Photo of me jacking off (Work Warning!)

jacking off

Here’s a photo of me after I did battle with the purple helmeted
warrior. Astute readers can see that there are tell tale stains on my
shirt. Here at, we always try to push the boundaries of
good taste…though a little smudge was done around the exposed pubic
area to avoid offending the more sensitive ones amongst us. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, masturbation seems to be a seldom talked about topic. No one
seems to be volunteering information about beating the bishop, charming
the serpent, choking the chicken, cracking the bat, disciplining the
soldier, loading the cannon, adjusting the antenna, working overtime at
the meat factory and all that.

Well, since I’m bored, I’ll kick off this topic…my views on taking
things into your your own hands *cough* is that most people do it, and
the rest are lying. You could be in the most physically gratifying
relationship in the world and still long for some solo action, where
you don’t have any obligation to please anyone but yourself.

Personally, I don’t get in touch with my manhood, so to speak, that
often. Heavy benzodiazepine therapy pretty much culls any thoughts that
could lead to arousal before they begin. I usually spank the monkey
about once a week, when I tweak. Anyway, before anyone asks me why I
fly solo, it’s because I’m already in a relationship.

I also have a phobia about STD’s so I don’t go hunting…I’ll rather tenderize the meat steak myself any day… πŸ˜‰

Update: I realize that the content of this post may have
offended certain people and it was irresponsible for me to put this up
in the first place. Please, accept my sincere apologies [].

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