Friday Five

Well, I’ve decided to start doing this from now on. It’s a list of five questions for bloggers
to answer. It comes out every Friday, and I suspect that’s why it’s called the Friday Five [].

1. …sent a handwritten letter? I send cards and letters to my girlfriend all the time
when I’m in Melbourne, so I’ll say about a month ago. I used to have heaps of pen pals when I was
in high school too, but I seem to have lost touch with all of them. I still remember I had a
gymnast pen pal called Su Yen. Still remember Joanne Lim, Daniel and Ting Chuan? Of course you both
do. πŸ™‚

2. …baked something from scratch or made something by hand? I baked a raspberry mud cake
with my girlfriend last week. She did most of the work, but I, uh…helped to open the packs and
stuff. And I carried out the oven and beater from the store room. Heh. Of course, I helped to eat
it too. What can I say? South Korea vs Italy was on. I would have done my share of the baking

3. …camped in a tent? I think it was in 1997. It was before the SPM exams and a group of
us camped on the school grounds. It was very fun, we managed to do a mini human pyramid. Pretty
impressive considering none of us have done that before. I had my driving test the next day too, I
ended up not sleeping and went to the test quite blur. I did manage to pass it though. Here’s a
couple of photos from that camp.

Standing (from left): Sing Choon, Huai Bin (me), Yi Ching, Adrian

Not standing (from left): ?, Yee Sing, Ung Hing, Teck Heng, Ting Chuan, ?

I have forgotten why my shirt is in such a sorry state.

I apologize for subjecting your eyes to this photo. πŸ™‚ Heh. I’m the one with the yellow briefs
partially showing (the last one). This was taken as we were about to go into formation for the
human pyramid.

I’m the one at the top. Tied my shirt to my back for that Superman feeling. I had to hold my
hands out to balance myself because Ting Chuan (who was supporting me) kept on laughing for some
reason. Heh. Just seconds after this photo was taken we broke formation (we lost balance). Fun days
indeed. I shall leave out mention on whether any alcoholic beverages were consumed prior to this
attempt because this was on school property.

4. …volunteered your time to church, school, or community? I helped Wesley Methodist
Church to type in a list of the members into an Access database in 2000. Pretty gnarly work. It
wasn’t all altruistic though, I was more interested in compiling a personal list of, uh…the
better looking members of the congregation. Heh.

5. …helped a stranger? Hmm…I gave A$ 2 to a woman who approached me and my friend
outside Melbourne Central Station about two months ago. She claimed she needs to buy diapers for
her baby and she was pushing a pram. I had just left St Francis church, I went for their
Easter Mass, and was feeling pretty good, so I gave her some coins even though I highly doubt her
story. Does that count?



I’ll be off to Mukah [] tomorrow with a couple of
my buddies. Mukah is a small coastal township upstream from Sibu. There is a beach there,
although it’s too polluted to swim in. I’ll be back on Sunday, going to stay there for the
night. I haven’t been there since I was really young, so it’ll be nice to go there for some
sago and umai
[]. We went to get the tickets this afternoon, going to catch the 2:30 pm bus

Getting the tickets at Sedaya bus terminal

I’m seated in unlucky 13

Anyway, me and my girlfriend went out to get some ice cream tonight. As I was sending her back,
I felt a really bad stomachache coming on, the kind that produces watery feces. I insisted on going
back home instead of using her toilet, thinking I still had a bit of time. Unfortunately, it got
really bad as I left and I had half a mind to turn back, but since I was already halfway home, I
might as well attempt the whole run. Anyway, about 2 minutes later, I got hit with a really bad
URGE to go and I was seriously considering going right then and cleaning up the mess when I
get back. Heh. It was that bad. However, my sphincter was stronger than I thought, and that wave
soon passed. But soon, another wave came and in desperation, I floored the accelerator to try and
beat the last traffic lights, but it changed just as I got to the intersection. Woe! Luckily I
managed to get home okay and rushed upstairs. Ah…nothing beats reading Time in the toilet while
taking a dump.

Ticketed again

Headed out to see the Borneo Post editor today. I feel like writing something to be published. I
went to the wrong office though, I thought it was the one at Sungai Antu but that’s the printing
press and management offices. The editorial ones are in town, above Ta Kiong. I was surprised to
see that the offices are all equipped with Macs. Rows and rows of Power Mac G4s, even the editor
was using one. Guess Wintel is not in vogue with the publishing crowd.

Anyway, I was interested in covering crime scenes and such, but I hear you need police
connections for that. I was relegated to doing public interest articles…I haven’t thought of one,
but I’ll crack out my word processor and write one up when I’m in the mood. Anyway, I headed back
to find out that I’ve been ticketed (again) by those damned SMC ticket inspectors.

Hmph…luckily this kind of parking ticket does not involve demerit points, just a fine. The
police issue ones comes with 10 demerit points free of charge. Parking here involves coupons, which
are displayed at the windshield, and I neglected to put one up before I left the car.

Well, I headed off to Wisma Sanyan after that to get something to eat and develop my photos. I
brought my scanner back so I’m in the process of scanning all my film prints this holiday to
archive them. I also picked up a couple of pirated VCDs, I saw that the newer ones are much clearer
now and the sound is slightly better too, compared to those gnarly ones a couple of years back.
They cost RM 5, which is slightly less than A$ 2.50. Back in the days, these VCDs often has people
standing up, coughing, cell phones ringing and other assorted noise. It’s because they are filmed
using a camcorder in a cinema. The newer ones doesn’t have this problem though, I wonder what
changed in the filming process.

The Minority Report and Men In Black II

Site update: Due to popular demand (okay, no one requested it, but I wanted to do it anyway)
I’ve put up a POTD Archive.

Edit: Obsolete link removed after the move to Movable Type

What is a Germ Bra?

Not surprisingly, Brazil won 1-0 against Turkey
[] in this match. I hear the Asian Handicap betting odds for this match is a one
goal advantage to Turkey, so that means no one is hauling home any cash tonight. Of course that
means no one is winning any money as well, so it all works out. A very remarkable game was
played by Brazil, with the winning goal made by Ronaldo. The Hasan Sas antics towards the end of
the match displays very poor sportsmanship though. I think he was pissed coz he alleged one of
the Brazilians pushed him, but the referee didn’t do anything. As the Brazilian took the corner,
Sas tackled him in a way that makes it seem like he was out to get the player instead of the
ball. Naughty, but understandable. Must be pretty frustrating to lose in the semis. I’m looking
forward to the Germ Bra final. Or is it Bra Germ?

On another note, I finally had one of those Spicy McChicken Delight burgers today. It’s okay,
tastes like a Zinger. The McDonald’s fries here sucks compared to Aussie McDonald’s fries

Boo hoo hoo

Link: Boo hoo hoo

South Korea lost 1-0 to Germ Many. I was hoping they will reach the finals…that would have
been great! I was screaming at them to PULL AN ITALY [] and JUST
GET A SHOT IN during the last 5 minutes, but the Germany defense was too solid at that point.
Michael Ballack got a yellow card BEFORE he shot that killer goal in, and considering he’s going
to miss the finals due to that card, I was hoping he’ll be bummed but he still managed to get a
goal in!!!!!!!!! Arrrggggggghhhhhhh… But at least Michael Ballack and Oliver
Jens Jeremies []
won’t be playing in the finals [Edit: I’ve been told that Jeremies will NOT miss the finals
and there was only one yellow card dealt to the Germans. I must be getting Referee-itis
(selective blindness) coz I could have sworn I saw two German players carded
]. Hmph. Good
game Korea, go and eat those Senegal motherfuckers alive in the 3rd place playoffs [Edit: I’m
really blur…that should read “eat those TURKEY motherfuckers alive”


I went out with my ex classmates (plus one FOAF []) tonight. Picked up
Johnny, Justina and Daniel and headed to Wisma Sanyan to meet with Yi Ching and Jonas (I
think…didn’t hear your name clearly). Yi Ching wanted to get a new cellphone and Daniel wanted
to get some CDRs. I went to the camera shop to ask about the availability of a 36.5 mm UV filter
for my digicam. If you’re a photography nut, you’ll know that is a not a standard lens thread
size. As far as I know, only Crystal Optics produce 36.5 mm filters and that shop didn’t carry
it. I might have to use a step up adapter to 37 mm or a step down one to 28 mm. We’ll see.
Anyway, we headed down to Bandung after that because Johnny hasn’t had dinner yet and was
hungry. Too bad he had to share the kampua goreng with 3 other people. Heh. Anyway, Bandung has
become a shell of it’s former self. It’s pretty empty now, it used to be the only late night
outdoor food court, but now there is the more popular Taman Selera and also the Pedada one. I
asked someone to take a photo of us and she nearly dropped my digicam (!) and was pointing the
lens at herself at one point. Here’s how that one turned out.

Busting out my chopstickz skillz and holding a whole lime.

From left: Huai Bin, Daniel, Johnny, Justina,Yi Ching, Jonas (?)

(Click for a larger image)

After supper, we went to Pintu Gerbang (Pintu = door and Gerbang = arch) to take some pictures.
There are always people racing those mini remote controlled cars there, but there was only a couple
doing it today. At weekend nights, there could be as many as 40 people there. I noticed that there
are quite a few new structures in Sibu nowadays. This one is in front of the old Sugarbun and
opposite the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic church.

Sitting: Jonas (?), Johnny, Daniel, Huai Bin (from left)

Standing: Yi Ching, Justina (from left)

(Click for a larger image)

It’s good to meet up with Yi Ching and Justina, which I haven’t seen in a long time. We were
from the same class in high school. We actually considered going to Methodist to take some photos
there but finally decided it would be too troublesome to have to wake up Mr. Yeo to open the gates.

From left: Justina, Yi Ching.

(Click for a larger image)

Mail me if anyone wants higher resolution, un-watermarked

Bukit Aup

Linda Blair makes a cameo

OH MY GOD!!! What is that face?!?!?! I swear it wasn’t there when I took the photo! BUKIT AUP
IS HAUNTED!!! Damn ghosts, now they’re coming out in the daylight too.

(Click for a bigger picture)

I headed out to Bukit Aup at around 4 pm today for no particular reason. It’s a park about 8 km
from where I live. People go there to run in the afternoon and couples go there to ensure the
continued existence of the human race at night. There are also some persistent rumors about ghosts
infesting the park, and I remember this crazy old guy passing around leaflets with a photograph of
a ghost supposedly taken in Bukit Aup when I was young. Of course, this raises the question of why
a ghost can be caught on film when it’s supposed to be optically invisible, but I digress. Looking
at the place though my lens, I found out that it’s actually a pretty nice place. I’m very out of
shape though, I found myself HUFFING and PUFFING by the time I got to the observation tower. I
could count 3 other people with cameras there too, I wonder why.

The signboard telling drivers that this is Bukit Aup, in case they happen to forget.

The opening hours, but you can get in anyway after 10 pm.

The map of the park, complete with names like Fairy Pond and Garden of Meditation.

1. Rowing Platform. Quack!

2. Observation Tower.

3. Skysteps. They really are quite steep.

4. Pavilion.

5. Garden of Meditation.

6. Fairy Pond.

7. Picnic Area.

8. Children Play Area.

9. Mid Level Platform.

10. Lagoon.

11. Boating Lake.

12. Amphitheatre.

13. Administration cum Food & Drink. Bad choice of words. Hearing cum in the same
sentence as food and drink makes me think of unconventional sexual acts.

14. Jalan Aup and 15. Car Parks. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in the T for toilets.
If you’re wondering where this numbering comes from, it’s from the board (Pic #3).

The view of Sibu town from the observation tower.

The spirit offerings (that’s what I heard) at the observation deck. Plastic bags full of Weird
Shit TM that’s either to ward off bad luck or to induce good luck.

The view of the cemetery from the observation deck. Those are not residential areas. All of them
are cemeteries.

I carved my URL into the wood at the observation tower. If you live in Sibu, go to the tallest
deck and look at the wooden railing to your left and it should be there. Heh. It took me a while to
do that with my car keys. Next time I’m bringing something sharp.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the ghost picture is done in Photoshop. I don’t know how to use
those newfangled filters, so I just traced Linda Blair’s face from a screen capture of
The Exorcist [] movie and cut and pasted it
into the photo I took in Bukit Aup today. Pretty low tech, but hey, it works.

PM of Malaysia

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir has withdrawn
his resignation
[]. Good. Dr. M is a great leader…perhaps the only one in SEA
who’s not afraid to say what he thinks. Unlike the leaders in other countries who’s perpetually
bending over backwards to accommodate the United States, Dr. M is always doing what he feels is
best for Malaysia, regardless of what the world thinks of him. This is a mark of greatness and
for that, Dr M has my respect.

Picture nicked from New Straits Times []

Fucking hell

The naughty parking ticket

It didn’t even register to me that I was parking illegally coz I’ve been parking at that spot
for so many times and heaps of people park there too. It’s that line beside the road divider in
Taman Selera. Hmph…while I was eating, one of the stall waitress asked me where I parked and I
said at the road divider and she told me that the traffic police are writing summons. I rushed
there but they were already in the middle of the line and I was the first car in the line.
Sheesh…I took a photo of them anyway, this photo is worth RM30 and 10 demerit points, so please
save it to your hard disk or set it as your wallpaper. =D

(Click for a larger picture)

The smoke is from the satay BBQ beside me. I have taken the liberty of applying a mosaic
filter to the license plates.

I hate getting parking tickets, it always happens to me for some reason. And it’s not like I’m
out to spite The Man and park anywhere just for the hell of it. It must be coz it’s the end of the
month. Gotta meet quotas, you know, and where else in Sibu can you get 20 at once. Hmph. Anyway, I
went to the pasar malam today with my mates Daniel and Johnny. Guys always seems to go out in
three’s coz two will suggest questionable sexual orientation and one seems kinda sad. hehe.

A noisy photo of us. I’m the guy with the hand down the pants. I can’t remember why I did
that. πŸ™‚

Headed out to Kin Orient Plaza to get another Photoshop CD coz the last one was an upgrade
version. After that, we headed down to the pasar malam to take a couple of pics. I haven’t been
there in…ten years I think. I hear it’s getting torn down in July to make way for a tourist
attraction of some sort. After that, we went to Premier for more photo taking fun and finally went
to Taman Selera (grr…) to get something to eat. Had some chicken chop. I was taking a photo of my
friends when the group of waitresses behind them started smiling at the camera. One of the them
asked me to take a photo of them, and I was more than happy to oblige. Heh.

(Click for a larger picture)

The waitresses (and a waiter). There seems to be some debate to which is prettier, the white
shirt with a blue spiral design or the black shirt with Number 1 on it. Make yourself heard.
White shirt or Black shirt?

Anyway, I found a dead lizard outside my door today. I hear it’s because my cat is offering her
friendship to me in her own way. Sharing her food with me, so to speak, coz she doesn’t want me to
go hungry. How sweet.

Go Korea!

Another wonderful match
[] by South Korea today. They managed to hold off the Spanish Inquisition and
win 5-3 on penalties. w00t! I’m looking forward to watching them play Germany, and with a bit of
luck, they just might meet Brazil in the finals. There was several nail biting moments, when the
ball just deflected off the goal posts (my heart nearly stopped), but good thing they won in the
end. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t very confident in Lee Woon-Jae’s abilities as a goal
keeper, but he managed to block one of the penalty attempts, and that’s good enough for me.

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