Nestle Trophy ice cream promotion contest

nestle promotion sibu

Nestle has a range of “premium” ice cream under the Trophy brand which is considered a poor man’s Magnum []. They are running a two day promotion at Wisma Sanyan in Sibu to promote the Trophy ice cream, in particular its latest strawberry flavored Trophy.

nestle promotion sibu ice cream

I was at the shopping mall with my gf just now and decided to get an Almond Choc Ace Trophy and the new strawberry flavored Trophy. The Trophy ice cream by Nestle is based on the concept of Magnum ice cream and comes with the cringe inducing tagline “You deserve a Trophy“. *groans*

nestle promotion sibu trophy

The promotion is anchored to an instant draw prize collection (or “Sure Win” as they so eloquently dub it) for every purchase of RM 5 worth of Nestle ice cream OR two Trophy ice creams. Our Trophy purchase entitles us to one “Lucky Dip”. I was so excited I nearly creamed my pants, pardon the pun.

nestle promotion sibu box

The list of prizes in the instant draw box starts from a Mountain Bike and ends with a Sarsi Frizz in descending order of monetary value. The last three items are Nestle ice cream products. The entire promotion boasts a payout amounting to the grand total of RM 1,000!!! Talk about big budget promotions!

nestle promotion sibu win

I wasn’t surprised when I stuck my hand into the “Lucky Dip” box and came up with Sarsi Frizz. The box probably has Sarsi Frizz printed on almost all of the little pieces of folded paper. It’s one of the lowest priced Nestle ice cream products – a frozen ice water stick vaguely tasting of sarsaparilla.

nestle promotion sibu purchase

Oh well, it’s better than nothing…

(and the promotion DID keep its word about every instant draw being a sure winner)

P/S – My apologies about the sarcasm laden post. I just bought a Nintendo GameBoy Micro on an impulse and I can’t wait to check it out. I’m not a big fan of consoles or handhelds but it looks so amazingly small that I couldn’t help getting it. It’s cheap enough for impulsive purchases and yet packs enough value for a few hours of fun. Full review coming up soon on πŸ™‚


The Kuching International Airport (KIA) Smoking Room

kia sibu plane

I’m stuck at the Kuching International Airport while my 5:30 pm flight back to Sibu is being retimed to 6:05 pm. It’s like a cascading effect, once one flight gets delayed, the others get retimed and I would hate to think that this is another reoccurrence of one of those gnarly 9 hour constant re-times that MAS is fond of doing as of late []. I’m on a business class ticket and the worst thing is the business class lounge is UNDER RENOVATION so I lack the privileges my premium ticket affords me, leaving me no choice but to sit here with the rest of the sardine class proletariats. πŸ˜‰

I’m kidding…

Anyway, I’m on a lot of opiate agonists now and also a (too) liberal dose of benzodiazepines and I think I took too much alprazolam (Xanax) and midazolam (Dormicum) coz I’m seriously nodding off now…

kia smoking room sign

…and I need a smoke. Where the fuck is the smoking lounge?

kia smoking room door

Found it…

kia smoking room

…just to discover that it’s just a small room with just ONE ashtray. Sheesh…

Oh well, at least the ventilation is good, unlike KLIA.

I read a blurb in the papers (NST p.21) – some feedback “Letter to the Editor” column about “Malaysian Lab Rats” addressing the recent announcement that Malaysia is keen on pharmaceutical companies conducting trials here due to the racial diversity that we’re blessed with for more accurate cross-culture data.

kia nst column

The person who wrote in wasn’t too keen about it, something about “using Malaysians as lab rats”. Hey buddy, speak for yourself…some of us would love to get into those pharmaceutical clinical trials. I’ll run to get the nearest pen and sign the liability waiver for any potential side effects and you don’t even have to pay me for my time.

I wouldn’t mind being one of the the first people in the world to check out the latest benzodiazepine or opioid during the clinical trial stage before it even applies for FDA approval and patents and way before the potential pharmaceutical hits the commercial market. It might never even get that far and I’ll be one of the first to experience a research only substance.

Hell, I’ll give an arm and leg to get into the trials.

Anyway, I’ll be in Sibu for the long Labor Day holiday…

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! =D


KFC O.R. (Original Recipe) Chicken Chop

kfc chicken chop

KFC’s latest promotion is the KFC O.R. Chicken Chop. The O.R. seems to be standard notation for KFC’s Original Recipe now; much like how Kentucky Fried Chicken has been truncated to KFC.

kfc chicken chop promo

The KFC outlet at 3rd Mile Kuching is filled with promotional material for the KFC O.R. Chicken Chop. The walls of the franchise are plastered with promotional stickers for this latest product.

kfc chicken chop banner

The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop marketing spiel comes with the tagline “Treat Yourself Every Day”.

kfc chicken chop holder

The cardboard triangular holders for chilli sauce and ketchup on the tables have been replaced with the new KFC O.R. Chicken Chop promotion, in line with all previous promotional items.

kfc chicken chop news

It’s the latest promotion to hit REAL News (the lighted menu) together with KFC Colonel Rice [].

kfc chicken chop prices

KFC O.R. Chicken Chop Combo meal comes with 1 Chicken Chop, 1 large fries, 1 serving of coleslaw and 1 carbonated drink for RM 10.90. The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop is also available separately (Ala carte) for RM 9.90 each.

kfc chicken chop sample

The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop has been described in the official KFC press release as “a piece of boneless whole chicken leg breaded and pressure cooked, topped with mushroom gravy, with sliced thin button mushrooms and with raisin coleslaw and golden crinkle-cut fries as side items.”

kfc chicken chop supply

KFC has dedicated a whole platter on their warmer just for the chicken chop, ensuring uninterrupted supply lines. The chicken chop is actually a long standing menu item in hawker stall style “Western Food” stalls. It’s a drumstick that’s has been de-boned and flattened to form a large footprint chicken piece.

kfc chicken chop meal

This is what the KFC O.R. Chicken Chop combo looks like. The mushroom gravy (which looks a lot like the gravy they use for mashed potatoes with sliced button mushrooms added) is served on the side for the user to pour according to their tastes. I thought this was a nice touch…

kfc chicken chop plate

Here is a closer look at the KFC O.R. Chicken Chop. There is a side of regular KFC coleslaw augmented with raisins (which tastes great!) and a side of large fries. The chicken chop retains the end of the drumstick and the other part is pure de-boned breaded chicken drum meat. =D

kfc chicken chop gravy

The gravy is served in the take-away coleslaw/mashed potatoes containers that KFC uses and it doesn’t look like much…

kfc chicken chop plate gravy

…but adds a lot to the KFC O.R. Chicken Chop. It is canonical to have gravy served on a chicken chop (the “Western Food” hawker style stalls usually use black pepper sauce) and chicken chop without gravy of any sort would be quite unpalatable (and essentially undifferentiated from a regular drumstick).

kfc chicken chop meat

The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop tastes great! I didn’t expect it to, but its comfort food to the max. The large cut fries (which is standard in Australian KFC outlets, of which I’m not a big fan of) surprisingly adds to the experience when eaten with the gravy.

kfc chicken chop evolve

The chicken chop concept is certainly “heavily inspired”, shall we say, from the age old “Western Food” stalls in hawker stalls and given a price hike (and a bit of a facelift) by KFC to be resold as something new. However, KFC has contributed to the evolution of the chicken chop in its own way.

kfc chicken chop end

KFC O.R. Chicken Chop really does taste good.

It’s great comfort food…


Disney Cookies – Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie, Mickey

disney cookies flyer

These are “Premium Quality” Homemade Disney Cookies featuring several iconic Disney characters. There is an enterprising company here that sends out product promotion flyers to companies and delivers FOC, saving the time of employees who doesn’t have time to shop. I’m not sure if they have a license to use the Disney characters though…

disney cookies range

The Disney Cookies retails for RM 14.90 each and has three nicely designed tins containing three different cookie types. There is Winnie the Pooh Butter Cookies, Mickey & Minnie Chocolate Chip Cookies and Mickey Chocolate Cookies which comes in 300 gm cans. They offer free delivery to your office, so I got all three for the office to share.

disney cookies winnie the pooh

Winnie the Pooh Butter Cookies comes in a green tin that has an image of Disney’s logo and the Winnie the Pooh character. There is accompanying text which goes somewhere along the lines of “Sing Ho! For the life of a bear! Sing Ho! For the life of a Pooh!”

disney cookies butter

The can contains 4 individually wrapped packets of cookies in different colored “Disney” text. Winnie the Pooh Butter Cookies comes in a blue text foil package and contains butter cookies in the shape of Mickey’s likeness. It tasted alright, but I’m not a big fan of butter cookies in general, due to over consumption of the Dutch version when I was young.

disney cookies mickey minnie

Mickey & Minnie Chocolate Chip Cookies comes in a pink can with the flagship characters of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as a couple. The text goes “Isn’t it amazing, how you look at me, and you say nothing at all. But I can understand every word being spoken through your eyes.” Hmm…

disney cookies chocolate chip

Mickey & Minnie Chocolate Chip Cookies comes in orange Disney text foil and contain regular chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate chip cookies are basically butter cookies with chocolate chips embedded into the cookies. It’s a little crumbly and it tastes rather like the lower price range commercial chocolate chip cookies. It didn’t taste “homemade” to me at all.

disney cookies mickey

Mickey Chocolate Cookies comes in a yellow can that has the Mickey Mouse character on it and two words I haven’t heard in a long time – Roller Skate. The text goes “The highest truth comes to light as I roller skate down the highway and watch pickles fall out of a refrigerated truck.” I guess no one told Mickey that roller skating has gone out of vogue but kudos to him for sending a message to the kids that roller skating down highways is cool. πŸ˜‰

disney cookies chocolate

Mickey Chocolate Cookies comes in the classic brown color characteristic of chocolate cookies. The cookies are also molded into the likeness of the Mickey Mouse character. Mickey Chocolate Cookies tastes the best from the batch of cookies. However, the cookies are not “premium quality” by any standard and the packaging doesn’t seem to suggest that it’s home made.

disney cookies open

It went down well in the office though….


Joel What?

joel what

Joel (who is one tall dude, look at the door in comparison ;)) was kind enough to send me a much needed package of reinforcements. It is from the call for assistance regarding the lack of opiate agonist during a difficult time. He came in person and passed me a package addressed to Encik Satirev Foaf which seems benign enough to the person that collects the mail…

joel what package

…but is actually veritas spelled backwards appended with FOAF (Friend of a Friend – a common drug user scene term).

joel what letter

The package contains a letter (thanks Joel!) and two blister packs of Nurofen Plus [] – a codeine containing preparation that is the first opiate agonist post ever made on

joel what nurofen

The Nurofen Plus blister packs comes in packs of 12 caplets (which are non-splittable) x 2, in the form of a box of 24 caplets of containing 200 mg of Ibuprofen + 12.8 of codeine per caplet.

joel what nurofen plus

It is nostalgic indeed to revisit the N+ codeine love…I took 22 tablets for 281.6 mg of codeine just now. Thanks for everything Joel! Have a safe flight back to Manchester.

(and sorry for butchering your name in the title)


TAO Lifestyle Cafe and Gallery review

tao lifestyle cafe

Tao is one of the newer concept cafes in Jalan Padungan in Kuching with an emphasis on Taoism themes. The place has been reviewed by other bloggers in Kuching before but fish fish [] who is a fellow food blogger, hasn’t been there yet, so we went there at 6 pm last night for drinks.

tao lifestyle cafe door

Tao Lifestyle Cafe and Gallery is painted a very distinctive red, with a lot of glass and brass contrasting textures and colors. There is a nice sandblasted sign right beside the door and the door knob is fashioned into an open Buddha palm. The back of the door has a wooden chime which produces a peaceful knocking sound upon entry.

tao cafe buddha

There is a deity of Hindu or Buddhist origin on the right side of the entrance and the see through mirror allows a glimpse of a Buddha figurehead inside Tao Cafe as a sign of things to come. The theme of religious deities is a predominant feature in the decor of Tao Lifestyle Cafe and Gallery.

tao cafe bar

The ordering counter is located to the left of the entrance and the chalk board menu lists a wide repertoire of drinks ranging from health oriented blends and juices to gourmet coffee.

tao cafe price

Deli food is also available in the form of pies, salads, sandwiches, and a range of cakes. The price of food and drinks in Tao Lifestyle Cafe and Gallery is slightly higher than Starbucks and other related franchises due to its concept cafe origins.

tao cafe counter

Here’s another view of the Tao bar area. The counter is remarkably similar to bing! [] with similar chalk board menus and neatly arranged arrays of bottled drinks and coffee machines. The staff also wears a standard issue Tao t-shirt.

tao seating

There is a wide range of seating arrangements available in Tao cafe and even an al fresco area at the back for smokers. There is a lot of experimenting with the interior seating with different tables and chairs, sofas, and even a bean bag pile for patrons.

tao interior

The ambience of Tao is remarkably chill with soft diffused lighting and Eastern style music permeating the environment. There are pieces of art highlighted by focused beams of light and Buddha figureheads placed prominently in various arrangements.

tao buddha flower

The “Gallery” part in “Tao Lifestyle Cafe and Gallery” lies in the various artwork and Buddha statues featured in Tao. There is a fresh flower (replaced daily) in the palm of this Buddha figure.

tao window

Tao also features sparsely spaced windows which offers a glimpse outside, and this presents a contrasting view of the place, with the person soaking up the Zen like ambience inside while the world goes by in the old town Jalan Padungan district of Kuching outside.

tao paper drums

The incandescent lighted paper drums seem to have some significance to the decor and can be seen near windows, often accompanied with a Buddha statuette.

tao lotus

The tables are decorated with lotus plants, a piece of flora of some significance to Buddhism/Taoist roots (pardon the pun).

tao mag rack

Tao also has a well-stocked magazine rack (with a stone Buddha watching over it) for people who are interested to catch up on news or read some magazines with their health drinks.

tao embedded buddha

The walls of Tao are adorned with embedded ceramic faces of Buddha and the Zen like ambience of Tao Lifestyle Cafe is almost palpable…

tao swirling light

There is an arrangement of abstract art highlighted with well placed direct lighting accompanied with a lighting stand that produces soft swirls serving as a guide of sorts into the al fresco area at the back.

tao natural lighting

The al fresco area has natural lighting courtesy of a partial retractable sun roof. The largest Buddha statue in Tao is located at the back. The statue seems to be larger than life-size, or maybe the man is just a big dude, I don’t know. πŸ˜‰

tao water feature

The back of Tao is dominated by a water feature on one side. The soft, cascading water flowing down into a shallow pool is very calming and the soft music conducive for conversation.

tao incense

Coils of incense hang from the ceiling of Tao and there is a small second floor which serves as the administrative area of Tao Lifestyle Cafe and Gallery.

tao hot chocolate

This is the Hot Chocolate that fish fish had. It comes with a tablet biscuit on the teaspoon and features intricate swirls of chocolate patterns.

tao detox

This is Detox which is a mixed vegetable drink concocted with spinach, green bell pepper, celery and lettuce. I always get this drink when I go to Tao – it’s great stuff! It tastes great and it’s gotta be nutritious with the stuff they put in it. πŸ™‚

tao isb

I also had Immune System Booster which is an iced fruit and vegetable blend with pineapple, tomatoes and celery. It tastes like V8 and the best thing about Tao is that the juice is served undiluted (except for the ice cubes) which results in a thick blend.

tao me ff

This is a photo of me (Huai Bin) and fish fish (who does not want her face to be revealed due to privacy concerns). She just came back from Japan and gave me a limited edition Japan only Kit Kat bar as a souvenir.

tao ff buddha me

L-R: fish fish, Buddha, Huai Bin (me)

tao hang out

Tao is a great place to hang out and chill out. The ambience is very Zen-like and the seating arrangements are comfortable.

Update: Read fish fish’s review of the place here [].


Download: Tao video tour []

This is a one minute (1 min) video tour of Tao which you can download. It shows the entire interior of Tao Lifestyle Cafe and Gallery starting from the front.

tao ohm



The fight that spilled from the streets into a 7-11 store

711 fight 1

There was an incident involving a huge group of people which most people would have seen (another one of my co-workers was there too and no one knew what was going on) if you’re around the 7-11 outlet near Hilton in Kuching at around 2 – 3 AM last night (technically, this morning). It ended after several police patrol cars dispatched MP5 assault rifle armed officers to diffuse the public affray.

Nepasavaler offers this explanation:

anyway we was out tonight, having ourselves a ball at a certain club in kuching when last calls came and we was left with nowhere to go. so it was decided that we would find something to eat, or something like that. trailing my 2 other friends’s vehicles, i was led to the road leading down to hilton. then everyone stopped and went to the side of the road.

711 fight 2

on the opp. side of the road was parked this wira in an unsightly manner (kuching 45 degrees style) and there was a huge crowd of malays mostly crowding the streets. from inside of the car me and my friend could hear shouting and the people was like having a mini riot or something on the streets. much like mardi gras without the drag. taking cue from the occupants of the vehicles in front, we went down to witness this strange and amazing event. not everyday do you get riots on the tranquil streets of kuching.

Download: 7-11 incident video Part 1 []

on getting down, i noticed a gold kancil parked in the middle of the road causing obstruction and basically shutting off our escape routes. having no options but to watch the chaos unfolding, we went to the safe haven of the sidewalk and joined a couple of curious bystanders. on the streets, people was running about shouting and a couple of them seems to be the catalyst for the whole even, chasing each other back and forth and trading shoves (in kuching i’ve never seen them punch, only shove). one guy who was obviously inebriated and deeply angry was lashing out at the kancil, kicking the side panels with much gusto. my car being parked just 2 metres away, i felt a slight tinge of worry.

711 fight 3

the shouting and chaos continued, until a police car turned into the road. the kancil made a quick exit (miraculous, nothing short of). and then the S&C continued. the police car had it’s lights on and everything going wooaaaahhhhwooaaaahhh and when it passed the spot in front of hilton carpark, one of the main offenders (mr. kick kancil) unleashed his fury on the patrol vehicle. i didn’t think he scathed the vehivle though, must have been adidas trainers those.

Download: 7-11 incident video Part 2 []

the first patrol car made a quick exit and he must have called backup for within a few minutes came like 3 patrol cars. a couple of CIDs and cops with mp5s emerged and it was still chaos with nobody knowing what was going on. a guy with a torn tee ran towards the cops, and general cussing could be heard. the crowd converged around the patrol cars and no, nothing like what happened in france. it was just general loud debates and then a couple of them went into 7-11 shouting and all that (in video).

Download: 7-11 incident video Part 3 []

the scene continued for a while, and then the fun was gone. everyone dispersed and an indian came over laughing saying no more fun when we was ‘interviewing’ the 7-11 staff. and that was that.

Thanks to Nepasavaler for the detailed narrative! Cheers! πŸ™‚


Ramen, cold beer, and Haagen-Dazs ice cream @ 3 AM

c11 kuching

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep…I looked at the clock. It said 2:56 AM. I always remember the time if it’s close to a certain hour e.g. high digit 50 minute to the next hour. I felt like getting something to eat. There is nothing to eat at my place, so I thought about which establishment would be open at this hour. I wanted:

Instant noodles (ramen) in a cup (craving for it for some reason)
Cold beer (nothing like a cold beer in the middle of the night ;))
Haagen Dazs ice cream (or just any ice cream, but Haagen-Dazs would be good)

These are not very easy criteria to meet at 3 AM in the morning in Kuching. I wanted a place with seating arrangements too (the F&B industry calls it “tables and chairs”).

I drove out in the direction of my office (while under the influence of a cocktail of benzos, namely, alprazolam (Xanax), clonazepam (Rivotril), and a lot of midazolam (Dormicum)). I suddenly saw the light – C-11!

C11 is a 7-11 clone in Kuching. It’s supposed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 10 years a decade, 100 years a century, you get the idea…

Not all of them do, though. Ironically, some close at 10 PM but the one right after the Simpang Tiga Flyover (King Center roundabout bypass) opens 24/7 AND has tables and chairs outside too.

I parked and entered the establishment. It was a little after 3 AM.

c11 ramen

I randomly grabbed a Styrofoam container of instant noodles…

c11 beer

…opened up the cold drinks fridge and grabbed a can of Skol beer.

c11 haagen-daz

…and went to the Haagen-Dazs freezer

c11 cookies cream

…and picked up a mini tub of Cookies and Cream ice cream.


c11 staff

I paid at the counter (and got the C-11 graveyard shift people to pose for me)…

c11 hot water

…filled up my instant noodles using the self-service hot water dispenser.

c11 food

…and went outside to dig in. Instant noodles, beer and ice cream. This combination is great, take my word for it.

c11 chinese serial

The C-11 outlet right after the Simpang Tiga flyover even has a projection TV system showing some Chinese serial.

c11 mtv

One of the staff came out and asked me if I wanted to watch another channel. I said I didn’t mind and he probably thought I was on something coz he switched to MTV and turned down the lights (“Is this better?”).

Damn good service, I tell you. Minimum wage workers at the equivalent of a 7-11 going out of their way to please a customer coming in at 3 AM in the morning.

…albeit a customer that wonders around the aisles blankly, forgets the change from a RM 50 note (which they kindly returned to me), and leaves his keys at the table (which they kindly reminded me of as well). Three cheers for the three friendly staff!

Back to the question:
Where can you get a meal of instant noodles, cold beer and Haagen-Dazs ice cream at 3 am in the morning?


c11 end

…er, I mean at C-11, that’s where. The service is great to boot!

(and they don’t mind if you come in looking fucked up)

]]> 4th Birthday! was officially launched on 19th April 2002. πŸ™‚

4th birthday celebrates it’s 4th anniversary today! It’s been up to close to half a decade and still going. There were several setbacks this year, mostly due to a drug possession case which severely restricted the nature of my posts so I’m going to do one last experience report to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the site (which is a traditionally unlucky number in Chinese culture, and certainly is an unlucky year for me).

Ecstasy pill name: Red apples
Pill color: Pink with red specks
Circa: KL, Malaysia 2006 (er…I mean 1906, sorry about the date confusion ;))
Suspected contents: MDMA with ketamine (qualitative findings, not reagent tested)
Other substances consumed: Yes. πŸ˜‰

4th anniversary ecstasy

MDMA and ketamine pill combinations are actually pretty common in Malaysia. These are nicely pressed pills (hard) with beveled edges and a solid, high quality imprint of an apple. These are nicely done pills, not a shoddy home kitchen pill press product.

The subject (male, 60 kg) and a companion (female, 50 kg) swallowed 1 1/2 pills each (crushed up) on an empty stomach and interesting dissociative effects characteristic of ketamine started to manifest, so the decision was made to powder the remaining pill and insufflate it.

Subjective characteristics associated with MDMA (empathy, initial “Ecstasy coming up rush”, blurred vision) started to manifest so the remainder powdered pill was split into lines and selective sensory deprivation (scientists refer to it by the technical term “switching off the lights and turning up the music” ;)) was initiated.

4th anniversary lines

Nystagmus and mild hallucinations started setting in at the peak (T+ 0:45) and the lines were insufflated over an unknown period of time (snorting the powdered pills produced a “speedy” rush with dominating ketamine qualities e.g. confabulation and time-space disorientation).

4th anniversary cannabis

Cannabis was smoked at about T+ 1:30 and throughout the next few hours which mellowed out the trip (not an intended effect) but the visual anomalies and nystagmus and CNS MDMA effects lasted until T+ 3:00 before tapering off. Subject’s companion also reported similar experiences. Other substances consumed:

4th anniversary other substances

Erimin 5 (nimetazepam)
Xanax (alprazolam)

Rating: 6/10
(The “pig” imprinted pills circa December, 2005 from Kuching seems to have a higher MDMA content)

Thank you for allowing me to make one final experience report of a substance consumed in…er, 1906. πŸ˜‰

Without further adieu, here’s a recap of the troubled history of during the past year:

I got arrested, everyone knows that by now, so I won’t go through any drug or pharmaceutical posts.

A tongue-in-cheek comparison between the two popular ED (Erectile Dysfunction) pharmaceuticals. Oops…did I just say “pharmaceuticals”? πŸ˜‰

Water slide for shit []
A reminder to the kids that opiate dependency is Not Fun (TM).

The bird nesting outside my window []
Before the H5N1 avian flu hit, people were actually rooting for birds! No shit!

Turtle eggs preparation recipe and report []
Before the…oh alright, people have always been rooting for turtles.

I sneezed and my atomic bomb went off []
I still think this is the funniest post title for the last year. is another corporate time drainer – active in via MapleStory since 2006.

The cough syrup that locals abuse []
In the name of science!!111

PPS Bash 2005 []
The Project Petaling Street Malaysian blogger meetup writeup. Quite a mouthful.

Google AdSense cheque [] was doing good on Google AdSense (trial case study since the site involves drug and pharmaceutical content) until too many complaints flooded in (from other bloggers *rolls eyes*) and I was informed of it by my trial case handler after only the third cheque was received.

Gone fishin’ [] vs. South China Sea

Mount Kinabalu – The Summit Trail []
Mount Kinabalu summit – Climbing Lows Peak [] vs. Mount Kinabalu

Snorkeling at Manukan Island, Sabah [] vs. The Beach

Laman Web Dajal (Evil website) [] vs. The Establishment
( lost – “vs. The Establishment” is never a good nor fair, fight – I strongly suggest you avoid it ;))

Tongue Piercing – Photos and videos [] goes tongue piercing (again)

Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots review with videos [] in “How not to light a cake firework”
(but he does it anyway)

CNY firecrackers and fireworks roundup – a Chap Goh Meh special [] in “Playing with fire”

Jong’s Crocodile Farm report [] vs. Crocodiles.
A tribute to those of you who can identify with crocodile farms, reptilian or mammal. πŸ˜‰

and the other “Noteworthy Post” in the blog year from 19th April 2005 to 19th April 2006:

I won the Sports Toto 6/42 Jackpot! []
I won the 4D TOTO (Lotto) Jackpot!
…but only got RM 30 (USD 8) out of it.

Read more in the archives [].

Despite everything, has managed to conquer sand, sea and surf during the past year. We’ll see what challenges the next year provides. πŸ™‚ has been online for 4 years and counting and it won’t stop until I stop.

The first anniversary of can be viewed here [].

The second anniversary of can be viewed here [].

The third anniversary of can be viewed here [].

A big “Thank You” goes out to all the readers of The support is very much appreciated, as always.

It’s been great, guys! πŸ™‚

Hail to the King, Baby!


Waffles with butter and honey

fb waffles

I had the best waffles with butter and honey (which is available at most ice cream attachments e.g. the defunct Frostee Boy to SugarBun outlets) while I was in Sibu. SugarBun seriously has the best waffles in town – I don’t know if it’s nostalgia (used to eat heaps of it during my youth) but it’s good.

fb banana split

It goes best with a banana split (which has degraded in quality but at least it doesn’t come with stock vanilla ice cream, but flavors of your choice now).

fb peach paradise

The Peach Paradise is a great sundae as well…can’t beat canned peaches when you’re craving for sugar. πŸ™‚


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