Ecstasy pill reports: Yellow Tp and White mx (Melbourne)

White mx front

White mx back

Contents: MDMA
Dose: 1 White mx and 1/2 Yellow Tp

This is a pill report from a couple of weeks back, which I couldn’t
post before due to technical issues which have now been partially
resolved. The White mx has been tested before
[] (this is from the first batch) as MDMA and the Yellow
Tp has been saved up by a friend from the end of last year (2002) and
is a good, strong MDMA pill. The Yellow Tp has a round imprint circling
the letters. I took one White mx and half a Yellow Tp together and
effects were strong at T+ 2. It took quite long to hit due to a meal
beforehand and not crunching up the pills before swallowing. It lasted
about lovely 5 hours total, with effects tapering off to a nice
afterglow. Some methamphetamine was insufflated sometime during the
night and I had slight MDMA tolerance from consumption the day before,
but these are still nice pills. Nice strong MDMA. Lovely! :)

Yellow Tp front

Yellow Tp back

P/S – Project PM (Pos Malaysia) has been completed! Full write-up tomorrow! :)

White MX w/multi-colored speckles – very strange

This is a veritas post.

White MX w/multi-colored speckles – front

This pill produced a very interesting test result. I’m quite puzzled
at the reactions. The pill seems to be from a different batch than the White MX that was tested
[] close to two months ago. The previous batch did not
have the kaleidoscope of speckles this new batch has. The White MX from
that time did have visible colored specks, but it’s not so
prominent and dominant compared to this batch. The logo is the same,
and this pill also has slightly beveled edges on both sides, and a
single score down the back.

White MX w/multi-colored speckles – back

I checked it against the previous photos and the cursive “mx” font
is exactly similar. The only thing different is the abundance of
speckles in this pill. It has blue, red, green, yellow and browns
speckles all over the pill. It would be interesting to note that it was
related to me that qualitative comments from a person who had this pill
(White MX w/multi-colored speckles), White HQ and White Maple Leaf
feels that this pill is strongest among the three.



The scraping was tested with a drop of Marquis reagent. The color
changed slowly to purple and then to dark purple/black. There was no
bubbling or smoking, which I understand rules out DXM. The pill seems
like an MDxA pill at this point.


Conclusion: MDxA (purple/black color change)


Simons Test #1

This is the puzzling one. One drop of Simon’s reagent and two drops
of buffer solution was added to a sample scraping. The solution started
to bubble noticeably (produced air bubbles) and the final color was a
very light orange. I thought that I must have messed up the reaction
somehow and scraped another bit off for a second test. The same result
was noticed – bubbles, and a very light orange solution. It may be
interesting to note Erowid has a photo showing an MDA reaction and an MDMA reaction
[] to Simons and the results seems to be similar to Erowid’s
MDA result. However, I was under the impression that Simons only tests
for secondary amines and MDA is not a secondary amine so it shouldn’t
react with Simons. I could be missing something basic here though, I’m
not very familiar with the more exotic reactions.

Simons Test #2

Conclusion: Not MDMA (no blue color change)


I wasn’t really keen on doing this due to the low success rate I’ve
had with Robadope in the past. The results have always been ambiguous,
there wasn’t a reaction where a really strong and unmistakable color
change occurred, even with known primary amines like dexamphetamine
(Dexedrine) tablets containing 5 mg dextroamphetamine sulfate. This
test also requires a rather large sample (EZ Test says 10% of the pill)
and I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice that amount for a test that may or
may not provide a conclusive result. However, curiosity got the better
of me and I prepared a drop of Robadope with 3 drops of buffer solution
before scraping quite a bit of the pill into the solution. I did not
skimp on the sample, as you can see from the sadly mutilated and much
less voluminous pill:


The large amount of powder was moved into the solution, but no reaction took place. I did notice a very slight bluish tint to the solution.

The solution’s borders have been outlined for better clarity.

I added more scraping, but the color did not change. I pushed a
stray drop of buffer solution into the existing solution, which now
contains a drop of Robadope and 4 drops of buffer. However, there was
still no noticeable color change.

Robadope reagent’s original color.

I manipulated a stray Robadope drop into the existing solution, and
that colored the solution somewhat (due to the natural coloring of
Robadope), but there wasn’t a definitive noticeable color change to
salmon/red. I thought I did see a bit of red when I looked at the
solution from an angle, with some wishful thinking. :) However, the
resultant solution (2 drops Robadope, 4 drops buffer solution) looks
more yellow than red.

Final color.

I’m quite puzzled at the strange reactions. The EZ Test kit was
purchased about two months ago and it has been kept in a dark and cool
place. The reagents have been reliable until the strange results today.
I’m not discounting the fact that there might be cross-contamination
among the bottles, I could have screwed the wrong cap on the wrong
bottle. I’ve always been careful to wipe stray drops from the cap and
bottle before screwing on the cap, but it could be a possibility.

White MX w/multi-colored speckles (scanned) – front

That said, assuming the results are correct, what could the
substance possibly be? Personally, I’m leaning towards MDA due to the
positive Marquis reagent test and the Simons color change that is
similar to Erowid’s. However, if it is MDA, the Robadope would have
tested out too, and it didn’t. I must state though, I have had a lot of
trouble with Robadope, so I’m not putting too much weight on that
result. What do you all think? I would appreciate any educated guesses
and speculation. The scanned pill images above and below has more
accurate color reproduction than the digicam photos. Please let me know
before noon if it could be something that I would regret taking. I know
this doesn’t sound like a very smart thing to do, but I’m not a very
smart person. ;) Thanks!

White MX w/multi-colored speckles (scanned) – back

Disclaimer: The pill has been disposed of and is no longer in my possession. Request for identification is for informational purposes only.

Tested: White MX (Ecstasy pill), ice (meth)

Black and blue (and orange)

I went to chemist tip’s place just now and we interrupted his
girlfriend’s viewing of Die Hard (the movie) to test a couple of
substances. The first test subject is a white MX pill that’s going
around Melbourne lately, word is the pills are good quality MDMA. The
second test subject is the white powder that’s sold as ice.

Substance #1: White MX (pill)

MX pill front – taken on plate

This pill has “mx” imprinted in stylized font on the front. The logo reminded me of the free newspaper with the same name
[] that’s distributed around Melbourne, except the “x” on
the pill is in cursive font. The pill is white with colored speckles,
very slightly beveled edges and a single score down the back.

MX pill back – taken on table


The pill was scraped with a razor and two drops of Marquis reagent
was applied to it. The result was an INSTANT color change to black. I
was surprised by the swiftness of the reaction, it went purple to black
as soon as the Marquis solution came into contact with the pill
scraping. My apologies for the out of focus reaction photos. The
digicam doesn’t like to focus on liquids.


Test result: Purple/black instantly. MDxA (MDMA and MDA (rare) are the only ones that’s common).


One drop of Simon’s reagent and two drops of buffer solution is
applied to another sample of the pill scraping. Instant color change to
blue indicating a secondary amine (ruling out MDA). MDMA is a secondary
amine while MDA is a primary amine.


Test result: Swift reaction to blue. MDMA.

Substance #2: Ice (powder)

A$250 per gram

Methamphetamine or 4-MAR? Will 4-MAR (4-methyl-5-phenyl-2-amino-oxazoline) test positive as a secondary amine?


The powder turned bright orange almost instantly. It kicked the dexamphetamine reaction’s ass in terms of response time. :)


Test result: Instant bright orange. Meth(amphetamine). Will 4-MAR react with Marquis? It’s not documented.


The reaction was fast again, straight to blue.


Test result: Instant blue, indicating a secondary amine. Methamphetamine.


Tested it with Robadope for fun. It has a strange reaction – turned
grainy black. It’s probably nothing though, this test was not conducted
properly. :) I’m sure that it’s methamphetamine anyway.


Test result: Grainy black (doesn’t mean anything – this test not done properly)

Tell you all a funny thing from last nite. Well, funny to me anyway.
:p It was crashdown day and I had plenty of B&C’s (benzos, beer,
cannabis) and got some food into me after my tweak session. Apparently
the amount of clonazepam I consumed was too much, because 45 minutes
later, realization dawned upon me that I’ve sedated myself silly. :) I
was eating a McChicken burger when suddenly I thought “Hmm…I’m feeling
something soggy in my right hand. Iwonder what that is”. I looked down
and went “Oh!” – realized I was holding the half eaten burger in my
hand. Okay, I took a bite and after a second (while chewing somemore!)
I thought “Hmm…I’m feeling something soggy in my right hand. I wonder
what that is” AGAIN. This went on for quite a while, until I was too
sleepy to continue eating and stuffed the rest into my mouth and went
to sleep.

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