The Kollective MANGA!

The original photo has been resized and compressed so any resulting artifacts are my fault.

The cast has been inked by Daniel
[]! I say he did a wonderful job, very nice indeed. I
can’t draw at all, and I was impressed that it only took him 2 hours to
sketch this out. You probably need to read the post
[] to know what this is about. This is Daniel’s first
draft, so comment if you want him to make changes for the second draft.
It’s a great first draft though, I like how the characters came out.
Eh, I look too feminine in this sketch, gotta submit a change request
to the artist. Haha! Here’s a photo
[] for the second draft. πŸ™‚ This was taken about two weeks
ago, the pair of jeans that I was talking about isn’t very visible, but
the shirt would be good and it’s nearly a full body length shot. Thanks

Incoming! 100 x 5 mg dexamphetamine tablets! =D

I just got my dexamphetamine (dextroamphetamine sulfate) refill
yesterday. I was actually late for the script…the last time I went was
28th of March. I get 100 x 5 mg dexamphetamine tablets for my
“narcolepsy” every 25 days. πŸ˜‰ My unfortunate condition (sorry about
the jokes, I can’t help myself. hehe!) requires me to take two tablets
twice a day, so that’s 20 mg per day. 500 mg / 20 mg = 25. Thus, each
bottle/script/refill (used interchangeably) is supposed to last me 25
days. I was late this time though, it’s been 33 days since my last
visit, so I’m 8 days late. Isn’t it wonderful how my normally dismal
arithmetic skills rally up and perform when it comes to substances? =D

29th of April – dexamphetamine refill. I had just done a single pass
at first and was startled to see that my name was visible (although
fuzzy) when the photo was resized. I had to heavily mosaic it again to
obscure my real name and the doctor’s name to protect our privacy.

Anyway, I was actually worried that I’ve been too late for my script
and it’s going to raise suspicions…like I don’t need it for my
“narcolepsy” anymore. I’ve always been worried about being asked to do
a urine drug test too, I hear most people have to go through that
before being prescribed dexamphetamine, but luckily I wasn’t one of
them. πŸ™‚ Everything went well yet again! It was quick, in and out, just
for the script. The doctor recognized me so it was scribble scribble
and I’m out. He said that he feels bad because I have to pay A$35 for
consultation each time I refill my script. Hah! I was thinking that
this is a great bargain – 500 mg, that’s Β½ gram of pure
dextroamphetamine (as opposed to racemic stuff you get from the
streets, the dextro isomer is the one that’s recreational) for just
A$35 consultation (refundable so it’s not included as ‘cost’ – this is
the only thing I put on my medical insurance) and A$30.35 for the
dexamphetamine tablets.

Gobble gobble!

Well, I was about to suggest that he can write dated scripts, ie
“100 x 5 mg dexamphetamine tablets – 24th May 2003” so I can only cash
it on that date or later, but I didn’t know if they’re actually allowed
to do that in Australia. I don’t mind visiting the good doctor anyway.
πŸ™‚ Anyway, I picked up the lovely little pills at the pharmacy nearby
and got some Ural as well. Ural is marketed for Urinary Tract
Infections (UTI), but it’s also a urinary alkalinizer. πŸ˜‰ It’s cheap
and it’s better than drinking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) mixed
into water.

Ural – It’s not just for UTI’s.

Ural also has sodium bicarbonate as the main component, plus some
other stuff as well. I always take two, just tear them up and empty
them into my mouth. Mmm…fizzy! It makes you gag if you don’t chase it
down with water though. Heh. Oh, and I’m not recommending the use of
[] because that makes it more neurotoxic as well. I always do
it though, because I’ve grown to love the constant body and head buzz,
especially when taking a piss. πŸ™‚

Anyway, taking too much alkaline stuff is bad as well…makes you feel
nauseous. Ural and other alkalinizers doesn’t last very long, so I take
it constantly. I find that two packs 15 minutes before dumping, two
packs straight after dosing and every half hour after is good for me.
It does noticeably potentiate the dexamphetamine. That might not be
good for you though, I’m just sharing my experience. I don’t know what
excessive consumption of GI alkalinizers would do to people with an
existing condition like a stomach ulcer.

Box of Ural – 28 x 4g sachets @ A$6.75

Well, I’m going through the script faster than I thought. I’ve
already taken 84 tablets (420 mg of dexamphetamine) over the night and
I’m sad that I’ve gobbled most of the script in less than a day! I
suspect that my five day methamphetamine run er…just two days back,
contributed to my tolerance. I did get wonderfully stimulated during
the initial 90 mg dose (oral – I’ll like to see you snort that many
dexamphetamine tablets! =D) early last night, but re-dosing is just
keeping me awake without much euphoria to speak of.

Anyway, I’m not dependant on (meth)amphetamines, I’m just trying to
finish up my assignments. Everyone is having assignments due this week.
πŸ™ Well, I don’t have to justify my use, but I just want to make it
clear that no dependency issues are forming here. I wouldn’t take 420
mg in a night if I had the choice! That kind of consumption is
wastefully excessive even in my eyes. The later doses were just
‘maintenance’ ones to stay awake coz I had to finish my stuff.
Re-dosing doesn’t do much at all, nothing beats the first dose, I’ll
much rather keep the rest until next week if I had the choice.

There’s something funny about gobbling a fistful of tiny white pills
but given the choice, I’ll rather have a superb high next weekend
(after my tolerance goes down) than eat more now and not get tweaked
much at all. πŸ™‚ What a waste…still, work needs to be done, and I don’t
like caffeine as a chemical assistant. It’s just too messy and there’s
not much grey matter turbo charging going on compared to its stronger
cousins. The pills are almost gone, and it’s just been slightly over 24
hours! Sigh…I’ve consumed my script in less than a day. Gloomy
indeed…irresponsible and wasteful. Oh well, I’m not the only one with
assignments, better get back to them. Oh, just one last note…I’ve
always found dexamphetamine nice…the comeup is pleasantly euphoric,
happy happy thoughts. It’s unlike the comeup from methamphetamine which
is more chargy and scattered.

Dextroamphetamine = nice body + head buzz, “happier”, and good to work with. Nice soft comedowns too.
Methamphetamine = longer lasting, superior mental euphoria,
better clarity and it’s great to work with too. Unfortunately, I tend
to go overboard with it and go for days without sleep and food and
there’s no comedown to speak of…only a horrible crash. πŸ˜‰

I love you both! πŸ™‚

but neither of you are any good for me…

A day of spills…

spill1.jpg + spill2.jpg



I spilt Diet Coke TWICE on my Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical
keyboard yesterday. I forgot all about it and went to sleep. Upon
waking up, I started typing and wondered why some keys were going
crazy. Typing s brought up Outlook Express, Ctrl puts it into Sleep
mode and stuff like that. I was wondering why, I couldn’t even remember
the spillage incident yesterday…until I saw some liquid coming out from
the seams on the side. I overturned it, and a significant amount of
Diet Coke steeped in gunk dripped out. Fuck. I’m letting it dry and see
if it works, if not I’ll flood it with water (coz it’s sticky), dry it
and try again. That sucks because I have an assignment due on
Wednesday, while all the time I was thinking it’s due on Thursday. This
A$5 backup keyboard has a Sleep button where my Outlook Express mapping
was (grr…), I keep reaching for a non-existent volume control and the
keys feel too hard. I have to apply considerable force to make each key
press register and since I’m used to the softer Logitech, I keep making
typing mistakes coz the key strokes are not being registered. Typing
with such force is tiring too. I also managed to spill chicken topping
sauce on my pants during dinner.


Oh well, back to work. I’m about to nod off, I need an infusion of something. Too bad I don’t have anything.

Mushroom Hunting II – Mini Mushroom Hunting


Mushroom #18
Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere, but not a single one to eat (with confidence). A patch of mushrooms with different species.

Yesterday was a great day for mushrooms in Melbourne. Cold
temperatures and it rained most of the day. I saw HEAPS of mushrooms
EVERYWERE. Mushrooms galore. It’s raining mushrooms! Popping up on
roadsides, fields, even CONCRETE! Okay, maybe not that last one, but
you get the idea. I saw several at the hospital but didn’t pick anyway.
Too tired and run-down. I saw heaps at the place I live too, even right
outside my door! Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere, as far as the eyes
can see!

Mushroom #19
Promising looking mushroom growing on enriched soil. It stains blue, but the cap looks strange.

Well, I was too tired to go for a long hunting expedition but I took
a very short stroll and photographed a few. Damn, I missed a good
chance. If I had gone the route MH and I went in the last couple of
days, I would have found plenty of magic ones I reckon. Anyway, I don’t
know if the ones that I photographed yesterday are psychoactive,
there’s just too many species of fungi and wild magic mushrooms are so
hard to identify for a beginner like me. Anyway, enjoy the photos! πŸ™‚

Mushroom #20
Interesting looking mushrooms on enriched soil.

Mushroom #21
Early stages of a mushroom’s growth cycle…still shaped like a ball on a stem.

Mushroom #21
The same mushroom (visually similar, on a same patch) in a later growth stage…looks like a mushroom now.

Mushroom #21
The same mushroom with the gills showing. The A$2 coin is for size comparison.

Mushroom #22
This one was tricky. It was growing at a high human traffic area under
a small brush and I had to climb into there in daylight and photograph
them in full view of anyone who happens to look by. Looks dark coz I
used flash.

Mushroom #22
The same mushroom with the gills showing.

Mushroom #22
The same mushroom picture beside A$2 coin. It’s quite large, size of my extended palm.

Mushroom Hunting I is here [].

Messy Meth (Hello Nurse)

The best delivery system I’ve seen to date!

I have too many things to do so I’m going to keep this short. I had
a Class A meth induced freak out yesterday. It was my 5th day without
sleep and food (but plenty of meth and dexamphetamine), and I had
forced myself to half a pack of Tim Tams (chocolate biscuit, very
sugary sweet). I was browsing around when I felt my hands go completely
white like there wasn’t any blood. I was feeling very confused,
sweating, hand tremors, extreme dizziness and my vision was fucked.

I felt my blood pounding in my head, had sore muscles, my face was
crawling and my hands had parts that looked black too, which freaked me
out. I’ve heard something about hypoglycemia before and I searched for
it. I read some medical sites about starvation induced hypoglycemia,
reactive hypoglycemia after a high sugar meal stuff like that. I was in
a bad state of mind, and reading those made me worse coz I had those
symptoms. I spent 6 hours reading and debating whether or not to go to
a hospital.

Hmm…nah, I concluded, it’s just a meth freak out, not that
hypothingamajic. Sleep deprivation, overt CNS stimulation for prolonged
periods of time, you’re stressing that grey matter, not getting
starvation/reactive hypoglycemia. The symptoms came and went and I
thought okay, I’ll just eat something that’s not simple sugars to
re-stabilize…forced two small pieces of chicken about the size of a
thumbnail down and well, basically got worse.

The symptoms came again, even worse this time and I was really freaking out. Why?

The risk of permanent neurologic deficits increases with
prolonged hypoglycemia; such deficits can include hemiparesis, memory
impairment, diminished language skills, decreased abstract thinking
capabilities, and ataxia.

Basically, they advice quick medical attention because you’ll damage
your brain the longer you wait. There was one site that said go,
because the risk of not going is permanent brain damage. Fuck, I
thought. I still didn’t want to go, but I was scared coz I had these
effects towards the end during the last long meth run (6 days) too.
Ketoacidosis, hemiparesis (I don’t even know what this is!!),
neurological damage. Medical terms swirling in my head…

I decided that it was just methamphetamine induced paranoia and
sleep deprivation induced erratic thought patterns. Nothing to worry
about, I’ll just pop a couple (maybe more than a couple, har har)
benzos, down some beer, smoke some weed, get some food in me and sleep.
Except, it got worse, and got me seriously worried about my mental
health. Brain damage!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always held my
superior intellect (in my opinion :p) in high regard and I don’t want
to fuck that up.

I guess the last straw was when I couldn’t think or speak normally.
I was having trouble getting what I thought into words and my speech
was abnormally…well, abnormal. My precious brain is getting fried, I
thought. What if it’s really hypoglycemia and not meth paranoia? It’ll
be STUPID to not go for a checkup, when neurons are at stake. I flushed
all my drugs down the toilet and my friend (can’t name him coz that’ll
give away my identity) took me too the hospital. Thanks buddy, I owe
you one! πŸ˜‰

Well, at the hospital, I had to wait for ages while the triage nurse
(the person that evaluates all incoming patients) fucked around. Most
triage nurses are bitches (and that’s a fact) but you can’t blame them
too coz it’s their job to sort out the emergencies and non-emergencies
for better efficiency. I’ve had experience with them before, I had to
wait for ages before I finally got approved after throwing up blood.
That time, I saw a guy with a broken arm cursing coz he had to wait
ages too.

I think you have to be 5 minutes away from death to get instant
approval from triage nurses. They have the “police syndrome” aka the “I
feel like God, I have so much authority bow before me lesser beings”
disorder. Anyway, I finally got a little bit of mini-God’s time and she
took my blood sugar with a tiny device that pricks the finger, all the
while telling me off. I have to say that not all triage nurses are like
this though, the previous one I saw was much nicer.

Well, she told me I had a blood sugar level of 6.7 which is normal
“and probably even better than mine” (her own words) and asked me
whether I wanted to see a doctor. I said no, because if it wasn’t
hypoglycemia, I don’t have to worry about brain damage. She berated me
for not eating (I didn’t tell her about my methamphetamine use – my
policy is disclosure on a “need to know” basis) and was a general
asshole about it. Regardless, I thanked her and stood up and she
impatiently asked whether I wanted to see a doctor again and I said no
(again). Major fucking bitch with a capital B.

Well, anyway, all is good except that I flushed good drugs down the
toilet for no reason. I know from experience that hospitals won’t
notify police or anything but try telling that to a paranoid delusional
after a meth binge. Anyway, I still have the symptoms but my conclusion
is that it’s just extremely high blood pressure from frequent meth
re-dosing. It went away after stopping and sleep. Did I really go on a
break? I’ve been using it too much, I don’t want to go into specifics,
but it’s too much.

Enough about that, yesterday was a great day for mushrooms but I
think that’s gonna be in a different post coz it’s completely
unrelated. Anyway, I didn’t think I did any serious harm, but my
intellectual abilities sure went down several notches today. It’s quite
noticeable and I’m still waiting for the verdict – benzo related
(temporary) or overheating + high blood pressure (permanent). Hope that
it’s the former, wish me luck people. =D Well, fuck this wasn’t short
after all. Ah…methamphetamine, you’re such a contradiction – my best
friend and my worst enemy.


MIA coz assignments. It’s Saturday! Time fastfowarding, I can’t keep up! No, stop!!!


Quick one, took this photo just now. Around 6 AM. Hmm…I thought 6 AM
was just an hour ago. But the clock says I’m wrong. Where did the time
go? Jumped to 3:37 PM? PM??? Wtf? Noooo…go slower k. About the pic,
I’ve been meaning to photograph that since it was implemented a couple
of days ago, but didn’t get around to it till now. There’s a new policy
at our halls, the main stairway door is to be locked 24/7. The picture
up there is the latch that is used to keep the door open, it’s been
taped over to avoid people from using it to prop open the door. Now I
gotta remember to bring my keys every time I go out…wait, can’t
continue like this…MUST WRITE IN FRAGMENTS. Quicker. No time.
Assignments. Here’s another pic to show perspective:


Something else. All hail Win XP System Restore. Got a corrupted
profile this morning. My personal profile won’t load. XP loaded default
and I was shocked to find all my assignment files missing (all saved in
My Documents) and all my photos (stupid Nikon Browser…default to My
Pictures in My Docu). They just weren’t there, browsing to Docs +
Settings -> My Name -> Desktop
-> My Docu
-> My Pics
All empty!
Horrified! Restarted but same thing happened, after shock passed
(partly due to remaining disk space still the same and worse come to
worse, go for disk info retrieval tools – digressing, not good,
anyway), went for sys restore hoping I didn’t turn that off. Always used to turn it off coz didn’t want the extra load.


Thank God I didn’t turn it off this time. Restored to previous day
and right as rain. Worked on ass and STILL didn’t back things up. I
never learn. Mouse froze just now, “fuck!” I thought. Mouse error is
common error, bios disables USB support and have to restart and set
things rite – only happens occasionally, so didn’t bother to isolate
cause, but prob coz of the wireless mouse +kb driver).
Anyway, uh oh, this is bad I though. Had to reboot…prayed won’t see the
corrupted profile. In vain. Yep, got the same corrupted profile.
Please sys restore, do your magic. Whee. Restored okay, BUT….
Nothing in all my docs
My ass was in there…12 hours of work…gone?
Made offerings. Prayed. Restored to earlier date, didn’t dare to look, went to toilet.
Came back and phew, everything fine again.
Except a couple of database files were missing


Luckily they were on the Unix server I work on. PuTTY r0x. Doing the
backbone for my ass. Using SQL Plus command line via SSH to Unix. Don’t
want to bother with downloading Oracle for GUI SQL Plus. Command line =
faster for me. If you’re working on something like this too, and didn’t
already know, easy way: Type SQL tables in notepad. Save as
“database_create.sql”. FTP upload. Go SQL Plus Prompt. Type “start
database_create.sql”. If you’re like me and makes a lot of mistakes
you’ll also have created “clean.sql”. Just a fast way to drop all
tables. Copy table names from db create. Also, save typing, script
“see.sql” with “select table_name from user_tables;”. Just in case
clean.sql ordering wrong, FK dependent tables not deleted first.
Reorder again. Populate db separately “populate.sql”. SQL not fun.
Doing the Java and PHP front end now. Still have CSS and HTML to go.
Bye sleep. BTW, me != retard. Just in a rush. Gotta go, time moving at
the speed of lite. Keeping up, hard. Trying. Wish me luck. Thanks!

Mushroom hunting

Location: South-Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)
Date: 24th April 2003
Time: Afternoon (1:00 PM onwards)
Weather: Relatively warm (19 degrees Celsius) and dry

It’s mushroom season! πŸ™‚ Autumn is here! This afternoon was a warm
19 degrees and there was rain a couple of days ago. Rain followed by
warm weather is reported to provide the best growing conditions for
mushrooms. I went mushroom hunting this afternoon with Mushroom Hunter
(not his real name) during a break from our assignments. Mushroom
Hunter (MH) has past experience with identifying some magic mushrooms
and knows the hotspots around our area. I brought my digicam and
backpack along, met up with MH and off we went.

Mushroom #1
Habitat: Wood chips with dry leaves and a plant
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Toadstool

We walked a long circuitous route around our area to check out every
magic mushroom hotspot that MH has harvested from in the previous year.
I took photos of every species we came across. There were several
promising ones which could be psychoactive, but none which could be
positively identified with 100% certainty, so I’m going to post the
photos later at The Shroomery
[] for help. I can’t give more information about the
location except that it’s somewhere in the South East suburbs of
Melbourne, Australia.

Mushroom #2
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Panaeolus subbalteatus – magic mushroom based on this picture [].

Well, most of the previous year’s hotspots that we went to were
either filled with possibly poisonous mushrooms or non-magical
mushrooms. There were some spots which had dried out as well, but it
was a great learning experience. I discovered that mushrooms can grow
in the strangest places and with MH’s help I learned how to spot for
mushrooms. It became easy after a while and I was surprised at the
amount of wild mushrooms growing around our area. I had never noticed
them before!

Mushroom #3
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Clumps
My guess: Toadstool

I harvested three different species, which have since been disposed.
I had neglected to bring plastic bags, so I could only take samples of
three specimens to avoid cross-contamination. One of them somehow
disintegrated during the journey (Mushroom #7) and I was left with two
– one which is probably not magical and one which has a higher chance
of being magical. The purpose of taking samples is solely for
photography in a controlled environment. The specimens have all been
disposed of after the photography session. I do not have mushrooms in
my possession!

Mushroom #4
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Smattering
My guess: Gymnopilus purpuratus – magic mushroom based on this picture [].

Anyway, even though we did not find mushrooms that could be
identified with absolute certainty as magic mushrooms, there were
several hotspots which MH foresees would spring forth groups of
potentially psychoactive fungi to be collected from future mushroom
hunting trips. I saw a place where there were heaps of what I think is psilocybe cubensis. This would warrant a return visit if it’s positively identified as such.

Mushroom #5
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Unknown

I do not have experience with mushroom identification, so I wouldn’t
want to risk death by misidentifying a potentially poisonous mushroom.
We did not find the species that MH knows is safe from previous
experience. However, we came across several species which appeared to
be psychoactive to my untrained eye. I’ve taken photos of all the
mushrooms we encountered and compared them to known psychoactive fungi
pictures on the net and some bear a remarkable resemblance.

Mushroom #6
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Looks promising – magic mushroom?

The possibility of encountering poisonous look-alikes is high, so
I’ll like to be absolutely certain that they are hallucinogenic. I’ll
post every picture up, and if anyone can help in identifying the ones
containing psilocybin and psilocin (magic mushrooms) I’ll be very
appreciative. Mycologists and seasoned mushroom pickers in Victoria, I
need your help and experience. I can post larger and higher resolution
pictures if extra detail is needed for identification purposes. Thanks!

Mushroom #7
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Panaeolina foenisecii – not psychoactive based on this picture [].

Mushroom #7
This is another view of Mushroom #7. It has black/brown gills but it’s not very visible in the picture.

Mushroom #8
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Clumps
My guess: Gymnopilus purpuratus – magic mushroom based on this picture [].

Mushroom #8
This is another photo of Mushroom #8 at a different spot. Can anyone
confirm this as Gymnopilus purpuratus? This looks promising and there’s
a lot of them.

Mushroom #9
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Psilocybe cubensis – magic mushroom based on this picture [].

Mushroom #9
This is another view of Mushroom #9. It has brownish white gills.

Mushroom #10
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Psilocybe australiana – magic mushroom based on this picture [].

Mushroom #10
This is another view of Mushroom #10. This shows the gills.

Mushroom #11
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Unknown

Mushroom #11
This is another picture of Mushroom #11 at a different place. I’m not sure if they’re similar, it looks similar to me.

Mushroom #11
This is another view of Mushroom #11 (second one). This shows the gills.

Mushroom #12
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Psilocybe cubensis – magic mushroom based on this picture [].

Mushroom #13
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Scattered
My guess: Psilocybe cubensis – magic mushroom based on this picture []. Possible for Psilocybe cubensis stem to be this slim?

Mushroom #14
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Psilocybe aucklandii – magic mushroom based on this picture []. Possible for Auckland, NZ species to be in Victoria, Australia?

Mushroom #14
This is another view of Mushroom #14. It shows the brown gills.

Mushroom #15
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Toadstool – it’s a single large (about the size of two golf balls) growth.

Mushroom #16
Habitat: Wood chips
Growth pattern: Clump
My guess: Toadstool

Mushroom #17
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Toadstool? It’s very interesting – the size is
unusually large and long and it’s squishy when pressure is applied. It
feels like there’s some sort of fluid or air pocket inside.

Mushroom #17
This is another view of Mushroom #17.

Mushroom #10 – Sample Mushroom #1
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Spread out over a small area (picked from a different place but seems similar to Mushroom #10)
My guess: Psilocybe australiana – magic mushroom based on this picture
[]. These mushrooms did not ‘bleed’ when the stalk was
snapped. The gill is brownish. This sample has since been disposed.

Mushroom #17 – Sample Mushroom #2
Habitat: Grass
Growth pattern: Single
My guess: Toadstool? The outer ‘flakes’ rubbed off with normal contact friction. This sample has since been disposed.

Added on 25th April 2003 (01:43 AM): Here’s the very informative replies from The Shroomery forum members! [].

Good magic mushroom references:
John W. Allen’s Magic Mushrooms of Australia & New Zealand [].
The Shroomery [].

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!


This is the condom vending machine in the male toilet of the Roberts
Hall main building. I thought that the “Sold Out!” sign pasted on it
was funny, but then I’ve been told I’m easily amused. Oh, I took a
photo of a really old bus parked at the Monash University car park (the
one beside the bus loop) on Monday.


There I was, walking around it and taking photos, amazed to see such
an antique in prime condition. I thought it was some kind of display,
and I was about to poke my head into the ajar door…until I saw a girl
peering quizzically at me from inside. The interior was furnished like
a motor home and it even had a small gas tank on the side. “Oh, sorry
to intrude, I didn’t realize you were in there”. “No worries, take as
many photos as you want”.

I can’t believe I forgot all about this, they turned out to be
really good pictures. I only remembered when I saw the thumbnails while
I was uploading the digicam photos to the hard disk. I haven’t done a
transfer since last Sunday. The bus is painted green and yellow and
white like a tram and there’s even a sign saying “FLINDERS ST STN 4” on
the top. Very authentic.

REAL TIME Pill Review – Pink Bird (Melbourne)

Afternote: I’m terribly sorry everyone. This is so juvenile
and stupid. This is a serious lack of forethought on my part. I suck so
much. I’m a sorry excuse for a human being. Look at me, feeling sorry
for myself. “I can’t help it, it’s the chemical imbalance going on
right now in my brain”. There I go again, always with the
justification. I hate myself. I’m feeling so depressed right now. I
took this pill (sold as ketamine) because I felt like some ketamine to
end my night. “Better living through chemistry”, I tell myself.
“Limiting my legal liability, it’s been sitting in my drawer for ages”,
I tell myself. Excuses, excuses. Is this ketamine? Felt like it, but
only MDMA (Ecstasy) makes me feel this horrible and depressed. I’m
smelling lavender everywhere. Lavender makes me depressed. I still
can’t think very well, but I’m sorry for posting such a stupid thing.
Please don’t read it. Feel free to flame me and call me names. I
deserve it. I’m useless. I’ve ruined the image of every responsible and
intelligent recreational user. I’m not fishing for your sympathy or
pity, don’t feel sorry for me, everything I do willingly is my
responsibility. I’m so sleepy right now. I’m going to sleep. I want to
throw up. Horrible depression, leave me be. Fuck it, everything sounds
wrong. Nothing but whine whine whine. I’m sorry for disappointing
everyone who reads my posts and I understand if you’ve lost your
respect for me. “It sounded like a good idea at the time”. Story of my
life. πŸ™


wowo typing that title sure was fun. hehehe.i was writing muy
personal trip report when i thought HEY! why not write a rREAL TIME
trip report fora change! hehehe
won’t that be a hoot!
eh i’;m altrady logged in and i didn’t know hahaha!

[Edit: I accidentally lost (wrote over) part of the opening
paragraph while updating. This real time
constant-update-as-things-progress idea isn’t so good after all.]

Pill Name: Pink Bird
Color: Pink with white spots
Location: Melbourne
Contents: Sold as a ketamine/speed combo pill – not sure, first
time I heard speed/ketamine combo and second time I heard ketamine
only. My fault for not clearing things up.

if uou’re blind (i won’t blame you though πŸ™‚ ) here’s the scanned pill front phottoshooped to show the outline of the bird

oh boy the images will be a challenge to do
i’m going to past the trip report i had just now and put it here:
oh this is so NOT FUNNY
by the way this is not the trip report dump
talking about how i logged out and lost some stuff
and next thing I DID IT AGAIN and lopst more stuff
real time is not so good after all
okay back to this, i was in the middle of the keeping the log when i
suddenly thought, why not do a REAL TIME one???? the prevpipus one all
are posted after, because of legal issues.

pill front taken with a digicam (macro mode) – pill is thick

ok here it is:
thick pill
pink with white spots
solid – hard pressed and hard to crush
no bevel or split
turn down red coz its very pink
and phewwwwwwwweeeeeeee
did it burn
ouch! fuck! fuck! fuck!
i snorted a big line and my eyes watered. should have crushed it finer.
theyshould have made it crumblier
its a k pill for fucks sake…why make it so solid when its meant to be crushed
scanned back of the pill. this is not part of the trip report, i
just chucked in in so you won’t have to read huge amounts of text
without some pics. hahaha! this is the pill’s back. wat do you see?
nothing? you’re right. no detail on the back

and snorted?
ouch! just had another line. wonder if its the granules or additives that made it

burn so bad. my eyes watered! i didn’t heve that problem even with my poorly

crushed dexamphetamine tablets.
third line
*eyes watering*
fourth line
oh man, i think i’m doing my sinuses some serious damage but i want to get it up

fast, so it’s all about fast fast fast snorting, don’t think, alternate nostrils,
this is a picture of the crushed pill. photo, not scan. not part of original trip report
and up it goes
oh…i’m feeling ketamine’s effects now. whoa. πŸ™‚
okay gonna clear my nasal passages now
eyes watering and i’m still not done with the pill
the watery eyes adds to the trippy k “visuals”
oh its definately the cut
fucking hell i’m on to ya
the makers of the pill put something that they know will burn going up
tats coz tehy want to make your eyes water
its fune to type
i’m crying
tears flow flow flow

not part of the original trip report. this is a picture, taken in
macro mode to schow you the size of the pill besie an A#2 coin

hmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm
dum dum dum
em em eme em em
emmm ememmmmm
ticka ticka ticka
tsk tsk tsk
doop doop doop
thats the music i’m listening to now
written in words so you can listen to it too
music doesn;t sound right but typing is fun coz i have to correct the spelling mistakes i maaaaaaaake =D
but itssssssssssssssss whoops didn’t mean to do that
gonna do pics now
eh now that the ketamine effects have passed this is getting silly. oh well.

photo of the pill back taken with digicam in macro mode

I don’t know if there’s speed in there, can’t really tell, but I
feel able to sleep. Now I’m not sure it’s ketamine as well coz it made
me feel very depressed. πŸ™ I’ve only experienced this horrible
depression on MDMA (Ecstasy) before. I’m sobering up and this is
stupid. Everything sucks.

I’ve been down this road
In the end it’s all the same
Another day I’m getting older
Another day nothing has changed.
I’ve been down this road
I’m wrong when I know I’m right
Hard pressed to make it better and I’ve got no will to fight.
Think out loud things I want to change,
but I know I never will I’m gonna stay this way
Is this my great reward, servitude and solitude,
a lifetime of chances I have blown?
I woulda coulda shoulda been so much more than I really am,
and it’s nobody else’s fault but my own.

Zero Down – Down This Road

[Final update (07:15 AM): It was probably ketamine +
(possibly) speed after all. Qualitative evaluation of ketamine content
in the pill suggests that it is low compared to the white ? pills
[]. The presence of (meth)amphetamines cannot be confirmed
due to reasons I choose not to state (but you can probably figure out).
Depression is not so bad now, inconsistant with MDMA type depression.
Sleep is possible but unfeasible (poor quality) without benzos. This
may be due to other factors. Booya would be unimpressed by my reversion
to ‘clinical’ assessment. πŸ˜‰ If you’re wondering, no, I don’t take
substances every day. I would be appalled myself if that were true. πŸ™‚
The LSD consumption was recent but it wasn’t yesterday. I usually post
reports after the substance has been consumed for legal and
literature (writing and photo compiling takes time) reasons. Unless, I
specifically use chronological words like “yesterday”, “last night”,
“just now” etc in the post, the average lag between comsumption and
posting is 2-3 days. It’s usually 1 day (the day after) but it can be
much longer than that. I do have “report banks” as in I’ve half-written
but not posted some reports. This is either due to wanting more
experience (eg a fourth experience in the case of a unposted DXM
compilation), a lack of significance (eg the “I swear my Xanax pills
have legs and a mind of its own” post about disappearing pills) or
plain laziness (eg incomplete “Cooking with Cannabis” post). Just FYI.
πŸ™‚ Should my reports be dated (ie consumption date)? What do you think?]

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