Latest tattoo: For the devil my soul, for you, my flesh tattoo on back

steph celtic cross tattoo

I got another tattoo done on impulse on Sunday evening. I decided to commemorate the breakup with *x with the new tattoo and said so in the video (actually I said “Steph” in the video, this is a semi-honest mistake, I meant to say “star crossed”). It was done at no other than Borneo Headhunters Tattoo and Piercing for RM 500.

steph celtic cross tattoo wrap

The tattoo is the very same Celtic cross tattoo [] that I had wanted to do for a long time. Celtic cross sounds too generic so I gave it a name – “For the devil my soul, for you, my flesh“. It’s a tattoo of a Celtic cross with the inscription “In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti” which means “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Sprit” in Latin.

steph celtic cross tattoo borneo headhunters

The tattoo was done at 5 pm on the 3rd of September 2006, the very same day I was warded for psychosis. I was in a manic state then, and wanted to get a tattoo so I called up Ernesto at Borneo Headhunters (who won the best Celtic/Tribal tattoo award twice in a row) and got myself inked.

steph celtic cross tattoo video

Download: Celtic tattoo video []

“This is dedicated to Steph, because of you; I never stray too far from the sidewalk.”

steph celtic cross tattoo tracing

This is the tracing of the tattoo being done…

steph celtic cross tattoo outline

…and getting the outline on my back.

steph celtic cross tattoo me inked

This is me getting inked.

steph celtic cross tattoo forming

There’s the tattoo forming…

steph celtic cross tattoo done

…and it’s done.

For the devil my soul, for you, my flesh.



New tattoo on chest – Phoenix (marking fresh out of detox) Rebirth photos

phoenix rebirth

I just got a new colored tattoo on my chest – it’s a phoenix to symbolize rebirth and marking the day I stopped using drugs (opiates). I don’t want to elaborate much about the ICU matter but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why I was in. It’s my third day off drugs now and I’m doing good.

phoenix fresh

Phoenix Rebirth is the tattoo I got to commemorate this day. It’s a custom design, I wanted an aggressive phoenix that looks like it has flames and is soaring up. New beginnings and all that. I had it done at Borneo Headhunters. It’s located on my left chest, close to my heart.

phoenix rebirth video

Download: Phoenix Rebirth tattoo video []

Photos of the tattoo:

phoenix rebirth tattoo start

The base design of Phoenix Rebirth

phoenix rebirth me ernesto

This is me and Ernesto the tattoo artist

phoenix rebirth tattoo ink

This is me getting inked

phoenix rebirth tattoo bloody

It’s a little bloody over here

phoenix rebirth tattoo bloodbath

It’s a bit of a bloodbath when the coloring of the phoenix in red was done

phoenix rebirth tattoo blood

This is the finished tattoo

phoenix rebirth tattoo clean

I proudly present to you – Phoenix Rebirth

phoenix rebirth tattoo end

This is my latest tattoo – it’s the third one and it’s going to be a constant reminder that I’ve quit drugs.

Phoenix rebirth.


Eeva from KL

eeva kl

This is Eeva. I met her in KL.

eeva tattoo

She has a tinkerbell tattoo on her upper right calf. Nice and discreet.

The sole purpose of this post is to put it into the long neglected XX Chromosomes category and direct your attention to certain undergoing changes in the categories. πŸ˜‰


RFC 003 – Celtic cross tattoo

rfc cross design

I have this unbearable urge to get another tattoo, thanks to Lainie
[]. :p I’ve been actually wanting one for a long, long time
but have put it aside due to certain constraints, hereby stated in

1. My girlfriend would have a fit.
2. My parents will disown me.
3. My girlfriend’s parents would disapprove.

I have this line I call the Impulse Line (IL). It’s a very permeable
line, but only on one side, unfortunately. I would be driving along,
thinking about going home when this loud, annoyingly alluring fast
music gets into my auditory senses and I grab my cell phone. I’m
standing on the IL at that point. It just takes a nanosecond for me to
decide to press Call and meet up with my barista friend. That’s the TTL
(Time To Live) of my neurological biochemistry. Just one nanosecond to
cross it.

That’s how I got all my previous tattoos…the first one, I was just
sitting on a bus and passed by a tattoo studio and said, okay, I’m
going to get one today and I went in and got one. The second time was
when I was talking to my friend about getting my gf’s name tattooed on
my left forearm…it was the middle of the night, and I thought, sounds
good, and promptly got it done the next day.

I am very impulsive by nature. Once I cross the IL, it takes A LOT to get me back. I’m quite sure I crossed it today.

RFC = Request for Comments
003 = My third tattoo

RFC 003 – Celtic cross tattoo

rfc tattoo idea

Here’s where it’s supposed to go. The Celtic cross goes on the nape
of my neck and the Latin phrase goes over my shoulders (back).

rfc celtic mock

This is a simple and quick mockup I did of what it would look like. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti
is Latin for In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I
know “nomine” is supposed to be in lower case, but I like it in
uppercase. It will be done in some Gothic font. I’m planning to get it
done at Borneo Headhunters Tattoo & Piercing.

Update: Holy shit, look at what James [] did! Thanks mate! I love this design, it’s love at first sight. What do you all think? Shall I? Shall I?

tattoo visual
Tattoo visual

tattoo mock
Tattoo mock

I will film the whole procedure, just for documentation’s sake, since I never did that for my previous ink work.

Tell me what you think.

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