Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!


This is the condom vending machine in the male toilet of the Roberts
Hall main building. I thought that the “Sold Out!” sign pasted on it
was funny, but then I’ve been told I’m easily amused. Oh, I took a
photo of a really old bus parked at the Monash University car park (the
one beside the bus loop) on Monday.


There I was, walking around it and taking photos, amazed to see such
an antique in prime condition. I thought it was some kind of display,
and I was about to poke my head into the ajar door…until I saw a girl
peering quizzically at me from inside. The interior was furnished like
a motor home and it even had a small gas tank on the side. “Oh, sorry
to intrude, I didn’t realize you were in there”. “No worries, take as
many photos as you want”.

I can’t believe I forgot all about this, they turned out to be
really good pictures. I only remembered when I saw the thumbnails while
I was uploading the digicam photos to the hard disk. I haven’t done a
transfer since last Sunday. The bus is painted green and yellow and
white like a tram and there’s even a sign saying “FLINDERS ST STN 4” on
the top. Very authentic.

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