Chinese New Year Eve dinner

This is what I got for the New Year reunion dinner without the reunion today.


Honey chicken, kai lan in oyster sauce, sliced fish with scallops and ginger.


Steamed rice, garlic prawn and char kueh tiaw.


Magnum almond ice cream, Sara Lee Bites – frozen cheese cake and fudge brownies.

Mmm…I’m going to attempt to eat everything in a gross, disgusting and totally unacceptable manner. πŸ™‚

A$20 million Powerball

I was having lunch at McDonald’s today when I noticed this large
poster at a newsagent advertising the Powerball draw for tomorrow
(well, technically today) which is for A$20 million. Powerball is a
national lottery which runs into the high millions about once a year. I
think. I’ve only bought it once, and that was about two years ago. A
couple of us went past the Tattslotto agent at the campus center after
finishing the final exam for the semester and saw the draw for A$30
million. We each bought one and we were discussing the things we could
do with that kind of money over dinner. Heh.


Well, I also got a ticket today, and in the unlikely event that I
win the A$20 million, well…hmm…well, I don’t know what I’ll do with the
money, but I’ll do something with it. Probably fly to Amsterdam and
have coffee in one of those coffee shops I keep on hearing about. I
think that’s what they do in coffee shops over there anyway. Drink
coffee, that is. I hear they have some really good coffee with unusual
names like White Widow, Purple Haze and Durban Poison. Nothing beats
having a good coffee and snacking on something healthy like mushrooms.


Anyway, today was a really warm day as well. There was a lot of
smoke too, from the bushfires still burning in country Victoria. This
photo was taken at Richmond station. The heat only dissipated an hour
ago, according to this
[]. Good thing I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight to
finish up my Industrial Experience stuff for tomorrow. I wouldn’t have
been able to sleep anyway.

Oh God, Yes!!!

function get_max_or_weight_from_itemsubjid_and_criteria_id($conn,$itemsubjid,$criteria_id)
$sql = “SELECT max_or_weight FROM assessment_items_criteria WHERE itemsubjid=$itemsubjid AND criteria_id=$criteria_id”;
$stmt = ociparse($conn,$sql);
ocifetchinto($stmt, &$result_array);
if ( sizeof($result_array) > 0 )
return $result_array[0];
return 0;

Such exquisite beauty in such a simple function.
/me rubs tears of joy from eyes
Hmm…solving a coding problem that’s been bugging you for a long time
is very much like having a big fat line of coke. Not that I would know
of course.

Behold, I draw again


This is what I always drew in high school when our art teacher said “bebas” during art class. Bebas
= free, which indicates the topic of the day was to draw anything you
want. As you can see, I’m not very gifted in the arts, so inevitably,
I’ll hand up this picture. It was always drawn this way too, a house, a
sun in the top right hand corner, a pond with a duck inside (complete
with lines depicting the movement of the duck), a tree on the left side
of the house and several clumps of grass at the bottom left hand corner
to fill up the blank space. It feels good to render my favorite piece
of art once more. πŸ™‚

Kinder Surprise


What exactly is the surprise that lurks within a Kinder Surprise?
Like me, most, if not all of you have asked yourselves the very same
question at some point in your lives. Unable to let this pressing
question go unanswered, I picked up one of these when I went grocery
shopping a couple of days ago.


I tore the packaging off the chocolate egg and bit the top part off.
Inside laid this small capsule that looks deliciously compact, and
inside the capsule were various bits and pieces and an instruction
sheet. Assembling the toy was a fairly easy process, and the end result
is this:


A dog with only two legs and an unfortunately long neck.

Out with the old, in with the new


I changed the Cascading Style Sheet because I was caught in a wave
of dysphoria while looking at the old one. The spice extends life. The
spice expands consciousness. This new one looks cleaner, nicer. I am
afraid of Track #6. The “All hail The Creator” one. The Creator cometh!
Whose pupils are dilated? Is it yours? It’s gotta be yours, coz it’s
not mine! The little fan sits on the little bed and spins its little
blades. Flange flange flange. Nevermind, lah. Ting ting ting, bells a
ringin’. Hlp, I’m drownd. That was from Bag of Bones. One two, buckle
my shoe, three four, shut the door, five six, pick up sticks, seven
eight, lay them straight. London bridge is falling down falling down
falling down. London bridge is falling down. My fair lady. Please
define. You better do it soon, because the stick is very angry. hahaha

A haiku:
Rice is long and grain
The small grains are sun and soft
Bring me to a boil

Mindfuck! Newspower! Your store with more! Oh, so much more, baby.
Needful things, you see. Flange flange flange. Paleolithic 35,000,
Neolithic 25,000, Mesolithic 15,000, Besi & Gangsa 2,500. Will I
live to see tomorrow? One two, buckle my shoe, three four, touch the
floor, five six, eat up sticks, seven eight, mash them straight. London
bridge is falling down falling down falling down and London bridge is
falling down my fair laydee. And this is me going Goooooooooood

The lid of a rice cooker is his hat. Please don’t take it away. It
needs the hat to shade himself against the sun. Why is a passport a
passport? Hmm…something to think about eh? Or not. I don’t give a fuck
either way. If you want, think about it. If you don’t want, fuck off,
no one is pointing a gun to your head and forcing you to do anything.
Just remember Bi-Lo, where there is extra value for YOU! Yes, you heard
me right! Extra value, just for YOU!

I’m going to throw up. Delirium, schizophrenia with a unique 3D
shape. Urg. Knock knock knock says ICQ. Three times lucky, says OCD, my
friend Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Whoever he is. Quick review, I
feel a need to write. The smallest things are significant. And the
fnords are everywhere, don’t you think otherwise. London bridge is
falling down, falling down, falling down.

Everytime I go to the toilet I feel an urge to puke. 755-25-25 Pizza
Hut Delivery! PLUR. Peace Love Unity Respect. An overturned saucepan
with boiling hot margarine on the floor. Floosh floosh floosh. Intense.
Saucers. Not the flying kind. It’s so powerful. Oh my God, It’s really
so powerful. What a powerful mindfuck! It’s a Teacher! Man, it’s so
crazy over here. So crazy…

I see! No really, I see!!!

If I’m not making sense, it’s because I’m not making sense.

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