going for A$1.98 (usually A$2.57). The new batch has this promotion going on:


There’s a ticket inside with a nifty layer which you rub to reveal
what’s underneath. After a while, the dark layer forms again and hides
the underlying text. It’s like those novelty lighters with a dark
coating obscuring a model’s naughty bits until you apply heat to it.
Did I win?


Nope. It says “Second chance draw”. I can’t get a good picture coz the layer reforms really quickly.

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