You can never be too rich, to thin, or too cheesy

pizza hut ultimate cheesy pizza 7

Haha! Well, at least that’s what I believe. πŸ˜‰ I was invited to the Pizza Hut Ultimate Cheesy 7 Pizza launch a couple of days back. I’m a huge fan of cheese and I didn’t want to pass up the chance of checking out the Ultimate Cheesy 7 before everyone else so I arrived super early.


The Ultimate Cheesy Pizza 7 is made with seven (obviously) different cheeses. I tried the Extreme Cheesy 6 last year, which contains:

  • Romano
  • Monterey Jack
  • Parmesan
  • Provolone
  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar

…and the 7th cheese debuting this year is:

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese!

Yes, this is the stuff you make cheesecakes from! I love this stuff – I remember making cheesecakes using Philadelphia Cream Cheese as a kid with my mom. I can eat this stuff straight from the tub.

Ultimate Cheesy Pizza 7

Well, I thought Pizza Hut was just going to add in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese as another topping, but they surprised me by rolling it into balls and putting one on each slice! OMG it’s cheese heaven! smirk

cheese balls

I was ecstatic when they brought out the wonderful Ultimate Cheesy 7 Pizza. I couldn’t wait to taste the balls! Wait, that sounded a bit salah. I mean, I couldn’t wait to eat the cheese balls!


The pizza is superb – all the cheeses comes together nicely and you get a mouthful of creamy Philadelphia Cream Cheese when you bite into the ball. I loved it!

Okay, that’s not much better but you get what I mean.

can you handle it

The Philadelphia Cream Cheese balls really adds another dimension to the previous incarnation. Kudos to Pizza Hut for making the 7th cheese into a ball instead of just incorporating it inside. Delicious stuff!


Well, since it was Pizza Hut, we also got a lot of sides and drinks to go with the dinner. πŸ˜€


However, the highlight of the meal is hands down the Ultimate Cheesy 7 Pizza. It also comes in Cheesy Chicken, Cheesy Pepperoni and Cheesy Hawaiian Chicken if you want to add a bit of protein to your pizza but I highly recommend you eat the regular, original one first.


The Ultimate Cheesy 7 Pizza comes in a special thin and crunchy crust that is dusted with pepper, garlic and other goodies. The Italian Garlic Herb sprinkle on the crust makes this pizza perfection!

Take a look at the TVC! The people in there spread the cheese on the pizza slices before eating but that’s not the only way you can enjoy it. There are multiple ways of eating the Philadelphia Cream Cheese balls on top of the pizza – some people:


Bite into it. This gives you a mouthful of cheesy goodness that’s indescribably good. Mmm…


Spread it out. I notice this is what the people in the TVC do and the advantages of this is that you get a nice, even spread of Philadelphia Cream Cheese on top. However, I don’t believe in eating pizzas with knifes and forks. I’m strictly a hands-on person.

leaning tower pizza

Stack it up! Okay, this is very hard to do unless you’re willing to fight your friends for their Philadelphia Cream Cheese balls. However, I was lucky enough to sit at a table where some people didn’t want the cheese balls so I took theirs. I’m telling you, this is a bit of pure heaven.

Can you handle it? Vivy took that video – I was there, stacking it up and watching it topple over each time and mumbled – This is like the leaning tower of…


PIZZA! – we both finished. I laughed and looked over coz me and Cheesie said it together. Great minds think alike. πŸ˜‰ The Leaning Tower of Pizza. Geddit? smirk


It was a great dinner – I haven’t had so much food, fun and laughter in a long time. Pizza Hut is more than just a place for eating pizzas. It has that relaxed, casual ambiance that gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up and bond with the people that matters to you while eating great food.


Good friends, great food. Thanks for the dinner Pizza Hut. πŸ™‚

handle it

I love the Ultimate Cheesy Pizza 7 – check it out from just RM 23.90 for a regular pizza. You can only get this at Pizza Hut – it’s the ultimate dream for every cheese lover! Find out more at Pizza Hut’s website or like the Pizza Hut Facebook page to be the first to know everything…like the Ultimate Cheesy SMS Contest!

SMS Contest Prizes:
– Grand Prize x 1 winner : RM100,000 prize money
– First Prize x 5 winners : One (1) unit Panasonic Viera TH-L42U30K 40” LCD TV each.
– Second Prize x 10 winners : One (1) unit Apple iPad 2 each.
– Consolation Prize x 20 winners : Pizza Hut vouchers worth RM500 each.

Head on over to the nearest Pizza Hut outlet to find out how you can participate! πŸ™‚


…and see if you’re either a devourer or a spreader with the Philadelphia Cream Cheese balls. Just do what feels right to you – it’s delicious either way!

Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza


Cheese – milk’s leap towards immortality – Clifton Fadiman

pizza hut extreme cheesy 6

A lot of people consider cheese to be an American invention due to the mass proliferation of heavily proceeded cheddar cheese slices. Others think cheese is of French origin coz they produce a lot of gourmet cheeses. However, the truth is cheese was discovered much longer than that. Think BC. Cheese was probably first made way before 2,000 BC.

pizza hut pbd

I love cheese. I used to be able to whip up a quick breakfast in minutes…with cheese of course. However, I just don’t have the time to cook right now so I jumped at the chance when Pizza Hut invited me to taste their new Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza at Pusat Bandar Damansara last Friday. I love how they always come out with new pizzas – I was at their Fish King Pizza launch a couple of months back too.

me wei zhi

The Extreme Cheesy 6 as exactly six types of cheeses in their pizza. It goes well with my blog URL. smirk

The cheeses in question are:

say cheese

Classic delicate taste
Creamy and soft
Flavorful and savory
Monterey Jack
Zesty and nutty
Full-bodied and slightly tart
Hearty taste

pizza hut gm marketing

We watched the TVC after a short talk by Mr Law, the GM of Marketing.

aud tim nick

The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza can be ordered just like that (with cheese) or with your favorite topping. You can choose from Cheesy Hawaiian, Cheesy Pepperoni or Cheesy Chicken but my favorite was the pure cheese pizza.

pizza hut extreme cheesy 6 pizza hawaiian

I tried all four variants, which considerably tested my stomach capacity. They each have their own strengths; it’s just what type of topping you prefer.

pizza hut extreme cheesy 6 pizza pepperoni

Pizza Hut was too generous with their food – side orders of chicken wings…

chicken wings

…and pasta


…magically appeared and by the end of the session, I was totally stuffed, in a good way. =D

pizza hut extreme cheesy 6 pizza chicken

The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza retails for RM 21 (Regular) and RM 28.90 (Large). Toppings are available for RM 2 (Regular) and RM 3 (Large).


Sara Khoo! <3

sara khoo

She eats with a fork and spoon, which totally violates the dining etiquette of eating pizza. It’s heresy! Pizza is meant to be eaten with your hands!

power of cheese

There’s also a contest for all you bloggers out there. The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza Contest runs until 16 November and is open to all Nuffnang bloggers. Just write a creative and interesting post with the theme “Why You Love Pizza Hut’s 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza” and take lots of photos with the pizzas. You’ll also need to name all the cheeses (refer to above ;)) and end the blog post with “I’m crazy about Cheeeeeese!“.


There’s exactly 6 (six, enam, liu) e’s in that last line. The top 5 winners get RM 2,000 cash which is pretty good so it might be time to get cracking. πŸ™‚


As usual, the hospitality from Pizza Hut was awesome! We all got thumb drives, notebooks and a voucher to dine with 6 (how apt) people for free! Thanks to Mr Low Kang Moon and Nor Aziani Azizan for having us! πŸ™‚


It was a cheesy-licious dinner!

Pizza Hut Fish King Pizza

pizza hut king fish pizza launch

Do you see what I see?

pizza hut king fish pizza official launch

Seafood lovers rejoice! Pizza Hut officially launched the Fish King Pizza on the 5th of May. Six of us descended to their Kota Damansara outlet to get a first taste of their latest offering on the very same day.

pizza hut king fish pizza aud

This is Aud attempting to emulate the guy in the ad. Pretty accurate pose. smirk

pizza hut king fish pizza

The Pizza Hut Fish King Pizza (RM 32.90 a la carte for a Regular sized pizza) comes with 8 breaded and deep fried Alaskan Pollock Fish Fingers on every slice. The fish fingers are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside – just like what a good fish and chip shop would produce!

pizza hut king fish pizza lemon

I love the presentation too – there are wedges of lemon neatly arranged smack dab in the middle of the pizza for you to squeeze on the fish sticks. The fish sticks are made from specially imported Alaskan Pollock which is a type of cod.


Spot the Alaskan Pollock!

(Don’t waste too much time on it – there is none coz that photo was taken in Sabah, not Alaska, but here’s a photo I nicked from Wikipedia)

alaskan pollock

It dubbed the “largest remaining source of palatable fish in the world” (don’t play play) and looks like this – you can read more about the Alaska Pollock here.

It tastes better with lemon!

pizza hut king fish pizza slice

The Fish King Pizza is topped with crab sticks, Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicums, yellow onions and juicy pineapples, all on a cool lime mayo sauce base. I love the sprinkling of fresh parsley on top of the pizza.

pizza hut king fish pizza eat

Biting into the pizza is simply orgasmic…the initial crunch of the hot fish fingers and the citrus tang of the lemon before the creamy sauce kicks in, with a medley of seafood delights competing for attention on your taste buds. The pineapple in the pizza gives it a sweet aftertaste too. Perfect for our hot Malaysian weather!

pizza hut king fish pizza food

We were given a lot of food, more than we can actually eat, thanks to the hospitality of Winston Lee and Nor Aziani Azizan of Pizza Hut!

pizza hut king fish pizza snap shots

To add to the aquatic theme, we were given a Pizza Hut Fish King Pizza disposable underwater camera which is (stating the obvious) waterproof.

pizza hut king fish pizza real fake

Which one is the real pizza? *feels very tall standing beside Aud*

pizza hut

There are two contests going on – one from Pizza Hut where you stand to win RM 40,000 in cash and prizes by just taking a photo with the Fish King Pizza. Detailed mechanics here.

The other one is for Nuffnang bloggers where you write a blog post titled “Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut” and share your Fish King Pizza experience for a shot at RM 2,000 in cold, hard cash for the 5 best entries. Join the contest now!

pizza hut king fish pizza us

Hail to the (Fish) King (Pizza), baby!

pizza hut king fish pizza serve

Tonight, we feast! =D

Pizza Hut STARZBITES Sausage Pizza

starzbites promo stand

Pizza Hut is having a new promotional pizza called the Starzbites Sausage Pizza. It comes with the tagline “Double the treat! Double the fun!” and is a new concept where mini cocktail sausages (like mine) are embedded in the crust – not as in sausage ring type filled crust (which was a previous promotion), but in a star burst configuration.

starzbites spinner game

True to Pizza Hut’s promotional pizza tradition, there is a spinner game involved. πŸ™‚ The rules of the game have changed this time though – you’re allowed one spin, and if the spin goes to a free regular Starzbites pizza, you have to spin for a second time and get it right again to get the pizza. Otherwise, you default to the second spin’s item.

starzbites girl

I’m know to be spun all the time (old readers of will get this reference ;)) so I was the designated spinner. I got a free salad (which is better than a free Pepsi, which is what I tend to get in the spinner games). πŸ™‚

starzbites salad bar

Thus, it was off to the salad bar to claim my free salad…

starzbites salad

…which I’m not able to utilize to the full potential due to my lack of salad stacking skillz. πŸ˜‰

starzbites sausage pizza

This is the Starzbites Sausage Pizza with Hawaiian Supreme topping. It’s claim to fame is the star burst configuration and the alternate toppings on the individual sausages. The New York style topping of mayonnaise and tomato sauce is on one sausage while the next sausage would have the Chicago style topping of honey mustard and relish.

starzbites sausage pizza fangs

The Starzbites sausage pizza is also given a sprinkling of black sesame seeds on the side of the star burst shaped pizza. It tastes quite good and is a rather novel presentation of a pizza.

starzbites us

The STARZBITES Sausage 1 combo (recommended for 2 persons) is priced from RM 29.90 and contains:
1 Regular Starzbites Sausage Pizza
2 Soup-of-the-Day
4 pcs Breadstix
2 glasses of 7Up Revive

Pizza Hut Mystical Moroccan Pizza

mystical moroccan pizza door

Pizza Hut came out with another new pizza in commemoration of the Muslim celebration with the Mystical Moroccan Pizza. The Mystical Moroccan Pizza is a unique square pizza (instead of the usual round ones) that comes with the tagline – Discover the Exotic Flavors of Morocco.

The Mystical Moroccan Pizza comes with a similarly themed Pizza Hut
“spinner” game which is now standard with all new promotional pizzas.
The spinner games give the patrons who order the promotional pizza
incentives in the form of free food and drink, depending on the luck of
the spin.

mystical spin

This one is called The Mystical Spin and plays on the
square shape of the pizza. The two spinners are called the “Destination
Spinner” and “Number Spinner” and the first one directs the player into
one of the four quadrants which depicts holy sites in the Islam faith.
The prime prize is always another promotional pizza. I got the
Breadstix and asked to change that to a Pepsi instead (coz I was

puff pastry soup

There is also an option to upgrade the Soup of the Day to Puff Pastry Soup
for RM 1 which I highly recommend. The Puff Pastry Soup is actually
baked in the kitchen and not from the (admittedly) slightly disgusting
container where the communal Soup of the Day is located. It comes with
a pastry top and the entire soup container is piping hot!

puff pastry soup tomato

The Puff Pastry Soup comes with an option of tomato soup or mushroom
soup and it’s made to order, with the pastry baked WITH the soup and
that makes all the difference. The soup comes out scalding hot and the
puff pastry on top works very well when dunked into the soup and let to
soak for a bit. Tabasco sauce goes very well with the soup that Pizza
Hut serves (Campbell).

mystical moroccan pizza square

This is the Mystical Moroccan Pizza – it’s a square (!) pizza that
comes with the pitch “The new Mystical Moroccan Pizza is a culinary
adventure! Enjoy golden slices of dried apricots, roasted onions,
olives, and chicken or beef marinated with exotic herbs. All topped on
a spread of savory and sweet Moroccan sauce. Get a taste of Morocco
with every bite!”

mystical moroccan pizza closer

The advertising hyperbole aside, the Mystical Moroccan Pizza really
does taste good. The Pizza Hut attendant came over and asked us to do a
customer survey for the Puff Pastry Soup and the Mystical Moroccan
Pizza and I told her that they’re both good, and that all we needed was
a shisha for an authentic experience. πŸ˜‰

mystical moroccan pizza slice

Here’s a closer look at the Mystical Moroccan Pizza – it has beef
pieces and olives as well as dried apricots and I like the square shape
of the pizza, which allows for even slices of pizza that’s easy to
hold. It’s a great pizza, much better than the usual promotional Pizza
Hut fare. I told Ericka that all I needed was some hashish and I’ll
think I’m in Morocco, that’s how good the pizza is…

Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pizza

pesto pizza hut

The new Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pizza comes with
the tagline “A True Italian Feast Awaits You” and it’s described as “a
freshly baked pan pizza coated in savory tomato pesto sauce made of
basil leaves and garlic, then topped with juicy, premium Italian

The advertisement for the Pesto Meatballs Pizza even features the
word “Eccellente!”. Excellent, I thought. πŸ˜‰ We went to Pizza Hut to
check out the new Pesto Meatballs Pizza – this was in Sibu, I forgot to
write about it until now.

pesto meatballs pizza double spinner

The tradition of having a spinner game is still retained with this
new Pizza Hut promotion. The Pesto Meatballs Pizza comes with a Double
Spinner game to allow the patron to choose (kinda, it depends on Lady
Luck) from a wide range of Pizza Hut menu items from drinks to pizzas.

pesto tortilla pasta salad

We ordered the Pesto Set 2 since there’s a party of four, and that
comes with a large Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza, a tortilla pasta salad
(choice of Cool Lime Veggie or Thousand Island Tuna – we went for the
former), 4 pieces of Breadstix (choice of Parmesan or Hazelnut Cinnamon
– we opted for the latter), 4 soup of the day and a pitcher of Pepsi.
The Cool Lime Veggie tortilla pasta salad was good – I love meals where
the serving receptacle can be consumed. πŸ˜‰

pesto icy golden delights

Pizza Hut also has a new dessert promotion – The Golden Icy
Delights, which is “an exciting combination for the adventurous”. It’s
rich golden potato balls served with vanilla ice cream and topped with
yummy drizzles of chocolate. It’s really good! The hot potato balls
(doesn’t sound quite right, but it tastes right :p) with ice cream
provides a contrast and texture that’s very interesting and tasty.

pesto meatballs pizza chicken

Here’s the Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza – there is an option
for chicken or beef meatballs and we choose the latter for maximum
compatibility (everyone eats chicken). The new Pesto Meatballs Pizza is
delicious, although the initial sight was a little disappointing due to
the discrepancies between the marketing literature, which shows
absolutely huge meatballs and the much smaller meatballs in the real thing.

pesto meatballs pizza wing

I suggest that Pizza Hut can pick up our new variant of the Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza – I present to you, the Pizza Hut Pesto Chicken Wings Pizza! πŸ˜‰

Pizza Hut’s New Rich Gold Crust Pizza

ph rich gold crust pizza promo

Pizza Hut’s latest new crust is the much lauded Rich Gold Crust Pizza and it comes with the tagline Indulge in a golden ring of extraordinary flavors.
Extraordinary indeed! The new Pizza Hut Rich Gold Crust Pizza is the
best crust I’ve seen come out of their ovens in a long time!

ph rich gold crust top

The Rich Gold Crust Pizza is 18% larger than the average Pizza Hut
crust, but don’t let that figure put you off – what bulk is added is
good. The promotional liner goes “An exciting combination of a golden
ring of sweetness and savory mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese on
the crust”.

ph rich gold crust gist

Here is the gist of what the new crust has to offer – it’s basically
a three-ringed affair which consists of a sweet inner ring, a
mozzarella middle ring and a cheddar outer ring.

ph royal masala

We ordered it with the Royal Masala topping, the new crust is valid
for all the Family Favorites and Supremes set of toppings and the Royal
Masala topping goes very well with this crust, as we got to know

ph rich crust double spinner

Behold the Rich Gold Crust Pizza Double Golden Spinner!
The waitress at Pizza Hut pulled out a new game, which seems to be a
Pizza Hut staple nowadays – they always seem to have an accompanying
new game for every new promotional item that they come out with. I got
the free ice blended coffee.

ph go icy

It’s from the new “Go Icy in Pizza Hut” ice blended drinks range
they’re trying to pitch – I choose the Mocha Frappe Freeze – “a rich
European Chocolate fantasy with the aroma of fresh toasted Arabica

ph mocha ice blended

It’s alright…it won’t be stepping on Starbucks turf anytime soon,
though it’s a good option for drinks in Pizza Hut. BTW, I actually got
another pizza with the Pizza Hut games when it first few iterations
came out.

ph rich gold crust pizza pizza

Here’s the Rich Gold Crust Pizza in all its glory, on a platter and hot from the oven…

ph rich gold crust pizza crust

You can see that the Rich Gold Crust takes up almost half of the
pizza, which I thought would be a bad thing, but it turns out that the
crust can pull its weight in the taste department too.

ph rich gold crust pizza slice

The first crust is actually made out of sweet potato (!).

ph rich gold crust pizza potato

The sweet richness of the first ring is palpable…the baked sweet
potato is still warm and slightly pliable under a thin baked in crust.

ph rich gold crust pizza mozzarella

The next layer is a generous portion of warm and malleable
mozzarella cheese, which provides a nice contrast to the first sweet
crust by giving it a tart and rich mouth-feel before surrendering to
the final thin conventional cheddar topped layer.

ph rich gold crust pizza masala

The Rich Gold Crust Pizza comes highly recommended from me. Try the
Royal Masala topping with it – the pizza goes from hearty meat flavored
to the surprisingly synergistic sweet, malleable baked potato in the
first crust, before it ends with a burst of tart, warm and rich
mozzarella cheese. Nice!

Pizza Hut Ocean Treasure Tempura King Prawn

tempura king prawn promo

The Tempura King Prawn platter is the latest addition to the Ocean Treasure series of Pizza Hut offerings. The tagline goes The king on the platter joins the ocean treasure and it’s a side dish for the Ocean Treasure pizza series.

ocean treasure pizza

The flagship of the Ocean Treasure series is the Ocean Treasure
Pizza, which has prawns, calamari, crab sticks and other seafood as the
topping of the pizza.

ocean treasure pizza slice

I’ve always liked the Ocean Treasure Pizza – there’s nothing like baked crab sticks…it just has this delicious texture to it.

tempura king prawn platter

The Tempura King Prawn platter is described as “a delicious bundle
of crispy golden bites made up of crunchy Tempura King Prawns,
irresistible Tempura Calamari Rings and tasty Criss Cut Fries with Cool
Lime Mayonnaise”.

It’s good – the tempura king prawns are great and the dip is nice
and creamy, but I found the fries to be the best thing on this side

At least it’s not crinkle fries. πŸ˜‰

Pizza Hut Seafood Symphony (Ocean Spinner Game!)

seafood symphony

Pizza Hut has this seafood promotion going on. We went there last
night for dinner and had the Atlantis Combo 2, which includes 4 seafood
soup as the appetizer, a large pan pizza (choice of Neptune Delight,
Thai Seafood, Hawaiian Tuna or Island Supreme) as the main course, 2
Alfredo Tuna Spaghetti or Seafood Lasagna as the side order, 4 Black
Forest Trifle as the dessert and a pitcher of Pepsi as the beverage.

ocean spinner

This promotion comes with a game, just like the XXX Pizza did last
time. The above shows the game board – there’s a spinner on the upper
right hand corner and a board on covering the left, with a red triangle
as the piece that you move.

ocean spinner compass

The Ocean Spinner shown here shows which navigational direction your piece will move. It’s made to look like a compass.

ocean spinner red triangle

You’re allowed to spin twice and you move the piece accordingly.
Miriam spinned, since she was the guest of honor (last dinner before
she leaves) and the red Bermuda Triangle moved up twice, giving us this:

4 pieces of Breadstix.

It goes really well with the dessert, if you eat them together. Here are the rest of the food photos:

Seafood Soup

seafood soup

It had something resembling seafood inside and it had a seafood taste to it. I can’t comment further than that.

Seafood Lasagna

seafood lasagna

The lasagna is good, there’s not much seafood bits inside, but the creamy sauce makes up for that.

Alfredo Tuna Spaghetti

alfredo spag

It was alright, but nothing to write home about. It had pieces of
Seafood Stuff (TM) in a thick sauce of unknown origin. It tastes
like…well, seafood.

Neptune Delight

neptune delight

This is the new pizza so we went for this one. It has tuna, squid,
pineapple, crabmeat stick, green capsicum, fresh tomato and lime
mayonnaise sauce.

neptune cheese crust

We went for the cheese crust as well. It’s fit for Neptune himself.
It tasted good to me anyway. I think I ate half of the whole pizza

Black Forest Trifle

blackforest trifle

It has a blueberry jelly top and a bottom that has the consistency
of custard, with a layer of biscuit crumbs in the middle. Tastes rather
like cheesecake.


Pizza Hut, 3rd Mile Kuching.

Pizza Hut photo

pizza hut photo

This is the scanned photo from Valentine’s Day when I went to eat Pizza Hut’s SweetHeart Pizza
[]. I received a call just now on my cell from an unknown
082 (Kuching) number, answered it and the Pizza Hut guy asked where I
was. Told him I was in Padungan (where I worked) and a guy came in 5
minutes to give me the photo. Thus, this is me eating alone on
Valentine’s Day (afternoon, went out with friends at night) in Pizza
Hut, Kuching.

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