What’s your best looking side – left or right?

I’ve heard that everyone has one side that they look better in. The real pros actually navigate themselves so that their β€œbest looking side” e.g. angle gets presented each time they take a photo. Heh.


I don’t know if I have a good looking side. Here’s my right profile.


…and this is my left side.

I think it looks just about the same but please do correct me if I’m wrong – I’ll love to know. πŸ™‚

Do you have one side that you look better in?

This photo looks Photoshopped…but isn’t


I love this photo. It’s one of those photos that looks Photoshopped but isn’t. This was taken during the BEP concert on Arthur’s Day. We were doing a jump shot for the camera and I jumped right out of the photo.

It’s quite amazing since I don’t recall jumping that high. Please direct your eyes to my…er, waist’s position with Suanie as the point of reference. I literally jumped off the frame.

I’ve never been able to achieve the same altitude after this photo. >.<

Photo courtesy of Kimberly.

Guide to taking photos of girls

xx target

I have received a few requests to compile a general list of the techniques (also known as skillz, mojo) I use to create content for my XX Chromosome entry. It has come to my attention that a lot of my readers are curious pertaining my methods of approaching and persuading a female (see synonym chicks, girls) to pose for a photograph to appear on sixthseal.com.

The sixthseal.com Guide to XX Chromosome posts

Approach a.k.a. Target acquisition

target aquired

This is a very important, and often overlooked aspect of taking photos with strangers, especially girls. Your approach is key, since it’s the first impression you make. It helps if you don’t look like a stereotypical horny old man or gangster but even if you look like one, there are several disarming methods that can be applied.


A smile shows your friendly intent and Smashing Pumpkins sang “disarm me with a smile” for a reason.



Look like it’s the most natural thing in the world to be asking for, without being overconfident, pushy, or overbearing. It’s fine to be friendly, but it’s not okay to be assertive in situations like this.

Eye contact

Also related to confidence, always make and maintain eye contact when you see someone you want to put in the XX Chromosome category. Never break eye contact first, it’s one of the rules of dating and also a cardinal rule in doing this. It makes you look unsure, shy, and even weak, not particularly attractive traits for a male.



I tend to introduce myself first, touching the shoulder (the back and arms are fine too, but not other areas) to get the person’s attention if she has broken eye contact. I say something along the lines of “Hello, I’m Huai Bin, and I like the dress/uniform/shirt etc you’re wearing. You mind if I take a photo of you?”

chiew fong

It is important not to give misleading statements or potential minefields e.g. “I like you” but go for the non-animated stuff e.g. clothes, hair, eyes etc. I noticed that I have never gotten a “No” for an answer if I have already pulled out my digicam. It’s this thing about people and handshakes – it’s like how you never see someone NOT shake your hand when you’ve already offered it. It’s something of an automatic gesture.

Lead in


Take one or two photos of the girl and then grab a bystander and tell the girl something along the lines of “Hang on a second, I want to take a photo with you too” and give your digicam to a passerby and start giving instruction on how to take shots. All you have to do now is to stand next to the girl, put your arm around her shoulder (optional) and pose for a photograph.


This happens, I’ve had girls says “I really don’t like taking photographs coz I look ugly in them” or something along that line. That’s not a straight out rejection, the model just needs some convincing, so say something complimentary like “I think you look great, let’s see how the shot comes out”. Most of the time, they agree.

I’ve also experienced one or two straight rejections. The thing to do is to take it in stride. Perhaps she’s had a bad day, is stressed out or just had an argument with her boyfriend. Don’t take it personally. Smile, thank her, and move on. She might be receptive the next time. Always be polite, and chill out, it happens to the best of us. πŸ™‚


dining xx

If you’re single and unattached and you see a lone diner that’s to your liking, sit down and make conversation. Who knows what it may lead into? You’ve gotta eat anyway, so might as well talk to someone while you’re at it. Make the most of every day, live it like it’s your very last.

Cheers from sixthseal.com and thanks for reading!

Happy Hunting! πŸ˜‰

Photo of me for the company website


This is the photo that’s going into the newly revamped Huygens Asia
website. It just went live about 5 minutes ago. Happy, shiny people,
eh? πŸ˜‰ We have five individual photos going into the management team
page. The one above is mine.

Anyway, we have an exhibition going on for the next four days.
SARBEX 2004 @ Permata Carpark Kuching. We’re at Booth #5. I’ll be
heading over to see the preparations soon.

Photo of me jacking off (Work Warning!)

jacking off

Here’s a photo of me after I did battle with the purple helmeted
warrior. Astute readers can see that there are tell tale stains on my
shirt. Here at sixthseal.com, we always try to push the boundaries of
good taste…though a little smudge was done around the exposed pubic
area to avoid offending the more sensitive ones amongst us. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, masturbation seems to be a seldom talked about topic. No one
seems to be volunteering information about beating the bishop, charming
the serpent, choking the chicken, cracking the bat, disciplining the
soldier, loading the cannon, adjusting the antenna, working overtime at
the meat factory and all that.

Well, since I’m bored, I’ll kick off this topic…my views on taking
things into your your own hands *cough* is that most people do it, and
the rest are lying. You could be in the most physically gratifying
relationship in the world and still long for some solo action, where
you don’t have any obligation to please anyone but yourself.

Personally, I don’t get in touch with my manhood, so to speak, that
often. Heavy benzodiazepine therapy pretty much culls any thoughts that
could lead to arousal before they begin. I usually spank the monkey
about once a week, when I tweak. Anyway, before anyone asks me why I
fly solo, it’s because I’m already in a relationship.

I also have a phobia about STD’s so I don’t go hunting…I’ll rather tenderize the meat steak myself any day… πŸ˜‰

Update: I realize that the content of this post may have
offended certain people and it was irresponsible for me to put this up
in the first place. Please, accept my sincere apologies [sixthseal.com].

Vote: Photo #1 or Photo #2

I need a subjective opinion so please help me out here…I had to
take a “recent smiling face shot” photo, so I took two a minute ago to
pick from. Which one looks friendlier? I know I’m disheveled and I look
like I haven’t slept in days, but I tried my very best smile under the
circumstances (feeling like shit now). It’s not really important, I
just need one for tomorrow – other people would be doing post
production work on it eg cutting the face out, so the hair and
headphones won’t be part of the final image. My Photoshop skillz suck
so I can’t do it myself. Just the expression, which one do you think
looks “friendlier” i.e. less fake coz I sure had to plaster that shit
eating grin on…

Photo #1 or Photo #2?

Photo #1

Photo #2

P/S – It’s either #1 or #2, I can’t be bothered retaking the photos. I don’t have any smiles left in me.

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