Sri Shan Curry & Such review

sri shan curry and such

Sri Shan Curry & Such is an eating establishment offering “authentic rich aromatic Southern Indian cuisine” that opened its doors recently. There aren’t a lot of authentic South Indian food in Kuching so I went with *x to check out the place. She was buying lunch.

sri shan decor

Sri Shan Curry & Such is located at Jalan Ban Hock and has interesting décor at the open entrance which looks like a cross between an elephant and Bigfoot. Sri Shan Curry & Such is a large establishment that spans two shop lots and there are ample seating arrangements.

sri shan vegetarian

There are vegetarian options for the ones who practice vegetarianism…

sri shan meat

…and meat for the rest of us normal people. 😉

sri shan chicken

This is ayam kurma (chicken cooked South Indian style) which goes for RM 5.

sri shan lamb

This is kambing paratal (lamb cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce) which goes for RM 6.

sri shan veggies

She also ordered deep fried vegetables at RM 1.50.

sri shan saffron rice

The food comes with saffron rice (RM 6) and a cracker.

sri shan dhal

We also ordered some dhal (free) to go with the saffron rice.

sri shan meal

It was a great meal, and I really liked the lamb. The total damage came up to RM 22 inclusive of drinks which *x says is overpriced compared to another authentic Indian cuisine outlet.


The Final Solution: The day I tried to kill myself

hb suicide attempt

I don’t even know how it started but I was having suicidal thoughts for the past two days. I even made plans to “finish” everything e.g. get my hard disk home (photos) and had thought about which was the best way to go (jumping is not coz just in case I didn’t die, my balls won’t survive the fall and my offspring-to-be will be thwarted).

I planned to use my cigarette break to get out of ICU and then grab a scalpel on my way out to slit my throat. I had also planned to have the backup option of getting a box cutter from the front desk (grab it if I have to) and slitting my wrists.

I had also considered (though not to a great extent) running over to the pharmacy and swallowing a bottle of pills (won’t work coz they’ll just pump my stomach and shove me with a huge medical bill and I’ll still be alive).

I stole a syringe from the ICU and a pair of big scissors I intended to stab my vital organs with. I called my dad telling him that I love him and told him to tell my mom that I said “Hello”. I also asked him to finish my business (hard disk) for me in not so many words. He said he’ll pray for me.

I tried to go to the toilet to lock myself in but the ICU nurse found me out. He asked to check my pants and he found the scissors and syringe. I was watched like a hawk after that. I looked around the entire place for sharp things and I finally found one…a fire extinguisher encased in pure, thick glass.

I looked at the glass and I told myself to smash it and get a large piece of broken glass to slit my wrists. I said I’ll count to ten and I’ll jump over and do it.



I jumped out of bed and smashed the thick glass with my fist. I could hear the ICU nurses running over and I knew I had to be quick. I pulled out a big piece of solid glass with my bare hands (got a lot of cuts on my palm coz of that) and slit my wrist.

It was too blunt. I had to stab it in.

Mr. Poh! Don’t do this!

I stopped in my tracks. I don’t know why but having your named called when you’re about to commit suicide just brings you back. I looked at her.

“This glass isn’t even sharp”, I said while halfheartedly slitting my wrists.

I knew I wasn’t going to kill myself then.

There was blood all over the place from the broken glass and my right arm which grazed through the thick glass and where it nearly passed through muscle.

hb suicide stitch

The next few moments passed in a blur. One nurse held my hand to stem the bleeding (was bleeding like a pig) and another got gauze and another got the RMO (Resident Medical Officer) to come up to stitch me up.

I was manic at this point, cracking jokes and making small talk and said to put the broken glass on my bill (they didn’t). The RMO came in and started to suture me. I said I didn’t want any opiates and not even topical analgesics like lidocaine/lignocaine coz I quit drugs.

He said “This is cruel” while stitching me over and over. I didn’t even feel a thing. I told him I like physical pain but I have emotional/psychological pain.

He was impressed when I was stitched up. “Wow, you didn’t even move despite having no painkillers”.

I repeated my stance on physical vs. psychological pain.

hb suicide superficial

I got bandaged on my wrist for superficial wounds as well as on my fist for various cuts and incisions from the broken glass.

hb suicide wound

It’s ironic that the most serious wound (the one that pieced through muscle) was the one sustained while punching through the glass with my bare hands.

I got transferred to Sarawak General Hospital and nearly to Kota Sentosa Psychiatric Hospital. Luckily, I answered all the right questions and was too sedated (they gave me a sedative, not a benzo coz I would have had tolerance and they knew) from something so I fell asleep and woke up in SGH.

hb suicide nicorette

They don’t allow you to smoke in SGH so I had to resort to smoking Nicorette Inhalers. I nearly wanted to kill myself again. 😉


Lunch Box Café review

lunch box cafe

Lunch Box Café is located at Travillion Mall and I went there for lunch with Joanne to check out the place. Lunch Box Café is small compared to other eating establishments there and it seems to cater to people who actually work there.

lunch box cafe special

There is a chalkboard lunch special that has a set lunch for RM 4.50 and Heineken beer at RM 19.50 per jug which we both went for. The décor is reasonably presentable with the water feature…

lunch box cafe art

…and miscellaneous pieces of art inside the cramped space.

lunch box cafe interior

Lunch Box Café, as previously mentioned, is not a big place and you can practically see through the eating establishment from the exterior.

lunch box cafe counter

This is the food counter where you get to choose the stuff you want with your rice for the lunch special.

lunch box cafe food

There are various meats and vegetables on offer and its cooked Malay style. You have the option of one (1) meat and one (1) vegetable.

lunch box cafe joanne

This is Joanne’s dish – she ordered ayam masak merah (literally “red cooked meat”) and a vegetable which I don’t know the name of.

lunch box cafe hb

This is mine – I had the same meat but went for brinjals for my vegetable option. There is cincalok (fermented shrimp) served with the lunch special.

lunch box cafe salad

There are also a la carte options at Lunch Box Café – we ordered the Hula Hoop Salad (RM 7.20) which is described as “Deep fried popcorn chicken, pineapple and mixed greens tossed in home made salad dressing”.

lunch box cafe salad toss

We had to do the tossing ourselves and I highly doubt that the Thousand Island Sauce is home made but it tasted great. It’s inspired by KFC’s Garden Salad with Popcorn Chicken [] but better coz the chicken was piping hot.

lunch box cafe us

Cheers to drinking at 2 pm in the afternoon! 😉

It’s always 5 o’ clock somewhere, right?


Syringe pen

syringe pen

This is a pen that looks like a bloody used syringe that I got from God’s Absent for 70 Baht (about RM 7). I really like it coz it looks so much like a used syringe that it gets double takes from people when I pull it out.

It’s the pen for me. 🙂


BDC Taiwan Beef Noodle

beef noodles bdc stall

BDC Taiwan Beef Noodle is located in BDC and the stall is manned by a proprietor who makes the best beef noodles I’ve ever had to date.

beef noodles bdc

The large beef noodles (RM 5) come with a generous helping of beef and noodles. The liberal portions can be seen in the chunks of beef on top of the noodles.

beef noodles bdc mixed

This is what it looks like after being mixed up a little. The beef noodles taste great and the broth is hearty too, so you can drink it together with the noodles. I’m not a big fan of soupy noodles but this won me over.

beef noodles how you cafe

The stall is located at the curiously named How-You Café.


Gourmet Market @ Siam Paragon

siam paragon

Siam Paragon is the newest shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand and it would be heresy not to check out the latest and greatest after all the comments about Siam Paragon. Dubbed “The Pride of Bangkok“, I went with my gf one night to walk around the mall (it’s a lot like KLCC) and eat at the Gourmet Market.

siam paragon decor

Siam Paragon is an imposing building catering to upscale shoppers and has an Ocean World (aquarium) and a cinema attached to the building. The décor is absolutely amazing both indoors and outdoors and the sheer newness of the building is overwhelming.

siam paragon entrance

The main entrance to Siam “The Pride of Bangkok” Paragon is via a glittering glass façade. There are No Photography signs but I took photos anyway and no one stopped me (my gf reckons it’s coz I look like a tourist).

siam paragon maze

Siam Paragon is practically a maze to navigate, much like the first time you step into MidValley Megamall. There are escalators everywhere and it’s hard to get out of the place (we had to ask for directions).

siam paragon armani

Siam Paragon, as previously mentioned, is home to up market labels like Emporio Armani (check out the creepers on the levels)…

siam paragon gourmet market

…but we were there to eat so we went to the Gourmet Market.

wrapped noodle pork

The first thing we ate was the hilariously named “Wrapped A Noodle With A Pork” for 50 Baht (RM 5).

wrapped noodle pork eat

It tasted great, despite the Engrish name. Very Thai, with the pork.


Next, we went to iBerry for some sorbet.

iberry sorbet

This is us, my apologies for the mosaic, it is necessary.

minced crab

Next up was a trip to get some Minced Crab Meat + Crab Meat Sausage + Shrimp Meat Sausage (120 Baht).

minced crab eat

It comes in a set and we ate it right there at the counter…definitely tourists. 😉

minced crab mmm

This is easily the best meal of our gourmet market adventure. I love the minced crab meat stuffed back into the shell of the crab.

fermented pork

The next thing we ate (highly recommended by my gf) was fermented pork sausage (110 Baht).

fermented pork lady

The lady at the counter mixed the fermented pork with a rice ball (pictured above) and asked us if we wanted chillis (probably coz we look like tourists). I told her to make it as she would serve a Thai customer coz I’m a big fan of spicy food.

fermented pork mix

It’s a Thai delicacy and it tasted great! It has an interesting texture and it’s spicy as hell. One funny incident happened during this gourmet food tour – we actually recommended the fermented pork to strangers (a couple from Singapore) and they thanked us for it. Heh!

paragon department store

Having satiated our appetites, we walked into Paragon Department Store and I got my gf some cosmetics. The litmus test of love is to see if your bf actually tags around when you go shopping for “boring” stuff like cosmetics. 😉


There was a Porsche on display at Siam Paragon too.

Siam Paragon is a great shopping mall…it truly earns the tagline “The Pride of Bangkok”.


Shabu shi by Oishi review

shabu shi

Shabu shi is a unique “shabu-shabu and sushi buffet in Kaiten style” restaurant located right smack dab in the middle of Pat Pong in Bangkok. The place charges 199 baht (about RM 20) for an all-you-can-eat buffet of shabu shabu (not that kind, the Japanese steamboat) and sushi. The name “Shabu shi” is a contraction of the words “Shabu shabu” and “Sushi“.

shabu shi interior

My gf was pretty hungry at the time (you don’t want to be near her when she’s hungry) so we went in and got seated. It turns out that there was a long line of people there – it’s a very popular place with the locals. I tried bribing the attendant with 1000 baht (RM 100) to “bump up our position in the queue” (that’s how scary she is when she’s hungry) but he didn’t bite.

shabu shi train

It took us a good 15 minutes of waiting before we got out turn. Shabu shi has bar style seating and table style seating arrangements, both of which are connected to a sushi train (conveyer belt) like contraption that has colored plates depicting the different dishes available for the steamboat and also sushi.

shabu shi place

Shabu shi lays out the table with a bowl, a plate, eating instruments, dipping sauce and wasabi. There is an indention in front of every person which is where the shabu shabu (Japanese steamboat) goes into. The 199 baht admission price also allows you to a free flow of drinks ranging from tea to sodas as well as ice cream for dessert.

shabu shi japanese steamboat

The water was set to a boil by using an individually controlled heat sensor located at the bottom of the place and we started to get plates of food to put into the boiling broth. Shabu shi has a wide range of Japanese steamboat ingredients ranging from clams to pork slices. Mmm…pork.

shabu shi plates

I dumped the stuff I like into the indented pot of boiling broth and waited for it to cook. The proper way to eat shabu shabu is to swish it around (shabu shabu literally means “swish swish” in Japan) but I couldn’t be bothered and I wanted to batch eat. 😉 I had a really heroic amount of empty plates stacked up too, but the overtly industrious people and Shabu shi kept on taking them away.

shabu shi scoop

The cooking didn’t take long and I scooped up the stuff into the small bowl for eating. I don’t really like tofu btw, in fact, I hate it, but my gf dumped it into my soup anyway.

shabu shi bowl



T-shirts from Bangkok

t shirts

These are some of the t-shirts I got from Bangkok. My gf told me it’ll fill the surface area of an entire bed and I didn’t believe her so she arranged them…and much to my chagrin, there were more t-shirts left. The bed wasn’t enough to hold them. It’s all good though, some of my favorites are:

I’m a virgin
(This is a really old T-shirt)

Sorry girls, I’m gay

Life is full of choices
(Photos of different strains of cannabis)

You are here
(Image of female performing fellatio)

(Picture of beer and driving)
(Picture of beer and a couple copulating)


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