Joel What?

joel what

Joel (who is one tall dude, look at the door in comparison ;)) was kind enough to send me a much needed package of reinforcements. It is from the call for assistance regarding the lack of opiate agonist during a difficult time. He came in person and passed me a package addressed to Encik Satirev Foaf which seems benign enough to the person that collects the mail…

joel what package

…but is actually veritas spelled backwards appended with FOAF (Friend of a Friend – a common drug user scene term).

joel what letter

The package contains a letter (thanks Joel!) and two blister packs of Nurofen Plus [] – a codeine containing preparation that is the first opiate agonist post ever made on

joel what nurofen

The Nurofen Plus blister packs comes in packs of 12 caplets (which are non-splittable) x 2, in the form of a box of 24 caplets of containing 200 mg of Ibuprofen + 12.8 of codeine per caplet.

joel what nurofen plus

It is nostalgic indeed to revisit the N+ codeine love…I took 22 tablets for 281.6 mg of codeine just now. Thanks for everything Joel! Have a safe flight back to Manchester.

(and sorry for butchering your name in the title)


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