In Good Faith

I’ve removed several categories from the sidebar in good faith. I’m
currently seeking legal council. Thank you all for your support – and
please be careful when commenting…it’s a very sensitive issue. Thank
you for all your support and I hope this blows over soon…

It is natural for new media to be seen as a threat and attempts to
legislate cyberspace initiated. I urge the authorities to look at the
blog as a whole and not dwell on the other posts.

I’m doing everything I can…and I need all the support I can get right now, so I’ll appreciate any that is offered.

Thanks to:
Sashi []
Lainie []
John Kuan []
mahagurusia []

and to all the bloggers who have posted about this issue and the
readers who have offered me asylum and support via SMS and phone calls.
It’s very much appreciated – from the bottom of my heart.

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