Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots review

cny06 firecrackers box

This is a box of assorted firecrackers and fireworks that somehow
appeared in my room in Sibu in a mysterious and somewhat nefarious
manner. ;) I gave most of it away since I prefer loud and large
fireworks and firecrackers. There were a lot of assorted fireworks (and
more will mysteriously appear again tonight) in the box with a couple
of larger scale firecrackers.

cny06 colorpeony twins

This is 48 Colorpeony placed next to a 16
Colorpeony for scale. The number represents the amount of shots inside
the fireworks. Mysterious mysteries. Colorpeony is a popular Chinese
New Year firework and again, it somehow appeared incriminatingly in my
room. I love loud firecrackers and huge fireworks boxes that produce
the pyrotechnics I crave. :)

I got up at 7 am this morning (“got up” not “woke up”, haven’t slept
in two days) feeling extremely irritable for no reason at all so I
decided to wake up the neighbours with the 48 Colorpeony firecrackers.
It’s supposed to be lit at night so the flaming balls and sparks that
shoots up into the sky isn’t overpowered by the sun, but I wanted to
cheer myself up.

cny06 colorpeony light

Thus, I set the 48 Colorpeony fireworks on the ground near the auto
gate and prepared to light it up. The size of Colorpeony fireworks is
huge if you haven’t seen one – it has a footprint as large as a
notebook (larger than the mini laptops) and it’s about one foot in
height and girth. I asked my mom (who was conveniently there) to take a
video of the pyrotechnics.

cny06 colorpeony spent

She did…at least all that aiming and panning stuff, but she forgot
to press the shutter button! Arrrggghhh…I would have killed her if it
wasn’t Chinese New Year coz it was a really good scene coz I was being
stupid. I just lit the fuse, stood there looking down INTO the
fireworks, gave a running commentary on my favourite firework and got
hit by one of the shots coz I stood right beside it. Jesus Christ, I
wish that was recorded…

dragons playing pearl fireworks

Thus, I went up and grabbed this new firecracker that I bought – it’s called Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots
which is a damn long name. It’s smaller than the Colorpeony fireworks
but I didn’t want to waste another Colorpeony so I decided to check out
this new firework. It sounds intriguing enough. Dragons Playing Pearl
Fireworks Mines and Shots. Mines. Shots. Mmm…

dragons fireworks

Download: Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots [sixthseal.com]

I gave my mom a 30 minute tutorial on how to use the video function
of my digicam and taught her the basics of panning correctly (she
doesn’t know which scenes should be focused on at what time, so I had
to give her audio cues…loud ones, in the video, and she had to use
zoom coz she thinks fireworks are dangerous in close proximity) and lit
the Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots.

cny06 morning sibu

The Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots are surprisingly
captivating. It alternates coloured balls of fire and shots of
explosions in a standard 30 tube box firecracker format. It doesn’t
have the sheer intense exit velocity of Colorpeony (which is loud and
shoots up a good 200 meters into the stratosphere) but the Dragons
Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots holds its own for a firecracker
in its class.

cny06 morning fireworks

It’s very therapeutic to light fireworks in the morning. I went to
bed straight after that and just woke up for the reunion dinner. I’ve
only had half a sandwich in two days so I’m a little hungry. I’ll light
more of the Dragon Playing Pearl Fireworks tonight when it’s dark so it
would look better…

…or should I do it now? Hmm…

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P/S – I love Sibu, practically everyone is letting off firecrackers
(which was what woke me up just now) in the neighbourhoods. There’s
always a constant sound of various fireworks and firecrackers, distant
and near, and that, my friends, is the true spirit of Chinese New Year.
There’s more to come tonight – that’s when the Chinese New Year Eve
celebrations really goes off large scale. I have more boxes of
interesting fireworks and firecrackers for tonight, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year to all of sixthseal.com readers!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Tongue Piercing – Photos and videos

tongue piercing today

I had my tongue pierced together with Cherie at Borneo Headhunters Tattoo and Piercing
on a whim about three weeks ago. I used to have a tongue piercing back
in Christchurch, and it was more towards the front of the tongue. I
tried to get it done in the same place (there still is a visible hole)
but decided against it since I have a career so I went for one towards
the back so it isn’t too visible.

This is the second time for Cherie (she has a navel piercing) while
I had most of my face pierced in NZ, so I’m used to it. However, we
both have a very high threshold for pain so we didn’t feel much at all.

I didn’t want to post about this but since a previous entry depicted
my tongue piercing, I might as well put up the photos and videos. ;)

You will need QuickTime for the videos (.3gp) and double size it coz
I didn’t bring my digicam (it was an impulsive decision) so it was
filmed using a cell phone. Check out the background soundtrack – there
was a procession…I found it very appropriate. Heh!

hb clamp

Download: Tongue clamping [sixthseal.com]
This is a video me getting my tongue clamped for the piercing.

hb pierce

Download: Tongue piercing [sixthseal.com]
This shows the needle going in and piercing through the tongue with the follow through with the bar.

cherie clamp

Download: Cherie tongue clamping [sixthseal.com]
This is Cherie getting her tongue clamped.

cherie pierce

Download: Cherie piercing [sixthseal.com]
The needle going through…

cherie barbell

Download: Cherie barbell [sixthseal.com]
…and the process of screwing in the barbell.

hb piercing

Download: HB tongue piercing aftermath [sixthseal.com]
This is a video taken right after the tongue piercing.

cherie piercing

Download: Cherie tongue piercing aftermath [sixthseal.com]
This is a video of Cherie right after the tongue piercing.

tongue gold stud

We used a 14 gauge bar for the piercing. Cherie went for the surgical steel bar while mine is an 18k solid gold barbell

tongue bling bling

…and it’s topped with a jewel.

It’s a bit of an overkill on the bling bling factor, yeah? ;)

Minoru Japanese Restaurant review

minoru japanese restaurant

Minoru Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese
cuisine eating establishment in Kuching. It is supposed to be the best
place to go for authentic Japanese food. It’s located in Rubber Road
and it’s a cozy corner lot, relatively unknown, but a gem of a place if
you find it.

minoru interior

The interior of Minoru Japanese restaurant is furnished in classic
Japanese decor and there are various seating arrangements to
accommodate patrons as well as a sushi bar area where you can watch the
sushi chef prepare the orders.

minoru service

The service at Minoru Japanese restaurant is excellent – the
waitresses are accommodating, friendly and attentive…probably coz we
were the only ones there. ;)

japanese menu

There is a menu plastered on the wall with Japanese writing which I
can’t make sense of and I don’t know why it’s there since probably
0.0035% of the population here actually can read Japanese.

fish tank

I went there with Cherie before she left for Melbourne in the
afternoon and the place exudes an ambience of serenity. There is a fish
tank at the bar seating area (which used to have piranhas) – it’s very
tranquil, perfect for a quiet afternoon lunch.


There are various condiments interspaced with sake place cards every
meter or so on the bar seating area. The condiments are all imported
from Japan, unlike other “Japanese” eating establishments.

paper lanterns

The view from the sushi bar into the area is decorated with lighted
paper lanterns and the area behind it is full of Japanese paraphernalia.

sake selection

There is a wide selection of sake and shochu (including the ones in
the cardboard boxes – love them) and naturally, Asahi beer in bottles,
cans and mini cans.

fresh sashimi

The sushi bar has a transparent glass counter at eye level with the
fresh tuna and octopus as well as other provisions…all air flown in
from Japan.

sushi chef

This is the sushi chef behind the counter. Minoru Japanese restaurant also serves fugu (puffer fish) but the dish is seasonal.


I ordered Hon Nama sake (RM 35) which can be served
either at room temperature, chilled or warmed. It comes with a shot
glass so I decided to take shots instead of savoring the sake coz I have an alcohol problem I didn’t want to be pretentious.

california rolls

This is the California Roll (RM 20) which Cherie
recommended. It’s really good! Unlike other establishments, the Temaki
is filled with all sorts of premium ingredients right down to the
bottom of the roll. It’s a must have if you’re going to Minoru.

sashimi platter

This is the sashimi platter that we had. There is salmon sashimi (RM 25), shrimp sashimi (RM 22), octopus sashimi (RM 15), Ikura (RM 30) and Tobiko (RM 14).

exotic sushi

We also ordered Akagai sushi (RM 30) which is rare in Kuching. It’s fresh ark shell. The other one is Kazunoko sushi (RM 25) which is herring roe.

unagi eel

The Unagi (RM 25) with rice topped with seasoning
(RM 2) tastes great as well. I can’t resist eel with rice; it’s what I
used to eat in Melbourne.

chawan mushi

The Chawan Mushi (RM 6) in Minoru Japanese restaurant is good as well…it’s full of ingredients inside.

soft shelled crab

This is the soft shelled crab (RM 16) which we did not manage to finish coz it’s obvious that we ordered too much food. :)


The most interesting décor in Minoru Japanese restaurant is this
glass encased selection of miniature dishes that the establishment
offers. The bill came to about RM 300+ which is reasonable for
authentic Japanese cuisine.



Fortune Cookie: Your success will keep improving every year

fortune cookie

Fortune cookies – it’s a cookie with a paper couplet inside stating your fortune. I went to Mojo and everyone in our group got one.

fortune cookie break

Basically, it’s usually served after a meal in Chinese restaurants
everywhere (except Malaysia and Singapore for some reason) and you
break the cookie to get the paper fortune inside. I used to work in
Chinese restaurant in Melbourne.

fortune cookie fortune

Mine goes “Your success will keep improving every year“.

No shit…

Shopping @ KLIA – Shop & Unwrap the Nuggets

klia shopping

KLIA Shopping is running a promotion called Shop & Unwrap the Nuggets
from the 14th of November 2005 to the 31st of March 2006 at Kuala
Lumpur International Airport. The contest entails racking up a RM 250
minimum on any retail or F&B outlet purchase and redeeming the
receipt at the KLIA Shopping Redemption Counter.

klia shopping redemption counter

The KLIA Shopping Redemption Counter has “nuggets” of Cadbury’s bite
sized milk chocolate with a customized wrapper which has the prize
printed on the hidden side. The main prize is a RM 5k Tag Heuer watch
with other prizes which includes Rocaille decorative boxes and hotel
stays, all immediately redeemable.

klia shopping nuggets

I picked a chocolate nugget from the container, reaching into the
upper left quadrant and retrieving a “Shop & Unwrap the Nugget”
piece before carefully unwrapping it…

klia shopping wrapper

I have won a set of three (3) pencils! w00t! I love pencils! I can’t get enough of them!

klia shopping pencils

The person manning the KLIA Shopping Redemption Counter also stuffed
a small teddy bear into the pouch containing the pencils and threw in a
Beryl’s chocolate box.

It’s like, the greatest gift evar!!!!!oneone

Got pencils?

Burger King BK Lamb Promotion

bk asian station klia

Burger King has two outlets at KLIA – there is a large one in the public accessible area and other one adjacent to Asian statioN
inside the main concourse. The departure lounge BK shares the space
with Asian statioN with a common seating area though I’m not sure if
the two establishments are related.

bk lamb promotion

I saw a BK Lamb Promotion for RM 12.90 and decided
to order the meal since Burger King doesn’t serve lamb / mutton so I
thought it was pretty unusual for them to have a lamb meat based
burger. I haven’t seen a BK which serves lamb, so I just had to check
it out.

bk lamb meal

This is what the BK Lamb Promotion meal looks like – there’s the
Burger King lamb burger (wrapped in a BK wrapper that’s labeled
“Special”) with the standard medium fries and a medium coke. I’m not
sure if the BK Lamb Promotion is just available in the KLIA Burger King
or in other outlets as well.

bk lamb burger

Here’s a shot of the BK Lamb Burger – it’s a long
(as opposed to round) burger and the bun looks like the ones they use
on their sandwiches. It took longer than usual for the burger to come
out (also ordered three other burgers to bring back to Kuching for
friends since we don’t have BK over here) compared to the standard menu

bk lamb burger contents

The contents of the lamb burger doesn’t exactly look
appetizing…there is a slab of lamb coated with thick black pepper
sauce, tomato slices and chunky lettuce which keeps on dropping out of
the burger.

bk lamb burger bite

It might not look like much, but the taste of the burger is excellent! This is what a proper Prosperity Burger
[sixthseal.com] should taste like! I love the lamb meat – it’s a nice
change from the usual suspects…the Chicken, Beef, Fish fast food holy

It’s a great burger, flame grilled BBQ style like most of Burger King’s offerings.


Nachos and beer @ Lots of Love Affection (Lola Lounge)

lola lounge kl

Lola Lounge is located in the heart of the clubbing district of KL and it’s an acronym for Lots of Love Affection as the purple neon sign shows. Lola Lounge plays chill out music and is based on the open al fresco area concept.

lola lounge kl nachos

I met up with Larry [blogspot.com] who opened up another one of Danny’s All American Gourmet Hot Dogs
franchise there (bringing the total to three) and he was kind enough to
cook up two plates of nachos with his famed chili con carne. Thanks for
the nachos and beer!


Kuching International Airport upgrade

kuching international airport new

Kuching International Airport (affectionately
dubbed KIA coz flights gets delayed all the time) has just upgraded the
upper concourse so all departures have been diverted to the second
(third?) floor check in counters. It looks remarkably similar to KLIA…

kuching international airport customs

The Customs checkpoint has also received a hefty upgrade, with more
personnel and detector wands and scanners that can actually SEE through
the tangle of cables in your notebook carrying case and isolate the
prescription medication that you have a legitimate script for. The
previous old X-ray machines didn’t have the resolution (or penetration)
to see through the Cables of Obscurity (Wearer gains +6 in concealing

kuching international airport boarding

The similarities between Kuching International Airport and KLIA ends
at the boarding gates – Kuching International Airport has merchandise
counters inside the boarding gates.

Capitalism at it’s very best! ;)

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