Methamphetamine booster shots

Disclaimer: This is a really old post from 1906. The effects described within have long since passed. It also coincidentally the events that led to the ICU trip. πŸ˜‰

meth iv

I decided to experiment (in 1906) with ideal dosages for booster shots on re-dosing on IV methamphetamine. I have found that 10 cc is the ideal booster shot (for me) taken every 5 minutes to maintain (close to) the original rush.

meth iv filled

I fill the syringe with 40cc – 60 cc of methamphetamine for the initial shot. I use just enough water to dissolve it for my first injection of methamphetamine to get the dizzying rush of dopamine and norephedrine synapses firing in the brain and re-dose with just 10 cc of meth after the initial dose.

meth iv inject

I am aware that smoking methamphetamine produces a quicker onset, but nothing beats the exhilarating rush of injecting that just plain knocks you flat on your ass, nearly throwing up, trying to stand up and falling down again on really pure methamphetamine crystals. It’s the closest thing to heaven.

I just like filling the Terumo syringe with methamphetamine and drawing some water up before using the cold shake method to dissolve the crystals and then boost the meth. It’s quite an experience, something I’ll always remember.

…even 100 years later. πŸ˜‰


Cherie is Luconia

cherie is luconia group

Cherie has recently left for KL and it is much to our surprise (or maybe not) that we’ve come to think of Cherie as Luconia and the place just doesn’t seem the same without her anymore. I was talking to David the other day and we were talking about finding a new watering hole considering the massive staff resignations and management chance in Luconia (Post-Cherie). This photo is from the good old days of Luconia (Pre-Cherie).

cherie is luconia

I’m only writing about this since there’s a lot of Cherie fans out there. I usually don’t write this much about my personal life.

cherie is luconia crop

Cherie was a good girlfriend and a close friend to me and I’ll always remain her friend. She called and told me to call her up when I’m in KL.

cherie is luconia us

It was fun when we were together, but all good times must pass and we shall find a new watering hole to satiate our appetites for ethanol based drinks soon coz Luconia just isn’t the same without you.

…and like I always said, when it was good, it was great, right? πŸ˜‰

P/S – Here’s a bonus picture of Cherie since you guys like her so much:

cherie is luconia bonus


Xanax nightlight and Viagra soap (Pharmaceutical promos)

Xanax nightlight

xanax nightlight

I have a cool Xanax nightlight (which I think is rather ironic) which I got from my ex-gf. Ahh…the perks of having a pharmacist as a gf. πŸ˜‰ It comes in a small plastic receptacle that has “Xanax” and “alprazolam” emblazed on it in red.

alprazolam promo

The pharmaceutical promotional product is from Pfizer (probably for the new 3 mg steady state plasma concentration Xanax) and is a fully working night light for reading a book on those sleepless nights (see ironic).

Viagra soap

viagra promo

This huge bar of Viagra shaped soap is also courtesy of Pfizer. It smells really nice.

viagra soap

It contains a large Viagra shaped blue colored soap with the imprint “Pfizer” on one side…

viagra soap real

…and “VGR 100” on the other, just like the real thing. Except this is soap.

Which I also found rather ironic.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Triple Decker

cadbury triple decker

Cadbury Dairy Milk Triple Decker (now with Mint flavor) is the latest offering from the Cadbury line of products. I got one at the airport since its new.

cadbury triple decker choc

It is described as “a layered combination of DAIRY MILK milk chocolate, DREAM real white chocolate and mint flavored confectionary”.

cadbury_triple decker layers

The concoction actually tastes rather nice…the milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors blend nicely and it ends on a minty tone.


Reductil (sibutramine) revisited

reductil box

I managed to get sibutramine (Reductil) which goes for RM 196 for a box of 10 mg sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. One box is a month’s supply of sibutramine and contains 28 capsules of sibutramine 10 mg equivalent to 8.37 mg sibutramine.

sibutramine 837

Reductil [] is not new to me, but I decided to give it a second review with alternative methods of administration. It has come to my attention that sibutramine is a freebase and that means it can be smoked. I was planning to insufflate the sibutramine too (and at the risk of spoilers it was extremely good).

sibutramine contents

Sibutramine comes in capsules of blue and yellow and each blister pack contains 14 tablets for two weeks. Sibutramine is an appetite suppressant and it gives the feeling of satiety to the user. It feels like an amphetamine like most other diet pills and ADHD medication.

reductil 10

Sibutramine has two active metabolites and has a half life of 1 hour for the parent compound. It seems perfect for smoking and insufflating. It also has an extensive first pass liver effect so smoking and insufflating sibutramine would be interesting since it bypasses that route.

sibutramine capsules

I opened up a capsule of 10 mg sibutramine to find fine white crystalline powder. The capsules are easy to open with just a pull on the blue part of the capsule. The yield of each capsule is about 4 lines of cocaine (this is a very arbitrary comparison since everyone cuts different sized lines).

sibutramine snort

I am pleased to report that insufflating sibutramine makes the compound come on much faster than the oral route and there’s also a rush involved in it. I can’t comment on smoking since there’s so much filler I choked and coughed my lungs out.


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