I answer to me


NOFX – Lori Meyers
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Lori Meyers used to live upstairs
Our parents had been friends for years
Almost every afternoon we’d play forbidden games
At nine years old there’s no such thing

It wasn’t recognition of her face
What brought me back, was a familiar mark
As it flashed across the screen
I bought some magazines, some video tape scenes
Incriminating acts, I felt that I could save

“Who the hell are you to tell me how to live my life?
You think I sell my body? I merely sell my time!
I ain’t no Cinderella, I ain’t waitin’ for no prince,
To save me, in fact until just now, I was doin’ just fine!
And on and on…”

“I know what degregation feels like,
I felt it on the floor at the factory,
Where I worked long before,
I took control!
Now I answer to me!
The 50K I make this year will go anywhere I please!
Where’s the problem?”

Disclaimer: The photo above is from my personal stock photo
collection – this one was taken last year, protected by public
photography laws, and has no causal relationship with the lyrics,
implied or otherwise.

Sibu, Sarawak is a microcosm

Sibu, taboo, what makes drugs rhymes with “Sibu”? Removing link at
the request of the blog author, sorry to have caused you all that
trouble! Trimming the list while I’m at it and changes will be made to
make sixthseal.com back the way it was, since it’s heading into 1st of
July. Thanks for all your comments, I will reply them later tonight, I
still have work related stuff to do and I’m sick of being in Sibu,
Sarawak where people cannot see past their old ways.

Honey fish floss cake


It sounds good, so I got it from the bakery just now. It’s basically
just a cupcake (muffin) topped with fish floss and drizzled with honey.
It was alright, doesn’t taste too bad, but more fish floss would be
good. The photo was taken using a webcam, so the quality isn’t optimal.
Go to mum-mum [blogspot.com] if you like reviews of food. πŸ™‚

Lexotan (Bromazepam)

Lexotan (bromazepam) 1.5 mg tablets

This is a veritas [sixthseal.com] post.

Bromazepam. This is the Lexotan brand name bromazepam tablets
manufactured by the illustrious Roche Pharmaceuticals. The blister
packs indicate that each tablet contains 1.5 mg of bromazepam, but it’s
written as 1,5 mg bromazepam (with a comma instead of a period ala
French style). I’ve taken these twice – 3 mg in conjunction with
codeine and other more potent benzodiazepines and 27 mg by itself.

The front of the Lexotan blister pack

The second dose (27 mg bromazepam alone – no other recreational
substances) was pretty uneventful. I took it on an empty stomach and
I’m aware that this particular benzodiazepine can take up from as
little from 30 minutes to as long as 4 hours to reach peak plasma
levels (get the full effects) so I waited for 4 hours and 30 minutes to
get a feel for this particular benzo. I find that this is rather like
clobazam (Frisium) – all anxiolytic, no hypnotic action. πŸ™‚

The back of the Lexotan blister pack

I did not feel sleepy at all, even though 27 mg of bromazepam is
equivalent to 45 mg of diazepam (Valium). Granted, I have a rather
significant benzodiazepine tolerance, but nevertheless, I found
bromazepam to be weak in its hypnotic effects (doesn’t make you
sleepy). However, it is a great anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent), that
familiar Benzodiazepine Blanket with it’s “No worries, mate” feeling
was very dominant at 27 mg of bromazepam. πŸ™‚

A closer look at the Lexotan blister pack

It is a GOOD anxiolytic, and it doesn’t make you sleepy, so it might
be great for some occasions, but I did not find anything significant
about this particular member of the benzodiazepine family to warrant
further consumption. I had to take 5 mg of Xanax (alprazolam) and
another 3 mg an hour after that to sleep. The price is rather
prohibitive too – each blister pack costs RM 10 (A$ 5). That’s 15 mg of
bromazepam for the price of 10 mg of alprazolam. Which one would you
rather have? πŸ™‚ Anyway, benzodiazepine equivalency charts states
anywhere from 3 mg – 6 mg of bromazepam as equivalent to 0.5 mg of
alprazolam (Xanax) so do the math, it’s just not cost effective.
However, I am glad to have tried another member in that great, but
potentially dangerous family called benzodiazepines.

Please do not read any further unless you want to hear something you
don’t want to hear. I would probably not be answering
comments/flames/immature “Haha! Serves you right.” statements related
to the things revealed in the paragraphs below. Most recreational drug
users would not enjoy reading the following paragraphs, it’s about the
dark side. πŸ™‚

Note: This report was written today, but the events described
within happened in the past (about a week or more back, I can’t really
remember). I have since decided to quit benzodiazepines and it’s a HARD
task, fucking things are practically impossible to taper off of. πŸ˜‰ The
decision to quit benzos is a personal one, because I don’t want to be
blur all the time and have a fucked short term memory (Eh, wat did you
say again? I forgot laaa…sorry ah.). I admit I have been
self-medicating for anxiety at first, but I’ve noticed manifestations
of dependency which I do not like.

There are times when the anxiety screams for me to reach for the
benzos, but I’ve been disciplined *cough* enough to refrain. To date,
I’ve had two panic attacks, but I did not reach for the Xanax that has
“Eat me!” written on it both times, and I’m proud of that. =D Quitting
benzodiazepines after one and half years of regular use with regular abuse
towards the end of that time period is not easy. I’ve mentioned my
taper plan before in one of the previous posts – phentermine resin one,
I think it was. I’m not going on that slow ass Ashton taper plan, I’m
going on my own with minimal benzos (none during the day, only minimal
dose at night and reducing fast) and wow, it’s harsh, lemme tell you

I’ve had a rather disheartening comment from a fellow benzodiazepine tapering person who said something along the lines of “You don’t have real anxiety lah, so you shouldn’t have withdrawal problems.”
which is unfortunate to hear from someone who should understand better.
*shrug* Anyway, my benzodiazepine of choice has changed to alprazolam
(Xanax) before the decision to taper which is a VERY BAD DECISION. The
rollercoaster Xanax gives, oh man…and I’ve been taking it like candy eg
7 mg in the day, 5 mg in the afternoon, 10 mg at night, absolutely
ridiculous doses that is just begging for trouble during the end, but
there you go.

Anyway, at the start of the taper, I maintained a steady plasma
concentration of diazepam (Valium) by dosing according to Ashton’s
manual, but I thought “fuck it” and drastically reduced the doses and
replaced morning and afternoon doses with either codeine/dihydrocodeine
or tramadol (Ultram). Not at recreational doses, just at slightly
higher than prescribed doses for rebound anxiety management.
Personally, I find that tramadol works wonderfully and its low
potential for abuse and dependency makes it a good choice for an
alternative to benzodiazepines. It helps with sleep too! Please be
aware that it also increases seizure thresholds though. Constant low
level anxiety is present, but manageable. πŸ™‚ I am not blaming benzodiazepines at all – guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people. Benzodiazepines doesn’t cause dependency problems – irresponsible use cause dependency problems.

I don’t get withdrawals as bad as some people, I get it worse than
some people. I’ve acquired Zopiclone (Imovane) – a non-benzodiazepine
with benzodiazepine like properties to help me sleep and I plan to
switch to that instead of the small dose diazepam + smaller dose
alprazolam (optional) I take currently. I will switch to 5 mg diazepam
nightly starting from today for 2 more days and then go on zopiclone
(which doesn’t produce as much dependency problems as benzodiazepines)
for 3 days and then I’m fucking off. πŸ™‚ I know I’m impatient, I don’t
like that taper plan that takes months, fuck that shit man, I can do
better than that. veritas will be benzodiazepine free in 5 days. It’s
not exactly cold turkey (you’re not supposed to cold turkey on benzos –
seizure risk) but it’s the best I can do and I’m not the most patient
person on the earth, and when I decide I want to be off, I want to be
off NOW. I do not need your sympathy, it’s not that bad, I’ll be off in
5 days tops. However, what I do need is your understanding – if I’m
irritable or uncommunicative for the next few days, this is the reason,
don’t take it personally. πŸ™‚

P/S – I will still do benzodiazepine reviews from time to time, but
that would happen AFTER I’m off benzos. By going off benzodiazepines, I
don’t mean total abstinence – I just mean I don’t need to take it
daily. I still have two or three reviews (benzos I’ve consumed but not
written about) in the backburner though, so that would be posted at
appropriate intervals so benzodiazepine fans would not be bored. πŸ˜‰
Personally, from now on, my benzodiazepine use would be kept to an
occasional weekend thing or just for reviews of benzodiazepines I
haven’t had before – as it should be for something that can produce
dependency problems.

Condemnant quod non intellegunt

Readers from Sibu who came from a certain institute, which shall remain unnamed:
If you lack the linguistic capability in English to differentiate between the terms “guest author” and “main author“, then please do me a favor and Fuck Off!

sixthseal.com WILL NOT CENSOR itself! Fuck off if the contents (from either myself, or guest writer “veritas“)
bother you that much. You are not welcome here. However, it does feel
good to talk shit about someone doesn’t it? Sure gives you that rush of
“feel good” endorphins as you put on your “holier than thou” attitude
and go *whisper whisper*. Primates, trying to elevate your social
status by spreading rumors and gossip about another.

My apologies to the other readers, I will rant about this matter
some other time, I will need to consult with my lawyer (oh, wait, I
don’t have one on retainer – my law graduate friends then ;)) regarding
libel and scandal laws in Malaysia before proceeding with an
appropriate and feasible course of action.

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and
then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

Matthew 7:5 (New International Version)

DF118 (Dihydrocodeine tartrate)

DF118 tablets manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals.

Also known as: DF 118, DF118’s, DF’s, 118’s, DHC
Cost per tablet: RM 0.80 or A$ 0.40

Dihydrocodeine (DHC) is something I’ve grown to love. DF 118 is the
most popular “brand name” for dihydrocodeine tartrate and it is the
most sought after tablet because it only has 30 mg of dihydrocodeine
and nothing else (except inactive binders and fillers). It is said to
be approximately twice the strength of codeine but personal observation
seems to indicate that it is indeed stronger than codeine, but
qualitatively, I did not find that it’s twice the potency, perhaps
slightly less than double the potency would be more appropriate. This
is from personal qualitative experience though, and I stress that
medical literature states that dihydrocodeine (DF118) is two times
stronger than an equal dose of codeine. I have been able to get a very
pleasant “nod” off these tablets. I’ve had plenty of nice nods with
this relatively tame opiate agonist. πŸ™‚ I find that 210 mg of
dihydrocodeine or 7 x DF118 tablets (crushed up before oral
administration) + 5 mg Xanax (alprazolam) taken sublingually produces
this dreamy state I liken to The Land of Nod. This is not a dosage
guide! Most literature seems to indicate that dihydrocodeine is two
times more potent than codeine itself, but I’ve just not have the same
experience. It certainly doesn’t feel like what I presume a 420 mg dose
of codeine would feel like, though I’ve never taken it at that dose,
since it’s approaching the lower end LD50. The highest dose of codeine
phosphate I’ve gone is 330 mg. Qualitatively, I find that 300 mg of
codeine feels “stronger” than 210 mg of dihydrocodeine, but I need more
experiences to comment, since I’ve developed a tolerance to these
things from rather frequent use. It’s a scheduled prescription drug of
course, considering it does not have any other active ingredients
except dihydrocodeine, but if you can convince a pharmacist to hand
these over, it is much better than the codeine phosphate tablets
tainted with paracetamol eg 30 mg codeine phosphate + 400 mg
paracetamol. DF118 and other generic dihydrocodeine only tablets
contain ONLY 30 mg dihydrocodeine tartate as the active ingredient, so
there’s NO OTHER things like the liver destroying APAP in there.
Wonderful stuff. πŸ™‚

Caution: Use of dihydrocodeine (DF118) and other codeine
preparations in conjunction with another CNS depressant like
benzodiazepines could potentially lower your respiratory rate to a
lethal level. Exercise caution.

McDonald’s & Sega promotion – Sega mini handheld games – Sonic’s Action Game

McDonald’s and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog mini game #5 – Sonic’s Action Game



This is the final one in the series – it came out yesterday, and I
went to get one early in the morning. The quality of the photos are
quite dismal because they are taken using a webcam, the Logitech
Quickcam Pro 3000 that I had since the beginning of this blog. My
digicam is still out of service, and probably will be for at least a
week. Anyway, Sonic’s Action Game differs from the others in that it
only has one button instead of the standard two. The background is the
most colorful and detailed in the series and the game play is different
– this one is a platform game, like the first Sega Sonic the Hedgehog
games. The single red button is used to make Sonic jump over obstacles
(where there sometimes are rings) and the game speeds up at each level.
It seems to have 4 levels instead of the usual 3 and the last two
levels are quite fast – rather challenging, until you find out that
depressing the jump button repeatedly will get you through the final
two levels without even looking at the LCD screen. It’s an interesting
game nevertheless, different from the others and a nice one to end the
McDonald’s/Sega mini video game promotion series.

The manual for Sonic’s Action Game

The front of Sonic’s Action Game

The back of Sonic’s Action Game

Sonic’s Action Game in action!

Ecstasy pill reports: Yellow Tp and White mx (Melbourne)

White mx front

White mx back

Contents: MDMA
Dose: 1 White mx and 1/2 Yellow Tp

This is a pill report from a couple of weeks back, which I couldn’t
post before due to technical issues which have now been partially
resolved. The White mx has been tested before
[sixthseal.com] (this is from the first batch) as MDMA and the Yellow
Tp has been saved up by a friend from the end of last year (2002) and
is a good, strong MDMA pill. The Yellow Tp has a round imprint circling
the letters. I took one White mx and half a Yellow Tp together and
effects were strong at T+ 2. It took quite long to hit due to a meal
beforehand and not crunching up the pills before swallowing. It lasted
about lovely 5 hours total, with effects tapering off to a nice
afterglow. Some methamphetamine was insufflated sometime during the
night and I had slight MDMA tolerance from consumption the day before,
but these are still nice pills. Nice strong MDMA. Lovely! πŸ™‚

Yellow Tp front

Yellow Tp back

P/S – Project PM (Pos Malaysia) has been completed! Full write-up tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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