Elektra the movie

elektra banner

I caught Elektra during the weekend with a bunch of friends. I
didn’t plan on going to the cineplex, but we just happened to pass by
and decided to catch a movie. The only one showing was Elektra (12:30
am). I am familiar with Jennifer Garner from Alias Season One and Two
(which I watched back to back, while stoned most of the time).

elektra merchandise

The popcorn and snacks bar had a showcase of Elektra merchandise –
there was a beanie with “Elektra” on it, the cuff that Jennifer Garner
wears as Elektra in the movie on her right arm (RM 69.90) and a cell
phone Dangly Thing (TM) going for RM 20. I was attracted to it for some
reason. I can’t explain it, I have never bought those things and didn’t
think I ever would.

elektra snack bar

I was wrong. Can I be excused on the grounds that I wasn’t sober at
that time? :p I bought the Elektra cell phone dangly thing and affixed
it to my cell phone right there on the snack bar. I had so much trouble
coz I didn’t know where to affix it (never had one, remember?), so it
took the better part of 5 minutes and a friend together with the
counter girl to help me.

elektra box

I had a better look at it just now – it’s enclosed in a box with the Elektra logo on all four sides…

elektra box marvel

…and the Marvel and 20th Century Fox logo on the opening side.

elektra second look

The cell phone dangly thing itself is the standard string affixed
accessory that fits most cell phones. It’s made of solid stainless
steel and has two nifty parts that allows it some degree of movement.
One side has the Elektra logo…

elektra marvel embossed

…and the other is embossed with “TM & (c) 2005 MARVEL. (c) TCFCC”.

elektra dangly thing

Thus, I found myself in possession of a cell phone dangly thing.
It’s not that bad though, I found it rather useful for the times you
put it in your side pocket – the metal rod can hang out and allow easy
“pull” retrieval of the cell phone. Nifty.

elektra movie

Oh, and Elektra the movie? It sucked. But hey, it had Jennifer Garner in it, so it didn’t suck that hard.

OMG, the warnings are all true! My IQ dropped the instant I bought a cell phone dangly thing!

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life


Image courtesy of IMDb [imdb.com].

I just got back from watching this latest installment in Lara
Croft’s adventures at King’s Theatre. It was okay, didn’t expect much
from it, but found that it is a nice movie to turn off your mind and
chill out with. Very nice special effects, I liked the one that
happened after the transmission of a .wav file to Lara when she
borrowed the TV set of this family of boat people eating dinner. I
don’t want to spoil the movie for everyone else, considering it just
came out today, so I won’t go into too much detail. Great movie, if you
like James Bond type movies…turn on, tune in, chill out. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for commenting, I have to go out again now, will update and reply tonight!



My small but trusty SunAir dual speed personal fan is losing the
battle against the 35 degree heat today. I was woken up in the morning
by the MRS staff who wanted to change the fire evacuation procedures
map at the back of every resident’s door. They blacked out some stuff
with a felt tip pen and stuck some new stickers and then were off. I
could not go back to sleep though, courtesy of the extreme heat that
was apparent even in the morning.

Anyway, I watched Amelie
[amelie-lefilm.com] today. I’ve seen it around the network but I didn’t
bother to watch it because I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I’m glad I
gave it a chance because it’s a very sweet and endearing movie. Very
nice indeed.

I’m very scattered today.

The fury of the sun

I had to wait 20 minutes to get my progress summary report bound
today. The staff munged up the pages and some of them wouldn’t fit into
the ring binger. Thus, I had to wait while they photocopied the whole
thing and re-bound it. I didn’t have to pay for it though. The staff
said that since they messed it up and made me have to wait, it’s free.
Now, that’s service…;)


Anyway, I also got some cream for my poor sun burnt and peeling face
and arms. The cashier told me that there are a disproportionate amount
of skin cancer occurrences in Australia and said it’ll be a good idea
not to get sun burnt too many times and to stay out of the sun from 11
am – 3 pm.

Oh, I just re-watched Requiem for a Dream and I can say without
hyperbolizing that it’s the greatest movie ever. I loved the “drug
time” (like The Matrix has “bullet time”) that speeds up or slows down
or changes depending on what substances were previously consumed the
first time I watched it. I love this movie, it’s my favorite one. I
didn’t get the benzos the first time I watched it though, I only knew
the morning and afternoon ones were stimulants. I love the crisp
editing of the film too, very nice cuts. Especially the montages when
they take drugs – the cooking of the H, the filtering thru a cotton
(love the way the cotton shrinks up), the injecting into a vein (I like
the way the blood floods into the syringe – very realistic, people use
this to make sure they have hit a vein instead of a muscle – by pulling
back the syringe to see if the blood spurts in or not). The movie is
quite realistic actually, the attention to detail is great, like the
mysterious “0.5” pills to take at night – reckon those are Klonopin or
Xanax. Also, the fact that she starts to need more and more as her
tolerance to benzos build up. Legendary stuff, this.

The silver hand print

Well, I’ve just finished watching the first season of Roswell
[crashdown.com]. It can be a real pain to watch at times, some of the
plot lines are just too cheesy. Especially the kissing causes
flashbacks scenes. God, I cringe for whoever thought up that idea. I
cringe for you mate.
Anyway, besides that, there are some good things about the show. I like
the alien conspiracy line and how the characters developed, and I like
William Sadler as the sheriff. Also, Sheri Appleby’s good looks can
carry the show pretty well by herself. πŸ™‚ She looks a lot like Natalie
Portman actually, and not just because they’re both Jewish.
Well, I’ve got the second and third season on my hard disk (they’re all
Tivo rips) and I’ve decided to watch them even though it can be grating
at times. I’ve even made up a top 5 list of the cheesiest but oft
repeated lines in Roswell.

1. This changes everything/Things will never be the same
2. We can’t let anyone know
3. You won’t understand
4. We’re different
5. What have you been hiding from me(us)?/Why wasn’t I told about this?

Anyway, Roswell is not even trying hard enough to be sci fi. There
are some very distracting realism issues, like the one near the end of
the first season where they snuck into a military complex. It’s a high
security military complex and yet they were cavorting inside like they
owned the place. One would think that security cameras would pick up
their frolicking, but no…Oh well, I guess it’s not meant to be a sci
fi show. Most people’s responses about Roswell would be But it’s so teen. Which is true. πŸ™‚

Well, anyway I’ve fixed the problem where the sidebar disappears in
800 x 600 resolutions. It turned out to be because of the POTD being
too big. I’ll be working on my programming project for IE today so the
other fixes would be done tomorrow. Things I’ve still go to do: get
pictures and the about me stuff online, make a best of sixthseal.com
thing where some of the better old posts are available, grouped by
topic and create a new logo. The old “solar eyes” one is a half assed
attempt anyway.


I’ve been watching a lot of Jackass lately. I like Chris-O but
Johnny Knoxville really turns me off. He only does the lesser stunts
and yet always acts so dramatic about getting hurt. Uh yeah, I have
nothing else to write coz I’ve only stayed in my room during my
revision lately. My next exam is on Monday.

Captain’s Log

I’ve been watching the DVR rips of Star Trek: Enterprise [startrek.com]
Season 1 and it’s pretty good. I’ve always been a bit of a Star Trek fan but I like to watch
episodes back to back. The opening is really good, quite a departure from previous Star Trek
openings. Another thing worth of note is that it’s showed in 16:9 aspect ratio. The Enterprise
seems to have an agreeable cast as well, with Scott Bakula (of Quantum Leap – love that show
too) as the captain and the delicious Jolene Blalock and Linda Park as the female bridge crew
members. The facial repertoire of Jolene Blalock (who plays a Vulcan Science Officer) greatly
reminds me of one of my friends back in Kuching. It seems rather interesting that Linda Park (a
Korean) is playing a Japanese Ensign officer in the series though. Incidentally, I have been
playing a bit of the Star Trek: Dominion War
[campaigncreations.com] mod for Starcraft recently. It’s okay, but the Defiant ships are way

Anyway, I’m feeling rather queasy now and have been visiting the toilet numerous times today
courtesy of “Hot Lemon Chicken”. Damn, that hot lemon chicken is helluva hot. Even writing this is
getting me started up again. Gotta go.

Bend It Like Beckham

I just finished watching this, um…brilliant movie. It’s about an Indian girl who is
living in Hounslow and her desire to play football. Being in a conservative family, her parents do
not approve and just wants her to be able to cook and get married to a nice Indian man. She meets
up with another girl who is playing in a local women’s team and the story goes from there. I won’t
spoil it for you, but if you like soccer, British humor or watching women soccer players changing
into their kits, then don’t miss out on this one. Oh, and if you have a foot fetish, you’ll enjoy
this one as well. Plenty of feet shots, and there’s even a scene where the coach massages the feet
of one of his players, if you like stuff like that. =D Interesting fact, IMDB [imdb.com] says that Keira Knightley (the girl
who plays Jules) was also in Star Wars Episode I as a handmaiden of Queen Amidala.

Mum’s the word

Headed down to Chadstone today to get some stuff to bring home. Since I
was there I also caught the 3pm screening of Spider-Man. Very nice indeed.
Tobey Maguire is perfect as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst looks as
delicious as ever. I like Willem Dafoe too, he was great in The Boondock
Saints. Anyway, I saw that Mum’s the Word is showing at Alexander Theatre
on my way back from the bus loop, and since that’s just a 5 minute walk
away from halls, I decided to go without
knowing what the production is about. A quick call to the box office
revealed that they still have front row seats. The fact that I’m going
alone does make getting good seats easier. I felt that I didn’t fit in the
target demographic though, as the crowd mostly comprised of 40-something
women. Hmm.. The show started at 8 pm and I was bored to tears in the
first part. The show was about a group of 6 moms talking about their
experiences. I had a good mind to walk out during the 20 minute interval
but decided to keep an open mind and stay for the whole show. There was
the new mom which opened the show with a very graphic depiction of
childbirth. There was also a new age mom, a feminist mom, a 20-something
mom, a jaded mom and a mom with a sick child. The lights went out about
halfway thru the production and the cast did a very impressive ad hoc
adaptation of the script. The cast of this season is not the same as the
brochure though, today’s cast seem to be younger, and one looks to be in
the early twenties. Photography is “strictly forbidden” but I did get a
photo of the set before one of the ushers informed me. Anyway, the second
half was more interesting, there was even a full nudity scene, but it’s
funny instead of explicit. The scene was about how the 20-something mom’s
baby boy ran away while she’s in the changing room and she charged out
buck naked and ran across the stage, giving the audience an eyefull. Heh.
All in all, it’s a solid performance by the cast, but I wasn’t interested
in the subject matter so I’ll be lying if I said I enjoyed it.
Nevertheless, it was an interesting two hours. I like live theatre
productions, and there are some good parts in this one like the Fabio in
the park scene, the banana scene and the hubby not getting any scene.

The photo of the stage before the performance started.

The brochure front (Click for a bigger picture)

The brochure back (Click for a bigger picture)

Edit: Large pictures have been removed.

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