Sun Link Sea (Shanlinshi), Nantou

Shanlinshi Nantou

Sun Link Sea is a large highland forest park located 1,600 meters above sea level in Nantou. It’s also known as Shanlinshi (杉林溪) and a very welcome respite from the heat of Taiwan. You know the song that goes Alishan di gu nian? It’s an ancient tune that describes the virtues of the maidens of Alishan, one of the handful of Chinese songs I know.


You can actually reach Alishan from Sun Link Sea Forest and Nature Resort – it’s on the way as you pass by Xitou, and there’s a footpath you can walk though. That’s what makes Shanlinshi so popular with day trippers. The air is so fresh and cool that you feel invigorated just from breathing it in.


It was around 18 degrees Celsius when we arrived, the temperature dropped even further at night, so you might need a coat if you’re sensitive to chilly environments. It’s like Cameron Highlands, but a lot colder.

Sun Link Sea Hotel

Despite having a reputation as an overnight destination before people go to Alishan mountain resort, there are a lot of things to do here and the food is great! You can reach Shanlinshi from Sun Moon Lake in 1 1/2 hours. We stayed at the Sun Link Sea Hotel – the fresh air paired with the cool temperature (it was in the low teens) made everything better. The Nantou area is also famous for their tea.

Beautiful Flower

There is a lovely botanical garden here. You can see butterflies fluttering around the flowers as well as various specimens of strange and interesting plants, including a flower that grows in the middle of a leaf:

Flower on a Leaf

Fascinating, eh? It starts out as a seed and becomes a bud before it blossoms.

Sun Link Sea Nature

There are two waterfalls at Sun Link Sea (it’s actually a corruption/Romanization of Shanlinshi) which I affectionately dub the twin dragons. They are Chinglong Waterfall (青龍瀑布 or Green Dragon Waterfall) and Songlong Rock Waterfall (松龍岩瀑布 or Pine Dragon Rock Waterfall). You’ll see Songlong Rock Waterfall first, and see it you must, for it’s the *most beautiful* sight in Sun Link Sea!

Songlong Rock Waterfall

Songlong Rock Waterfall looks like a scene that came out of a postcard. It’s a picture perfect sight with the mist and spray from the waterfall framing the stones in the middle of the lake. This is the start of a long nature trail – you can go to the higher Chinglong Waterfall, the stark Shui Yang Forest, and the curious Tien Ti Yen as well as a variety of other natural attractions from 1-4 hours.

Songlong Rock

However, if you don’t have time, you can just do the circular route that brings you into the hole in the middle of the mountain (a little like Tian Ti Yen, the Heaven and Earth Eyes which are depressions in face) and back out. The photo op from here is magnificent since the recess allows for high contrast photos with reflections.

Tien Ti Yen

The steps can be a little slippery here though. The dripping is caused by water coming down from high up the mountain. I nearly slipped and faceplanted once while attempting to take a photo.

Stepping Stones

You can also come back via the stepping stones but only if you’ve been religiously following your daily recommended intake of calcium since slipping would be a little disastrous here. Heh.

Stone Pig

There are a lot of cultural totems here too, and you can see stars at night due to the elevation and lack of light and pollution. I enjoyed my time in Sun Link Sea, if you’re heading to Alishan, you might want to consider dropping by to check out the unique and beautiful gifts of nature here.

Sun Link Sea Giant Penis

Oh, before I forget, let me do an introduction. This breathtaking carving of rock hard wood was erected here as a symbol of fertility by Taiwanese aboriginals.

Wooden Penis

Everyone, this is me and my good friend Dick. smirk

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Dutch Sushi

dutch sushi postcard

I received a postcard from Jasmine
[], who went to Amsterdam and is definitely having more fun
than I’m having. 😉 She knows what I’m interested in and I just love
the postcard cover:

dutch sushi

Dutch Sushi! Heh! Jasmine, can’t wait for you to come back to Kuching. 🙂

Crystal meth

Crystal methamphetamine!

Naturally, this is a veritas post.


Just look at those nice shards of methamphetamine! I aquired
some of this quality meth today, er…I mean last year. 😉 It has all
been consumed so it doesn’t matter when I got it, because it’s not in
my possession now. Now that the disclaimer is done with, let me proceed
with the test results. I haven’t seen nice shards of crystal meth in a
long time, so this is a real treat indeed. =D



A single shard *pounds heart with fist* was placed on a surface and
a drop of Marquis reagent was added. The reaction was a fast one,
bubbling and fizzing to an orange color. Orange indicates an
amphetamine type substance.



Another shard *more pounding* was tested with two drops of Simons
reagent and two drops of buffer solution. The color change was very
fast to dark blue, it saturated the solution. Blue indicates a
secondary amine, so together with the Marquis result, it is safe to
assume that the shards of clear crystal is not sugar (or another inert
substance) but methamphetamine. 🙂

If you didn’t get the heart pounding reference, it’s a feature of
slapstick comedies when something shocking (usually financially related
i.e. a wasteful act) is done at the disapproval of the person involved.
This is presumably an attempt to get the heart beating again after the
shocking deed resulted in a cardiac arrest. I have taken the shards to
the “taste test” (or rather insufflating test) and the conclusion is
that this is Damn Good Methamphetamine or D.G.M. for short.

I am prepared for the final exams…are you? 😉

Ethical question:

Do you think it is “unfair” (cheating) to have a line of meth (or
another stimulant) before taking an exam? Please comment. Your input is

Personally, I don’t think so, because even though it affords extra
concentration, increased memory retrieval and (qualitatively) improves
thought processes, it’s no different from caffeine – which a lot of
people take before exams. What makes caffeine acceptable, but not
methamphetamine? The legal status? The availability? Different people
have different mental abilities too…are the smarter ones “cheating”?
Are exams really a fair and equal environment to evaluate understanding
of course material? Does being born with a gift (above average
intellectual ability) make things “okay” but not taking something to
increase performance? Is the perceived advantage given by certain
substances (in a non-competitive sporting event) wrong? How does this
fit in with drinking coffee, eating a meal and the other things people
do to improve performance in exams?

Nothing like a big, fat line…


to turn time into complete assignments! 😉

[Edit: If there’re any experienced photographers out there,
I’ll appreciate it if you could give me a couple of pointers about the
optimal exposure modes, shutter speeds, ISO sensitivity etc to be able
to capture a still motion of the powder being insufflated up the straw
i.e. visible grains traveling up the straw in stop motion without a
strobe light (don’t have one). Thanks!]

NOFX – Three On Speed
(right click, save target as)
[1:20 minutes 192 KBPS STEREO 44.1KHZ 1.84 MB .mp3]

[Edit: MP3 deleted]

All we need (a little methamphetamine)
Three on speed (a little subversality)
What we do (it’s nothing you know about)
Who you are (definitely not one of us)

All we need is a little pick me up
I don’t really care if it’s clean or if it’s cut
So give it to me now or you’re gonna bring us down, yeah hey!

Give me some speed

Who are them? (they don’t know shit about us)
Different strokes (because we wanna live our)
Life faster (gonna burn the candle down on)
All three ends (live fast, die fun)

All we need is a little pick me up
I don’t really care if it’s clean or if it’s cut
So give it to me now or your gonna bring us down, yeah hey!

Hot damn!

Guide to coming down off meth and speed

It has been x days since you’ve slept and eaten. You’ve either
exhausted your supply of meth or your tolerance is getting so high,
you’ve decided to reserve the remainder of the stash for another day.
You’re jumping at shadows, constantly looking behind your shoulder at
non-existent people who’re out to get you, startled at sudden noises,
and a friend tapping your shoulder is likely to make you jump out of
your skin. The good effects of meth is over, but sleep is still
impossible. What happens now?

1. Do you have a benzodiazepine (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin etc)?


Yes. Go to 2.
No. Can’t help you much. If you have weed, smoke some to help you eat, otherwise force yourself to eat and drink yourself to sleep.

2. Do you have alcohol?


Yes. Go to 3.
No. Take more benzos and go to 3.

3. Do you have cannabis (weed, grass, pot)?


Yes. Go to 4.
No. Take the benzos and alcohol. Try to force yourself to eat and go to sleep.

4. You’re set for the perfect comedown!

My personal preference for a comedown benzodiazepine is clonazepam
(Klonopin). This is due to its relatively long duration and the anticonvulsant
[] properties. The first one will ensure that you won’t
suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and will help you stay
sedated for quite a long time. The second one is very nice
after long meth runs, due to the muscle aches and other associated
problems. I noticed that it’ll also relax your muscles very noticeably,
which is conducive for relaxation and sleep. 🙂

The only issue related to clonazepam is the long time it takes to
kick in (for some people). It can take 1-2 hours, but personally, I’ve
never noticed that it takes that long! Don’t worry about it if
you just came off a meth run, chances are, you’ve not eaten anything,
so your stomach will be so empty that absorption happens really
quickly! Personally, it only takes 15-30 minutes max for it to kick in
after meth runs. I do not like Valium (diazepam) because it has an
active metabolite that stays in you for quite a long time. Xanax
(alprazolam) has a short half life (read the part about waking up in
the middle of the night). However, feel free to pick and mix benzos if
the situation warrants it. =D Please know the benzodiazepine
equivalency dosages before mixing! I recommend taking a higher dose of
the long lasting benzos and a lower dose of the short acting benzos.
I’ve taken 2 mg Xanax + 10 mg Valium + 3 mg Klonopin combos to put me
into slumber land within minutes. Heh.

Optional: Multivitamin and mineral supplement.


Here’s what I usually do:

Cook some food if you need to. You’ll be really tired after your run so
I recommend something easy like ramen, but it’ll be best to have
something pre-cooked (like a take away rice box) in the fridge which
you can just reheat in the microwave.
Wash your bong and fill it with water. Shred an amount of weed you want
to smoke. Load the cone with one hit to be ready. Put lighter beside

1. Take benzodiazepines (personally, I take 4 mg clonazepam – change the dosage according to personal tolerance) with water.
2. Take a shower. By the time you’re done the clonazepam (or your benzo of choice) should have taken effect.
3. Start drinking beer. I don’t recommend liquor because it’s easy to
drink too much and end up with a hangover. Also, be careful when
combining alcohol and benzodiazepines. My personal limit is to never
exceed a 6-pack, but YMMV.
4. Cook your food or even better, reheat your pre-cooked meal. It’s
worthy to mention that during your meth run, your body has gone into
starvation mode from not being fed anything except water. Thus,
anything you eat after will
be put into your fat stores in anticipation of the next starvation
period. This is not an issue if you do meth very often, but it might be
of interest to people who are conscious of their weight. I recommend
taking one meal that is the usual size of what you normally eat for a
meal, don’t exceed that and you’ll be fine.
5. Put on a no-brainer stoner type movie or TV series. Just anything
that you don’t need to think about that’s easy to watch and you don’t
mind watching halfway. I recommend short TV episodes like South Park.
6. Smoke cannabis. Fast. 😉 There should be no meth related paranoia
present due to the wonderful benzodiazepines you’ve consumed.
7. Eat your food before it gets cold. 🙂 (Optional: If you have a
multivitamin supplement, take it when you’re 1/4 into your food. It
gets absorbed better with food.)
8. You should be very ready to sleep by the time you’re done eating. =D

Sweet, sweet comedowns. You’ll probably be bumping into stuff and
all that while having a sleepy, contented smile on your face. It is
possible to wake up 8 hours later, but that’s not the best way to
recover. I’ll allocate at least 12 hours for sleeping on this one.
You’ll be feeling fine again the next day, ready to tweak again (hmm…)
or even better, make sure that the next day is free so you can just
relax around and drink some beer (not till you get a hangover) and
sleep again for a perfect recovery when you wake up again! 🙂

This is based on personal experience and thus, it may not be a good idea for everyone.

Combining benzodiazepines and alcohol in large amounts can be dangerous
and possibly fatal! Know your limits and don’t exceed it!

Additional info site:
While there are a number of remedies available after a drinking binge or a drug high, alcohol and drug addiction treatment remains the best remedy available.

Smoking meth without a glass pipe

or alternative routes of administration, ghetto style. 😉

Yes, this is a stupid and pointless post but I’m in the mood for stupid and pointless posts.

I wanted to give my mucous membranes a break, and methamphetamine hydrochloride is pretty versatile, so:

#1 Meth on a cigarette


Method: Rolled a Marlboro around a foil of meth.

Yeah, I can feel the buzz when I smoked this cigarette, but it seems
wasteful to me. It can’t compare to smoking with a glass pipe though.
To my understanding, methamphetamine needs a low heat source to be
activated for inhalation purposes, so a fair bit is getting burnt and
you can’t drag on a cigarette all the time (at least I’ll be impressed
if you can). 🙂 It’s nice for a change, smoking while tweaking is very
fun and compulsive. I don’t know why this phenomenon exists, and it
seems to be true only for existing smokers. I’ve heard that it’s
because nicotine also triggers dopamine release, so the “reward
smoking” urge is so strong while tweaking. Personally, I can’t stop
chain smoking while tweaking, and my “nicotine tolerance” is vastly
increased for some reason. I usually can’t smoke more than 5 cigarettes
in a row, but while on meth, I can smoke as many as I want, it all
feels as good as the first one and there’s no characteristic dizziness
or nausea that comes with high doses of nicotine. This is true for MDMA
as well, very strange trend that’s not all that good for your lungs.

#2 “Chasing the meth” =D


Method: Pinch of meth on a foil, heat applied below and vapors inhaled

the smoke burnt my eyes, it was black and quite voluminous so I
couldn’t get it all. The smoke “tasted” VERY unpleasant. There was a
distinct “sweet” (and not in a good way!) taste to the smoke and I have
this disturbing feeling that I just inhaled something really quite
carcinogenic! It made my (only!) straw smell like burnt plastic too. 🙁
As you can see, I’m using a truncated normal plastic straw now. I lost
all the Cones placeholder straws
[], which are the perfect size and length for
insufflation. I miss those things, normal straws “retain” powder and
more effort is required to get the substance into an optimal position
for maximum absorbency. Not going to be repeating this, I don’t know
what’s being used to cut the meth, and I don’t want to be inhaling just
anything. *cough* My lungs hurt. It did give me a bit of a rush though,
but it’s too “chargy”, lots of teeth clenching and I couldn’t sit
properly on my chair (I had to squat). =D

P/S – This is a really old post that I found. The events described in the post are long past and I no longer have anything illegal in my possession!
Seriously, I’m not just saying this to “cover my ass”, I really don’t
have anything, or I would be partaking right now instead of going to
sleep. :p No, I’m not paranoid!

I like meth. I like meth a lot. No, seriously. You don’t know how
much I like it. I love it so much I make posts like this. I love it so
much my teeth are falling to bits. 🙂

One meal in three days. One sleep cycle in three days. Sustainable. Perfect.

What a meth I’ve gotten myself into. 😉

Disclaimer: This is not a serious post, I do not possess anything illegal. Meth? I don’t know what you’re talking about officer…

Seriously though, it’s all been consumed.

You’ve all caught me in one of my less-than-lucid moments. Sorry. 🙂

The nonsense I write while tweaking…

Tested: White MX (Ecstasy pill), ice (meth)

Black and blue (and orange)

I went to chemist tip’s place just now and we interrupted his
girlfriend’s viewing of Die Hard (the movie) to test a couple of
substances. The first test subject is a white MX pill that’s going
around Melbourne lately, word is the pills are good quality MDMA. The
second test subject is the white powder that’s sold as ice.

Substance #1: White MX (pill)

MX pill front – taken on plate

This pill has “mx” imprinted in stylized font on the front. The logo reminded me of the free newspaper with the same name
[] that’s distributed around Melbourne, except the “x” on
the pill is in cursive font. The pill is white with colored speckles,
very slightly beveled edges and a single score down the back.

MX pill back – taken on table


The pill was scraped with a razor and two drops of Marquis reagent
was applied to it. The result was an INSTANT color change to black. I
was surprised by the swiftness of the reaction, it went purple to black
as soon as the Marquis solution came into contact with the pill
scraping. My apologies for the out of focus reaction photos. The
digicam doesn’t like to focus on liquids.


Test result: Purple/black instantly. MDxA (MDMA and MDA (rare) are the only ones that’s common).


One drop of Simon’s reagent and two drops of buffer solution is
applied to another sample of the pill scraping. Instant color change to
blue indicating a secondary amine (ruling out MDA). MDMA is a secondary
amine while MDA is a primary amine.


Test result: Swift reaction to blue. MDMA.

Substance #2: Ice (powder)

A$250 per gram

Methamphetamine or 4-MAR? Will 4-MAR (4-methyl-5-phenyl-2-amino-oxazoline) test positive as a secondary amine?


The powder turned bright orange almost instantly. It kicked the dexamphetamine reaction’s ass in terms of response time. 🙂


Test result: Instant bright orange. Meth(amphetamine). Will 4-MAR react with Marquis? It’s not documented.


The reaction was fast again, straight to blue.


Test result: Instant blue, indicating a secondary amine. Methamphetamine.


Tested it with Robadope for fun. It has a strange reaction – turned
grainy black. It’s probably nothing though, this test was not conducted
properly. 🙂 I’m sure that it’s methamphetamine anyway.


Test result: Grainy black (doesn’t mean anything – this test not done properly)

Tell you all a funny thing from last nite. Well, funny to me anyway.
:p It was crashdown day and I had plenty of B&C’s (benzos, beer,
cannabis) and got some food into me after my tweak session. Apparently
the amount of clonazepam I consumed was too much, because 45 minutes
later, realization dawned upon me that I’ve sedated myself silly. 🙂 I
was eating a McChicken burger when suddenly I thought “Hmm…I’m feeling
something soggy in my right hand. Iwonder what that is”. I looked down
and went “Oh!” – realized I was holding the half eaten burger in my
hand. Okay, I took a bite and after a second (while chewing somemore!)
I thought “Hmm…I’m feeling something soggy in my right hand. I wonder
what that is” AGAIN. This went on for quite a while, until I was too
sleepy to continue eating and stuffed the rest into my mouth and went
to sleep.

“Don’t knock the Feng Tau scene” – an essay by Mr. Foaf

The wide awake friend of mine sent me this long ass essay he wrote while he was on
methamphetamines (see following post). It’s an unformatted block of text, but quite rewarding to
read. Interesting and sums up the scene pretty well, but you revealed where you’re from Mr. Foaf. I
assume that was meant to happen, but email me if you want me to delete any identifying names.

********** All text following this line is written by Mr Foaf **********

For those of you who’re not familiar with the term, feng tau or yo
in Hokkien translates to “shake head”. Speed in Malaysia is called feng tau yin or
yo tau yee, literally “shake head pills”. Speed is relatively cheap in Malaysia, you can
score a tablet for RM30, which is A$15 here. The speed is high quality and is mostly diverted from
Thailand. The most renowned “brand name” when I was in the scene (that was around 1998 – 2000) is
the Green Apple. It is a large methamphetamine tablet and it tastes absolutely horrible when you
crunch it up. There are several other substances masquerading as yo tau yee, the most common
being caffeine. One guy even attempted to sell me a No-Doz caffeine tablet that still had the
writing on it! As far as I know, MDMA (ecstasy) was not widely available in my hometown. Most of
the pills passed off as Ecstasy are speed. I can still remember the first time I got into the
feng tau scene. I hooked up with a friend of a friend (seriously) who is a regular yo
(literally “shake feet”) which is a vaguely derogatory term for a speed freak. The term
yo tau was coined due to one of the well known effects of speed – it makes you perform
repetitive (and sometimes unconscious) movements. The people who take speed in Malaysia usually
stand near the speakers and grasp it and shake their head horizontally (think of the movement you
do when you’re saying No). It’s highly pleasant to perform repetitive movements while on speed and
once you start moving in a particular way, it’s hard to stop, thus the term “yo tau”. I feel
that it’s a meme that’s passed on by older speed freaks who tell newer acolytes that they need to
shake their head to get high. Thus, you can see a high proportion of people shaking their heads in
discos. It has become somewhat fashionable to do it even if you’re not on speed. Anyway, back to my
first time. I hooked up with a friend of a close friend and he took me to this really dodgy out of
the way disco. We literally spent an hour on the road, with the last 15 minutes spent navigating a
long, dark rubble road to a single house located in the woods. It was like something out of a
story, that was what I though then. Heh. Anyway, the house seemed extremely well secured for a
residential property. All the windows were barred and the front door has an extension with an
intimidating cage and lock system and there was an old gangster sitting between the cage and the
front door. I presume the cage was meant to delay police from breaking in. Anyway, this place was
strictly invitation only and it was my friend’s first time there too. The old gangster kept on
telling us that it’s a private residential house and would not let us in. My friend had to make a
phone call to a regular, who came out and told the old gangster that we’re cool. Which brings us to
another part of the feng tau scene. The scene is sustained primarily by Ah Bengs – a derogative
term referring to an unsophisticated Chinese boy, usually a gangster. Anyway, the old gangster
security guard asked us if we wanted any pills. Naturally, we said yes, because that was the reason
we’re there. The OG walked over to a dilapidated truck partially hidden in a darkened garage and
pulled the biggest bag full of pills I’ve ever seen out of the empty fuel tank. It seemed rather
surreal and movie like to me at that time. We got two pills of the guy and I crunched mine up and
chased it with some coke. The drink, not the drug. After that, our party went into the disco, which
is basically a renovated living room with a pumping sound system. There is no entrance fee per se
to the illicit disco, but you’re required to either purchase a jug of water for RM 30 (A$15) or a
pre rolled marijuana joints for the same price. We didn’t want to cloud the experience, so we opted
to go for the water and sat down at a table. Our party consists of 4 – the friend of a friend, his
girlfriend, his friend and me. Which reminds me of the funny scene that always happens when his
girlfriend is partying with us. Heh. The girlfriend in question does not approve of drug use, so he
has to covertly take drugs while she’s with us. It was an exercise is subterfuge and reconnaissance
indeed. Anyway, I was offered some chewing gum to take care of the jaw clenching that always occurs
with speed and I spent three hours dancing along in that disco. I learnt that the disco is a
safehouse which people go to yo tau when the police are making their inaugural rounds at the
licensed discos to snag drug users. To introduce you to more of the local feng tau

Sapu – Literally “sweep”, it refers to the police raids on licenced discos

Anyway, the way the police do this is they pull up in several trucks
customized to hold 20 people in each and make a fucking racket, scaring everyone in the disco. They
pull out their batons and bust in the disco with their flashlights and surround all the exits and
shouts at the DJ to cut the music and turn on the lights. Anyone caught shaking their head when the
lights are on are immediately (read roughly) pushed into the trucks. It can be a frightening
experience because Malaysian police are known for their persuasive interrogation techniques.
Anyway, when the lights are all turned on, the police pushes everyone who has tattoos, piercings
and dyed hair to one side and begins marching them into the trucks. This could be interpreted by
unconstitutional profiling, but that’s the way things work around there. Everyone remaining is
required to line up and produce their IDs for the police. If the police does not like the way you
look, you’re diverted to the other line, which leads to the truck. It can be an exercise in self
control to force yourself to stop shaking your head after you’ve been doing it a couple of hours
while on speed. I can testify that it CAN be done, but you better hope the police are looking
elsewhere when you inadvertently and unconsciously start shaking your head again.

Anyway, about the truck. It’s a standard military truck converted to hold 20
people in small cages that you can’t even move or stand up in. The air is extremely musty and it’s
very, very warm in there. That’s not the end of the day though. If you’re unlucky enough to be the
first disco they raided, that means 4 hours in the hot truck while the rest are rounded up with the
same trucks. By the time they let you out, you’ll be begging for them to arrest you.

And that still not the end of your day. When you’re at the police station,
you’ll be interrogated by mean looking police officers. After that, you’ll be required to strip to
check for any hidden tattoos (gangs are a problem where I come from and most gangsters have
tattoos, hence this). After that, you’ll be given a small container to piss in. The container is
taken to the lab, and you’re required to sleep in a jail cell for the night with only your
underpants because the police takes away your clothes and belongings.

Chiak curry pun – Literally eat curried rice. It means you were unlucky enough
to get busted and spent the night in a jail cell. The police provides you with breakfast before
they release you – curried chicken rice, hence the term.

The next morning, you wake up in a jail cell stinking of piss and feces (if
you’re lucky enough to sleep) and you get released with a stern warning. I don’t know if anything’s
changed since I was in the scene, but I haven’t heard of anyone getting charged. I suspect that the
urine samples were never tested at all, and they just want to lock you up for the night as a
“lesson”. Which is good in a way. You don’t want to get busted with amphetamines in your urine
because that is a Very Bad Thing in Malaysia, and it leads to leads to stuff like Long Jail Terms
To Send A Message To The Masses. It saves taxpayer money too, because the police then does not have
to spend money on drug testing kits. Everyone wins, including the poor sod who spent the nite in
the cell. The only people that doesn’t win are the ones who did not take any drugs and yet has to
spend the night in the jail. =D

Oh, wait I do know someone personally who got convicted, but in different
situation. Someone narced on him and the police busted into the house and found ice (smokable
methamphetamine) and cannabis on the premises. Every resident was urine tested (for real) and my
classmate was unfortunate enough to have traces of cannabis in his urine. Which brings me to a
puzzling issue – apparently there are people out there who gains happiness from other people’s
suffering. If you don’t take drugs, that’s cool, it’s your choice and I respect you for making it.
But why do you feel the need to report me to the police? Is this some misguided tough love gleaned
from primary school teachers who urge people to report people doing drugs “for their own good”? Nah
mate, dun kid yourself, the only reason you do that is because you want to bring me down. Anyway, I

Anyway, regarding my first time again. My friend had to leave after three
hours so I went back home and played loud rave music at home while shaking away, much to the
amusement of my roommate then. My first time was also the first time I was exposed to “speed rage”.
My neighbor suddenly appeared in front of my gate at 4:30 am looking extremely pissed off. He
shouted for me to turn the music down and complained that I’ve been playing music at unacceptable
volumes and it has disturbed his sleep. I agree that the volume was too loud (it was at max volume
and with my setup then, max volume is really loud). Normally, I would apologize and turn the music
down since it’s unfair to subject a 40 year old man and his wife to loud thumping music all night
long. At that time though, I felt strangely confrontational and shouted back that if he wants the
music off, he can come right up and make me. I ended that sentence by saying cibai.

Cibai – An expletive which means cunt

At that point, the man started shouting again about my rudeness and threatened
to call the police. Upon hearing that, I promptly stomped down the stairs with the full intention
of beating the shit out of him. Luckily though, my roommate restrained me and apologized to the man
and turned down my stereo. Thank you, PL, for defusing a potentially dangerous confrontation that
will probably end with me sitting in a jail cell. I spent the rest of the night paranoid (great)
that the police will raid my house. I kept going through what we’re going to do if that happens. My
plan was to pretend to sleep and get my roommate to answer the door and deny everything. Not a
really good plan, and I knew it too, so I was feeling really paranoid the rest of the night and I
couldn’t stop clenching my jaw. I wanted to leave the house and sleep over at the friends place but
didn’t want to risk getting busted on the way. I was not thinking rationally then. Thankfully, the
neighbor didn’t make good on his threat.

Anyway, back to the feng tau scene. It’s a really fun scene where people take
speed and shake their heads as discos. Some people might dismiss it as an Ah Beng form of
entertainment and sniff at it, but it’s actually pretty fun. There is a community of yo kas which
look out for each other and other than the occasional fights that inadvertently break out, it’s
actually a pretty fun scene. The music is nothing to write home about, it’s mostly remixed Cantopop
songs and popular dance groups like Vengaboys, but it’s surprisingly effective and enjoyable. I
spent a couple of happy years in the feng tau scene and I still fondly look back at those times
with delight. And at regular intervals while dancing, a group of people will inadvertently start
The War Cry.

The War Cry

Yo ah yo ah si beh song ah

Shake shake it feels damn good

Yo ah yo ah yo ah

Shake shake shake

Kaka yo ah yo ah yo ah

Daringly shake shake shake

********** End of Essay **********

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