Burger King BK Lamb Promotion

bk asian station klia

Burger King has two outlets at KLIA – there is a large one in the public accessible area and other one adjacent to Asian statioN inside the main concourse. The departure lounge BK shares the space with Asian statioN with a common seating area though I’m not sure if the two establishments are related.

bk lamb promotion

I saw a BK Lamb Promotion for RM 12.90 and decided to order the meal since Burger King doesn’t serve lamb / mutton so I thought it was pretty unusual for them to have a lamb meat based burger. I haven’t seen a BK which serves lamb, so I just had to check it out.

bk lamb meal

This is what the BK Lamb Promotion meal looks like – there’s the Burger King lamb burger (wrapped in a BK wrapper that’s labeled “Special”) with the standard medium fries and a medium coke. I’m not sure if the BK Lamb Promotion is just available in the KLIA Burger King or in other outlets as well.

bk lamb burger

Here’s a shot of the BK Lamb Burger – it’s a long (as opposed to round) burger and the bun looks like the ones they use on their sandwiches. It took longer than usual for the burger to come out (also ordered three other burgers to bring back to Kuching for friends since we don’t have BK over here) compared to the standard menu items.

bk lamb burger contents

The contents of the lamb burger doesn’t exactly look appetizing…there is a slab of lamb coated with thick black pepper sauce, tomato slices and chunky lettuce which keeps on dropping out of the burger.

bk lamb burger bite

It might not look like much, but the taste of the burger is excellent! This is what a proper Prosperity Burger [sixthseal.com] should taste like! I love the lamb meat – it’s a nice change from the usual suspects…the Chicken, Beef, Fish fast food holy trinity.

It’s a great burger, flame grilled BBQ style like most of Burger King’s offerings.



Garlika Burger @ Burger King

Garlika Burger.

Garlika Burger is the new burger at Burger King. It looks good from
the ad so I had one of them. It’s not a large burger – the size is
rather small, smaller than the usual Burger King offerings. I’ll have
to say that it looks quite dismal too. It’s just a burger with a beef
patty with a slathering of garlic paste. This is what it looks like in
real life:

Never looks as good as the ad photo.

It tastes like…a burger with lots of garlic paste. πŸ™‚ I can’t
really describe it much more than that because that’s what it is and
that’s all it is. It’s a little disappointing compared to the
promotional spiel. There’s no reason to dislike it if you like garlic
but I was expecting something more than a no frills burger with garlic

Anyway, on a more personal note, I will be going to work tomorrow.
There’s bills that needs to be paid and fronts that needs to be
maintained during the CNY reunion dinner. πŸ™‚ Hey, life’s just a play
after all, so let’s just straighten our costumes because the show must
go on!

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