Alex's birthday at the office

alex birthday 2

This is Alex, our head honcho. It’s his birthday today, so we
pitched in and got a blueberry cheesecake for him with a single candle
(see last year’s post).

alex birthday 2 blowing

In the spirit of Huygens Asia Sdn Bhd humor, he blew out the candle with our weather monitoring station. :)

alex birthday 2 cutting

The cake goes “Happy Birthday Alex” and is adorned with fruits. It’s a chilled and layered cheesecake and it tasted great!

Happy Birthday Alex!

Inaba Light Tuna Flake

inaba tuna flake

Inaba Light Tuna Flake is a white tuna flake blend
from Japan. It retails for RM 5.90 and comes in a nice rounded flat can
containing 85 grams of tuna in a “non-oil blend”. I got it in KL and
meant for it to be a snack but didn’t actually get around to eating it,
and it somehow ended up together with my PS2. *shrugs*

inaba tuna flake can

I saw the bright red and white can when I was leaving for work just
now and brought it to the office for…breakfast! I like the nice clean
kanji writing (or is that hiragana?) and the shiny tin. I apologize for
the lack of eloquence in this post as I didn’t sleep at all last night.

inaba tuna flake front

Inaba Light Tuna Flake has an easy to open flip up mechanism that
does away with any need for can openers or other inconveniences along
the same vein. ;)

inaba tuna flake open

The can opens up to reveal white tune flakes in brine (that’s the
“non-oil blend” they were referring to). There are some nice large
chunks of tuna in Ibana Light Tuna Flake too.

inaba tuna flake fork

It’s a good thing there are plastic forks in the office (refer to
above comment about doing away with inconveniences) so I ate it
straight from the can.

Ibaba Light Tuna Flake tastes good. It’s not too salty from the brine and the tuna taste is well retained for a canned item.

Dunhill Top Leaf review

dunhill top leaf klia

Dunhill Top Leaf is an ultra premium cigarette
manufactured by Dunhill to contain only 100% top leaf tobacco in the
cigarette. It retails for RM 13 for a pack of 20’s (albeit a really nice pack ;)) in selected retail outlets. I got mine from the KLIA airport – brought a couple of packs back.

dunhill top leaf box

Dunhill Top Leaf comes in a large form factor box similar to 25’s
but much slimmer in design. There is a leaf imprint on the top of the
pastel red embossed box with the accompanying text “Dunhill ‘D’ Top
Leaf” and “100% Top Leaf Tobacco” inscribed at the bottom. The entire
box looks nothing short of classy and embodies premium tobacco.

dunhill top leaf tobacco

The design of the box also includes an embossed BAT (British
American Tobacco) figurehead on the top. The overall design is
minimalist with the words “100% Top Leaf Tobacco” on the bottom saying
it all. I did get a lot of looks bringing it out, probably due to the
unusual design.

dunhill top leaf text

Dunhill Top Leaf is described as “The top leaves of each tobacco
plant receive the most sun and develop the most distinctive flavors.
Our blenders use only leaves from the top half of the tobacco plant to
create these remarkably flavorful cigarettes” in a small side bar at
the back of the textured box, as well as the stamp “Made in England”.

dunhill top leaf open

Dunhill Top Leaf opens up to reveal two foil wrapped compartments
with each side containing 10 cigarettes. I like the foil design – it
keeps half the cigarettes fresh while the other half is opened. The
dual compartment flat design is standard in most ultra premium

dunhill top leaf open half

The foil wrapped compartment opens up to reveal 10 cigarettes with
the Dunhill logo and the red embossed “D” below it. I like the feel of
the textured and embossed matte cigarette box as well, although that
has nothing to do with how well it smokes, it still contributes to the
ultra premium experience that you’re paying for. ;)

dunhill top leaf cigarette

Dunhill Top Leaf comes out as a really smooth smoke with a
nice distinctive taste that separates it from regular cigarettes. The
only complaint I have regarding the cigarettes (and this was also
iterated by a friend who tried it) is that it’s too mild…the
cigarettes may provide a smooth smoke but the nicotine hit falls a bit
short of the mark.

Dunhill Top Leaf is a nice, smooth ultra premium cigarette though.

Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition X1 Cappuccino Flavor

kitkat limited edition cappuccino jusco

Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavour Limited Edition X1
is the first one in the new line of Malaysian Kit Kat limited edition
series. I have only seen the other one (Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake
Flavor Limited Edition 02) on the shelves and it seems that Nestle Kit
Kat Cappuccino Flavor Limited Edition X1 is a Jusco (the hypermarket)

kitkat limited edition cappuccino stand

I was walking around in Jusco when I saw this rack
of Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor Limited Edition X1 on a promotional
stand. The normal box (2 x 2 finger wafer) retails for RM 2.29 and the
new larger format box goes for RM 4.29. This batch of Malaysian Limited
Edition KitKat runs seems to have only two flavors in the lineup.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino size

The packaging looks impeccable – the new line of limited edition Kit
Kat cardboard boxes are done well, much like its Japanese counterpart.
It is indeed a leap from the simple design of the first Malaysian foray
into the limited edition Kit Kat market. The normal 2 x 17 g box and
the larger 4 x 17g box have similar side perforations to open up the

kitkat limited edition cappuccino box

Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor Limited Edition X1 has a more
elaborate design compared to the minimalist Nestle Kit Kat Lemon
Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 – there are intricate swirls and
symmetrical patterns adorning the cardboard box with a cup of frothy
cappuccino in the form of a raised imprint as the centerpiece.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino bars

Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor comes in individually wrapped 2 x 2
wafer packs with KitKat logo and the words “Cappuccino Flavor” on the
right extreme tapering into a pure brown color palate to the left, much
like the other limited edition KitKat in this series.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino open

Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition X1 Cappuccino Flavor opens up to
reveal dark brown twin Kit Kat wafers. The chocolate coating is
slightly darker than the standard Kit Kat bars.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino bite

The Kit Kat Cappuccino Flavor tastes like coffee flavored Kit Kat bars. The official description is printed as “Wafer fingers in milk chocolate – Cappuccino Flavor“. It tasted alright, but it’s too plain compared to the Cheesecake Flavored Kit Kat.

kitkat limited edition cappuccino end

Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition X1 Cappuccino Flavor can be found at Jusco hypermarkets on cardboard stands printed with “It’s out there – ENJOY The rarest of breaks“.

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02

kitkat limited edition cheesecake shelf

Nestle KitKat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02
is the latest promotion of the Kit Kat line of chocolate wafers. I have
no idea where Limited Edition 01 is – I only saw Limited Edition 02 in
the Kuching airport before I took a flight to KL. Perhaps the numbering
is just arbitrary. *shrugs*

kitkat limited edition cheesecake size

The Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 comes
in two sizes – the standard 2 x 2 finger format we’re all familiar with
(RM 4.50) and a larger 4 x 2 finger format that I’ve never seen Kit Kat
being packaged in, which was what caught my eye in the first place.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake design

The packaging looks great – the Kit Kat cardboard box is light
yellow and has a lemon slice imprinted on one side of the box and
random see-through holes to allow the individually wrapped yellow wafer
fingers inside to be visible through the plastic window. There is also
a perforation on the right which opens up like a flip-tip cigarette box.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake box

This Nestle Kit Kat Limited Edition is only available in Malaysia.
It marks the first time Malaysia has its own individually wrapped and
boxed Kit Kat Limited Edition runs, which are very popular in Japan.
Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02 is
officially dubbed “Wafer fingers in Lemon Cheesecake Flavored Confectionary“.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake bars

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour Limited Edition 02 comes in
individually wrapped 2 x 2 wafer packs with words on one side tapering
into a pure yellow color scheme. The design looks good and it marks a
nice debut for Malaysian Limited Edition Kit Kat confectionary.

kitkat limited edition cheesecake open

Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavour opens up to reveal a whitish yellow Kit Kat wafer in the dual wafer format. The consistent color scheme is great!

kitkat limited edition cheesecake bite

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor tastes like cheesecake on the
inside with the lemon flavor coming from the coating. It really tastes
like cheesecake! I was amazed at the taste and texture, which resembles
a cheesecake (a good one to boot) so closely. The wonders of modern
artificial food flavoring! ;)

kitkat limited edition cheesecake end

Nestle Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake Flavor Limited Edition 02 tastes great! Get it while you can…it is limited edition after all.

P/S – I wrote this before I found the Nestle Kit
Kat Limited Edition 01 in KL. The review of the other limited edition
Kit Kat in the series is coming up in the next post.

Dutch Lady 0% Fat Drinking Yoghurt – Peach Passion

dutch lady yoghurt drink jusco

Dutch Lady came out with a new 0% Fat
drinking yoghurt with real fruit juice. I saw it on the dairy section
of Jusco in Mid Valley Megamall in KL and decided to get one to drink.

dutch lady yoghurt drink car

Dutch Lady 0% Fat Peach Passion drinking yoghurt
touts itself as having “25% less calories than other low fat yoghurt
drinks”. That’s a lot of percentage figures being thrown around…

dutch lady yoghurt drink

It tastes good, which surprised me, since I’m not a big fan of low fat drinks – it’s liquid breakfast on the go! ;)

PlayStation 2 (PS2) with Vertical Stand and 8 MB Memory Card

ps2 slim

I purchased a PlayStation 2 slim form factor console with a Vertical Stand and 8 MB Memory Card (both PS2 official accessories sold separately). It comes with two DUALSHOCK 2 Analogue controllers and 10 “copied” (a euphemism for intellectual property theft) DVD games for RM 590 in KL.

ps2 tv tuner

It’s a pretty good deal. I don’t have a TV at home so I use a USB TV Tuner with a mini Component AV Cable (compatible with PS2)
to use either my notebook screen or the PC monitor at home to play the
games. It works well and the resolution is great (up to 1280 x 1024).
The USB TV Tuner comes at RM 220 and can be used with an external
antenna to watch free to air broadcast stations too.

I don’t think the PS/2 really needs a review since
it’s a pretty old console so I’ll put up some photos regarding the
setup of the system – using a USB TV Tuner with a mini Component AV
Cable to a PC monitor/notebook.

Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Ipoh – New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice (Ipoh comes to PJ)

kedai ayam ipoh sign

Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Ipoh – New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
lays claim to one of the longest eating establishment signboards I’ve
seen in my life. It spans a good four lengths of shop houses and has
the bold tagline “Ipoh come to PJ“.

kedai ayam ipoh careful

That’s not the end of the Engrish though – the stairs leading up to
this fine eating establishment is also hand painted with the phrase “Please go up slowly” in red paint. I think they meant a lot of patrons have tripped on the stairs before. Careful is the word. ;)

kedai ayam ipoh patrons

Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Ipoh is supposed to have
really good Ipoh style chicken rice and our main liaison here, Lee,
brought us to Petaling Jaya to check out the food over here. There are
two entrances due to the large area and the place is packed with
patrons – a testament to the food.

kedai ayam ipoh stall

The right side of the eating establishment is where the main chicken chopping action takes place. New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice offers a huge amount of chicken products and the opening hours are from 10:30 AM to 10:45 PM.

kedai ayam ipoh chicken balls

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice has a standard
bowl of chicken balls (no, not that kind) in soup served with chicken
rice. There are about 4 chicken meat balls floating in the soup.

kedai ayam ipoh pork

We also had a side order of Sweet Sauce Pork (the
three-layered pork from the pork belly) which tastes sweet and good.
There is also a side dish of large bean sprouts which is standard in
chicken rice meals in Ipoh, or so I heard.

kedai ayam ipoh chicken

This is the main dish itself – Ipoh Chicken. The
chicken is kampong chicken (free range chicken) and it came on a huge
platter with most of the chicken parts inside (including the liver).

kedai ayam ipoh chicken macro

Ipoh Chicken Rice tastes sweeter than the chicken
rice I usually have back home – the essence of chicken seeps out
slightly from the chicken to be soaked up by the bed of cucumbers at
the bottom of the dish and the meat is tender and sweet, flavored by
spring onions.

kedai ayam ipoh all

Kedai Makanan Nasi Ayam Ipoh has really good
chicken rice – it comes highly recommended from me. It’s somewhere in
Petaling Jaya (PJ) but since someone brought us along; I don’t know
exactly where it is or how much the meal costs. It’s great chicken rice

Ipoh comes to PJ indeed…

P/S – My apologies – I have to rush out again, this really is a business trip. :(

Roti Pisang Cheese Strawberry

roti pisang cheese strawberry

Roti Pisang Cheese Strawberry is a user customized version of roti canai
(the base) which uses unorthodox but delicious ingredients. I was at
the 24 hour ScH mamak (just downstairs) for supper just now and asked
for Roti Pisang…with cheese…and strawberry ice cream. ;) The owner
hid his astonishment well and double confirmed the order. I said Roti
Pisang Cheese Strawberry – and a new roti variant is born! =D

roti pisang cheese strawberry slices

This is what it looks like – it came out shaped like a subway sandwich instead of the flat variable shaped roti canai. The Roti Pisang Cheese Strawberry
is sliced into manageable but rather large bite sized pieces and it
contains pisang (banana), cheese (er…cheese), and strawberry (ice

roti pisang cheese strawberry contents

It tastes amazing, trust me. The taste is dominated by the
strawberry ice cream and banana, but the melted cheese shines through,
distributing that sweet, squishy, and salty umami (three posts in a row!) cheese flavor and texture combination all at once.

roti pisang cheese strawberry hot

You have to eat it really fast though coz it’s hot so the strawberry
ice cream melts real fast. Check it out at your local mamak next time –
any reputable mamak will allow customers to order quirky combinations
of this Malaysian staple. ;)

P/S – I’ll reply all the comments tomorrow. I just
got back and we have a big meeting early tomorrow morning so I’m going
to turn in now. Good night!

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