Project Best Way to a (Wo)man's Heart: Macaroni and Cheese with bacon and caviar

maca cheese ingredients

Project Best Way to a (Wo)man’s Heart was instantiated in the kitchen with the intention to cook macaroni and cheese with bacon and caviar (Super Premium macaroni and cheese) with the ingredients below:

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (two packets)
Lurpak Butter pack
Farmhouse Fresh Milk
Betty Crocker’s BacOs Bacon Bits
Emborg Lumpfish Caviar
Sara Lee Apple Pie
Walls Vanilla Ice Cream
Angove’s NINE VINES Grenache Shiraz Rose wine

Let me introduce the other two cooks in the project:

maca cheese two cooks

Cherie and Joanne. They have come to wreck havoc in my kitchen, much to my dread.

maca cheese cheesiest

The main course in this project is the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner packs. It was pre-made, alas, since we didn’t know how to make bona fide macaroni and cheese. It was appended with “The cheesiest original flavor” which made me very happy.

maca cheese boil

One pot of boiling water was set to boil and the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dumped in with a little McCormick Onion Salt.

maca cheese boil cherie joanne

The other two chefs stirred the mixture constantly while it cooked for 7 minutes…

maca cheese strainer

…and the macaroni was transferred into a strainer once it’s done.

maca cheese butter

The macaroni was put back into the pot after straining and ten (10) packs of individually wrapped butter were added in.

maca cheese butter cheese

The Kraft Macaroni and Cheese cheese powder sachet (we used two packs) was emptied into the same pot.

maca cheese butter cheese milk

Cherie emptied a quarter cup of milk into the mixture as per the instructions.

maca cheese stir

The pot containing the macaroni and cheese mixture was put back on low heat and stirred for three (3) minutes.

maca cheese oregano

The macaroni and cheese were transferred into serving bowls and sprinkled with McCormick Oregano Leaves

maca cheese bacon

…and liberally garnished with Betty Crocker’s BacOs Bacon Bits.

maca cheese ode

Cherie even made an ode to

maca cheese caviar

Caviar was heaped on the macaroni and cheese to add a touch of flair.

maca cheese apple pie

Apple pie a la mode (a pretentious term for apple pie with ice cream) was had for dessert.

maca cheese served

The macaroni and cheese was served with Angove’s NINE VINES Grenache Shiraz Rose wine for the meal.


Lunch Box Café review

lunch box cafe

Lunch Box Café is located at Travillion Mall and I went there for lunch with Joanne to check out the place. Lunch Box Café is small compared to other eating establishments there and it seems to cater to people who actually work there.

lunch box cafe special

There is a chalkboard lunch special that has a set lunch for RM 4.50 and Heineken beer at RM 19.50 per jug which we both went for. The décor is reasonably presentable with the water feature…

lunch box cafe art

…and miscellaneous pieces of art inside the cramped space.

lunch box cafe interior

Lunch Box Café, as previously mentioned, is not a big place and you can practically see through the eating establishment from the exterior.

lunch box cafe counter

This is the food counter where you get to choose the stuff you want with your rice for the lunch special.

lunch box cafe food

There are various meats and vegetables on offer and its cooked Malay style. You have the option of one (1) meat and one (1) vegetable.

lunch box cafe joanne

This is Joanne’s dish – she ordered ayam masak merah (literally “red cooked meat”) and a vegetable which I don’t know the name of.

lunch box cafe hb

This is mine – I had the same meat but went for brinjals for my vegetable option. There is cincalok (fermented shrimp) served with the lunch special.

lunch box cafe salad

There are also a la carte options at Lunch Box Café – we ordered the Hula Hoop Salad (RM 7.20) which is described as “Deep fried popcorn chicken, pineapple and mixed greens tossed in home made salad dressing”.

lunch box cafe salad toss

We had to do the tossing ourselves and I highly doubt that the Thousand Island Sauce is home made but it tasted great. It’s inspired by KFC’s Garden Salad with Popcorn Chicken [] but better coz the chicken was piping hot.

lunch box cafe us

Cheers to drinking at 2 pm in the afternoon! 😉

It’s always 5 o’ clock somewhere, right?


"Look at your 11 O'clock"

k joanne airport

I took a flight back to Sibu on 2:20 pm on Saturday afternoon and just got into the departure lounge when I received a phone call from Joanna []. I picked up my cell and she asked me to look at my 11 o’ clock. She was sitting right opposite me at the other side of the lounge and her flight was boarding to KL.

k after k

We haven’t seen each other for quite a while so we decided a trip to the toilet (to powder our noses, I’m vain too, ya know ;)) was in order. We had to rush to the toilet before her flight departs and after…er, catching up on things, rushed back just in time to board her flight. It was such a rush, in every sense of the word. 😉

k light tripping

I was sitting there (my flight departs 20 minutes later) watching the on-going construction and seeing the light radiate heat waves and I remember thinking something along the lines of light being the foundation of civilization.

k snorting clouds

It was a Fokker 50 flight and I remember looking out the plane and thinking about snorting clouds (sure beats snorting kittens).

k snorting rivers

…and even snorting rivers.

It totally gave new meaning to the term flying high. 😉

k portable k

It was great meeting you again Joanne, as always. It’s always a pleasure to meet you. Heh!

P/S – I’ll be flying back to Kuching 7:25 am tomorrow morning. was down for the most of last night and today, my apologies about that. It was a hard disk issue – the commenting system was down as well, but everything is sorted now. Cheers!


Joanne from Miri

joanna fong 1

I’ve known Joanne and her bf Robin for quite a while, and since I
was in Miri today (just got back home), I called and made plans to meet
up…which proved to be quite a logistical challenge due to my
extremely tight schedule. It was straight to the presentation after the
plane touched down on Miri and I knew there were two other site surveys
to squeeze in, thus we decided to meet at 12:30 pm.

joanna fong 2

The problem is, I didn’t know where I would be at 12:30 pm and the
CFO that went to the Miri presentation with me had a friend who took us
out to lunch and I didn’t think it would be polite to ask, so I was on
the cell with Joanne while I was sitting in my CFO’s friend’s car at
the same time Joanne is driving down from Curtin, trying to coordinate
things, basically doing a running commentary on where to meet up:

Okay, I’m passing by Mega Hotel now.
I’m looking at this shopping center right now, its red…
Hang on, we’re turning…
Right, the car I’m on is back in Mega Hotel…
Turning into this…side road
I see a coffeeshop called Phua Chu Kang
Okay, we’ve stopped…we’re entering the one beside it
Miri Taiwan Restaurant…that’s where I’m now.

It was crazy…heh! Anyway, she said she’ll be there in 5 minutes
and I doing this “eating my noodles real slow” thing to stall for time,
and then Joanne sent me a message to tell me she was outside. Perfect
timing. It was so funny. 🙂

Anyway, I excused myself from the table and went out to talk to her.
She’s really nice, and my friend (whom I was surprised to find in Miri)
took this photo for us. Thanks for taking the time to come all this way
for a 5 minute meet up, Joanne! It was great to meet up with you. I
wish I could have met with Robin too, I would have loved to talk to him
too. Nice people, they’re a nice couple.

joanna fong 3

Anyway, I just came back from Miri, so I’m hitting the sack coz today has been a really long day…I’ll reply all the comments and write the full report about my trip to Miri tomorrow. The Sandman awaits me…

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