Arnott’s Kahlua Slice chocolate biscuits

arnotts kahlua slice

This is the chocolate biscuits that caused a bit of controversy when
it came out. Arnott’s came out with a line of liquor biscuits, the most
popular one being the Kahlua Slice. I just found it
today and realized from the various artefacts that my sister came back
from Christchurch, NZ for a holiday. I just missed her by a couple of
days, she was only here for a while, it’s hard to get leaves in her
line of work (she’s a doctor attached to a hospital).

arnotts kahlua slice liqueur

Well, she brought back these Arnott’s Kahlua Slice chocolate
biscuits made with pure coffee liquor that I’ve heard so much about.
It’s available in New Zealand, though these are made in Australia. The
package blurb goes “Why is your Kahlua Slice moment so special? It’s
because at Arnott’s we make our own real chocolate. We source the
finest cocoa ingredients from around the world and blend with natural
milk products from Australian pastures.”

arnotts kahlua slices

It looks like a standard Arnott’s product…

arnotts kahlua slices biscuits

…but it really tastes like Kahlua! Arnotts licenced the coffee
liqueur Kahlua to make Kahlua Slice. It’s great! The synergy of flavors
goes very well – this product just might be the one to ursurp Tim Tams
as the Arnott’s golden goose.

Gotta run, got a plane to catch…

sibu plane 2 catch

I’ll be going back to Sibu in a couple of hours. It’s work related,
the flight leaves at 5:30 pm and I have three site surveys to do in
Sibu. First one is tomorrow morning at 8 am, that’s the reason behind
the last minute change in departure. I’ll be flying back to Kuching
again on Sunday night, last flight. I have a net connection in Sibu,
but I doubt I’ll be doing much updating until tomorrow since
it’s…Sedating Sibu, after all. πŸ˜‰

Starbucks Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

starbucks coffee jelly 1 u

One of Starbucks Summer Fun beverage items is the much lauded Starbucks Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. This is the outlet in 1 Utama.

starbucks coffee jelly promo

Here’s what the literature says – Coffee Jelly Frappuccino Blended
Coffee “Take a sip of the world’s finest coffee, complemented by tasty
pieces of coffee jelly”.

starbucks coffee jelly

I ordered one and it didn’t disappoint. The coffee jelly is amazing,
it’s firm but yet, oh so pliable jelly, made of real coffee. It’s

starbucks coffee jelly jelly

It looks like cincau with caffeine. It tastes like a Frappuccino
with coffee jelly. It’s amazing. This is the last KL post. Phew, I’ve
cleared the backlog. πŸ˜‰

Air Asia Snack Attack menu review

snack attack intro

Snack Attack is the Air Asia on-board outsourced cuisine (if you can call airline food cuisine). I have tried the Snack Attack Chicken Congee
[] before and it seems that they switch their menu items
once in a while and that one didn’t quite make the cut coz I didn’t see
it on the menu this time. This was on the trip to KL, I had wanted to
review the Snack Attack menu for ages.

snack attack attack

I had not eaten for a full 52 hours (I counted, statistical variance
of +- 30 minutes) in preparation for an all out attempt to tackle the
Air Asia’s prohibitively priced, bland tasting but yet strangely
attractive on-board offerings. This budget airline sells food and
merchandize on board, much like some US carriers do. Malaysian Airlines
provides food for free.

Snack Attack drinking water (RM 3)

snack attack drinking water

I first attempted to hydrate myself with their Snack Attack reverse
osmosis water, “exclusively for Air Asia”. It tastes like water. Hey,
what did you expect? πŸ˜‰

Snack Attack Malay sandwich (RM 6)

snack attack malay sandwich pack

The Snack Attack menu of sandwiches consists of 3 types of
sandwiches in 3 different categories – Western, Asian, and Malay. There
are three subgroups under the Malay sandwich banner, namely, Sambal
Anchovies, Chicken Satay, and Vegetarian Samosa. I went for the last
one. It comes wrapped in a square sandwich box.

snack attack malay sandwich

Here’s Vegetarian Samosa sandwich in all its…er, glory. It’s cut
in three horizontal strips but didn’t taste all that bad. Or maybe it
was coz I was hungry.

Snack Attack Nasi Lemak (RM 7)

snack attack nasi lemak

This is the nasi lemak (the only substantially filling item on the
menu) from Snack Attack. It has no logo, just a barebones classic foil
container which retains heat.

snack attack nasi lemak open

It tasted as sad as it looks. Oh well, at least the plastic spoon and fork didn’t break on me…I count my blessings. πŸ˜‰

Snack Attack SnackPack (RM 8)

snack attack snack pack

The Snack Attack menu describes this box of goodies with the tagline
– “Want a little of everything? How about our SnackPack with a tasty
savory, Cadbury chocolate and beverage. We’ve even thrown in a FREE
Snack Attack Pen!”

snack attack snackpack

There’s a RM 0.70 cent Gardenia Spicy Bilis Fun in a Bun, an RM 1.40
Cadbury Break chocolate bar and a pack of RM 0.80 justea. Move along
now, nothing to see here…

snack attack pen

Here’s the free Snack Attack pen, which I promptly misplaced.

Snack Attack Mango Juice (RM 3)

snack attack mango juice

I had to wash all that down with a bottle of mango juice…which tasted like generic mango concentrate diluted with water.

snack attack airlines

I’ll never fly S&M Airlines again…

Anbara / Anbarah king dates – the most expensive variety

anbara king dates

There are a lot of dates in the market now since it’s the fasting
month. I saw the now ubiquitous date displays at 1 Utama and something
caught my attention…

anbara dates king

RM 13.90 for five dates in a container! That’s about RM 3 dollars
per date! It’s a ludicrous sounding price, since most dates aren’t so

anbara dates container

I couldn’t resist from getting some though. I just had to taste these expensive dates, just to see what’s so special about it.

anbara dates 5

I learned that Anbara (also spelled Anbarah) dates hails from Saudi Arabia and is the most expensive premium dates around.

anbara dates coin

These are very large dates, as you can see – here’s a 20 cent coin
on top of it for a better perspective. It well deserves the title of
king dates indeed. I haven’t seen larger dates around.

anbara dates inside

It tastes really good too, high sugar content, with very generous
flesh. There isn’t much of a seed to speak of, which is good. Fleshy,
sugar packed dates, full of protein.

Anbara dates. i’m lovin’ it.

Restaurant Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh

myy bak kut teh

This has got to be the most hilariously named eating establishment ever. It’s called Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh
and is from the original Klang restaurant. This is the one in 1 Utama.
This place specializes in Bak Kut Teh, a potpourri of pork cooked in
variety of spices and herbs. It’s usually translated as pork rib tea.

myy interior old

It feels like stepping back in time, into ancient China while
walking into the interior. The decors, the seating arrangements, the
lanterns…everything in Mmm…Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh (cracks me up every
time) seems to preserve an aura of the old mainland dynasty elements.

myy har kau

I’ve always liked har kow so I ordered a dim sum platter of it. This establishment serves dim sum as well.

myy har kau prawn

The har kow is good, with a huge prawn inside, but the wrapping is a little too fragile…

myy radish cake

This is raddish cake, a savory appetizer.

myy bkt claypot

Going to the main – this is the claypot bak kut teh, the flagship
dish of this restaurant. It’s good bak kut teh. The small version for
1-2 person(s) goes for RM 18.

myy bkt claypot inside

Here’s a look inside – this is the mixed variety, a “combo” if you
will, containing not only pork spare ribs, but other offal from the
animal called pig.

myy bkt sauces

It comes with a choice of two sauces – either chilli or garlic. I like garlic with Bak kut teh.

myy you cakoi

Bak kut teh is usually complemented with you char kueh (or you cakoi as it states in the menu). It’s RM 3 for a serving.

myy rice

Rice goes for RM 1.20 per bowl. It’s for small appetites, but the
rice is very fragrant, the fried onions on top complement the rice

myy veggies

Add in a serving of vegetables (RM 8) and there’s a complete meal for you.

myy value bkt

There’s another option which is more economical – the Executive
Lunch Set which comprises of Bak Kut Teh, You Cakoi, Rice and Tea for
just RM 9.90. However, the portion is much smaller, as you can see in
the picture above. It’s only slightly larger than the rice bowl.

myy value rice

The rice is the same as the normal variety, but the you char kueh is
served on the side of the bowl. Nevertheless, it’s good value since it
comes with a bit of everything in the set. This place serves really
good bak kut teh and rice. It really deserves the title of Mmm Yum Yum
Bak Kut Teh! (or maybe I just wanted to use that phrase again ;))

myy dessert balls

Of course, the perfect thing to end the meal would be a classic old
skool dessert of hot glutinous rice balls filled with black sesame,
swimming in a clear bowl of sweet syrup…

Louisa’s 23rd @ TGI Friday’s, 1 Utama

tgif 1 utama

This is TGI Friday’s at the newly revamped mall at 1 Utama which
threatens Mid Valley Megamall’s claim to the biggest mall around these
parts with its new extension wing. I was in KL as a surprise for my
girlfriend’s 23rd birthday.

tgif wait

Richard had already made preparations for Louisa’s birthday, but
there was a mistake in the TGIF venue so we had to wait for around 10
minutes before seating arrangements could be made for our party of four.

tgif interior

TGI Friday’s was packed as usual, since it was a Saturday night.
There was a table beside us with two girls who ate a prodigious amount,
which puts my legendary voracious appetite to shame. One of them ate
twice the amount that I could usually eat. I guess there’s always
someone better than you. πŸ˜‰

tgif buffulo wings

This is one of the appetizers…I didn’t order it so I’m not sure what it is. Buffalo wings with celery and dip.

Ultimate Mudslide RM 19.50

tgif mudslide

A chocolate laced avalanche of Kahlua, vodka, Baileys Irish Cream
and ice cream. It’s absolutely fabulous – very thick and rich. It’s a
great dessert style cocktail. Highly recommended!

Ultimate Margarita RM 19.50

tgif margarita

Our signature margarita made with Jose Cuervo Gold, Cointreau and
Grand Marnier. I reckon it’s much better than Chili’s margarita.

World Famous Friday’s Burger RM 17.90

tgif famous burger

Our renowned patty topped with crisp beef bacon slices and melted Colby cheese. It’s alright, what I usually order at TGIF.

tgif burger macro

We shared this one along with the new Fajita Tower.

JD Chicken and Shrimp RM 32.90

tgif prawn chicken

This is a blurry picture of what Richard ordered. It comes with dip and mashed potatoes.

Fish and Chips RM 22.90

tgif fish chips

Here’s Alice’s meal. Fish and chips.

Sizzlin’ Fajita Tower RM 33.90

tgif fajita tower

This is the new menu item at TGI Friday’s. Chargrilled beef,
chicken, or combination (we chose the combo) on a platter of grilled
onions and peppers. Wrap meat and vegetables in warm flour tortillas or
crisp lettuce cups. Then top with cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and
guacamole to give it more Southwestern flair.

tgif fajita 1
This is the highest plate on the 3 tier tower. It has the toppings on it.

tgif fajita 2
This is the middle platter – with the main beef and chicken fillings on it.

tgif fajita 3
This is the lowest tier with the warm tortillas and lettuce.

tgif fajitas

I mixed a little of everything – it’s a great menu addition to TGIF’s portfolio. Nice!

tgif birthday crew
This is the TGIF birthday singing team.

Thanks to Richard for being a great host and taking care of things during this distracting time.

tgif louisa birthday
Happy birthday Louisa! πŸ™‚

tgif food fun

TFI Friday’s…Come for the food, stay for the fun.

KLIA Ramadhan Fest 2004

klia fest 2004

There’s a Ramadhan Fest organized by Eraman (not Erimin ;)) at KLIA yesterday. There’s some people doing nasyid performances on-stage as well as many vendors selling everything from dates…

klia sisha

…to shisha/hookah pipes (!) complete with the tobacco mix and
charcoal. I saw a variety of fruit mixes and charcoal and intricately
designed pipes on sale. It was retailing for RM 159 for each pipe,
which I reckon is a nice price. I would have bought one if it wasn’t
for that 19/10 incident. :p

air asia leather

…and here’s the Air Asia newly equipped leather seats that they’ve
been advertising for quite some time. Not bad for a budget airline. I
booked the tickets to KL a month ago as a surprise for my gf’s
birthday. I just arrived in Kuching late last night. I will post the
birthday post up during lunch break – I have a backlog of things to do
due to the unpaid leave I took yesterday.

Financial drain…

accused statement

The hearing yesterday went alright under the circumstances…there
will definitely be a court case, date undetermined. These things can
drag on and on. I’ve consulted with a lawyer and he said he wouldn’t
want to speculate what charges would be pressed against me. However,
the police officer said it would most likely be a charge that would
carry a fine of up to RM 10,000 or jail.

The problem here lies in the fact that I do not have 10k in savings.
That is four months of my salary. I now see why people choose the “or
jail” part coz in my case RM 10,000 = 4 months wages, not counting
living costs, rent etc. so that could be why jail can be appealing to
those people. However, I would not want to go to jail, so I will pay
the fine.

Please understand that I still cannot talk about this case since
anything I say can be used against me. I’ve already spent a whole lot
of money and I have to spend more for legal representation and court
fines. The good news is, there isn’t a high chance of mandatory jail,
just a huge fine. The bad news is, I don’t have 10k in savings.

My father has kindly offered to pay for the fine when it comes. The
day I have to appear in court has not being determined yet, this shit
can drag on and on, but it’s going to happen soon. Next Thursday, I’ll
know the date. The thing I hate about this is I have been financially
independent since I started working and having to have my father bail
me out really brings me down. I hate that feeling.

I still can’t discuss the facts of the case yet, since anything can
be used against me, but I’ve already spent more than a month’s salary
due to this incident. I don’t want to solicit contributions, but in the
dire financial straits that I’m in…shit, ya know…

I had watched my savings grow and just disappear due to this
unfortunate incident. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me
out. It takes a real blow on my pride to have to ask this from my
readers, and I have to give out one fact of the case just to make
things clear if anyone wants to help me out financially.

I accidentally caused injury to someone. It was unintentional. I honestly didn’t intend for anything like that to happen.

Even though I know I will probably lose most of your support by this
revelation, I still think it’s fair to say that before anyone decides
to contribute. It’s the right thing to do and I’ll appreciate it if
anyone could help lighten my financial burden despite this. It was an
honest accident, I never meant for it to happen…

Please send an email to if you decide to contribute. These are my account details:

Bumiputra Commerce (BCB)
Account Number: 1115-0066354-52-5
Name: Poh Huai Bin

This is the easiest method to ease my financial burden since you
just need to deposit cash into a BCB teller machine and email me. I
would appreciate any help, no matter the amount, since I honestly can’t
pay a RM 10,000 fine by myself and certainly not with the additional
burden of legal fees…

Thanks in advance for anyone who wishes to do so, and please email me so I can thank you.

I will be flying off to KL in an hour and I won’t be back till Tuesday. It’s a break from all this…I’ll update then.

Take care everyone…

Fogging Aedes

fogging aedes

Mosquito season is here again and fogging operations are being done
to counter the threat of Aedes mosquitoes which is a vector for dengue
fever. I remember the fogging operators going into my house when I was
young and I simply loved the smell of the chemicals. It’s a sickly
sweet smell and it’s like walking in a fog dream.

fogging aedes man

I saw fogging operations being done again just now. They still use
the phallic looking fogging devices but the Malathion trucks were gone.
It used to be a double whammy last time, fogging operations followed
quickly by a truck dispensing Malathion through a specialized exhaust.
I think they scrapped the Malathion truck coz of the toxicity…

I miss those trucks…

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