HSBC Credit Card booth

hsbc girl

This is Liew Hui Li, an Account Manager at HSBC Bank. I’m at the
airport now and I just applied for a HSBC credit card. Actually, it was
two cards – a Visa and a Mastercard. I’m getting my past two months pay
slip and my EPF statements faxed across (Thanks Penny!) and I should be
getting the cards within 3 weeks.

hsbc pen

I got a free gift too – it was a choice between a digital clock,
another digital clock and a pen. Naturally, I went for the pen. This is
an XX Chromosome entry – fine people they have, to get people to apply
for credit cards. πŸ˜‰

Xanax by Pharmacia & Upjohn

xanax box

This is a box of 100 x 0.5 mg tablets of Xanax (alprazolam) made by
the original pharmaceutical company. It contains 10 blister packs of 10
x 0.5 mg alprazolam each.

xanax box contents

The side of the box states that Xanax should be dispensed only by or
on the prescription of a physician. What? And tie down all the medical
resources? What happened to good ol’ Do-It-Yourself self-medication? We
don’t need no damn doctors back in the days, we just got the box and
took them Xanaxes as needed. πŸ˜‰

xanax box expiry

Them Xanax tablets are good till 2007 too…

xanax box ticket

Alright, have a great week everyone, I’m flying back to Sibu later today for the long Gawai holidays.

Alex’s birthday

alex birthday huygens

Alex celebrates his birthday today, and the Huygens Asia staff all
chipped in to get a chocolate cake for him from Crown Plaza (about the
only place you can get decent cakes here). There’s an inscription on it
– it goes “Happy Birthday Boss” and a single candle was put on it
(probably coz we don’t know his age ;)).

The photo is kinda blurry since it was taken while he was moving to blow the candle out.

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Cigarettes from Penang in the mail!

penang cigarettes mail

I received a notice that I had a package waiting for me in Customs.
With some trepidation, I went and picked up the parcel from the
Malaysian Post Customs. It cleared just fine – there was just a note on
the package stating “Received in this condition”.

penang cigarettes all element

I was wondering what the contents inside were – the package seems to
have a vague box shape to it, and it was secured with some nylon
string. The back of the package is inscribed with the sender’s
information – All Element Trading in Penang. I’m not sure who sent this package, please tell me if you’re the sender, so I can thank you.

penang cigarettes water filter

Anyway, the brown paper wrap opens up to reveal…a box for a
Panasonic water filter (?). WTF was the main line of thought in my mind
as I investigated further and opened up the box to see if there was
really a water filter inside. I was thinking about what kind of
nefarious person would send me a water filter as a gift. πŸ˜‰

penang cigarettes newspapers

The box opens out to reveal a newspaper wrapped package. Mysterious
mysteries, but at least it doesn’t feel like a water filter…

penang cigarettes plastic bag

It turns out that the newspapers were used to conceal a plastic bag containing cigarettes.

penang cigarettes duty free

Duty free cigarettes. πŸ˜‰

Scandonest 2% special for injection (mepivacaine and adrenaline solution)

scandonest injection

Scandonest 2% special contains Mepivacaine hydrochloride (a local
anesthetic) and adrenaline. This solution is normally used for dental
procedures, and I managed to get a vial of Scandonest 2% containing 44
mg of mepivacaine hydrochloride and 22 ug of adrenaline.

mepivacaine adrenaline

The solution came in a glass vial and I used a .29 gauge Terumo
syringe to self-administer the mepivacaine + adrenaline solution into
my left upper arm. I read that the solution should not be taken via the
IV route so I just injected it into muscle.

mepivacaine solution

The vial that I managed to get hold of contained about half of the
Scandonest 2% solution and I injected the whole solution available.
This are the notes that I wrote down regarding this:

it’s fun to roll circles around the injection spot (the place where
the fluid builds up) to “feel” the numbness and there is a slight
adrenaline rush, so that’s something extra. it’s mild though, but the
topical anestetic features makes this novel.

i wouldn’t call it recreational, but it’s interesting to make a spot
on your body numb. run your fingers over it, and “feel the numbness”.
heh. ok i’m a retard. the adrenaline passes very fast, but its mild
anyway, so thats not the main feature. the main feature is the CREEPING

p/s – an interesting new development i felt at T+ 0:30 is that the
anethestic part SPREAD to my wrist (!!!). so the whole area from the
injection site to my wrist is numb but not upwards. very strange and
fucking NOVEL. now part of my arm is numb. very, very interestin
substance. i can rub my lower arm and “feel the numbness”.

say it with me people. πŸ˜‰


it lasted about 3-5 hours, quite impressive.

Here are two videos documenting the procedure:


Download: Scandonest 2% for injection []


Download: Mepivacaine afternotes []

File this under Experiments. πŸ™‚

Happy Valley Home BBQ

happy valley home bbq

Happy Valley Home BBQ is an eating establishment located just behind
the Happy Valley pub…and just like the name suggests – it’s a
residential house (!).

happy valley home bbq gate

There’s small gate and bridge that leads into Happy Valley Home BBQ.
There’s a sign on the gate that goes “No Outsiders Allowed!”. I’m just
kidding with ya – the sign goes “No outside food allowed”. πŸ˜‰

happy valley home bbq home

The interesting thing about Happy Valley Home BBQ is just
that…it’s a home that’s been converted into an eatery, with all the
coziness that the ambience allows for.

happy valley home bbq special

I started with Happy Valley Special – a drink that comes with all
sorts of Oriental Healthy Stuff (TM) that I can’t identify. It was very
“cooling” though. Jesus, what conformist words I’m using…seriously
though, it’s good. The interesting mix of ingredients makes the drink
sweet and piques the palate’s interest at the same time.

happy valley home bbq curry

This is their Curry Fried Rice, which one of my friends ordered. It
came with savory rice and crackers, in addition to a bowl of curry
chicken with prime cuts inside. It’s good!

happy valley home bbq chicken

Here’s Happy Valley’s implementation of Chicken Chop. I forgot what this one tastes like, my bad.

happy valley home bbq spagetti

I ordered some Spaghetti Bolognese…

happy valley home bbq chef

…and the Chef’s Recommendation of the Day – some mixed grill that
tasted sweet (probably coz of the glazed honey and sesame seed sauce).
It’s good.

happy valley home oxtail

There’s also a complimentary Soup of the Day (Oxtail Soup). Happy Valley BBQ makes a good bowl of Oxtail soup…hearty.


Having a meal at Happy Valley Home BBQ feels like eating at
home…with all the messiness and ambience of home cooking. The bill
came up for RM 60+ for three people, which isn’t too bad, considering
the fare.

The Ang Tau Chan Lok Theory

A long time ago, in the Open Market in Kuching not so far away…

Me (stoned): This is a classic example of what I’m
talking about – the ang tau chan lok bowl as the female representative.
Men are greedy creatures; they want their partner to be everything…to
be sweet like the gula melaka in the ang tau chan lok bowl and also to
be good in “other” aspects like the green squiggly bits in the ang tau
chan lok. Variety. Men want the whole bowl to themselves, signifying
their possessiveness for the partner, to be theirs and no one else’s.

Friend: What if I dump some chilli sauce into my ang tau chan lok bowl? What does that mean?

ang tau theory

Me: That means you also want her to be spicy in bed. You want the best of both worlds.

Friend: But that makes the ang tau chan lok – chilli sauce uneatable right?

Me: That is an acquired taste, yes…

Friend: What if I take this sio bee here, and dip it into the sweet and spicy concoction and eat it?

ang tau lung

Me: Oh, that’s not good, my friend. You want to
have your cake and eat it too…but then, don’t we all? And that, is
the ang tau chan lok bowl theory. Everything can be explained by it.

Friend: Alright, you’re stoned…

Afgan chocolate cookies @ bing!

afgan chocolate cookies jar

The Afgan chocolate cookies at bing! is one of the best chocolate
cookies I’ve had in Malaysia. It retails for RM 3.50 each and it kicks
the mass produced Famous Amos chocolate cookies range’s collective

afgan chocolate cookies

The Afgan chocolate cookies are topped with chocolate coated and there’s a nut placed on every single cookie.

afgan chocolate cookie

It tastes the way real cookies should taste like – rich, satisfying, and crumbly. πŸ™‚

Longlife cigarettes

longlife cigarettes

Longlife cigarettes is a brand of cigarettes in Taiwan. This is the
full flavored version that comes in bright yellow packaging and the
characters for “long life” in Chinese written in the middle.
Jesus…and to think that for all this while, I had harbored the
mistaken thought cigarettes are bad for you. πŸ˜‰

longlife back

Anyway, this is the premium full flavored version of Longlife
cigarettes that was purchased in Taiwan. It contains 1.1 mg of nicotine
and 13 mg of tar.

longlife expiry

The interesting thing about Taiwanese cigarettes is that they have
expiry dates printed on the bottom of each pack (!) – this one says

longlife cigs info

Heck, they even have a phone number you can call or an email address you can send enquires about the cigarettes to! Now that is support! πŸ˜‰

longlife cigarettes filter

The strange thing about the full flavored Long Life cigarettes is
the white filter, which is the norm for lights over here, but not full
flavored ones. Nevertheless, I found Longlife cigarettes to be a
smooth, satisfying smoke.

longlife smoke me

Smoke me! I give you long life! πŸ˜‰

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