Scandonest 2% special for injection (mepivacaine and adrenaline solution)

scandonest injection

Scandonest 2% special contains Mepivacaine hydrochloride (a local
anesthetic) and adrenaline. This solution is normally used for dental
procedures, and I managed to get a vial of Scandonest 2% containing 44
mg of mepivacaine hydrochloride and 22 ug of adrenaline.

mepivacaine adrenaline

The solution came in a glass vial and I used a .29 gauge Terumo
syringe to self-administer the mepivacaine + adrenaline solution into
my left upper arm. I read that the solution should not be taken via the
IV route so I just injected it into muscle.

mepivacaine solution

The vial that I managed to get hold of contained about half of the
Scandonest 2% solution and I injected the whole solution available.
This are the notes that I wrote down regarding this:

it’s fun to roll circles around the injection spot (the place where
the fluid builds up) to “feel” the numbness and there is a slight
adrenaline rush, so that’s something extra. it’s mild though, but the
topical anestetic features makes this novel.

i wouldn’t call it recreational, but it’s interesting to make a spot
on your body numb. run your fingers over it, and “feel the numbness”.
heh. ok i’m a retard. the adrenaline passes very fast, but its mild
anyway, so thats not the main feature. the main feature is the CREEPING

p/s – an interesting new development i felt at T+ 0:30 is that the
anethestic part SPREAD to my wrist (!!!). so the whole area from the
injection site to my wrist is numb but not upwards. very strange and
fucking NOVEL. now part of my arm is numb. very, very interestin
substance. i can rub my lower arm and “feel the numbness”.

say it with me people. πŸ˜‰


it lasted about 3-5 hours, quite impressive.

Here are two videos documenting the procedure:


Download: Scandonest 2% for injection []


Download: Mepivacaine afternotes []

File this under Experiments. πŸ™‚

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