JCI Seduan Wet & Wild Pool Party

pool party

JCI Seduan organized a “Wet & Wild” pool party at Tanahmas poolside on Saturday at 5 pm. I went there dressed in little more than shorts and a T-shirt (the dress code was casual) with my trusty Speedos underneath.


Our contingent (which were not from the JCI movement) arrived to disrupt the proceedings and behave in a generally rowdy manner. I’m kidding, we were invited to go there to boost up the attendance rates and liven up the pool party. πŸ˜‰


The poolside at Tanahmas Hotel has a great view of Sibu and the evening sun was just right for a bit of swimming and pool games.


Some of the girls didn’t want to get in the pool but ended up being chucked one way or the other into the water anyway. Participation is mandatory, resistance is futile. πŸ˜‰

me eddy

This is me and Eddy, who needs no further introduction. He’s a really fun guy to be around. Our group staked claim to the pool for the rest of the evening, using a great fence for this pool since this is really important for a pool party.

no intro

I’m sure most of the people here needs no further introduction, being featured before in sixthseal.com and all that.

me mary land

This is Mary Ngo who didn’t want to get into the water…

me mary water

…but somehow ended in there anyway. πŸ˜‰

me gatecrashers

There were three (3) girls in bikinis that didn’t seem to be from the JCI Seduan group so being, the nice host that I am (har har) I approached them and introduced myself to them.

girls bikinis

It turns out that they really were gatecrashers but I got them into the pool anyway to join us for the games.

me girls

It’s sixthseal.com lar, what did you expect. πŸ˜‰ Please do not focus on me sucking in my stomach when there’s plenty of T&A for your viewing pleasure.

other gatecrasher

This is the other gatecrasher who took the previous photo for us.

me rali

Just to break up the excessive display of skin, here’s a shot of me and Rali. I actually met him in NZ when I was studying there. He’s a Past President of JCI.

water polo

Anyway, we got a game of water polo (of sorts) going…


…and I sprained my ankle during a particularly enthusiastic block.

Water polo video

water polo second

Next round was with the gatecrashers, who really could swim.


I hard such a hard time keeping the pace with the girls that I nearly drowned.




Eddy asked them how they came to be such good swimmers and it turns out that they grew up near a river and swam all the time.


Dusk came soon and the pool was temporarily cleared while dinner was being served.


The platters were carted in from the restaurant below and put into the buffet warmers.


Dinner was prepared buffet style and contained:

sharks fin soup

Shark Fin Soup

salad bar

Salad bar


Steamed rice

bee hoon

Fried rice vermicelli

curry chicken

Curry chicken


Beef rendang

sweet sour fish

Sweet and sour fish pieces

mixed vegies

Mixed vegetables


Dessert of sliced fruits and cakes

my plate

I filled up my plate with an impressive amount of food…

my dessert

…and a visibly less impressive amount of dessert. My stomach literally increased in size after that huge meal.

dry games

Night fell and rendered the pool into a nice shade of green. The dry games session started soon after that. Our contingent was represented with Joyce teaming up with Colin and Mary teaming up with me.

balloon ankle

The game is about tying a balloon to the male partner’s ankle while the female tries to burst all the other competitor’s balloons.

balloon hold hands

The pairs must hold hands and the male must not lift up his feet (but shuffling and defensive gestures are allowed) at any time.

balloon game

Mary and I did pretty well, with her bursting quite a few balloons and me defending myself from all the other females. I made a pact with our side (the 10 teams were in a circle) to go after the opposite team first but promptly broke that pact by getting Mary to attack our immediate neighbor. Alls fair in love and war. πŸ˜‰ We lost though, due to a certain someone surprising me from behind. :p

me shirley

I teamed up with Shirley for the next game which involved a complicated dance around within a certain amount of tiles routine.


You’re allowed to dance within the confines of the stated tiles but you must keep within the tiles or you’re automatically disqualified.

smaller tiles

The amount of tiles you’re permitted to step on keeps getting smaller and smaller…


…until you end up sharing two tiles so you either have to lift your partner up or get her to stand on your feet.

Mary and Shirley singing karaoke

pool green

It was fun, despite the rain that came pouring in towards the end of the pool party. Cheers to JCI Seduan for a well organized event.

Pizza Hut STARZBITES Sausage Pizza

starzbites promo stand

Pizza Hut is having a new promotional pizza called the Starzbites Sausage Pizza. It comes with the tagline “Double the treat! Double the fun!” and is a new concept where mini cocktail sausages (like mine) are embedded in the crust – not as in sausage ring type filled crust (which was a previous promotion), but in a star burst configuration.

starzbites spinner game

True to Pizza Hut’s promotional pizza tradition, there is a spinner game involved. πŸ™‚ The rules of the game have changed this time though – you’re allowed one spin, and if the spin goes to a free regular Starzbites pizza, you have to spin for a second time and get it right again to get the pizza. Otherwise, you default to the second spin’s item.

starzbites girl

I’m know to be spun all the time (old readers of sixthseal.com will get this reference ;)) so I was the designated spinner. I got a free salad (which is better than a free Pepsi, which is what I tend to get in the spinner games). πŸ™‚

starzbites salad bar

Thus, it was off to the salad bar to claim my free salad…

starzbites salad

…which I’m not able to utilize to the full potential due to my lack of salad stacking skillz. πŸ˜‰

starzbites sausage pizza

This is the Starzbites Sausage Pizza with Hawaiian Supreme topping. It’s claim to fame is the star burst configuration and the alternate toppings on the individual sausages. The New York style topping of mayonnaise and tomato sauce is on one sausage while the next sausage would have the Chicago style topping of honey mustard and relish.

starzbites sausage pizza fangs

The Starzbites sausage pizza is also given a sprinkling of black sesame seeds on the side of the star burst shaped pizza. It tastes quite good and is a rather novel presentation of a pizza.

starzbites us

The STARZBITES Sausage 1 combo (recommended for 2 persons) is priced from RM 29.90 and contains:
1 Regular Starzbites Sausage Pizza
2 Soup-of-the-Day
4 pcs Breadstix
2 glasses of 7Up Revive

Borneo Cultural Festival – BCF 2008

bcf 2008

The Borneo Cultural Festival is held annually in Sibu and showcases our ethnic diversity. BCF 2008 has three themed areas – the Chinese, the Malay/Melanau and the Iban/Dayak cultural areas. This post is focusing on the Borneo Chinese Cultural Festival (BCCF) and the opening ceremony. I will visit on other nights to do the other writeups.

The Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) 2008 opened up with a fireworks display. It lasted for a good 15 minutes and kicked off the festivities.

food stalls

The highlight of BCF is always the food stalls.

food stalls 2

The BCCF has ethnic food stalls operated by the respective clans.


The food stalls features the respective delicacies of the ethnicity of the clan. This is the Hainan clan, which is not very big in Sibu, which is predominantly Foochow.

bbq pork

The Hainan, who are known for their Hainan Chicken Rice, is also offering one of their other specialties – BBQ pork.

meat mushroom

They also have a traditional dish which I can’t remember the name of consisting of a starchy blend of meat and mushrooms.

free samples

You can actually eat your way through BCF 2008 without paying a single cent from the free samples of food, but that wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do. πŸ˜‰

mary foochow

The Foochow Association was well represented at BCF 2008. This is Mary posing in front of it. She’s Foochow, although I can speak the dialect better than her. πŸ™‚


There are makeshift seating arrangements on the footpath and inside certain stalls for people to enjoy their food on the spot.

erhu band

There is a traditional Chinese group playing erhu and other classic Chinese musical instruments as part of the program.

me erhu

Thus, naturally… πŸ˜‰ What did you expect, you’re on sixthseal.com. πŸ™‚


The Teochew group also made their presence felt at the Borneo Cultural Festival.

teochew delicacies

This is their portfolio of delicacies…


…and their pork offerings, which is rather impressive.

hakka dumpling

This is a variant of meat dumplings wrapped in square leaves instead of the triangular shape.

henghua dumplings

We compared the Hakka version (previous) to the Henghua version (above).

chinese opera

There was a traditional Chinese opera going on at the Chinese Cultural Festival.

I shot a video of it, it’s pretty good and surprisingly entertaining for a dying art.

heng hua pride

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a photo at the Heng Hua booth, being a Heng Hua and all. Heng Hua Pride! =D

beer stall

We stumbled upon a stall where we could enjoy our food within a booth. It serves alcohol which is always a plus point. RM 12 for three (3) cans of beer.

me promotor

I was immediately asked to drink by the promoter. The beer kept flowing for free after that thanks to one of the kind association members.

traditional beer

The beer was poured into an authentic Chinese pitcher and then to bowls instead of cups for The Real China Experience.

me mary beer

I didn’t even remember how much I drank, have to ask Mary for the figures. πŸ˜‰

dumplings comparison

This is the comparison between the Hakka dumplings (RM 6) and the Heng Hua dumplings (RM 6.50).

hakka dumplings

The Hakka dumplings were wrapped in brown leaves and is completely white. There’s no soy sauce in the glutenous rice, which is different from what we always get. It contains pork, mushrooms and peanuts.

henghua dumpling

The Heng Hua dumplings are the ones that I’m used to eating. It’s dark from soy sauce and contains more generous and juicier chunks of pork, mushrooms and peanuts. We all concluded that the Heng Hua one tastes better, and I assure you, I didn’t skew the results due to being of Heng Hua ethnicity. πŸ˜‰

amber fluid

The amber fluid floweth throughout the night…

flow 2

…and floweth

flow 3

…and floweth


…and it seems like the cup (or bowl) almost overfloweth.

group photo

I think it was the rowdiest booth in the whole of BCF 2008.


Thanks to the association for giving us a good time (and free beer). πŸ˜‰

Pedophile Heaven

girls basketball

I went to the Borneo Cultural Festival 2008 just now to catch the high school girl’s basketball competition. The BCF is an annual week long event held to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Sibu and I went to the opening ceremony last night (full write up tomorrow, got a pool party to go to in an hour).

girl sweatshirt

You may recognize the female in the gray sweatshirt from the previous XX Chromosome entry. I didn’t want to take photos with minors for that particular category lest I get hauled off for 10 years of jail time and 10 strokes of the rotan (caning). πŸ˜‰


She looks much better in person actually, and she’s a teacher (albeit a very young one).

girls playing

The girl’s basketball competition was surprisingly entertaining (and not for the reasons you’re thinking). I meant that in the most platonic manner.

girls tussle

There was a fair bit of competition going on, being a contact sport and all that. It turned me on…to sports. You didn’t let me finish speaking. I meant I’m into basketball now after watching all that. πŸ˜‰

my ball

It’s my ball. No, it’s my ball. The other girls weren’t looking at me by the way. The referee was standing beside me and they were waiting for her to make a decision.

raise hands

…and as we raise our hands in silent prayer,


We beseech thee to be our guiding light in times of duress.

I took too many photos to upload, so here’s a video of the girl’s basketball competition.


This is my favorite player (in a totally non-sexually connotative way). I just like her repertoire of expressions. πŸ™‚

Sony T-300

sony t300 box

I just got my new digicam from Mary whom, due to her tau keh nio connections, got me a special price which I’m not allowed to disclose. I was actually pondering about getting the Sony T-300 and the Olympus 10 meter waterproof digicam but I concluded that the latter would be too bulky for everyday carrying.

sony t300 mary

She got it for me at the dealer’s price (which is much cheaper than retail) but with strings attached. Not very simple this Mary. πŸ˜‰

sony t300

Thus, I am now the owner of the Sony Cybershot T-300 digicam with 4 GB of memory (with the additional 2 GB from the defunct Sony T-70 and the battery).

Accident: 7 car pileup at Brooke Drive

brooke drive pileup

There was a 7 car pileup in Brooke Drive last night. An auto accident lawyer was called immediately.The roads were wet and slick from the rain, granted, but there was a great deal of debate as to how it actually happened. It’s very unusual for such a high number of cars to be involved in an accident in Sibu, especially when the average speed people drive at on that road is 50-60 km.

flight of the wira

This one takes the cake – the car flew over the road divider and crashed head on with a stationary truck repairing a street light. It’s amazing how little visible damage it suffered considering the flight and target (a truck, for Christ’s sake).

brooke drive accident

Six other cars were involved in fender benders behind on the lane turning left. There were a couple of police around to redirect traffic and the people involved in the accident standing around under umbrellas.

I still can’t figure out how it happened. My current theory is that the first car was speeding, lost control and ran over the road divider to the other side of the road and crashed into the stationary truck repairing a light fixture. The car behind him probably stepped on the brakes and the car behind him was rubbernecking The Flight of the Proton Wira so he crashed into the second car resulting in the other three cars behind him/her crashing into him, there are several people injured so we definitely think contacting a Ketterman, Rowland & Westlund Personal injury attorney in San Antonio, TX is a good idea as they know what the legal consequences will be.

Blogger reputations


I seem to have earned (?) myself a reputation for being something of a playboy, from the feedback I have been receiving from friends and coworkers as of late. It seems that this is solely due to the amount of photos of different chicks, I’m sorry, I mean females I have on the blog. I’ve been asked not to put up certain photos from girls with boyfriends for fear of being tarred and feathered by their boyfriends and from being labeled a “sixthseal.com chick”,

I should be quick to claim that most of the girls are my friends and the arm over the shoulder thing is just a manifestation of the “buddy buddy” thing. I do it with both guys and girls, and no one comments about the male photos. I had a discussion about this with my boss just now and the case of Tony Fernandez with his arms around two flight attendants came into play.

Now, since he has his arms around them, he’s obviously fucking them, or that’s what the general public thinks (over here in this small town anyway). I think it’s nice of him to do the “chummy” thing with his cabin crew. It’s just how people look at things.

I have had a lot of comments that I must be a player due to the number of chicks that are featured on my blog, but it should be noted that most are just friends.

What do you think?

Pek tin yok – Eight Herb Soup

pek tin yuk

There is a popular Foochow concoction over here called pek tin yok which is translated literally as “eight herb soup”. I haven’t had much contact with this particular broth while growing up, being rather adverse to soup dishes in general. I’ve had it a couple of times at my maternal grandmother’s house (who is a Foochow) and didn’t particularly like it.

little umbrella

Faye is a bit of a traditional Foochow in the stuff she eats. She actually loves “8 herb soup” and has cravings for it from time to time. There is an eating establishment here that doesn’t have a signboards so the locals just all it “xiao yu shang” (Little Umbrella) from the seating arrangements outside which has a huge beach umbrella covering it from the rain (since the place is not open in the morning, it can’t be the sun).

little umbrella chairs

Little Umbrella is supposed to have the best pek tin yok in town and props should be given to the proprietor for attempting to install some fittings in the interior that makes the place look more upscale. There are glass tables inside and artsy fartsy chairs made out of real tree branches. Unfortunately, the clash of the old and new styles contrasts too garishly. A for effort, F for execution.

eight herb soup rice

The place serves a bowl of Eight Herb Soup for RM 7. Eight Herb Soup is a concoction brewed in 8 different types of herbs and spices with pork leg. It’s considered to be a traditional nutritional supplement of sorts and is often force fed to overactive little children. At least, that’s what my mom used to do. πŸ˜‰

eight herb soup

Eight Herb Soup is served with a complimentary plate of rice in Little Umbrella. It’s rather similar to bak kut teh in this sense, but the two dishes tastes totally different. Eight Herb soup tastes very “sweet” for a lack of a better descriptive adjective.

chicken feet

There are also other Foochow specialties in Little Umbrella – this is chicken feet cooked with peanuts and soy sauce. I don’t mind eating chicken feet but it can be a bit of a bother at times coz of the little bones inside. I like the de-boned chicken feet in Kuching.

eight herb soup pork.

Eight Herb Soup is brewed with chunks of pork meat. The meat is tender and juicy and absorbs much of the soup’s flavors. It’s eaten with soy sauce and rice and some people add a little bit of soup to the rice as well. I don’t remember liking it when I was a kid, but I was force fed a couple of scoops of the stuff and found out that I actually kinda like it now. It’s a little like vegetables – I hated the stuff when I was younger, but have started loving some kinds of vegetables now.

feed me

Don’t make me hungry. You won’t like me when I’m hungry. Feed me.

Peppino’s Pizza

peppinos pizza

Peppino’s Pizza is a hole in the wall located in the Pedada area in Sibu. Peppino’s Pizza serves semi-authentic Italian pizzas (about as authentic you can get over here) and there’s a neon sign showcasing their product. It is easy to be put off by the garish fittings, but it’s actually a very nice place to eat, if you don’t mind al fresco seating arrangements.

peppinos pizza seating

Peppino’s Pizza only serves pizza but they are good at what they do. The menu is somewhat limited with just 10 choices, but they also serve Calzone – which is not a Pizza Hut trademark, contrary to popular belief, but a type of pizza which is folded over.

peppinos pizza oven

Peppino’s Pizza puts their pizza in a huge electric oven and it’s about a 15-20 minute wait for each pizza to be ready.

peppinos pizza girl

This is one of the staff with a peel (the paddle thing) when our pizzas were done – baked to perfection.

4 seasons pizza

This is the 4 Seasons pizza that the proprietor recommended. The pizzas are served on a wooden block and pre-sliced into four (4) slices. It’s RM 19 for a small 8″ pizza, RM 28 for a medium sized 10″ pizza and RM 36 for the big 12″ sized pizza.

4 seasons slice

The 4 Seasons pizza (RM 19) comes with toppings that include sweet peppers, mushrooms, ham and tuna. It tastes pretty good, it’s kinda like a fusion between a seafood pizza with the tuna and a regular meat pizza with the ham.

peppinos special pizza

We also had the flagship Peppino’s Special pizza. This is their premier offering and is priced at RM 20 for the 8″, RM 28 for the 10″ and RM 34 for the 12″ pizza. I don’t know why the pricing structure is different from the 4 Seasons pizza, with the largest size ending up cheaper than the 4 Seasons, which contradictorily starts out cheaper for the smallest size.

peppinos special slice

Peppino’s Special is topped with tuna, ham, mushrooms and pineapple and tastes kinda like a Hawaiian pizza with the pineapple topping. I like this one more than the 4 Seasons pizza, it’s juicier with the addition of the mushrooms and pineapple and I like pineapples in my pizza. I like eggs as well, which is an Australian style pizza, but we don’t get that over here.

peppinos pizza us

Peppino’s Pizza serves their pizza on a thin crust, and it’s been around for quite a while and doing brisk business with the overseas students currently working in Sibu. I think that is their target market with their pricing structure (which is similar to Pizza Hut) and the owner has a daughter studying in Australia or New Zealand. I have gotten a lot of good feedback about the quality of their pizzas compared to commercial franchises like Pizza Hut.

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