Tribedadelic Winter Party!


I actually posted this before I went yesterday but it somehow didn’t
get saved into the database. Anyway, I went to this indoor psy-trance
event with a couple of friends. This is definitely the last rave I’ll
go to before leaving Melbourne, and it was great! Well, I’ll post about
that and put up pictures when I arrive in Sibu. I’m leaving in 12 hours
and I’m gonna finish up some final (re)packing and try and get a 4 hour
nap. Also, my 5 GB per month bandwidth allowance has been exceeded, so
I’ll have to pay for anything over that limit. Anyway, here’s a photo
from this morning. I just came back. It’s blurry, but taking photos was
no mean feat inside. The LCD viewfinder is totally dark and the optical
viewfinder isn’t that useful either, so it was a matter of guess and
press. :) I don’t remember who took this photo though, but it was a
great attempt, considering the lighting conditions. The ones I took are
nothing to write home about, most of them blurry too. How do you take
photos in this situation anyway? Dark venue, unpredictable multicolored
lasers, occasional flashes of strobe light etc etc. I’ve seen some
great photos taken at the very same conditions.


P/S – I know my hair is a mess, I never did get around to cutting it and I promised my gf to come home without a haircut.

Link: Tribeadelic []

Photo Friday – Angles


Photo Friday – Angles []

Angles. This is a photo of Federation Square
[], a relatively new structure filled with
angles located in the center of Melbourne (Australia) city. The picture
only shows a very small portion of the whole construct. The
construction of this large project was received with mixed responses
[]. It was officially opened on the 26th of October 2002,
but some features were not fully in place at that time. The most
memorable comment I heard about it was this taxi driver who said “Look at this ugly building. I don’t know what the fuck the government is thinking. It’s ruining the city.” One of my friends replied “Well, it does have a certain artistic quality to it…” and the driver made a “pfft” sound and said “I still think it’s terrible.
:) Personally, I like Federation Square, it’s unique and nicely built.
This has the potential of becoming an “icon” of Melbourne like Sydney’s
Opera House. There’s quite a bit of interesting features about it, the
official site is a good read if you’re interested. I took this photo
four days ago in an attempt to document Melbourne in photos before I
leave for good in two days. The weather was not optimal (drizzling +
misty) but the focus seems unaffected.

The shooting data:

Focal Length: 8mm
Exposure Mode: Programmed Auto
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern 1/372.5 sec – f/2.8
Exposure Compensation: 0 EV
Sensitivity: Auto
White Balance: Auto
AF Mode: AF-C
Saturation Compensation: 0

The post-production work was done in Photoshop 7.0 and involves:

Gamma correction: Gamma increased to improve visibility
Image Size: Size reduced from 2048×1536 to 500×375

I am still in Melbourne!


I didn’t miss my flight or anything, I just rescheduled it to
tomorrow. Unfortunately, all the outbound flights tomorrow and the day
after are fully booked. I’m confirmed for a flight out of Melbourne on
Sunday the latest and I’m on the waiting list for Saturday, so we’ll
see how that goes tomorrow. Well, the reason I rescheduled it is
because I needed to get this letter from my faculty to testify that
I’ve graduated, so I won’t have to pay back the surcharge (it’s
complicated to explain). The surcharge is A$957 so I decided to get the
statement tomorrow and avoid the surcharge. MAS is great anyway, they
were more than happy to switch me around, with no “late notice” charges
too – everything is free. Fly Malaysian Airlines. ;)

Pill report: White Maple Leaf w/ grey specks (Melbourne – June 03)


The front of the pill has an imprint of a Canadian maple leaf.
The front is flat, there is no sign of a dome.
The back of the pill is beveled and there is no score.
The White Maple Leaf is slightly thicker than the White HQ pills, even when the latter’s dome is taken into account.
This seems to be a local pill as well, and it is rumored that both of these pills are made by the same manufacturers.




Slow to dark purple and retained that color. The reaction was faster than the White HQ, it probably took 7 seconds.

Conclusion: MDxA



The sample turned blue almost immediately. Nice.

Conclusion: MDMA

Other stuff:

I’m sorry about the candyflipping trip report that remains
unwritten. I’ve been really busy yesterday and today, and I don’t think
I’ll write that one until tomorrow at least. I had such a glowing
experience on it that I want to write a proper trip report instead of a
half assed one. It was a great combination, very synergistic and
euphoric and I’ll post it when I’m sober. I won’t forget the details as
I’ve written them down. Yeah, I still managed to write notes when I’m
walking around town. :) I just had some mushrooms + MDMA too, but that
didn’t turn out very well. Heh. Will write about it when I’m back in
Malaysia. Anyway, I’ve gotta go out now. Check back again in a couple
of days and the candy flip and hippy flip trip reports would be up, and
also a salvia report with 5X extract and a butane torch that I got from
a friend [Edit: Request for anonymity]. Have a wonderful day everyone! :)

Pill report: White HQ w/ grey specks (Melbourne – June 03)

White HQ – front

The front of the pill has “HQ” imprinted shallowly.
That side is slightly domed (raised).
Imprint quality not very impressive.
The back of the pill has beveled edges and a single score down the middle. The beveled edges tapers off at the score:


The grey specks are consistent.
I think this is a local pill due to the lack of similar imprints popping up in other countries.

White HQ – back



Slow to purple and it retained that color (didn’t turn black). It
probably took all of 10 seconds to achieve that reaction, but it is
cold right now, so that could be a factor.

Conclusion: MDxA



Mild bubbling and a very light orange color was noted. Very thin and
nearly invisible blue streaks could be seen much later (about 12
seconds) but I really had to squint and look at it at an angle to see

Conclusion: MDMA and MDA combo? Methamphetamine and MDA
combo? I’m making guesses here. Heh! This is speculation based on the
previous results and the qualitative effects of that pill. It does seem
to be a MDxA based pill though, so all should be good.

Interesting read: Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drugs of Abuse []

[.pdf document – Right click, save target as]

It has the compositions of the 12 reagents (including Marquis,
Simons, Mecke, Mandelin etc etc) so you could make it yourself. I don’t
think the chemicals are controlled so it’s just a matter of walking
into a chemical distribution company (the smaller ones that sells to
high schools) and getting the stuff and putting them together. Nifty.

However, I also found out something unpleasant. Apparently it’s a
bad idea to touch the reagents because most of them have toxic
ingredients. I looked at the EZ Test Marquis reagent again and true
enough, it has a nicely worded, skim over the details warning in Fine
Print. The PDF document above goes into more detail, use SodaPDF

to be able to read the details of the documents. The Marquis reagent

has formaldehyde and this is what the excerpt says:

Formaldehyde – TOXIC.
May cause cancer. May cause heritable genetic damage.
Toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin, and if swallowed.
Causes burns. May cause sensitization by inhalation and skin contact.
Readily absorbed through skin. Lachrymator. Combustible.
Target organs: eyes, kidneys.
Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.

The easiest way to break up hard pressed pills. Syringes are just so
versatile. The needle breaks the pill up with a fissure and the cap
serves to move stuff around for the reaction. :)

Here’s another excerpt about the chemicals in Simons reagent. This is a real bag of laughs:

Sodium nitroprusside – VERY TOXIC.
Very toxic by inhalation, contact with skin, and if swallowed.
Target organs: blood.
In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water
and seek medical advice. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and
eye/face protection. Do not breathe dust.

May cause cancer. May cause heritable genetic damage.
Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin, and if swallowed.
May cause sensitization by inhalation and skin contact.
Possible risk of harm to unborn child. Causes severe irritation. Lachrymator. Photosensitizer.
Target organs: kidneys, liver.
May develop pressure. Keep away from sources of ignition. In case of
contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek
medical advice.
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eye/face protection.

Needless to say, I was not very impressed at the lack of
documentation regarding this in the EZ Test kits. Readily absorbed
through the skin…I’ve been touching it with my bare hands while moving
samples into and out of the solution and also mixing things up without
gloves. It’s my fault for not reading the Fine Print. RTFM. Oh well, I
don’t think the concentrations present in the reagents is enough to
produce those toxic effects anyway.

/me sets up camp on the riverbanks of Egypt

Wow, what a nice view I’m getting.

CSE2030 Postmortem

CSE2030 @ Caulfield Racecourse Ground Level

Right. This happened two days ago (Tuesday) but I was so busy with
all the stuff that I couldn’t find the time to post until today. My
apologies for the lack of posts lately, I’m heading back to Malaysia
soon…it’s quite sad really. That is, if I had time to be sad, and I
don’t. :) I have to run out again to get all other things settled
before I fly back. Oh, about the exam, I think I did pretty well. Most
of the questions were based on the past year exams, but unfortunately I
didn’t have enough time to complete it. There was a 5 mark question
that I didn’t have time to finish at the end. Oh well, other than that,
everything went smoothly.

Expected Grade: Distinction

I couldn’t get the exposure settings right, but the window wall looks out into the racecourse. :)

My dials are pupilated

We interrupt this program to tell you that…


veritas is very busy and our regular programming will recommence tonight.

Drug’s awaiting, time’s awasting…

Coming up at 10:00 PM (GMT +10): Candyflipping (MDxA + LSD) trip report.

Apologies to the person with the title of this post as his/her nick
at bluelight. :) Next on the list – hippy flipping (MDMA + magic
mushrooms). I have to run, gotta go out again and get things sorted
before I go back. Thanks for all the feedback, I’ll reply every comment
when I get back.

White MX w/multi-colored speckles – very strange

This is a veritas post.

White MX w/multi-colored speckles – front

This pill produced a very interesting test result. I’m quite puzzled
at the reactions. The pill seems to be from a different batch than the White MX that was tested
[] close to two months ago. The previous batch did not
have the kaleidoscope of speckles this new batch has. The White MX from
that time did have visible colored specks, but it’s not so
prominent and dominant compared to this batch. The logo is the same,
and this pill also has slightly beveled edges on both sides, and a
single score down the back.

White MX w/multi-colored speckles – back

I checked it against the previous photos and the cursive “mx” font
is exactly similar. The only thing different is the abundance of
speckles in this pill. It has blue, red, green, yellow and browns
speckles all over the pill. It would be interesting to note that it was
related to me that qualitative comments from a person who had this pill
(White MX w/multi-colored speckles), White HQ and White Maple Leaf
feels that this pill is strongest among the three.



The scraping was tested with a drop of Marquis reagent. The color
changed slowly to purple and then to dark purple/black. There was no
bubbling or smoking, which I understand rules out DXM. The pill seems
like an MDxA pill at this point.


Conclusion: MDxA (purple/black color change)


Simons Test #1

This is the puzzling one. One drop of Simon’s reagent and two drops
of buffer solution was added to a sample scraping. The solution started
to bubble noticeably (produced air bubbles) and the final color was a
very light orange. I thought that I must have messed up the reaction
somehow and scraped another bit off for a second test. The same result
was noticed – bubbles, and a very light orange solution. It may be
interesting to note Erowid has a photo showing an MDA reaction and an MDMA reaction
[] to Simons and the results seems to be similar to Erowid’s
MDA result. However, I was under the impression that Simons only tests
for secondary amines and MDA is not a secondary amine so it shouldn’t
react with Simons. I could be missing something basic here though, I’m
not very familiar with the more exotic reactions.

Simons Test #2

Conclusion: Not MDMA (no blue color change)


I wasn’t really keen on doing this due to the low success rate I’ve
had with Robadope in the past. The results have always been ambiguous,
there wasn’t a reaction where a really strong and unmistakable color
change occurred, even with known primary amines like dexamphetamine
(Dexedrine) tablets containing 5 mg dextroamphetamine sulfate. This
test also requires a rather large sample (EZ Test says 10% of the pill)
and I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice that amount for a test that may or
may not provide a conclusive result. However, curiosity got the better
of me and I prepared a drop of Robadope with 3 drops of buffer solution
before scraping quite a bit of the pill into the solution. I did not
skimp on the sample, as you can see from the sadly mutilated and much
less voluminous pill:


The large amount of powder was moved into the solution, but no reaction took place. I did notice a very slight bluish tint to the solution.

The solution’s borders have been outlined for better clarity.

I added more scraping, but the color did not change. I pushed a
stray drop of buffer solution into the existing solution, which now
contains a drop of Robadope and 4 drops of buffer. However, there was
still no noticeable color change.

Robadope reagent’s original color.

I manipulated a stray Robadope drop into the existing solution, and
that colored the solution somewhat (due to the natural coloring of
Robadope), but there wasn’t a definitive noticeable color change to
salmon/red. I thought I did see a bit of red when I looked at the
solution from an angle, with some wishful thinking. :) However, the
resultant solution (2 drops Robadope, 4 drops buffer solution) looks
more yellow than red.

Final color.

I’m quite puzzled at the strange reactions. The EZ Test kit was
purchased about two months ago and it has been kept in a dark and cool
place. The reagents have been reliable until the strange results today.
I’m not discounting the fact that there might be cross-contamination
among the bottles, I could have screwed the wrong cap on the wrong
bottle. I’ve always been careful to wipe stray drops from the cap and
bottle before screwing on the cap, but it could be a possibility.

White MX w/multi-colored speckles (scanned) – front

That said, assuming the results are correct, what could the
substance possibly be? Personally, I’m leaning towards MDA due to the
positive Marquis reagent test and the Simons color change that is
similar to Erowid’s. However, if it is MDA, the Robadope would have
tested out too, and it didn’t. I must state though, I have had a lot of
trouble with Robadope, so I’m not putting too much weight on that
result. What do you all think? I would appreciate any educated guesses
and speculation. The scanned pill images above and below has more
accurate color reproduction than the digicam photos. Please let me know
before noon if it could be something that I would regret taking. I know
this doesn’t sound like a very smart thing to do, but I’m not a very
smart person. ;) Thanks!

White MX w/multi-colored speckles (scanned) – back

Disclaimer: The pill has been disposed of and is no longer in my possession. Request for identification is for informational purposes only.

State dependant learning


It’s quite simple. Study on meth, do the exam on meth. :) That’s
state dependant learning in a nutshell. Does it work? It does for me.
There was this stoner movie (forgot the name – I’m a stoner too, but if
it helps, most of the cast are African Americans) where the guys smoke
weed while studying and then go to the exam blazed and breezed through
it. I’m quite doubtful about the efficacy of their drug of choice in an
exam environment though…I’ll stick to stimulants, thank you very much.


Lets talk about logistics. I do it by using an empty novelty candy
tin which works perfectly for crushing, storing and transporting stuff.
I used to be very scared of carrying illicit substances in my personal
effects, but I don’t seem to have the same fear anymore. *shrug* In the
tradition of giving paraphernalia names, I call this The HD Offerings Chamber.
You put meth in and (hopefully) HD’s come out. HD = High Distinction,
the highest grade you can get in Australian universities (correct me if
I’m wrong). Uh, don’t ask me how many HD’s I have in my academic


The construction of this portable stash tin is very simple. I’ll
hesitate to use the word “construction” since I didn’t do anything
remotely resembling that. :) The crystal meth is pre-crushed (so you
won’t have to fumble around in the toilet) and a (truncated) straw is
packed into the tin. I only carry enough to get me tweaking. The tin is
double bound with sticky tape to prevent it from opening and spilling
it’s contents (a Very Bad Thing).

5 minutes before the exam, I excuse myself to the toilet and lock
the door. The tape is removed and a line of appropriate size is racked
up using the straw. Insufflate. The guy taking a shit in the stall
beside you might ask what you’re up to. The correct reply is “It’s
winter, I have the flu. Now go about your business and stop listening
to me.” Bind the tin again with sticky tape if you didn’t consume
everything. The meth should hit you as you walk out of the toilet and
stroll (don’t walk, stroll) into the exam hall. You should be peaking
by the time the examiner says “You have 10 minutes reading time,
READING time only”. Alert: Neurons firing! Now go and ace that fucking
exam! :)

This is a public service announcement brought to you by veritas.

The fine print:
veritas does not condone the use of drugs.
Illicit substances can land you with possession charges.
No claims are made on the efficacy of this method. is not responsible for police intervention, freak outs,
Acts of God, paranoia, failing grades, habituation, spilled meth or
anything resembling or not resembling the descriptions above.

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