Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life


Image courtesy of IMDb [].

I just got back from watching this latest installment in Lara
Croft’s adventures at King’s Theatre. It was okay, didn’t expect much
from it, but found that it is a nice movie to turn off your mind and
chill out with. Very nice special effects, I liked the one that
happened after the transmission of a .wav file to Lara when she
borrowed the TV set of this family of boat people eating dinner. I
don’t want to spoil the movie for everyone else, considering it just
came out today, so I won’t go into too much detail. Great movie, if you
like James Bond type movies…turn on, tune in, chill out. ;)

Thanks for commenting, I have to go out again now, will update and reply tonight!

McDonald’s & Sega promotion – Sega mini handheld games – Sonic’s Speedway

McDonald’s and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog mini game #1 – Sonic’s Speedway



This is the first one in the series, the only one I don’t have. It’s
called Sonic’s Speedway and it’s a racing game that follows the same
game play as the others in the series. The three photos are taken by Daniel
[]. His sister owns this game. Tomorrow is the day the
last one comes out, going to send out some more resumes tonight and
sleep earlier to queue up tomorrow.

Sonic’s Speedway in action!

McDonald’s & Sega promotion – Sega mini handheld games – Ai Ai Banana Catch

McDonald’s and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog mini game #4 – Ai Ai Banana Catch



Ai Ai Banana Catch is the fourth one in the McDonald’s/Sega
promotion series. I got this last Thursday morning at the McDonald’s in
Sibu, but didn’t get around to posting it till today. The branch
supervisor actually recognized me (probably due to my impatience ;))
from that Monday where they were selling off the rest of the back
stock. Anyway, I found that Ai Ai Banana Catch is the hardest mini game
I’ve played to date – the third (last) level is actually quite
challenging if you aren’t concentrating, unlike the other two in the
series preceding it. The game play is still very much the same. Two
buttons move the protagonist (Ai Ai) into three positions (left, middle
and right) in order to catch falling bananas. Oh, and I noticed that
the batteries of these handheld games doesn’t last that long. I don’t
think I’ve even played them for one hour, before noticeable
manifestations of battery drainage occurs – volume decreases, screen
becomes dimmer etc.

The manual for Ai Ai Banana Catch

The front of Ai Ai Banana Catch

The back of Ai Ai Banana Catch

Ai Ai Banana Catch in action!

Okana – a 2F production


This is from the photo shoot a couple of days ago at my old high
school. It seems insignificant, a featureless piece of masonry, but it
has personal significance to me. The memories this photo evokes are all
from Form 2 (14 years old) and there are three I can remember with
great fondness. I won’t share the first two *cough* but the third one
is the class drama production we did that year. Our class (2F) did a
play based on Cinderella. The script (and the performance) was called Okana
which is the nickname of Karen, who played the female lead in the
production. I remember waiting with the rest of the cast (all are my
classmates) at the very place you see in the photo above before moving
into the room to the left (not pictured in the frame) for our practice
sessions. I remember the production having a lot of dance sequences,
including one choreographed to Rednex’s Cotton Eye Joe. =D My partner
was Margaret Lim, and I think her feet was injured many times during
the practice sessions for the ballroom dancing scene. Heh.

(from left)
Front row: Jackie, Karen, Justina
Middle row: Peter, Velvet, Ita, Mdm Yeo, Rita, Margaret, Wei Ing
Back row: Daniel, Adrian, Huai Bin (me)

Photo courtesy of Karen [].

Here is a photo of the entire cast together with our English
teacher, our advisor for the play, but we basically had full control
over the play. Her job was to go through the script with a fine toothed
comb to see if there are any “inappropriate” scenes. ;) I don’t
remember her being present our practice sessions except for the full
dress rehearsal at the stage in the school’s hall (at that time). It’s
a nice memory, those were the days, a bunch of 14 year olds having fun
and getting a production together. :)

If it hadn’t been for Cotton-Eye Joe
I’d been married long time ago
Where did you come from? Where did you go?
Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve rearranged some things during the
optimization last night. I put the “Blogs” in alphabetical order and
put some sites into “Personal Websites” because they aren’t really
weblogs per se, but they’re my personal friend’s sites. Anyway, I’ve
also been applying for jobs in the KL area these couple of days. After
thinking it over and discussing with my parents and girlfriend, the
plan is to get a Masters degree while working part time in KL. I’ve
been browsing through a lot of online job listings, and it seems that
there are a lot that requires something like 2 to 3 years of work
experience in the related field. Hmm…I wonder if my Industrial
Experience year qualifies? :) The ones that are targeted at fresh
graduates seem to offer a salary that I’m not prepared to accept. Also,
I’ve been tweaking (har har) my resume/CV and I wonder if I should put
this site down in the resume. That could be a good thing, but there are
two things which concern me.

The first is the fact that the site does not support some Mozilla
based browsers like Netscape due to their lack of full W3C CSS
specifications support and that could give a negative impression to the
HR manager reading the page using those browsers. The second is the
fact that my blog has a guest author who writes about things which most
companies would not approve of. It could prove to be something that
counts against me even though I always make it obvious that there are
two people writing on this blog – I write using the nick ‘hbpoh’ while
veritas writes under ‘veritas’ but this is not readily visible since
the text is small and at the bottom of each post. What do you think? needs your help!

rm38perg.jpg costs RM 38 per gigabyte to run

My hosting plan allows 5 GB of data transfer per month and I need to
pay RM 38 (A$ 15) for each gigabyte after that. I surpassed the 5 gig
limit last month and I’ve also already gone past 5 GB of transfer a
couple of days ago for this month. I appreciate every single one of you
who drops by (even the trolls ;)) but unfortunately, I cannot afford to
pay the excess bandwidth fees. Well, as you know, I’ve just received my
results a couple of days ago to find out I’ve graduated, so I’m waiting
for my official transcript to be mailed to my Malaysian home address
before applying for post graduate studies and a part time job.

This site has grown quite a bit since the beginning and I’ve always
tried to include at least one photo in each post, since I carry my
(currently broken) digicam everywhere. :) This means that the front
page does take up quite a bit of bandwidth each time you visit. I tried
to reduce the main page’s size to display 7 days back instead of the
previous 14 days to accommodate the increase in visitors.
Theoretically, that should cut my bandwidth usage to half, but that
still wasn’t enough to keep within the 5 GB per month
bandwidth allocation.

as15perg.jpg costs A$ 15 per gigabyte to run

I currently receive an average of 630 visitors a day, which comes to
18,927 hits daily and that uses up 261,659 kilobytes (slightly more
than 1/4 of a gigabyte). July’s (the statistics up to today) daily
maximum is 918 visitors a day, which resulted in 27,771 hits and
395,306 kilobytes (!) of used bandwidth. Today is the 20th of July, so
there’s 6 more days till the end of the month. Using the average daily
bandwidth consumption figures, that comes to 1/4 of a gigabyte daily,
which might result in a bandwidth bill of RM 114 or A$ 46.30 (3 gigs
over) when the current surpassed bandwidth is added in.

Unless I transfer the money from my drug dealing in Melbourne (in my
secret bank account in Australia) to Malaysia, I can’t afford to pay
that much per month. Heh. I’m kidding of course. The bank account is in
Switzerland, not Melbourne. ;)

On a serious note, I do not run any banner advertisements or any
other forms of revenue generating features, since I do not like banner
ads or those darned Gator pop-ups. I’m not interested in doing that,
since this is after all a personal blog for everyone to read. I
appreciate every person that surfs over, and the regular visitors are
always welcome. =D However, I do need to make some changes in order to
reduce the bandwidth consumption rate.

1. The main page will now only show 3 days back instead of 7 days.
2. The Picture of the Day would not be clickable to display a larger photo.
3. The currently bloated CSS would be optimized to reduce the file size.
4. The banner would be replaced with a lower quality version to minimize the bandwidth impact of each visit.
5. The photos/scans of the next few days would be hosted at my SNG Unix
account at Monash University, Australia instead. Heh! I’m surprised
they haven’t deleted my user account yet.

Those measures are temporary and they will only be in effect
till the end of this month (31st July). Please don’t get me wrong, all
of you are more than welcome here! :)

Just take it easy with the F5 key. ;)

Thanks everyone!

Update: Oh, I wasn’t asking for donations or anything, I just
noticed from the stats that the F5 key was used a bit too
enthusiastically by some IP addresses. However, I could not mind if
anyone wants to send me a fansign. ;)

Ionamin (Phentermine resin) report (and a tip for Malaysian scripters)

veritas [] loves stimulants.

30 mg Ionamin capsules

This is one of the few amphetamine type substances (chemically and
pharmacologically related to amphetamines) available for prescription
in Malaysia. Ionamin is the only phentermine resin complex available
(no generics) and it’s a “diet drug” (appetite suppressant/metabolic
booster). It is only indicated for the short term treatment of obesity,
and unless I’m prepared to eat 10 whole chickens and chug 3 liters of
cooking oil a day for a week, my Body Mass Index (BMI) does not qualify
me to obtain a prescription from a doctor legitimately. I don’t think
I’ll enjoy chugging 1 liter of cooking oil, much less 3 liters.

However, I do have a friend who has a pharmacy. ;)

Jump to the Ionamin (phentermine resin) report
if you’re not interested in the pointers for fellow Malaysians
interested in doctor shopping or pharmacy runs (otherwise known as
prescription fraud and obtaining/possession of a controlled drug).

Malaysia does not have prescribed methamphetamine or
dextroamphetamine for treatment of narcolepsy or ADHD/ADD. The word
amphetamine in any chemical probably causes the Malaysian government to
get their panties all in an uncomfortable twist. ;) Heh, check it out
if you don’t believe me:

Searchable Database of Registered Pharmaceuticals in Malaysia []

Courtesy of:
National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau
Drug Control Authority
Ministry of Health Malaysia

It’s the Malaysian scripter’s best friend. :) Ritalin which is
Methylphenidate hydrochloride (Look ma, no “-amphetamine”!) is
available though. I’m surprised to find oxycodone (Oxycontin) available
as well! It wasn’t the last time I checked. Anyway, the link was posted
ages ago on this very site too. It’s easy to type in the generic name
of any potentially recreational pharmaceutical and see if it’s in the
database. They show ALL the available products of the drug you typed in
(product names, dosage forms it comes in etc).

Example with phentermine:

Your search : PHENTERMINE
Search result : 5 record(s) matched your query


The registration number is clickable to show more information eg all
the substances contained in the preparation and they’re adding in the
packaging (quantity) and prices slowly eg “10 x 10 blister pack – RM
34.60”. This really helps when you’re doing pharmacy runs/doctor
shopping. Not all pharmacists here are familiar with every generic
name, so before they browse their outdated book, say something like
“It’s lorazepam, it comes in a pack that says Ativan and has 10
tablets, but I’ve had another pharmacy give me something from this big
bottle called APO-LORAZEPAM, he said it’s the same thing”.

Say thank you if you aren’t aware of the Ministry of Health
(Malaysia)’s Drug Control Authority product database and its uses for
unscrupulous scripters. ;)

Oops…sorry that’s not harm reduction at all, moving back to my experience report. :p

Ionamin (Phentermine resin)

Retail price: RM 2 (A$ 1) for 30 mg capsule. I can’t believe the online pharmacy prices! Obscene!

Experience #1
The first time is always the best

Substance: Ionamin (Phentermine resin complex)

Dose: 150 mg total
90 mg (3 x 30 mg capsules) at T+ 0:00
30 mg (1 x 30 mg capsule) booster at T+ 1:00
30 mg (1 x 30 mg) booster at T+ 1:30

Route: Oral

I took 3 capsules of Ionamin (without attempting to foil the time
release) right after I woke up and chased it down with a bottle of
water. I had an empty stomach (last meal was a good 18 hours before)
and I felt stimulated about 30-40 minutes after that and felt “speeded
up” like on amphetamines. It was looking promising, so I put on some
gabba (gotta love hard music on stimulants) and wrote a post, the one
below which mentions that I’m tweaked. :)

Contents of the 30 mg Ionamin capsule

I felt quite good at this time, so I opened up a capsule to examine
its contents. I noticed that half the capsule is filled with white
powdery stuff and half of it was some kind of beady black spheres. The
white powder had no taste to it and I think the spheres are the
phentermine resin. I don’t know what the white powder is, I don’t think
it’s filler/binder/some inactive agent since it’s a capsule. I would
guess that it’s some kind of GI tract pharmaceutical to decrease
absorption? That’s a guess though, does anyone know for sure?

Anyway, I crunched up everything (including the capsule) an hour
after the first dose as a booster. I worked it with my teeth real good
to try and see if that would break the time release, but I’ve read
somewhere that Ionamin isn’t really “time release” in the traditional
sense. Could the mysterious white powder have something to do with it?
Anyway, the black spheres are quite hard to crush! I had to really work
on it before it powdered, your dentist would not like this. ;)

It’s quite compulsive, I felt the urge to crunch up more capsules
when I reached that certain state of tweak bliss. However, I have to
state that I’m very fond of stimulants so take that as you will. I took
another booster 30 minutes later (1 hours and 30 minutes after my
initial dose) and that put me in a nice tweak zone for most of the day.
I’m really surprised at the duration of this, unlike the short, steep
peak – medium length plateau – steep return to baseline of
(meth)amphetamines, phentermine resin has a longer peak – very long
plateau and a VERY steep return to baseline.

My apologies for the crude diagram. This is an observation from
personal experience, not scientific data. x and y refers to the axis,
which I didn’t draw. Start and stop points are baseline (normal).

The intensity wasn’t as good as (meth)amphetamines, but it does
rival methcathinone’s intensity. Oh, you really have to drink A LOT of
water, like the manufacturer says. I had an extreme thirst the whole
time and heaps of water, but it came out too (no problems with
urination) so that’s cool. When I’m on meth, I find myself stuck doing
something for a long time (intense concentration) and nothing can pull
me away from it. It was the same with Ionamin so I think this could be
a good study drug as well, but the mental clarity is inferior to
(meth)amphetamines and feels more like the scattered caffeine state of
mind towards the end.

Well, I went out for a long walk and felt a good body buzz but
rather disturbing cardiovascular manifestations. It has been 4-5 hours
since the first dose and I was still feeling great. I didn’t eat
anything, the appetite suppressant effect of phentermine is equivalent
to that of meth, food was the last thing on my mind. I went for a night
out with friends and came down (crashed would be a better word) about 8
or 9 hours since the initial dose right before going out. Certain GABA
agonists were necessary to reduce the comedown effects, and to maintain
a level of acceptable sociability. ;) The above GABA agonist worked
very well in smoothing the comedown. Shh, it’s obvious to fellow
recreational drug users, but please don’t state it out loud it, since
I’m being obscure intentionally. Much later in the night, I took 2 mg
alprazolam (Xanax) and was asleep in seconds, but that was probably due
to the abovementioned GABA agonist. No “hangover” effects were noticed
on the second day, even with just 6 hours of sleep.

Scanned capsules of Ionamin (30 mg phentermine resin)

Experience #2
Giving methcathinone a good run for its money

Substance: Ionamin (Phentermine resin complex)

Dose: 240 mg total
150 mg (5 x 30 mg capsules) at T+ 0:00
60 mg (2 x 30 mg) booster at T+ 1:05
30 mg (1 x 30 mg) booster T+ 4:35

Other possible interactions:
27 mg bromazepam (Lexotan) at T- 14:00
5 mg alprazolam (Xanax) at T- 10:00
3 mg alprazolam (Xanax) at T- 09:00
Note: The subject is a long time user of benzodiazepines, has high
tolerance and suspected constant plasma levels of unknown quantity.

Route: Oral and “intranasal”

Haha! That intranasal thing shouldn’t even be mentioned. Basically,
I opened a capsule to display its contents on a clean surface and while
licking the contents, I accidentally breathed in some. :) Accidental
insufflation. Anyway, I crunched up 5 capsules of Ionamin in the
afternoon on an empty stomach (12 hours since last meal). I’m starting
to like that salty tang, I find that it’s nice to chew for a long time,
getting the little hard black balls between your molars and grinding,
grinding, grinding till you can feel the brittle powdery texture. I
don’t know if that actually breaks the time release though, but I like
to have some of it down with the time release intact for a longer

I felt sleepy (!!!) about 5 minutes later and went to take a nap,
hoping my “dexamphetamine trick” aka The Dexamphetamine Alarm Clock
will work with Ionamin. Well, the dexamphetamine trick is for the
occasions when you HAVE to wake up but you’re too sleepy from the
previous night’s benzo consumption (or lack of sleep). Anyway, the
trick is to reach for the dexamphetamine bottle when your alarm clock
goes off and gobble a few of them before going back to sleep. Hehe! In
15-20 minutes (for me), I’ll suddenly bolt upright and feel ENERGIZED
and ready to take on the day! :)

Well, I woke up an hour or so later feeling slightly stimulated and
yet slightly sedated. I had a lot of benzodiazepines last night, so
that could be the problem. I took a 60 mg booster dose upon waking up
and felt tweaked (similar feeling to amphetamines), and the urge to
consume more. I wanted to take another capsule after a while, but I was
having shortness of breath, chest pains and my toe nails were turning a
disturbing shade of black. I have existing hypertension, so I decided
not to push it and live to tweak another day. :) I think I’ve lost my
significant amphetamine tolerance, which is a Good Thing, my wallet is
extending its gratitude every day. Heh.

I’m still feeling good now, still at the plateau, but personally I
noticed that with every crunched up capsule comes another peak and
another peak and plateau rather similar to the first, so that was why I
wanted to take another, but I’m not going to. Pupil dilation does occur
at high doses, personally, it’s not the saucers I get while on MDMA,
but the dilation is quite similar to (meth)amphetamine at recreational
doses. I just checked and I have a fever. No, not using my cold, clammy
hands, with a thermometer. Nope, I’m not going to have anymore today.

I’m still feeling good by the way. Also, there isn’t any paranoia
present but then again that usually only happens on long meth runs, and
I don’t like the idea of going for a phentermine run with this heavy
body load. I hear the LD50 is 20 mg/kg and I do not want to approach
that, with my hypertension. I’m having breathing difficulties now, that
is the thing that’s bothering me more than anything, but I’m okay. :)

Anyway, I mentioned before that I don’t fully defeat the timed
released capsules, I allow some of the spheres to go un-harassed by my
molars, so I’m still up. Oh, if you haven’t figured out by now, this is
a running experience report aka “living document”, I write a bit, go
out or do other stuff and then come back and update and I post it after
it’s complete. I also took another capsule just now. Anyway, after the
health issues of the past few hours subsided, I decided to take another
30 mg Ionamin capsule to establish the dose-response curve. ;)

Well, in all seriousness, I was curious to see if tolerance develops
quickly on this substance since it’s new to me, so I didn’t just take
another one to keep me awake. Booster doses (re-dosing) seems to be
more effective than (meth)amphetamines in terms of efficacy. Of course,
phentermine does cause tolerance, but qualitatively, a small booster
dose will bring me to a plateau again, but a lower one, of course. A
disturbing pain is evident in my right eye, but whether that is related
to this is unknown. Sleep is still far away, benzodiazepines are
definitely necessary for sleep tonight, since I will not be going out.
I might comedown anytime and the harsh body load is still very
noticeable, so I would prefer to remain sedentary for most of the
night. Ionamin lasts a long time too, and I have developed a scary
tolerance to benzodiazepines after constant recreational use, but I am
doing something about it, so I’m okay. :)

That said, I still love benzodiazepines though, and I hope to try
every single one in that happy, large family. =D I have to time it well
though, because the Ashton taper plan is not forgiving. The mantra
seems to be “always go down (lower the dose), go sideways (take the
same dose) if you must, but never go up (take a higher dose)”. Well, I
don’t have that big of a problem, so seriously, forget I brought it up,
I’m perfectly fine. :) I will still do reviews of benzos (see above
about happy family), but for recreational use, I’m going to cut down to
the point where I don’t take them every day, maybe just weekends or
something. That is a personal decision, coz a benzodiazepine problem is
not the best thing in the world to have. :)

I digress, back to Ionamin, there is something quite interesting
(disturbing?) about it. It happened during the first time, but I wrote
that off as an isolated incident, but it happened again today. The
first time it happened was in the shower after my first phentermine
experience. I took a piss and during that final muscle squeeze to get
the last bit out, semen came out. Wtf? I wasn’t sexually aroused at any
point so that was indeed puzzling, but I thought it was just a
manifestation of that feeling you get when you take dexamphetamine and
potentiate it with baking soda ie the feeling that no matter how hard
you strain, you still can’t get that last bit of urine out, it’s just
stuck there. This happens on phentermine for me too.

Well, I took a piss late into the second trip and something which
looks suspiciously like pre-cum came out, again during the final
squeeze. My understanding of the male anatomy says that ejaculation and
urination cannot happen at the same time, due to an “either or” valve
somewhere along the piping. Very puzzling, especially since there was
no erection or sexual arousal at any point. Well, my penis is perfectly
fine, thank you very much. :p I was just wondering if anyone had the
same experience.

Well, my first two experiences with Ionamin (Phentermine resin)
suggests that it certainly is fun. I would try the hydrochloride salt
next time to compare against the resin complex. I find it to be quite
recreational, but it’s not something I would take frequently due to the
heavy body load. Right now, I’m having very disturbing manifestations
of hypertension. Here’s an interesting tidbit about Ionamin from RxList []:

Blood levels obtained with the 15 mg and 30 mg resin complex
formulations indicated slower absorption with a reduced but prolonged
peak concentration and without a significant difference in prolongation
of blood levels when compared with the same doses of phentermine

I haven’t tried phentermine hydrochloride, but yeah, even before I
even read this I already noticed that phentermine resin’s plateau was
unexpectedly long!

Ionamin Thoughts:
It’s strangely dehydrating, you really need to drink a lot of water!
It’s unlike meth/speed, where you know you’re thirsty but you don’t
care coz the current thing you’re doing is more important. With
phentermine, you know you’re thirsty and the thirst is bad so you reach
for the water bottle. I drank an obscene amount of water during both
experiences! Be careful and monitor your water intake.

It’s a good cheap and dirty amphetamine substitute. After a certain
(high) dose threshold, amphetamine type effects predominate – full body
buzz, slight arousal and sensitivity in the genitalia, head rush when
urinating, excessive talking and writing (just look at the length of
this post!) and of course EUPHORIA! :) Mental stimulation is also
present, thought processes remain quite clear (unlike caffeine), though
not as clear as meth(amphetamines).

Phentermine resin seems to have a heavy body load. My heart felt
like it was going to fail anytime from the fast heartbeats and the
elevated body temperature raises concern about possible brain damage. I
also felt out of breath on higher doses and the comedown is quite harsh
and remarkably similar to (meth)amphetamines – tiredness, slight
depression, muscle aches etc etc. However, qualitatively, the comedown
effect of a single day’s use is equivalent the comedown of a 3 day meth
run! It’s quite unacceptable, considering the heavy body load and lower

The dose-response curve seems to be less steep than other
amphetamines. Re-dosing at a low level (30 mg) at the tail end of the
run seems to produce effects, which though inference and extrapolation
seems less pronounced than what a 30 mg dose would provide without
tolerance, but it is keeping me awake and slightly stimulated.
Phentermine does produce tolerance as the literature states, but
surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to develop as fast as (meth)amphetamines,
so re-dosing (booster doses) does work, though of course, at a
decreased rate. However I have to re-iterate that I don’t think it’s a
very good idea to go on long phentermine runs, considering the body

My personal (based on the things I’ve had experience with) stimulant potency hierarchy:

(in decreasing order of qualitatively perceived strength)

Methamphetamine (meth, shabu, ping)
My favorite drug, I use it very frequently in Melbourne – and the only
drug I’ve IV (injected with a syringe through a vein). New readers can
read my experiences here:
Methamphetamine IV Part I: Intravenous injection []
Methamphetamine IV Part II: Hitting the vein, synergies and the comedown []
or just browse the Sticky Posts at the right (under Recent Comments and above Archives) since they’re all best of the best posts on or so I like to think :p

Dexamphetamine (d-amphetamine – speed, just the stronger non-racemic kind)
The potent dextro isomer of amphetamine. Amphetamine = speed, and this
only has the dextro isomer, which is good since the levo isomer isn’t
recreational. I love this too, a bottle (500 mg or 1/2 a gram) of pure
amphetamines can disappear in two or three days.

Amphetamine (speed)
The racemic mixture (contains both d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine), so
it’s a step down the ladder since l-amphetamine is not as recreational
(doesn’t get you high) as d-amphetamine.

It makes me sad during the comedown, but it’s an okay stimulant. I’ll
write a post (not everything, just my experiences with the stuff, and
ONLY that) when technical problems resolves itself.

Phentermine (resin)

Oh, my poor overworked heart.

Well, if you have nothing else…

Again, I reiterate that this stimulant potency hierarchy is based on personal experiences and YMMV.

Caution: Taking more than 100 mg of phentermine may be dangerous.


coz you might spill your drink. ;) Gotta love that song from NOFX. Anyway, here’s what I did Thursday night and Friday night.


Counter clockwise from left:
Huai Bin (me) = purple t-shirt with black sleeves (to hide my track marks)
Daniel = floral print shirt, partially obscured (sorry)
Alice = black top
Alan = blue with no sleeves
Bing Jong = grey with collar
Ing Tai = white Vodaphone

P/S – The hiding my track marks thing is a private joke, it’s not to be taken literally!

Counter clockwise from middle:
Alan = blue with no sleeves
Huai Bin (me) = purple t-shirt with black sleeves
Daniel = floral print shirt
Alice = black top
Bing Jong = grey with collar
Ing Tai = white Vodaphone

P/S – Don’t ask me why I’m always biting my lip, I just do it sometimes. :p

I went to Yes Music Cafe with a couple of friends where Tsingtao
beer flows aplenty. It’s a karaoke place that has great pumping music
“feng tau” style during the intermissions. Anyway, too many ethanol
containing beverages were consumed, and I wasn’t exactly the soberest
person in the world when I went into my car. It’s a good thing the
place is near my home and it was very late by the time we left so not
many lives were potentially endangered while yours truly was behind the
steering wheel. Technically, I knew I was unfit to drive and it’s
irresponsible to do that, but personally, I’m a safe driver when I know
I’m under the influence ie drive extra slowly, signal lights way in
advance, triple checking for cars before making turns, concentrated to
sober up and analyze the roads for potential traffic etc. Justification
aside, I definitely won’t be passing any breathalyzer tests that night,
it’s in one of the top three Most Intense DUI/DWI Incidents (MIDI) in
my life. It’s a good thing nothing happened. I hope no one who’s in
MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) reads this. Thanks to Alan and
crew for following behind until I was home to make sure I was safe. Oh
yeah, in my lack of sobriety, I forgot to close the automatic gate,
only found out from my dad the next day. Oops…



I caught up with Ting Chuan, who was also back for the holidays.
Went to have (non-alcoholic) drinks at Bamboo House @ Premier Hotel, it
was the free drink vouchers from the time me and my gf had dinner
there. Anyway, saw the two girl performing group, there were only the
two of us inside so “This song is dedicated to those two gentlemen over
there”. I thought their music was great, and ah, the adjective to
describe their music would be very suitable to describe the aesthetic
features of the duo as well. ;) I was kicking myself all the time,
because my digicam was broken and Daniel had already left so I couldn’t
take pictures. Too bad.


I got a call asking me to go out right as I was typing the “Friday”
part, so here’s “Saturday”. I wasn’t planning to go out tonight so I
had to decline. I’m already in my PJs and tonight has been designated
The Day of Rest. Gotta run, got a plane to CRASH. Har Har. *cough*

The Standoff


I want new shoes and a new skirt for the party tomorrow.
You know we can’t afford that dear…
I hate being in this family! Why don’t even you dress up when we go out? You’re such an embarrassment mom!

A woman walks past without listening and the man slouches in his
chair, oblivious of the standoff just a meter away from him…nodding
out in opiate bliss.

Inspired by graceshu [].
Picture taken at the back alleys of Channel Road, Sibu.
This is a work of fiction based on a photograph I took about a week ago.

Photo Friday – Identity


Photo Friday – Identity []

Identity. Schools in Malaysia require uniforms. There is a strict
dress code which is enforced by prefects standing at the main gate. The
uniform is usually a blue pinafore with a white collared shirt for
females, while males wear a white collared shirt with green pants. The
footwear is limited to white shoes and socks and everyone has a visible
ID card attached their shirts, displaying the name, date of birth,
class, a photo and several other personal details. Personal effects
which break the homogeneous appearance are frowned upon. I had to wear
a bandage every day to cover up the tattoo on my wrist to comply with
school regulations during my time there. This photo was taken yesterday
afternoon at Methodist High School, Sibu (Sarawak) – my alma mater. I
was in 5S1 (Class of ’98) and I decided to do a photo shoot of the
whole school yesterday. The picture above was taken with permission
from the teacher of the class.

"OTC" prescription recreational pharmaceuticals in Malaysia

This is a veritas post.

Xanax, Ultram, Phentermine, Lexotan, oh my…

My friend is back!!! Project Doctor Shopping Malaysia Part II is
cancelled! Why would I want to go through all that trouble when I get
what I want without a prescription? I will write the report soon
though, coz it’s worthy of a post. But I’m giving up on my scripts,
thanks to my good friend who shall remain unnamed, I can just walk into
his pharmacy and ask for stuff and only pay pharmacy retail prices (bye
consultation fees). Heh. I’ve gotten 20 x 1 mg Xanax tablets a couple
of days ago, which I finished in no time, so I went back for a bit of a
shopping spree. :)

Pictured above:
Heaps of blue 1 mg generic alprazolam (Xanax) tablets
Blister packs of Lexotan (Roche’s brand name bromazepam)

Opiate agonists
Blister packs of Mabron (generic Tramadol – sold under Ultram in the US)
Not pictured: Heaps of 30 mg codeine phosphate tablets (from two other
pharmacies – pictures only shows haul from last nite at My Favorite
Pharmacy in the Whole Fucking Wide World!)

Ionamin (phentermine resin) – will write a trip report soon. :)

Plus, I can get diazepam, and other benzos and I haven’t taken a
look in his store room for other nice stuff too, will do that soon.
Hehehe! I will write a FULL REPORT in due time. My apologies if I sound
like I’m bragging, I’m not, I’m just tweaked on cheap speed substitutes

Don’t hate me just because I have a friend who has a pharmacy. ;)

P/S – I wanted that sunny smiley in some people’s comments box but I
couldn’t find it so think of the ;) as that one ok? veritas over and
out and tweaked.

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