XM Malaysia

XM Malaysia

I just started my first day of work today – it’s at XM (Malaysia) at
Kenaga International at Jalan Sultan Ismail. It’s quite a while from my
place, I took a taxi there, it’s about RM 8 but the taxi back was RM
10+ due to the horrible traffic jam at the Bukit Bintang and Jalan Pudu

Kenaga International

First day at work was okay, got to know the staff and my colleagues
in the technical team. Surprisingly, a lot of taxi drivers doesn’t know
where Kenaga International is…deja vu from Melbourne where there’s
frequent stops to consult Melways (a map) and many questions for
directions. ;)

There is a nice, relaxing fountain at the bottom of the Kenaga
International building and my work place is located on the 16th floor.

Look at the vivid PURPLE BLUE of the brinjals. Is that normal?

Anyway, a bunch of us walked to Bukit Bintang for lunch at the food
court on top – it’s surprisingly near, I could have walked from my
hotel to the first interview. Oh yeah, I heard from my colleages that
there’s a Putra LRT station – the KL Central one, that’s only 8 – 10
minutes walk from the office. The nearest LRT station here is the
Bangsar one and that takes about RM 5 by taxi to Medan Damansara so I
thought that works out to around the same price, taking into account
the LRT ticket. Anyway, I won’t try tomorrow morning, but I’ll use that
to come back tomorrow night and see if I get home alright. It’s just
too much of a hassle to get back by taxi during office hours…my
grandmother could walk 50 times faster than the speed traffic moved
along the traffic congestion areas.

I waited damn near 1 1/2 hours for a taxi…no one wanted to pick
anyone up during the peak traffic congestion office hour period.

Anyway, I don’t have any other photos except of the ones outside the
office place…I signed a non disclosure agreement, and since most
monitors were displaying code of some sort, that might violate it. I
will have to ask permission before taking photos inside the work place.

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