New tattoo on chest – Phoenix (marking fresh out of detox) Rebirth photos

phoenix rebirth

I just got a new colored tattoo on my chest – it’s a phoenix to symbolize rebirth and marking the day I stopped using drugs (opiates). I don’t want to elaborate much about the ICU matter but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why I was in. It’s my third day off drugs now and I’m doing good.

phoenix fresh

Phoenix Rebirth is the tattoo I got to commemorate this day. It’s a custom design, I wanted an aggressive phoenix that looks like it has flames and is soaring up. New beginnings and all that. I had it done at Borneo Headhunters. It’s located on my left chest, close to my heart.

phoenix rebirth video

Download: Phoenix Rebirth tattoo video []

Photos of the tattoo:

phoenix rebirth tattoo start

The base design of Phoenix Rebirth

phoenix rebirth me ernesto

This is me and Ernesto the tattoo artist

phoenix rebirth tattoo ink

This is me getting inked

phoenix rebirth tattoo bloody

It’s a little bloody over here

phoenix rebirth tattoo bloodbath

It’s a bit of a bloodbath when the coloring of the phoenix in red was done

phoenix rebirth tattoo blood

This is the finished tattoo

phoenix rebirth tattoo clean

I proudly present to you – Phoenix Rebirth

phoenix rebirth tattoo end

This is my latest tattoo – it’s the third one and it’s going to be a constant reminder that I’ve quit drugs.

Phoenix rebirth.


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