Deadline: 3rd December, 2005

Harian Metro
[Image from Harian Metro Ahad]

I have been contacted by the authorities and I’ve agreed to delete
all drug and pharmaceutical related posts in two days (before this
Saturday – GMT +8). I will not write about drugs and pharmaceuticals in
the future on this blog.

I hope that all of you understand why I have to do this – the alternative is very
unsavory. I will still continue to write about other things (alcohol
and tobacco is still okay, as is all legal things) on and
I hope that you can understand and accept the decision I’ve made.

RIP to the first drug blog in Malaysia with photos and videos.

2002 – 2005

It was good while it lasted…

Thanks to:
Sashi []
Lainie []
John Kuan []
mahagurusia []
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and everyone else who showed their support during this difficult
time. Thank you everyone – from the bottom of my heart, as always.

Viva la veritas!

High fever

Hello all, I’m still alright though it seems that divine punishment
has come sooner than I expected. πŸ˜‰ I woke up today with a blistering
fever (though strangely, I was shivering from cold). My joints ached
and my nose was running like a broken faucet (tap) – caught it
yesterday. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with influenza
(that’s flu) and I had a temperature of 39.2 degrees Celsius…though I
feel MUCH hotter than that.

The Creator at His best, smiting me down with a bad case of the flu. πŸ˜‰

In Good Faith

I’ve removed several categories from the sidebar in good faith. I’m
currently seeking legal council. Thank you all for your support – and
please be careful when commenting…it’s a very sensitive issue. Thank
you for all your support and I hope this blows over soon…

It is natural for new media to be seen as a threat and attempts to
legislate cyberspace initiated. I urge the authorities to look at the
blog as a whole and not dwell on the other posts.

I’m doing everything I can…and I need all the support I can get right now, so I’ll appreciate any that is offered.

Thanks to:
Sashi []
Lainie []
John Kuan []
mahagurusia []

and to all the bloggers who have posted about this issue and the
readers who have offered me asylum and support via SMS and phone calls.
It’s very much appreciated – from the bottom of my heart.

Important announcement from does NOT condone the use of drugs and is merely a journal documenting the past allerged use of substances. was NEVER meant to “challenge the authorities” and it
is merely a personal weblog which has some information which a lot of
other sites already has, even specializes in.

Much as I would like to, I am unable to delete the previous posts,
since it already has been archived by the Internet (Google Cache,
Wayback Machine) WILL NOT post about drugs and pharmaceuticals again, as I’ve promised earlier this week.

I urge the authorities to look at the site as a whole and not just
it’s negative aspects. It is far outnumbered by other posts involving
tourism, food, and raising awareness about HIV.

I apologize for any misunderstanding about the intentions of this blog.

Zen: Sunny side up egg

sunny side up zen

This is the best sunny side up egg (or Over-Easy egg) I’ve ever had
the pleasure of sampling just now. Most of the fried eggs here (RM
0.50) are over-fried but this one takes the cake. The cook has mastered
the Zen of sunny side up eggs.

It also looks like something rather interesting (check out the aureole) in a vague sort of way…

This is a blatant filler post, if you haven’t noticed (pioneered by back in 2002 ;)). My apologies, I have a lot on my mind
right now.

Okra (Lady’s Fingers) chips – very unusual whole okra vegetable snack


Okra (commonly known here as Lady’s Fingers)
is a long green vegetable, much like chillies, except it’s green and
it’s not spicy. I noticed fresh (as in structural integrity) whole
vegetable snacks made in Taiwan on the shelves of the supermarket and
it caught my attention due to the unusual natural configuration of the
vegetable snacks.

okra chips container

The freeze dried okra snacks retails for RM 5.95 and comes in a
see-through plastic container which reveals the complete structure of
the lady’s fingers – the okra is preserved well, with the stem on top
tapering down to the vegetable proper.

okra chips fresh

The interesting thing about these okra chips from
Taiwan is that it’s made from fresh okra. The range of products from
this manufacturer runs the whole gamut of the vegetable and tuber
family – all with the original structural integrity present.

okra chips lid

There is a green colored lid (the different vegetables are color
coded for your convenience) which opens up to reveal a standard pull-up

okra chips whole

Here’s a close up of the okra “chips” – the lady’s fingers has been
preserved nicely, and all the okra is naturally green and whole (I
still can’t get over that). I ate one of them and the crispiness of the
okra is very pronounced. It tastes like the real vegetable and it comes
with seeds and all still intact.

okra chips seeds

This is what the inside okra chips looks like – it looks like the real thing, with the seeds and all…heck, it is the real thing!

The wonders of modern food processing…


Frito-Lay: Lay’s KC Masterpiece BBQ flavored STAX potato crisps

lays stax product range

Lay’s crisps are some of the best potato chips in
the category. I’ve never really cared for crisps – I don’t like
Pringles or other potato chips…perhaps its due to the fact that I was
raised in Malaysia and Malaysian snacks have always been very
salty, compared to the low sodium and minimal (relatively) food
flavoring offerings in other countries – a point I’ve stressed numerous
times while I was in Australia.

lays stax container

Lays crisps is big in the United States – it’s the #1 snack in that
market. Frito-Lay has partnered up with another food condiment company
to produce potato chips flavored with KC Masterpiece Barbeque sauce []. It seems to be a trend in the snack industry as I’ve seen Smith’s crisps in Australia [] partnering up with big names in the food condiment industry like Heinz tomato sauce while I was in Melbourne.

lays stax kc masterpiece

Lay’s came out with a new container called STAX that looks very much
like a standard Pringles can but it’s made of pliable plastic and has
an ergonomic easy grip (the top and bottom is extended out, leaving a
thinner middle portion). It’s a resealable crush-resistant blue
container and it retails for RM 7.65 per can. The range of Lay’s crisps
STAX is filled with a healthy repertoire of flavors – original and
other food condiment partnership flavors.

lays stax bbq crisps

The product is actually made in Mexico instead of the United States
– just a little bit of (useless) trivia. Lays KC Masterpiece BBQ STAX
potato crisps “slides” out from the middle and each crisp is curved
perfectly with a healthy sprinkling of KC Masterpiece Barbecue sauce
seasoning in the middle.

Lay’s KC Masterpiece BBQ STAX crisp tastes great!
It’s salty and it has that mouth watering smoky BBQ sauce flavor – the
barbecue sauce is replicated perfectly!

Concerned Citizens should fuck off and die

The most self-righteous letter from a “Concerned Citizen” I’ve seen to date…

I’m seriously puzzled…do they really have that much time on their
hands? I’ll love to learn their secret coz between work and work I
haven’t got much time to write “Letters to the Editors”.