Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pizza

pesto pizza hut

The new Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pizza comes with
the tagline “A True Italian Feast Awaits You” and it’s described as “a
freshly baked pan pizza coated in savory tomato pesto sauce made of
basil leaves and garlic, then topped with juicy, premium Italian

The advertisement for the Pesto Meatballs Pizza even features the
word “Eccellente!”. Excellent, I thought. πŸ˜‰ We went to Pizza Hut to
check out the new Pesto Meatballs Pizza – this was in Sibu, I forgot to
write about it until now.

pesto meatballs pizza double spinner

The tradition of having a spinner game is still retained with this
new Pizza Hut promotion. The Pesto Meatballs Pizza comes with a Double
Spinner game to allow the patron to choose (kinda, it depends on Lady
Luck) from a wide range of Pizza Hut menu items from drinks to pizzas.

pesto tortilla pasta salad

We ordered the Pesto Set 2 since there’s a party of four, and that
comes with a large Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza, a tortilla pasta salad
(choice of Cool Lime Veggie or Thousand Island Tuna – we went for the
former), 4 pieces of Breadstix (choice of Parmesan or Hazelnut Cinnamon
– we opted for the latter), 4 soup of the day and a pitcher of Pepsi.
The Cool Lime Veggie tortilla pasta salad was good – I love meals where
the serving receptacle can be consumed. πŸ˜‰

pesto icy golden delights

Pizza Hut also has a new dessert promotion – The Golden Icy
Delights, which is “an exciting combination for the adventurous”. It’s
rich golden potato balls served with vanilla ice cream and topped with
yummy drizzles of chocolate. It’s really good! The hot potato balls
(doesn’t sound quite right, but it tastes right :p) with ice cream
provides a contrast and texture that’s very interesting and tasty.

pesto meatballs pizza chicken

Here’s the Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza – there is an option
for chicken or beef meatballs and we choose the latter for maximum
compatibility (everyone eats chicken). The new Pesto Meatballs Pizza is
delicious, although the initial sight was a little disappointing due to
the discrepancies between the marketing literature, which shows
absolutely huge meatballs and the much smaller meatballs in the real thing.

pesto meatballs pizza wing

I suggest that Pizza Hut can pick up our new variant of the Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza – I present to you, the Pizza Hut Pesto Chicken Wings Pizza! πŸ˜‰

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